1.4X or 1.4II?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by barry_jackson|1, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. Im looking to get an extender for my 70-200 F/4L lens. Is there any difference
    other than the extra weathering seals? I am going to be just using this is
    warm weather shooting my sons golf. I have shot with the lens and it is a gem.
    Thanks to all for your help a few months back in helping me pick one. With the
    Rebel XTI, 70-200 and a monopod this has produced some awesome images. Just
    looking to get a little bit more out of it.
  2. I tried both.

    I bought the 1.4x cause I could not see a difference and saved ?50. More than happy with it.
  3. The two versions are optically identical, but the newer one has the weathersealing you
    mentioned, and IIRC, some additional attention to reducing internal reflections.
  4. Hi Barry,

    You might do some further research online.

    I think, but don't know for certain, that the primary difference between Canon 1.4X and Canon 1.4X II is the weather sealing. There might have been improved flare resistance or internal anti-reflection coatings, too, but I can't swear to that.

    OTOH, I think there were might have been more significant optical changes from the 2X to the 2X II.

    The Canon Camera Museum doesn't shed much light on the issue. It simply says "revamped optics" for both, compared to the earlier versions.
  5. http://www.canon.com/camera-museum/tech/report/200109/200109.html

    "EF1.4X II - With five elements in four groups, the optical system of the EF1.4X II is exactly the same as that of the previous EF1.4X; however, the improved features such as new anti-reflection construction inside the barrel and edge-blackening of the lens elements reduce flare, providing even clearer image quality than the EF1.4X."

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