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free counters ................................................................................................2002 was the year I pick up Photo again. I have had a break for more than 20 years. Digital Canon G2 become my restart. Then I discover the fantastic way of showing the picture over the web. Since then the camera always take a part in my backpack on fishing tours. Nature have become a very important part of my life as well as photo. I’m fascinated in the post treatment process and try to develop my self, gives me a lot of inspiration in that matter. BR. Roger

Country: SE


Natur of the northern parts of Sweden


Winter in the northern parts of Sweden



The forgotten room


Autumn mood

Grazing land

Autumn in rolling green hills

View upon Vindelälven (Vindeln river)

Fireworks of the autumn.

Footpath in white

Barn in Ir snow lanscape


IR - Snow Landscape

IR - Farming Land

Be waiting for the fishing

The bewitched creek

IR, Disrepair

IR - Haze of sunshine

Old IR-Barn

Old fishermans boat

IR: The bench of loneliness

IR - Just the lonely bench

IR - Fire clouds

IR - Snow uphill

the witchcraft of the creek


IR - Winter view

IR- the winter valley

Ice age in IR-Land

IR - Arctic forest

IR - melted ice

IR - The spring is coming

alpine IR-landscape

IR - Arctic birchwood

IR - Barn in sunset

IR - ice stream

IR - Early spring

IR - Spring flood II

View over the IR river


Promenade (IR)

IR Ship

IR Park

Morning mist (IR)

The IR bridge

The old handcart (IR)

Midnight sun in Andörja in the North of Norway. (the time was 46 minutes to midnight)

IR ship II

Lapporten (The Laplander gateway) A famous mountain formation in Northen Sweden

view in midnight sun. Andörja, North of Norway

Old boat in tarn who has served her time.

The Glade

The solitary house

IR flowery seashore

IR horse

The final rest for the old boat


IR weather

In the gathering dusk

times gone by

those were the days...

times long past

Churchyard in autumn garb


Fishermans shed (IR)

Short days


At twilight in IR-Land

The island of IR

Windmill, IR

Dull weather


times gone by

Times gone by II

The IR-Barn in blue

Winter view

Times gone by III

Seabird islet -IR


IR mere

A cold winter day

Golf course in winter time IR

Golf course in winter time II

The most green of the IR-world

At the eleventh hour

The creek of Juktan I

At the eleventh hour II

The Goatrock

Olive(r)Twist II

First snow

Up light footpath

Mountain lake (IR)

Sundown on ice

A short day

IR-Barn in the short day

Lunch break up in the Swedish fjeld.

On a trip into the Swedish fjelds

The winter tree (IR)

Windy winter scenery

Mountain stream

Winter bridge (IR)

Scandinavian summer night in IR light

The bridge to the IR world

Shieling (IR)

The midnight sun in North of Norway (IR)

Suspension bridge (IR)


Some of the way I cross during the IR journey

IR river

Brela (IR)

Tree in Brela

it is growing light

Early morning (IR)

Early in the morning 04:20

Corral (IR)

On the way to the mountain pasture (IR)

On the way to the mountain pasture

Visit to the mountain pasture (IR)

The old suspension bridge (IR)

It is growing light

The old mountain pasture (IR)

...and a heavy rain sky

Lost in IR land

IR Rainbow

Old Car in edge of the wood III

Every year the nature come a step closer

Back to the mountain pasture (IR)

IR midnight sun

As once in the time

The Mire-Pine II

Out wear and abandoned (IR)

The Lighthouse (IR)

The Old Sheep House (The nature give and the nature take)


Old town of Gent

Old town of Gent II

Ice on water



The sun is calling

Winter Tree (IR)


Deserted House (IR manipulated)

Off the beaten track

in the summertime

Old settling on Viris islet II

Old settling on Viris islet (III)

Seashore meadow (IR)

The old pavilion

Old ironworks in Olofsfors bruk

Älvros old cruciform church from year 1570

The old cave chapel

Probably better to leave it in the forest then pick it for the mushroom omelet

a backward rustic look

lighthouse in morning light

A romantic lighthouse

the day is dawning

landing-stage (IR)

Sacred light

brings back memories of last summer

up the street

Old Dubrovnik

Old Dubrovnik II

Old town of Gent III

The head of the lighthouse (IR)

Street of Gent

mountain lake

early one morning in North of Norwegian

forgotten (IR)

Cyclist in Old Ghent

Cityscape of Old Ghent

Return to the mountain pasture (IR)

Night wanderer

Evening is drawing on (IR)

Old outlying field

Old outlying field II

Old outlying field III

… it for real ? No it´s Photoshop !


Old and rustic

Street of Kaluga

Old woman

Backyard in Kaluga

Detached house and car

Rustic logistic

Old countryside settlement (IR)


In the street of Kaluga

The Ice fisherman and the moon

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

Christmas market in Nyhavn


Wreck in the final rest (IR)

Like old time


Russian residence

The Kaluga way

Mountain grazing


The old Tractor

In the front of my inflatable boat

Rustic charm

Left behind ?

Nyhavn in Copenhagen

A forgotten hovel


"cosy corner"

Sheds at the water edge (IR)

Barrow in IR

old farmery (IR)

Old Cow pen (IR)

Autumn morning

quaint old-fashioned

Horse Trolly

IR Landscape

Night street of Kaluga

Mail boxes

Field of barley

I know, the Fish is missing (IR)

Ice fishing (IR)

Old tumbledown Barn

Cross Tracks

Bus Stop Kaluga

Main street Kaluga

Arctic winter (IR)

The gate

Night Walker


Like the old time (IR)

IR Summer dream

A late summer dream (IR)

edge of the stream

Goose with IR

Bus queue Kaluga

Bus Stop Kaluga II

VW Environment Edition

Viewer over the IR-landscape


Back to the fifties