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CreativeLive Class: The Art of Seeing with Frans Lanting

Join A World-Renowned National Geographic Photographer. Join world-renowned National Geographic photographer Frans Lanting for two days of instruction and inspiration that will change the way you look at photography and what you can do with your own camera. With experiences from three decades of work in wild places from the Amazon to Antarctica, Frans will introduce you to new ways to capture the wonders of the natural world with a camera. His class includes presentations about creative ideas and technical skills, and also features landscape and wildlife photography instruction during special field workshop sessions at prime photographic destinations along the California coast is where Frans home has for the past 30 years. If you are passionate about nature photography and want to improve your own photographic vision, you will be inspired by this unique course from a master photographer and teacher.

Carter at sunset

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  • CreativeLive Class: Landscape Photography with Marc Muench
    Develop Your Eye And Make Great Images Of The Outdoors Good landscape photography begins with a passion for the great outdoors. Let Marc Muench show you how to capture the beauty of the scenery you love in a photograph. Marc is a third-generation photographer with a deep understanding of the magic and technical complexity of landscape photography. In Landscape Photography, he will teach you the skills and insights essential to memorable photographs of the natural world. Marc will help you: Develop your eye by connecting with your subject Execute great images in the field Improve your post-production process through Lightroom Marc will teach his approach to, what he calls, the Creative Trinity of Photography: composition, subject, and light. You will also learn how to improve the quality of your shots through Technical Trinity of Photography: ISO, aperture, and shutter. If you have been struggling to take photographs that adequately represent the beauty you see around you, join Marc for Landscape Photography and learn how to translate that scenery into a photograph.

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