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Computer Programming Consultant, Micro-Stock and Fine Art Photographer

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Clarion River Snowstorm (D300)

Clarion River Mist (D700)

Sunlight on Stream Bed and Mist (1V, D610)

River's Edge (K1000SE, D610)

Beach Bench in Snow (D300)

Logging road in Snowstorm (D1H)

Front Range behind Lookout Mountain (H9 or F828)

Fizzy Amber Drink in Glass (D700)

Snowy drive in Clear Creek (D300)

Yellow/Orange over Blue/Green (D300)

Electric Candle Light in Silhouette (K1000SE, 6D)

Red Leaves and Burrs (D1H)

Aurora Reservoir Sunrise

Picnic Area and Trail Heads (D200)

Maple Drive in Snow (D1H)

Blue and Green Ice Swamp #4 (D1H)

Old Garden Gate #3 (D1H)

Sony Cybershot DSC R1

Fall Finale 2017 (D1H)

Morning Mist on Tom's Run #1 (1V, D610)

Beach Bench in Snow and Sun (D300)

Leaves against Fog Background (D200)

Duck Fishing on Clarion River (D200)

Sunlight and Translucent Green (D610)

Hemlock Island from Henry Run (D200)

Sunlight and Fog on Fire Tower Road #2 (D200)

Curved rural road with speed limit sign

Stream Water running over a Stone Wall Spillway

Loleta Dam #1 (D1H)

Guanella Pass, Colorado (H9)

Entrance, Tionesta Dam (1N-RS, D700)

Clarion River Ice #2 (D300)

Clarion River Ice #1 (D300)

Clarion River at Blyson Run (D300)

Last Light reflected on the Clarion #1 (D300)

Stone Stairway, Sunlight Shadow and Snow (D1H)

Picnic Spot at Clear Creek #3 (D700)

Moss-Carpeted Path and Bench (A7S)

Clarion River, Green and Fog (D700)

McKeesport, PA in Rain and Fog #2 (A7S)

McKeesport, PA in Rain and Fog (A7S)

Clarion River reflecting Trees (D700)

Bridge on Tom's Run Trail Rd (D200)

Foot Bridge in Leaves (D1H)

Footbridge over Millstone Creek East (D1H)

One Blade of Grass (D1H)

Coffee Cup, Spoon and Ingredients (D7200)

Cocktail in the Sun #2 (D30)

Brown's Run Bridge (D1H)

Carpet of Beech Leaves (D7200)

Clarion River near Barnett Canoe Launch #2 (D700)

Blue and Green Ice Swamp #5 (D1H)

Clearing Fog on River Road (D700)

Porch Railing Reflection #2 (D300)

Tree Silhouette in Green (D200)

River Road in Snow No2 (D300)

Porch Railing Reflection No1 (D300)

Clarion River in Rain and Sun (D700)

Clarion River Autumn Finale 2018 (D700)

Millstone Road Fall Finale 2018 (D700)

Clarion River, Red Leaves and Snow (D1H)

Jack's Hollow Road (D700)

River Road in Sun & Shade (D200)

Arch and Light over Tom's Run (1N, 6D)

Empty Stretch of River Road (D200)

Clarion River in Fog and Sunlight (D700)

Tom's Run Trail Road on a sunny foggy afternoon

Millstone Road Fall Finale 2018 No2 (D700)

Winter Sunset on the Clarion No4 (D300)

Misty view across the Clarion River (D700)

Bending Trees over the Clarion River No1 (D700)

Leaves under Ice (D700)

Ice on the Clarion No3 (D700)

Clarion River in January No1 (D700)

Henry Run Spillway No2

Cook Forest State Park in Fog (D200)

Branches w/ Clarion River in the Background No 1 (D700)

Curved tree branches over blue green river 2019 (D700)

Henry Run Spillway thawing out (D700)

Mossy Island in Blue-Green Ice 2019 No2 (700)

Bending Trees over the Clarion River No3 (D700)

Bending Trees over the Clarion River No5 (D700)

Bending Trees over the Clarion River No9 (D700)

Clarion River morning at Clear Creek (D700)

Familiar Tree in Cook Forest (D700)

Henry Run spillway in Fall (D700)

Bridge over Tom's Run (D700)

Tom's Run and Bridge No1 (D700)

Henry Run Dam in Spring 2020 No1 (D700)

Tom's Run in Stillness (D700)

Clear Creek Whitewater (D700)

Swimming Pond, Beach, Court and Pavilion (D700)

Picnic Bench on the river bank (D700)

Colors on Forest Drive No1 (D700)

Ducks on the Clarion at Sunrise No1 (D700)

Waning Fall Colors on the Clarion (K1000SE, D700)

Clarion River at Cooksburg (K1000SE, D700)

Foggy creek and Dam (D700)

Clarion Sunrise around the bend (D700)

Clarion River at Barnett Canoe Launch (K1000SE, D700)

Cook Forest Skating Pond (D700)

Picnic Benches on Late Fall Afternoon (D700)

Picnic Bench in Late Afternoon Winter Light (D700), Picnic Bench in Late Autumn Afternoon Light (D700)

Christmas Time on Tom's Run Trail Rd (D700)

Fresh Snowfall in January (D700)

Picnic Bench in May Snowstorm (D700)

Loleta in late winter (FE, D700)