100-300mm - what other options ?

Discussion in 'Sony/Minolta' started by bill_thorlin, May 11, 2006.

  1. I have been patiently ( well more or less ) looking for a Tokina AT-X
    PRO 100-300mm f4 but nothing has come up here in the UK except one in
    a Canon fit :(

    I know that the Minolta APO version is well regarded but I would like
    to widen the search - so WHAT ALTERNATIVES WOULD YOU RECOMMEND ?

    ( No I am not waiting to see if it is covered by the Sony Top 20 )
  2. Bill, I'm not clear whether you are talking MC/MD or Dynax. If the former, I have a Soligor C/D 100-300mm f5 in Minolta MC mount which is not a bad performer and is built like a brick outhouse.
    In fact, since I'm largely digital now, and haven't used it for a while, you can have it for the cost of postage (contact me offline if interested).
  3. Why don't you consider the Sigma 100-300mm f/4 EX DG IF HSM? There are plenty of reviews
    about on the internet - all of which rate this lens very highly. Some consider it on par if not
    better than Canon/Nikon optics, and is said by some to be the best Sigma lens ever made...

    I have one and paid ᆪ650 here in the UK.
  4. Bill, for the price you're not going to beat the Minolta APO. Sensible prices on Ebay and its a good lens. Not as good as the 70-210 but I'm just going out for a walk and I'll take the 100-300 in a pocket as second lens because its lighter and more compact. The lens that gets used is the best lens!
  5. Brian - was talking AF sadly but maybe my SRT101 would perk up at the thought ?! :) Very kind thought.

    David - off hunting soon - thanks.

    Ivan - I hear what you say but it never hurts to spread the net ( you and your 70-210 (( more correctly 75-210 )) !! OK it is a good lens ).
  6. Bill, Sigma currently have a deal where if you purchase this lens, they throw in a dedicated
    1.4 converter (worth 140) for free. If you go for this, make sure your dealer knows about it. I
    had to mention it to my dealer - there was no problem...
  7. Brian - have e-mailed you with an idea :)
  8. That free converter's a nice spif for the Sigma. The Sigma isn't cheap, but is faster overall than the KM and folks I know who have them in other mounts like them. It's very large and very heavy.

    If you can deal with a lens that size but would tolerate a slower aperture range, have you thought of the Tamron 200-500? Also a very large lens.
  9. The 100-300APO is a great, small, light, close focusing lens at a reasonable price. I already had a 2.8/70-200 and bought this as well because it is much more convenient for travelling and when speed is not so important. Same size as the 100 macro.

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