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Building a Successful Boudoir Business JEN ROZENBAUM

Photographer Jen Rozenbaum did not let anything stand in her way when starting her boudoir photography business. She started shooting in her bedroom and built a profitable career from there. In this three-day boudoir tutorial, Jen teaches you how to put the HOT in photography! She will show you step-by-step how to build an amazing high-end experience for your clients from the first contact to the final portfolio. Learn how to take your posing to the next level and make your clients look even more beautiful. If you are new to boudoir, or already have a thriving boudoir photography business, you do not want to miss this creativeLIVE course.

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By John Peri


  • Lighting for Boudoir and Glamour LOU FREEMAN
    Create Sultry, Glamorous Photos With An Industry Legend In this two-day workshop, award-winning fashion and glamour photographer Lou Freeman, who has shot more than 500 campaigns for Playboy, will walk you through the fine arts of glamour and boudoir photography, including the techniques specific to both categories. You will learn how to shoot from a variety of angles, when to shoot in hard and soft light, and how to use speedlights for powerful highlights. Lou will walk you through blockbuster boudoir concepts, from edgy black-and-white shoots to vintage, pastel beauty shoots.
  • Boudoir on the Edge BRIANNA AND EWAN PHELAN
    The Art Of Boudoir Photography. Join Ewan and Brianna Phelan for Boudoir on the Edge and learn about their unique approach to shooting boudoir photography. Brianna and Ewan see creativity as a planned process rather than the result of spur of the moment inspiration. In this class, they will discuss how they apply this philosophy to their work and how it shapes the way Ewan shoots. The pair will also discuss how they have integrated their wedding business and boudoir shoots, while protecting the artistic integrity of their work. Ewan will examine a selection of images and explain how he came to that pose and what each element in the image does to promote what that photo is trying to say.

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