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  1. Do the forums text entry support the use of emoji characters? I tried to enter Japanese castle & others in color & they were not displayed: Or, is there a procedure to use them that I need to use?
  2. Photo.net traditionally hasn't encouraged the use of emoticons. If you're familiar with Flickr you know members have debated and argued over the use of emoticons and those sparkly animated glowwinky "awards" GIFs. Occasionally I see someone insert a glowwinky GIF in a photo.net critique. It just seems... awkward... unless it's on the fridge for my grandkids' artwork. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, we're a bunch of old drudges.
    Also, some HTML and Unicode is blocked here to thwart spammers and doodads designed to leech traffic to other sites.
  3. They are discouraged. You can include non-latin alphabet characters if you use HTML and the correct code (e.g. © Ψ ϋ), but please don't use smileys, emoticons, animated gifs etc.
  4. Thanks for clarifying.
  5. IMO Emoji here is like permitting cell phone conversations in airplanes. :)
    - Henry
  6. Henry, don't say that!
    The FCC has banned in-flight calls for technical reasons. But new technology has made that ban obsolete, the commission says, and there's no reason to continue it.​
    If they allow cell phone use in flight, I'm investing in cell phone jammer companies.
  7. Yes, but DoT may make the cell phone restriction continue "for the rest of us".
    Hang Up and Fly!
    A colon, semicolon, and a parenthesis are really all you need here, if that much.
    a period+tilde means "irony", but it really hasn't caught on .~

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