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  1. When a photographer needs to make a photo studio session, they must to have an idea of what they want to achieve, the concept of their photos and how to materialize them. they need to know what lights, lenses and many other variables in which they obtain the expected results. Photo Light Pro is a powerful software that allows photographers perform pre-productions of photo shoots in a detailed and professional way, like a real studio. this save time and leave aside the improvisations with models in the real session. With the help of this software, know you will be able to use various types of models and objects that the program library brings, include in stage lights and change the position in the way you want, change parameters and characteristics typical of the naked lights and soft boxes. also it has all the possible focal lenses between 15mm and 412mm in order to have a more accurate vision of the effect you want to give to the final shot.
    The software has several scenes, including a special, called e-motion and try to give the users the best experience, making the model adopts natural movements (it does in real time) as if breathing, different poses that can be randomize according to the needs. There is another scene (Man face 2 scene advance) ideal for portrait sessions, which can be changed in a very fast and simple way, the physical traits of your character and see how lights affects the final shot.
    Perform a photo shoot pre-production is now easier, thanks to this software you can create infinite lighting setups and make the studio work easier and efective.
    colleagues, i hope that this will be a great help and I expect your comments and why not, some good screenshots of your favorite scenes.
    Website: http://photolightpro.net/
    Angela Vives.
    Photo Light Pro.
  2. I don't think it's appropriate to use PhotoNet fora as free advertising space Angela. In fact the rules specifically forbid "sale and want" ads. Thanks for drawing our attention to that software though. If I ever need to virtually light some little plastic toys or death masks, I'll definitely bear it in mind.

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