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05/16/04: I am in my fifties and an American physician with a specialty in internal medicine and a 25+ year history as a photographer. I'm also a musician since childhood and an enthusiastic composer of original music with a bias towards jazz music. If you would like to see some more of my photos and/or listen to some of my original music, please visit my personal home page listed above. My website also contains some articles I've written, interviews I've done, and has detail about my medical practice.

With the bio information stated, I must say that astounds me. What a resource for those of us trying to improve our skills and view the work of others! To be able to have a truly international audience of skilled photographers react to an uploaded photo within minutes is an incredible phenomenon. has allowed me to form constructive relationships with excellent photographers from all the world. This is a tremendous use of the power of the internet. Thanks to all of you that are helping me improve my photographic skills and are providing so much visual stimulation and pleasure from your photos.

Update 01/04/07: If you would like to hear one of my original compositions performed by me on solo piano, "A New Beginning" (2:10 min/sec), click H E R E.

Update 8/19/07: Photo Musical Accompaniment and My Music Videos [ Click bio image to see video of "Blues for Lelan"]
(Ken Beilman on Keyboard/Piano) Click to view my music videos

I'm enjoying adding my recorded live music and my original musical compositions to some of my most recent images. If you're interested in listening to the music, then just click on the play button. I hope you like the combo of my music with my images. While jazz is my favorite style, I plan to add a variety of more live and recorded original music of mine to selected future images, including the genres of hip hop, fusion, jazz, classical, gospel, popular, Caribbean, and blues styles. As with photography styles, I have a wide ranging interest and appreciate variety in music. Thanks for looking at my images and both looking at and listening to those with music and video. To see and listen to my photography folder with my music accompaniment, click H E R E.

Here are a few of my favorite images:














Digitally Altered

1. Most Recent Images

Photos accompanied by my musical performances/compositions


Horse Racing/Churchill Downs

Musical themes


Sea Snail on Seafan

Floridian Sunset

Bee Landing

Point Lobos Point of View


Water Lilys and Flower

Hot Air Balloon and Lake

Pier 39 Bath Salts

Buckingham Fountain

Ghost Mountain and Cabin

Abiquiu River and Canyon

Jenny Lake 1

Jenny Lake 2

Jenny Lake 3

Excalibur Casino

Jenny Lake 4

Jenny Lake 6

Saxophone and Piano

Wagon and Tree

Grand Tetons and Cabin

Beach Silhouettes

Taos Pueblo III

Golden Beach Silhouettes

San Francisco Cablecar

Russian Hill Sunset

Lemons Still Life

Mount Haleakala


Tube Sponges

Lake Tahoe Sunset

Wooden Flowers

Salt Lake Marina

Calico Flower

Utah State Capitol Building

Underwater Kaleidoscope


Flutter landing



Age Brings Wisdom

Blue and Red

Very Closely Connected

Utah State Capitol II

Roadside Grocery - Definitely Closed.

Love that Bass

Extended in Black and White

Meditative Reflections

My Darling Lili

Red Hawk

Bald Eagle

Old Blue Eyes


Locked and Padlocked

Bale in the Window


Pasture Mates

Archabbey by Night (Please view LARGER)

Final Resting Place


Mexican Sunset

Sea Shells for Sale

Marble Reflections.

Upstairs Apartment

Three Towers

Blue and Yellow

Sunset Magic

Self Cleaning Flamingo

Pickin' in Color

Holiday Reflections

Cancun Lagoon

Aunt Dot


Archabbey by Night II (BEST VIEWED LARGER)

Macaw II

Ojos Verdes

Here's Lookin' At Ya

The Landing

A Bicycle and a Message

New York Noir

NYC Blizzard

Tinkerbella II

After the Blizzard

Lagoon Sunset

Senior Cerebrations


Cactus by the Sea


Step up to the Bar (Please view LARGER)

Protea in the Rain

Bay Church by Night

Wet Protea


Powell Street by Night (Please view LARGER)

Garden Critter

Lip Smackin' Good

Eye of the Zebra

White and Wet

Stablemates (Please view L A R G E R)

Hanging Out in San Francisco (Please view L A R G E R)

Big Sur Sunset

Ojos Verdes 2

Orange and Wet

Inside the Day Lily

Mouth of the Lion

Dos Flamingos

Lightly perched. (BEST VIEWED LARGER)

Day Lily in Bright Daylight

Soft Landing

Colors of the Lorikeet

Hanging Out

Uno Flamingo

Telephoto Tiger (Please view L A R G E R for more detail)

Coit Tower by Night

Eagle Talk

Say Ahhhhhh... (Best viewed LARGER).

Not a parrot but a lorikeet

Confections (Best viewed L A R G E R)

Roof Light

Flying on a Bike (Best viewed L A R G E R)

Derby Town

A Perched Dragon

Not Another Monarch

Flamingo Down

Maternal Memorial

Cozy (Please view L A R G E R)

Thinking of You. Please listen to the musical accompaniment by clicking the play button >

Indian Corn. Please listen to musical accompaniment by clicking the play button >

Mid-air Cycling. To hear the musical accompaniment, please press the play button >

DON'T MESS WITH ME! Please listen to musical accompaniment by pressing the play button >

Mr. Macaw, Up Close and Personal

CRUZ BAY. (Please view L A R G E R and press the play button to hear musical accompaniment.)


Runny Nose

St. John's Pastels

MEMORIAL TO MY FATHER. Please press the play button > to hear the musical accompaniment.

Gotham City by Night

Island Fruit Stand and More

Lorikeet Lore

Deep in Thought

Press the play button below to hear "Sonnymoon for Two". Best viewed LARGER for credits.


The Stare

Street Reflections (Best viewed LARGER).


Screaming Eagle

Stamen Together

To hear the music, press the play button >

Making a Home. (Please view L A R G E R)

The Nuclear Family

Mourning Dove in the Afternoon

Stamen in Pastels

A Ruling Butterfly (Please view L A R G E R)

Tiger Tiger

Shake It Off!

Mother and Child

The Beak

The Pianist



Reading the Chart

Eye of the Parrot

Inside the Orchid


Closeup and Red (Best viewed LARGER)

A New Beginning

High Fiber Diet

Black and Orange (Best viewed LARGER)

Las Vegas Eifel Tower

Yawn (Please view L A R G E R)

Eyes of the Gorilla


Out of the Gate II (Best viewed L A R G E R)

Primate Expression

Cockeyed Chameleon


Primate in Profile (Best viewed L A R G E R)

Cardinal Red


Zebra Foal (Best viewed L A R G E R)

Expectant Mother

Jazz Vespers

Montreal's Notre Dame by Night



Joy Ride (Best view L A R G E R)

Orchid Medallions

After the Wish

Mother in 1946

Notre Dame Path

Upside Down

Boston Reflections


Snow Leopard

Lily flower

To_be a Tuba

After the Race - with a Dirt Gotee (best viewed L A R G E R)

Water Lily II

Out of the Gate (Best viewed L A R G E R)

Down the Stretch (Please view L A R G E R)

Brown and Blue

Zebra Foal - in color (View L A R G E R)

And a Straw Hat

Stone and Steel; Old and New


Ceiling Umbrellas


Beak and Claws


Pounding the Turf (Best seen L A R G E R)

Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

That's A Mouthful

Celebration of Jazz

Fancy Flamingo

Portrait in Ice (View L A R G E R)

NaPali Coast

Kilauea Lighthouse

Luau Dancer I

Swan Reflection

Waimea Canyon

NaPali Coast II

Playing the Steinway (View L A R G E R)

Starfish (View L A R G E R)

A Derby Day Winner at the Downs

Derby Hat on Derby Day (View L A R G E R)

Big Brown, the 2008 Derby Winner and, moments later, a tragic end for Eight Belles

Kent Desormeaux and Big Brown cross the finish line to win the Ky. Derby 2008

Santa Fe Rock and Sky

Where the Road Leads You

Abiquiu Afternoon Clouds

Chama River Canyon

Mountain Waterfall (View L A R G E R)

Hawaiian Naa-Naa-Na-Naa-Naa

Chama River Canyon II

A Senior's Derby Hat on Derby Day

Hawaiian Stained Glass

The Old West

Bella's First Communion

Rush Hour on the Golden Gate Bridge

Going to the Gate

Inside the Water Lily

The Dragon and the Lily

A Mother's Love

Red Rock Canyon

Mother and Child II

Keeping Your Head Above Water (click on image to view larger)

Orangutan Love

Monkey Business (Click image to view LARGER)


Perturbed Tiger (Click on image to view LARGER)

Las Vegas Eifel Tower

Down the Stretch at Derby 2009 (Best viewed L A R G E R)

Reflections on Derby 2009

Phineas Memorial

Red and Yellow Dangling


Monarch Spotlight (Click image to view LARGER)

Flower Ornament


Approaching Sitka (Click to view L A R G E R)

Me and Wilson

Eyes of the Lion

Red Faced

Fly Fishing at Turner Falls

Welcome to Ketchikan at 5:50am

Autumn Bridge

Hubbard's Glacier, Alaska

West Baden Sitting Room (click for larger)

Ready for Valentine Dinner

Crossing the Ky. Derby Finish Line

Going to the First Turn in the Ky. Derby 2010 (view LARGER).

To the First Turn at Ky. Derby 2011 (Click to view LARGER)

Tale of the Whale

Fiesta Americana, Los Cabos

The Arch, Los Cabos

Pretty in Pink

New York City Street Dancers

Afternoon Light

In Flight

Mexican Sunset

Los Cabos Sunset

Napa Valley Scene

Wine Barrels

Medieval Dining Room