Pete Resetz

My father, Carl J. Resetz, an avid photographer himself, gave me my first camera at the age of 7. (an Agfa twin lens reflex,120 roll film.) At the age of 9 on a month long tour of Europe, I was the still photographer, using a Honeywell, Pentax, Spotmatic, while my father shot movies with his Bolex 16mm. It was at that point that I was thoroughly hooked on photography. I joined the U.S. Army in 1979, and after basic training I started to buy Nikon cameras, and lenses. Upon leaving the Army in 1982, I had three Nikon FMs, five Nikkor lenses, and two Nikon flashes. While in the Army, I shot and developed 2512 rolls of film. (Kodak, Pan X 125, Tri X 400, and Ektachrome 64.) Since that time, the total went up to 9245 rolls of film. (all of it Kodak) In 2002 I parked my two Nikon F5's and a Nikon F100, for two Nikon D1x's, and never looked back on film. My main body of photography has been mostly wildlife, nature, and senices. I specialized in spiders, and wildflowers. Many of my images have been sold through stock photo agencies, with Hallmark having purchased 53 of my flower images for greeting cards as an example. As of late, having grown tired of taking straight images, I have have been concentrating on creating abstract images through editing with Nikon's basic software. This is done by manipulating the light and color levels. I have always considered photography to an expresion of art that illustrating could not provide for me. Also, I have never considered myself to be an expert with photography, because almost every time I take a picture, I learn something, or develop a new way to use my equipment. When a specialized type of equipment is not available, or to expensive, I'll make it myself. Next to offset printing, photography I belive is one of mankind's greatest inventions. To all of you who use your cameras to document history, and create art, I tip my hat. Peter R. Resetz

Country: US