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i'll write something much better for this later. here's the long & short of it: photgraphy = long-time hobby/part-time job. most of the work i do is product/event/headshot/bands, etc... but the personal stuff is different; that's what i wanna' put up here. like most, i started w/ landscapes, etc... over time, i grew more & more fond of non-photographic photography; pics that look a bit more like memories or feelings than photos. i like blur. anyway... that's that, really. hope you dig 'em.





Shaq, at the opening party for NBA 2K6

sax & guitar players @ Ave B, a party thrown by Doc Martin

Charlie Porter, at his premier of the Buddy Bolden Suite

A clarinet player, playing live, 5-part improvised music in a band called Create(!) (go to www.soundsareactive.com to check them out)