“Can Not Copy ‘Photographs_Name’: Data Error (Cyclic redundancy check.)”

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by gauravdhwajkhadka, May 11, 2006.

  1. Hi! I have problem with my CDs that I have burn last year in May 2005. When I try to copy my photos to my computer, few files did not copy to computer and it says that �Can Not Copy �Photographs_Name�: Data Error (Cyclic redundancy check.)� What is that and how I can solve that? Please do help me, if you have any idea about that because in that few files, some are my best shoot also. Thank you and God bless� Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka
  2. It's a data error. I find that CDs often "degrade" and give errors like this... but not usually after so short of period. Another cause can be an incompatible CD ROM drive. If this is happening on the drive that the CD was created on, that's not a good sign. Otherwise, try another computer and see what happens. It is also a good idea to close the session of the CD rather than leaving it open for additional data.
  3. I was having similar problems with my DVD writer/reader on my primary computer. I put the DVD on another computer (laptop), downloaded the photos there, and then used another medium (USB Sandisk compact flash drive, plus some compact flash cards) to transfer back to my first computer. Cumbersome, but it worked.
  4. Gaurav, as the others already pointed out, this is a read-error. There is likely no cure with your actual hardware ... this special CD (CDs) and this special drive. However, it's certainly not hopeless. Try other CD drive's on other computers. It's not unlikely that there is one that reads some/all without problems. Once data is regained you should certainly burn new copies of that set of CDs. If there are fingerprints dust or anything else on the CD, try to clean it carefully. BTW...there are recovery programms available, that read in the data from the CD regardless of the corruption. This somethimes helps...but usually isn't overly helpful with images (especially compressed images like jpgs). Rainer
  5. thank you for your time and answer. Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka

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