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  1. Just curious- since the initial spurt of 105s were shipped, have any more been coming down the pipeline? Has anybody who got on a waiting list, not the preorder list, received one?
  2. So far, the only person I heard who got it is Ilkka - outside of the US.
  3. Waiting......
  4. I know our local brick and mortar store got one, but no idea if they ever got another.
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  5. I've noticed a couple of grey options in the UK, down to £874 with 'In Stock' labels.

    Almost tempted...;)
  6. Not to gloat.... But. The main reason I (reluctantly) decided to go with Sony for my mirrorless kit was the sparse lens availability and 'roadmap' from Nikon.

    Now more than happy with the highly-regarded Sigma 'Art' 105mm f/2.8 macro that's readily available from any number of suppliers.
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  7. If you want the lens, put in an order at a smaller dealer with a good relationship to Nikon and then wait a few weeks, this has always worked for me. People expect that a lens is in stock before making the committment, but this doesn't work for Nikon lenses in high demand.

    The 105 Sigma Art Macro is not available for the Z mount and doesn't have optical image stabilization. The 105 MC's optical VR with the Z6II's in-body VR is just amazing, I can see none none of the jitter that the F-mount 105 VR shows when hand-held in the close-up range. Optically it is about as perfect as I can imagine, and unlike Sony, Nikon features automatic focus shift photography where the camera automatically captures images with a range of focus settings that can be combined in stacking software on the computer. This also works great. For images close to 1:1 magnification, I find stacking is usually needed. I have usually done the stacking manually but it's tedious, and this is why I got the 105 MC. The excellent VR performance is an unexpected bonus useful for those situations where a single image is sufficient and where for one reason or another, a tripod cannot be used.
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  8. I like to support my local dealer for larger purchases, and I think I'm about #3 on their list for the lens, but I'm guessing it could be a while before I hear anything. I do a lot of stacking and am hoping that works well. Sometimes I have nightmares about needing to focus stack, HDR stack and stitch, all at once, to get the perfect image!
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  9. I do wonder when that's going to change?

    I have a suspicion that Nikon has a newer 'Secret Sauce' in the Z comms protocol.

    Some of my Sigma Arts and Sports work wonderfully on my D500/D850 but via the FTZ on my Z6ii aren't so great with hunting AF etc.
  10. 1) When Nikon takes enough of the mirrorless market to make it worthwhile.

    2) Nikon has kept the lens/body communications protocol proprietary and "secret". Sony published theirs. When It is worthwhile for a third party lens maker to invest in reverse engineering the protocol.
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    If you are number 3 on their waiting list and they have already received one, I would imagine it is a matter of weeks before you'll receive yours. The global IC chip shortage is causing a lot of problems for camera/lens manufacturing as well as in many other areas, such as cars.
  12. I've always wondered if Nikon made their electromechanical interface public, would their overall sales increase? That is, would the bodies become so much more popular that they'd sell even more lenses, in spite of the competition from other lens makers? AFAIK, they've never even made the dimensions of the F-mount known. I had to duplicate one once and had to do it entirely by measurement. It wasn't hard but having a print with tolerances would have been nicer.
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    It is more than obvious that both Canon and Nikon would like to keep their spec proprietary. However, the Z mount is already reverse-engineered. For one thing there are already various adapters to mount Canon and Sony lenses onto Nikon Z bodies and maintain AF (at least to some degree), and there is at least a Vitronx 85mm/f1.8 with AF in the native Z mount:
    Viltrox AF 85mm f/1.8 Z Lens for Nikon Z

    The likes of Sigma and Tamron are going to manufacture Z-mount lenses if they think it will be profitable.

    But I think the best part of Nikon Z is the Nikkor lenses. I am quite impressed by the lowly 24-200mm super zoom. At least I have little interest in getting third-party lenses, especially Sigma. I have the Sigma 35mm/f1.4 in the F mount. Optically it is great, but it is so unnecessarily heavy that overall, I am not very interested in Sigma Art lenses. One individual lens is not an issue, but if I travel with a few of them, the weight is definitely going to be a problem.
  14. Talked to our local store today. After that first one weeks ago, they've yet to receive another. Looks like a long wait.
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    Just be a little patient. How long have you been waiting? You are much better off being #3 with a local store than the long lines at B&H or Adorama.

    Late last year, I had a chance to buy the 24-200mm but missed it. It was in short supply for a couple of months, but eventually in May, it was $100 off and since I was also getting a Z6ii, there was another $100 off for the kit.
  16. I just checked the Best Buy web site and it shows that they have it available.
  17. I dunno, around me they all say order now and have it 8/7, which I seriously doubt.
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    Just for fun, my local Best Buys indicate availability on August 12. I assume they mean 2021 :rolleyes:
  19. You know what they say about the word "assume".
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  20. You've missed the 8th of July.....!

    How can any sane system choose Month.. Day... Year.. in it's simple numeric form?

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