100mm f3.5 Planar ring split

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  1. My 100mm f3.5 Planar has a split in the plastic ring that is near the mount end, and the ring doesn't stay where it is supposed to be...

    a) Does this matter? Does the ring have any function apart from covering two tiny screws?

    b) Is it possible to get a replacement ring from Hasselblad?
    Many thanks
  2. I had that happen twice with my 120CF. The first time, I ordered a replacement from my local camera store (Mike's in Boulder) - cost $25 or so. That one also broke. I called Hasselblad, and they sent me another one, no charge. That one broke, too. It doesn't seem to have any real function except, as you noted, to cover up a screw or two. (There's only one screw under the ring on the 120 CF). I just let it go.

  3. The part you require is 1099500410000 and you may be able to order it from Hasselblad, be warned, it is expensive!
  4. The ring provides a textured rubber surface making it easier to focus the lens. You can still focus the lens if it were missing, but the lens wouldn't be as pretty, nor quite as easy to grasp. I have a ring which split in one place, and is being held together with a strip of Gorilla Tape. If it splits again, I will replace it.
  5. Douglas - you're right! Over $100 for a flimsy plastic trim piece. I replaced mine (or tried to) when the CF lenses were still in production, or at least shortly thereafter. Not worth the effort or investment.
  6. Thanks for the replies, I didn't think it had any function but better safe than sorry.
    Wow, $100! That's £64 or so, about 15% of what I paid for the lens. I think I'll do without.
    Edward, thankfully it isn't the knurled rubber focusing ring but the plastic bit of trim that sits next to it (towards the mount).
    Again, many thanks to you all, Peter
  7. It's all part of the focusing ring - rubber and plastic. On mine too, the plastic cracked but the rubber's okay. It kept falling off until I taped the plastic together.
  8. Y'know, I'm really tired of hearing people say that Hasselblads, Leicas and Macs aren't perfect, when we know they are. ;)
    Is there actually a big gap there where it's broken?
  9. It's a very lightweight and thin piece of black plastic. When it breaks, it's very loose, sort of like having a loose bracelet on your wrist. Unless you know exactly what to look for, you can barely tell it's missing.
  10. The same part split on my 150mm Sonnar. I just put a piece of electrical tape over the crack. I guess epoxy or crazy glue would work, too.

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