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  1. This might sound like a dum question, I need information on how to
    obtain 10 X 10 prints it seems every lab in my city & county only
    offers 8 X 10 or 11 X 14 inch prints, now should I just cut prints
    with a straigh edge, like for example a 11 X 14 to make it a 10 X 10
    and use these for building Wedding Albums or should I continue
    Looking for some Labs that might offer the popular 10 X 10 size. Any
    comments are greatly appreciated.
  2. We specialize in 10x10 for professional photaographers. We are a prolab. Go to the website and you'll see 10x10 in the enlargements link.
  3. mpix.com is a great online lab as well that loads of people use. They have 10x10 for $3.99 1-10, or $3.49 for 11+.
  4. Erik<br>Try candid2000 Their price on 10x10's are $2.50, on Kodak Endura paper. Their print quality is great; uploading & ordering is easy, and shipping is quick. I've been using them since last year for my 10x10" album prints. Best of luck.<br>Duane
  5. www.whcc.com
  6. www.pechmanimaging.com


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