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Photographer from Sweden. Traveller with cameras Mostly Sweden, France, Italy, Portugal, Kenya and Southern Africa.

Country: SE


Single Photos


Hazardous particles in this End of the world image...

Flowers have least in the seventies..;-)

Austria..seen through my eyes..Enjoy!

Norrtelje (Norrtälje), Roslagen, Sweden, country with many lake Erken

Magma ...from "The end of the world series"

Austrian landscape - evening....through my eyes...

Sweden photos, Norrtelje (Norrtälje), Roslagen where a summernight .. is never really dark.....

Sweden photos, late autumn

Sweden photos, Norrtelje (Norrtälje), Roslagen where darkness reveals the gold....

Lily, Lilium, longiflorum

evening in sweden

warm atmosphere, yorkshire, u.k.

Jeans model and artist Toftgard

Romantic bridge in winter, but cold -21C!

Early morning by the sea, Western Portugal

Singer and model from Sweden

Dramatic evening sky and Sunflowers

Last light at 3pm in Winter

Mr Squirrel is stuck in the birds house.

Magic scene of lovely model in castle cellar, Sweden.

Model and singer Toftgard

Morning sun rays in Flor da Rosa, Crato

Model and singer Toftgard, Sweden

Riddarholmen, Old Town, Stockholm

Model in magic old town of Stockholm

Lovely young model Linda in Sweden

Male model and biker Alexander, Sweden

Songwriter Toftgard, Stockholm Sweden

Summertime in the city and male model Toftgard in Burberry coat.

Male model Toftgard, Sweden

Model Toftgard from Sweden, 2017

Evening by a lake

Take a walk on the path, by the lake