“Rate recent” queue interface – why does rating have to be comment title?

Discussion in 'Photo.net Site Help' started by duolian, Nov 22, 2002.

  1. When you go through the "Rate selected recent photos" queue, and use the interface to both rate and comment at the same time, your rating is automatically inserted as the "title" of your comment. Thus, your comment ends up looking like this:
    Aesthetics #, Originality #
    Comment comment comment comment comment etc.​
    I really don't care for this. It makes the rating look like the main input -- there it sits, in bold face and all -- with the comment as a mere afterthought. That’s not how I intend it. I think that comments are more important than ratings, and while I like being able to use the interface to do both things, I don’t like having that interface spit my comment out with the rating prominently displayed above it, like that was the most important part of my assessment of the photo.
    I know, I know, if you want to change it, you can always go back to the photo afterward and use the “Edit this comment” feature. But that’s a pain. Wouldn't it be better for if the "Rate selected recent photos" queue interface didn't insert the rating as the title of the comment in the first place? Or at least so that it was something that the commentor could change if they wanted something other than the rating as a title?
  2. Good point David, I'm about as happy discussing rates as I am with talking
    about money.

    Current UI does have one advantage though : at least the recipient knows
    you rated it from the queue and couldn't see any text details bar those in the
    caption. (including 'please don't rate this image!' written in the main text
    detail body.)

    The insertion of the caption as a header is impossible as some people have
    real missives for captions. Perhaps a simple * as default header would do :
    the recipient would then know from whence it came.

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