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Single Photos

Hawaii, May-June 2000

Palomar Observatory


AMISH Ride, Carlisle, PA

Art Center work

Joshua Tree NP

Doo-Dah Parade, Pasadena CA, 2000


Star trails, Kilauea

Chuck Steidel at Keck.

Keck II and Subaru

Mauna Kea observatories from Keck

Myself next to Keck I

Submillimeter Valley from Keck

Dome of Keck II

Approaching afternoon clouds, 200-inch.

The 200-inch

Greg Sutter on the vendor floor

Greg Sutter sweet-talks the Active State booth babes into wearing Daemon horns

The lovely ladies of the Active State booth pose for us. And some other guy, too.

Now's that's devotion to the company! But in keeping with modern standards of company loyalty, the tattoo is temporary.

BSD documentation guru Nik Clayton hangs out near vendor floor hot-spot, the BSDI booth.

Kris Kennaway strikes a pose for KkennKkamm, the most popular webcam to feature a clothed Australian physicist.

I watch the sailboats on the bay from Greg's balcony, while he gets ready for the BSD BoF-Me-Harder session.

NetBSD loudmouth Perry Metzger shows off his BSD-Fu at BoF-Me-Harder.

Theo de Raadt of OpenBSD discusses encryption at the BSD BoF. He appears to be in favor of it.

Kirk McKusick decides to put off writing his metadata until later in the evening.

FreeBSD core decides to stare at me for some reason. I didn't even have my balloon hat yet. L to R: Jonathan Bresler, Satoshi Asami, Doug Rabson, Jordan Hubbard, David Greenman, Justin Gibbs.

Debbie Lidl of BSDI shows what's happening with BSD/OS to the hardy souls who made it to the end of BoF-Me-Harder.


Harry and Larry load up the bikes.

Char laces up for the first day of riding.

Kerry performs his one-armed exercises.

Char looks happy, since she hasn't started riding yet.

Char and Harry round a curve early in the ride.

Harry, Char, Kerry and Jack ride through the Carlisle farmland.

Gwen and Linda are having entirely too much fun.

Jack leads the pack down the straightaway!

Larry and Lori leave a trail of hay in their wake as they zoom past a dairy farm.

Harry and Char wonder why they're wasting their time on a bicycle.

Harry and Char ride past corn. You'd think the novelty would wear off pretty quickly.

Lori and Larry also ride past corn.

Jack rides past corn, and realizes that he gets to replenish his blood sugar at lunch.

Gwen, Linda, and still more corn.

Self portrait with Atari (I).

Self-portrait with Atari (II).


The Human Chameleon

Ice on maple tree


Spider (Air Kitten)

Shelly (L) and Mom (R) fight over a popcorn ball.

Family portrait, Christmas

Tree, Jumbo Rocks

Burnt trees (I)

Burnt trees (II)

Self portrait.

Dad (like father, like son)

Scene from Ditch Day

Star trails

Strawberry Peak, south face

Kilauea lava flow at dusk

Our Fearless Leader, Nick Scoville, as George H. W. Bush

Nick Scoville as George H. W. Bush

The Little Old Lady from Pasadena (in a borrowed hat)

A parrot in the crowd

Scooby Doo

Legalize Food

Medical Marijuana Man

Belly dancer

Ostrich-riding drag queen

Go Muff Diving!




Partial solar eclipse

Internet Access