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Norman Perkel grew up on Long Island, NY amidst the thriving aerospace industry to which his father was an electronics supplier to. He has a love for things of speed and hopes to convey that in his photos. His work has appeared in both print and electronic media; shooting auto advertisements, freelance work with select teams within Formula One, and photos submitted to the US Navy capturing the flight demo team, The Blue Angels. Joining the community has shortened Norman's learning curve for his passion considerably and he has included a few examples of his work for viewing. In his own words: Thank you for taking the time to view my photography artwork. -Norman



Black & White



Racing - Motorcycle (Mid Ohio, AHRMA 2005)


Racing - Formula One

Assorted Photos

Air Shows


Racing - Assorted

Home by the Sea (Long Beach)

Live Photos


Hollow-World View

Grand Central School Room

Detail of Merc engine from NY Int'l Auto Show

East River Tug

"Broken Heart For One That Had None"

Alex at play in treehouse

Brothers in the FDNY.. So few.


While waiting in my office for a call I shot this one out the window.

Telephone for you Joyce... Remembering a friend.

"Red Sector"

Forgotten Summer

The legend that IS.. Karch Kiraly.

Underwater Blessing

Be vewwy, vewwy quiet...I'm hunting wabbits! -Elmer Fudd


"Life of the Past"

West Side Highway at Sunset

West Side Highway at Sunset

The Intrepid F11-F1 "Tiger"

Blue Angels 2004 - Lead Soloist #05, Maj. Len Anderson, USMC, on a high speed pass over the beach.

Sean Tucker pulling off a very low altitude knife edge over Jones Beach.

Blue Angels 2004 - Lead Soloist #05, Maj. Len Anderson, USMC, and Opposing Soloist #06, Lt. Craig Olson, U.S. Navy, bring their F/A-18 Hornets ?too close for comfort? in one of many high-speed head-on passes only feet apart some 100' above the flight deck. Absolute precision flying at it?s best!

Blue Angels 2004 - "Fat Albert" inbound

Blue Angels 2004 - Stacked up for departure..

Blue Angels 2004 - Lead Soloists LS #05 Maj. Len Anderson, USMC and OS #06 Lt. Craig Olson, U.S. Navy in a slow pass over Jones Beach. Maj. Anderson.. Thank you for looking at the camera! /O

Blue Angels 2004 - Fly by in diamond formation

Blue Angels 2004 - Jones Beach Airshow... Hornets coming across the water to reform with Lead Solo (Maj. Len Anderson) and Opposing Solo (Lt. Craig Olsen)before heading home for the day.

F-16 with afterburner

Blue Angels 2004 - Last pass over the beach before heading home.

Sean Tuckers' "knife edge" fly-by some 25 feet above the surf of Jones Beach.

Blue Angels 2004 - C-130 transport affectionately known as "Fat Albert"

S3 Vikings in close formation at the New York Air Show

Blue Angels 2004 - Starburst

Blue Angels 2004 - Diamond Formation

Blue Angels 2004 - Diamond Formation 2

Blue Angels 2004 - Diamond Formation 3

Blue Angels 1 - 4 Stacked


Sean Tucker climbing

Ceiling of the Penn

Photo for RJ

This is a photo of Ralph Schumacher exiting the Hairpin (L'Épingle)located in the eastern sector of the Circuit.

Anthony Davidson exiting.

The business end of 6.7 seconds

Rubens has a great sense of humor.

Rubens testing the setup in open practice

The Achilles' heel of an F1 pitstop

Even the best make mistakes. Michael Schumacher Saturday Open Practice.

Our Man DC in open practice

Our man DC on a tear.

"Ferrari Head"

Focus de Scuderia

Fernando Alonso in the pitlane.

Takuma Sato's car being set-up

Painting Schumi

Schumi through the trees

Ralph Schumacher - "Lockup"


"Red Storm"

The Hosts (Meredith and Ian from ABC/TV's "The Bachelorette")

Runway 2

Runway 4

"It's hard not to be fast.. When your feet don't even touch the ground"

Fernando Alonso in pre-race testing

The next heir to the throne?

Baking the brakes

Massa's incredible head-on shunt. Notice that not only did the right side rear suspension fail but the tire sheared off before making contact with the wall... I am surprised he was able to get out and walk away from this one.

Close up of the would be 7 time World Champion

"Curb Your Enthusiasm"

"City Ducks..."


"Forest Hills"


Garden of the Cloisters

Brooklyn Heights

The real me





"Ghost Flight"


"Hustle of the Holidays"

Kimi Raikkonen - trying to get the McLaren/Mercedes sorted before Saturday qualifying in and effort to take the fight to the Ferrari of Michael Schumacher.

David Coulthard - 2004 Canadian GP


916 Waterfall

916 at the Stone Dam

916 at the Stone Dam

Ducati 916 from top of Dam

"River Leaf of Spring"

"At Home with Ducati"

Sean Tucker over the beach

Thunderbirds over Jones Beach, NY just before the rain set in.

Thunderbirds trying to finish their demo before the rain sets in.

Red Barron Demo Team

Sean Tucker over the water

Sean Tucker sliding it

USAF F86 & F16 Heritage Flight - Air Fest 2005

Former VFA-22 Pilot Lt. Cmdr. Craig R. Olson, U. S. Navy preparing for take off at Air Fest 2005. Lt. Cmdr. Olson fills the "Lead Solo" duties of the 2005 Blue Angels team and joined the team in November 2002.

Lt. Cmdr. Craig Olson rotating hard as Air Fest 2005 gets under way.

Blue Angels 1 - 4 rolling over the flight line for the 1st of many exciting passes.

Blue Angels 1 - 4 arching the loop over the flight line at Air Fest 2005

Boss Foley - Post flight

Vertical Starburst

F-15 "eagle" climbing out

F-15 "Eagle" banking

F-15 "Eagle" rolling out over the beach

Number 1 Jet of Boss Foley parking - post flight

"Two of Hearts"

F-16 (Thunderbirds) in full afterburner

Thunderbirds 2005 - Jones Beach, NY

F-16 "Thunderbird" in full after burner over Jones Beach, NY

"F-16 Spotted"

"Pass of the Thunderbird"

F-16 "Coming or ???"

F-16 (Thunderbird) "Knife Edge"

F-15 "Eagle" in full after burner over Mcguire AFB

F-15 "Eagle" over Mcguire Air Force Base

F-16 "Fighting Falcon"... the Viper, clawing for altitude over NAS Willow Grove

"Thumbs Up"

Czech Aero - L-39 "Albatros"

Portrait on Crescent Street

A taste of things to come.... Greetings from the road.

Greetings from the road... Preliminary shot of whats to come.

DC in the Hairpin from Above

Red Hawk (I think)

Alonso from Above

Montoya for Jorge

Pedro De la Rosa

Jarni Truli - Montreal 2005 Qualifying

Fernando Alonso in the pitlane - Montreal 2005

Fisi in the pitlane at Montreal - 2005

Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale - Senna Curve




"Immigrant Song"

"Take it on the Chin"

"Hear no Evil"



"Oooh... Look at the Pretty Flowers"

"F-16 Banking with Speed Brakes Deployed"

"Angels 5 and 6"

"Young Love"

"Civic Duty"

"The Head of F1" (Alexandre Coutu)

"Takuma Sato"

Takuma Sato in action

"Green Bay Packers Fan"

"Nice Paint"

"Catch me if you can"

"The eyes have it"


"Dancing in the Rain"

"Make Way for Ducklings"

"Shall we Dance"?






"Father & Daughter"


"Alonso in the Senna Curve - 2005"

"Frizzle Fry"

"Bud Girl"





Knock the Fuzz off of it!

"M Power"


"Vintage Speedster"

"Vanessa & Atlas"

"Vanessa & Atlas 2"

"The Big Ring"


"Home by the Sea"

"Sand and Sky" (The Perfect Valentine)


"Beach Jetty"

"Sunset over an Outgoing Tide"


Ferrari 512 S of John Giordano

"Title Shot"


"Time for Strategy"


"The Taunt"

"The Softer Side of Boxing"

"Fall Colors"

"Black & Tan"

"Beach & Jetty" (Best if viewed larger)

"Winter Sunset" (Best if viewed "Larger")

"It Came to Me in a Dream"

"The Chase Is On"

"The Diamond"

"Flame Out"

"Recovery of Boss Foley"

"Angel Over the Beach"

Flt 911 Preparing for Take-Off

Jenson Button Exiting Senna Curve, Montreal, 2006

Jenson Button Apexing Senna Curve

Schumi says... "Damn that's a big lens"

"Scales of the Beach" - 2006

"Mirror of the Beach"

"Endless Summer"

My Les Paul

My Home-Built Strat

Al's Ferrari 365 GTC4

Al's 356GTC

Al's 356GTC

Al's 356GTC


"Please Don't Stop Fight"


"The Hammer"

"Champ Chocolate"



Johnny Mac


Joe Satriani - 20th Anniversary of Surfing with the Alien show - NYC

Joe Satriani - 20th Anniversary of Surfing with the Alien show - NYC

Joe Satriani - 20th Anniversary of Surfing with the Alien show - NYC

Joe Satriani - 20th Anniversary of Surfing with the Alien show - NYC

Joe Satriani - 20th Anniversary of Surfing with the Alien show - NYC