1.4/1.5x tele ocnverter for 100mm APO/180/2 APO

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  1. Leica's own offer does not work with the 100mm APO. I'm mounting the lens on EOS. So any flat type of tele converter shall work with the 100mm: Kenko, Sigma, Tamron. Any experience?
    And how about such 1.4X with 180/2? Certainly Leica's 1.4X APO should be the best. But the cost is high and I may not use it much (I got 2X already). I saw a post saying Kenko 1.4X works well with 180/2. Any experience?
  2. The reason the Leica 1.4 converter will not work with the 100 apo macro 2.8 is because there is no room in the rear of the lens for the front part of this converter,which extends from the mount part that attaches to the rear of the 100 mm lens. It would break the rear element of the lens. In other words,if the converter you want to use has a flat front with nothing extending into the part that attaches to the rear of the lens,it should be O-K. Go over to leica's website www.leica-camera.com click on photoigraphy,click on R system,then accessories. It will ask you to choose,pick lens accessories,then extenders from the drop down box. If your looking for a longer "macro" lens,the 180 f2.8 is a better choice. It focuses down to 1.5 meters-59 inches,and gives a 1/5th life size image. Closer with close up rings. The 180 f2 is a large heavy lens.
  3. Sorry,I should have said Apo 180 2.8,the last version made. And if you get the 100 Apo macro,try to get the Elpro close up lens for it. It is a 3 element lens that screws onto the front of the 100mm. Make sure you get all of it-the Elpro,the lens hood for it,and the two-2-lens caps-front and rear. When you use it,be careful screwing it into the front of the lens. The Elpro was designed for the 100mm. Also,when the Elpro is on the lens,the focal length of the 100 drops to 77mm-at 1:1,it's 71mm. Designed that way. Do not try to use a 2x convertor with the 100mm macro,as it gets very soft,image wise. Even stopped down 2 stops with the 2x converter. Also,the 100mm gets longer in physical length as it goes from infinity to 1/2 life size. Designed that way. I think I've covered everything.
  4. I've tried the Leica 1.4xAPO converter on my 180/2 summicron - doesn't fit due to protruding front element from the converter. The 2xAPO converter does fit and works well. Why do you need the 1.4x on the 180 summicron? It would be easier and cheaper just to walk a few paces closer to the subject. If not, use the 2x and fill the frame.
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