1-2 year cources in San Fran / New york ?

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  1. Hi, I am an Australian currently living in Singapore. I am fairly new to Photography and would like to take up 1-2 year intense course in either in New york or San Fran -bay area. I am looking at some guidance and recommendation for choosing my course and university. I am very new to the credit / unit system of study and apology if this sounds like a stupid question. google search has flooded me with so much info that i am truely drowned. I would really appreciate if any one can guide me on the following questions :-
    1) I am looking to move only after April 2012 - what semester in the university should i be looking for
    2) a couple of friends recommended The art academy - San Fran but i am not sure if their fees are too high / at par with what would charged for similar courses in US
    3) what course would you recommended that is for 1-2 years ( i know AA is for 2 years and that NYFA offers a 1 year course but their reviews on the net have not very nice)
    I should probably also mention that I am 30 years old female and would be bringing my course fees from here but looking to support my day to day expense with a part time job- is that practical? or would these courses not leave any time for a job?
    Thank you for any direction you can provide me
  2. Yes, the SF Art Academy is a good suggestion, as
    would be the SF Art Institute (SFAI). And yes also,
    private schools are expensive. California used to
    have an affordable system of "junior" colleges,
    state colleges and universities, but they have
    become very expensive, even for state residents.
    There is also SF City College, which offers two year
    programs. http://www.ccsf.edu
    All non-private schools will have some sort of
    residency requirement, but in general, welcome
    non-residents but usually at a higher tuition.
    Good luck in your search!

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