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  1. mmagdy
    I'm the man on the silver mountain.
  2. phil_marion
  3. michael_darnton|2
  4. 10959123
    10959123 Ed_Ingold
    Hi Ed,

    This is Jano. I'm a colorist from Budapest. I shoot on film, and i read of of your more than 12 years old comment on differences the nikon ls 4000 vs 8000 ls. Do you still shoot film? Or may be only digital?
  5. alinezhad
    Amateur Photographer
    1. scottwilliams
      Nov 19, 2017
  6. Liluglyuzi
  7. ömürerdoğan
    şair, fotoğraf sanatçısı ADD ,deniz temiz üyesi
  8. MickSimpson
  9. corsiniproductions
    I just requested my membership and "Basic" subscription be cancelled.
    1. neil_friend
      Where did you go not the site to cancel?
      Sep 21, 2017
  10. odettgonzalez
    K How the hecking heck do I ask a question on this thing?
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    2. maryann_miles
      Can't figure out the new site either!!
      Sep 19, 2017
  11. rickhyman
    Trading ignorance for knowledge , and trading knowledge for understanding.
  12. universesthetique
  13. printyo
    In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality
  14. natpix
    Wondering Why it is ? Having spent ages, going over and again adding info to photo's and nothing showing up description, title not saved ?
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    2. natpix
      Thank You G Richards for taking the time to reply to my post with this idea, I'm afraid that even though I do have plenty of time on my hands, I'm not sure that I want to spend it trying to find the perfect word "limit" this is a case of "Bad Code" and needs to be sorted out at source not for us to try and find work around's
      Sep 2, 2017
    3. natpix
      I do very much appreciate your comments, but I look at it this way, being a carpenter all my working life, what would have happened if I had only put 3 legs on a table then expected the client to make do and support the corner with no leg themselves ? If you are going to do a job then do it well !
      That includes the people coding for this site !
      Sep 2, 2017
    4. natpix
      This is a prime example. I tried to just do those two posts' in one and it came up with a word limit error, it is a simple bit of code to add a word count either above or below the text box !
      Trust me when I was forced to finish work as a carpenter I retrained by by doing a computer science degree with an emphasis on coding for the web
      Sep 2, 2017
  15. Albin''s images
    Albin''s images
    Oct.24 .. Almost 20 years on the forum!
  16. sarah_mason
    looking 4 marketing material something different eye catching maybe folding ideally not expensive, these r 2 b handed out @ public events
  17. Puloysky13
    Please help. Can anyone suggest for a camera that I can use for changing temperature from 0 to 40 deg. Need it in my work in food industry
    1. g_richards
      Check out Pentax weather resistant cameras...they are capable of performing very well in cold temperatures.
      Jul 24, 2017
  18. dafulk
    How do you see critiques of photos? I have several on my portfolio I would like to read, but can't find a way to open them.
  19. dafulk
    Is there a way to contact I have two problems with my account and need to speak to someone.
  20. AZ Vet
    AZ Vet Spearhead
    Is there a way to have my comments not contain my actual name? Right now all comments are attributed to Ron Tenney.