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Grand Canyon 1993

Italy, 2006

Travel camera


View of Bright Angel Trail

Wrangler bringing down spare mules (just in case)

Spur trail off Bright Angel with lookout and rest shelter

Ranger with mule tour group

Hikers at Plateau Point overlook. This is destination of one day mule tours.

Colorado River from Plateau Point.

The Tonto Trail intersects with the Bright Angel Trail near the Indian Gardens Ranger Station. This trail is fairly flat and connects to most of the rim to river trails from the South Rim. Not heavily traveled and a good way to experience the solitude of the Canyon.

Not all the hikers wear boots. This one hoped I had saved some food for him.

Typical street scene in Lucca.

View from Guinigi Toewr, Lucca

School was still in session, across from our bus stop. Guamo, Tuscany

Lots of people too

So, you want to drive in Rome?

Portland harbor

Sunset on Casco Bay

Ferry to Portland

Afternoon Fog, Casco Bay