”Newspaper Local Picture Story” 2016

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  1. When photographers of a small country of 6 mill wins first, second and third prize of an international photo competition http://www.poyi.org/index.html#section
    Pictures of the Year International in the category of ”Newspaper Local Picture Story”

    It might say something about local cultures and local news outlets or it might say something about the current quality of press photography in a country.

  2. Anders, what did you think of the prize-winners?
    I thought the first prize (neonatal) was extremely well crafted, polished images, but totally formulaic and predictable. Kind of boring, really. I did like the second prize one (alternative teaching) quite a lot. Third prize, meh; okay but tending toward my criticism of the first prize winner. It is pandering to my expectations. I'm even more disappointed that these were chosen by what looks like a stellar panel of judges.
  3. Love you, Julie.
  4. Not sure why but I'm not getting pictures.

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  5. Vincent Peri

    Vincent Peri Metairie, LA

    Me either.
  6. Me neither. Also, its great to see you back Julie. I may not always be a contributor to your threads, but I usually enjoy reading what you have to say about things.
  7. Julie’s not back. Her post above was made well over a year ago, when she was still active, in February of 2017.
    The links to the pics were posted a year and a half ago. It looks like the links were to news journals or outlets. That’s likely why the photos linked to are no longer accessible.
  8. Oops!, thanks for correcting me Norma. I wish she was back.
  9. People come and go a come back and move on and return around here.
    Both myself and Normal Desmond can testify to that.....
  10. After clicking the words "First", "Second", etc., on the next page I start getting pictures.

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