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CreativeLive Class: Travel Photography: The Complete Guide

Capture And Share Your Adventures. It takes the perfect combination of gear, exposure, and creative thinking to produce travel images that stand out from the rest. Learn the how to bring the critical ingredients together in Travel Photography: The Complete Guide with Ben Willmore. Fresh off a seven-country, two-month international trip, Ben will share everything it takes to create exciting and memorable travel images. You’ll learn how to: Deal with everyday tourists in your shots Select the best lens for each situation Organize the chaos of a scene into a compelling image Ben will cover everything you want to know about selecting, packing, and protecting gear. You will also develop an efficient digital workflow that fits the fast-paced lifestyle of travel shooting. Do not go on your next travel adventure without the insights and skills you need to capture high-quality images, fast processing – join Ben Willmore for Travel Photography: The Complete Guide.

In a serious fog on the Vesuve, Napoli

By frerotte


  • Fine Art Landscape and Travel Photography
    Creative Expression Through Aerials & Travel Using aerial views for landscape photography adds a distinguishing flare to your portfolio. But how do you create images that stand out in an industry flooded with beautiful imagery? World-renowned landscape and aerial photographers Peter Eastway and Tony Hewitt are going to show you how to create a stand-out portfolio using the techniques they have developed throughout their award-winning careers. In their class, you will learn: How they incorporate aerial shooting into their landscape imagery The importance of post production using Adobe® Lightroom®, Photoshop® and Capture One softwares How to incorporate your ideas and emotions into your landscape photography What equipment to use to capture your best images How to put together a strong, unique portfolio This is a unique opportunity to learn from two photography masters as they share their industry specific expertise.

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