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Welcome to my photonet portfolio. ........ My name is George Bruckner, I live in a beautiful province of British Columbia, Canada, where most of my photography takes place. ........ For me photography is a visual window to explore and to express myself, crafting something original. I am an observer, a photographer and an image maker. My work in photography is diverse and it is on constant change as new ideas lead to new projects. I only hope you take your time to view and think about these images, and that you find even just one image that conveys to you the natural world in a special and unique way as it has to me. ........ We may live in different parts of the world and may come from different cultures, have different set of values, but most of us share the passion for creativity, which I believe has brought us here to photonet or other sites like this on the internet to share. Like most members here, I welcome your critiques, comments and above all your honesty. ........ We all are here only once and it is for a short time and what we make of it and pursue is only up to us. After all, the images that we have crafted that inspired us will tell the story as to what we have seen, what we have experienced and what we will leave for others to see. ......... For those that like to read internet blogs, I do additional image postings and my ramblings on: .......... Take care, George Bruckner

Country: CA


Nature's Fur and Feather

Travels, Landscapes and Special Moments

Wild Eagles and Hawks

From the Past

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Birds of Water

Birds of Forests

Birds of Wetlands

Birds of Grasslands

Canadian Geese

Forestry Stuff


Alberta & Saskatchewan

Outside Of The Box - "Exploration"

British Columbia's Sagebrush and Grasslands Landscapes


California / Oregon / Washington States

British Columbia, Canada

Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado

Canadian Landscapes

Tallheo Cannery, Bella Coola

Arlee Celebration



2021 Composites


Cooper's Hawk

"The Singer" Marsh Wren

"Marsh Red Fox Hunting" (#2226)

"Blending In" Townsend's Solitaire

"Metal Perch" Tree swallow

"Spring's Visitor" (Meadow Lake, Mountain Bluebird #2651)

Mallard duck (female)

Red Tail Hawks

Great Blue Heron with nesting material

"Nest Upgrading" Great Blue Herons #3098

Red Fox pup and mosquito

Red Fox pup

Wet Red Fox

"Last Light" Great Blue Heron (#3730)

"The Lookout Post" Western Meadowlark

"Beakfull of Grub" Western Meadowlark

Female Redhead

Gray Jay

First Light

"Sky High Flyers"

Mom with her calf (Moose #6567)

On the Move

Northern Shoveler feeding (female)

"Take off" American Wigeon

Snowy Owl of Cariboo (#7363)

Bohemian Waxwing


Rough-legged Hawk

Immature Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Eagle Couple (Cariboo, #7907)

Rough-legged Hawk (2)



Bald Eagle

"Bucks Bond" Mule deer

"Eye Contact" (Cow Moose #9587)

"Charlie" (my neighbour)

"Spring Home Arrivals" (location: 103 Mile House)

Common Loon

"Bridge Creek Resident" (River Otter #9920))

Am I cute? (Common Goldeneye)

Courtship display - Common Goldeneye


On the Prowl (Coyote #0184))

Spring Migration

Courtship (Sandhill Cranes)

"I See You" Great Blue Heron hunting

Great Gray Owl and Spruce Tree (#2245)

"Spring Singer" Yellow-headed blackbird (male)

Snow Storm (Canadian Geese)

"Taking a Break" (Rufous Hummingbird #2611-1)

"Reflection" Greater Yellowlegs

"Bald Eagle of Sugar Cane First Nations Reserve" (#2867)

"Can I Go" (Details of Western Meadowlark)

"Sitting Pretty" Marsh Wren #3177

"Last One" Red Shafted Flicker #3272

"On the Lookout" Sandhill Crane

Sandhill Crane in Green Grass #3412

"Snow Storm Troopers" (Canadian geese #2402)

"Yellow Eyes" (Great Gray Owl of Hungry Valley #2848)

Forest Symmetry #3694

"Silent Hunter" Great Gray Owl #3837

" Missed a Spot" (Audult Female Fox)

Prague's Charles Bridge (my dad's image made in the 60s, where it all started)

Elderberry Picking #4912

"Eyes of Wilderness" (#5484 Coyote)

Belted Kingfisher with Spider's Web (#5954)

"Anybody Out There" Townsend's Solitaire #6235

"Choices" (Rufous Hummingbird #5085)

"V" Formation (Canada Geese #6896)

"Horse Lake's Secrets" (Canadian Geese#7490)

Timber Harvesting of Mountain Pine Beetle Stand (aerial view)

"In the Mist" (Canada Geese #7616)

Mosquitos Day (Mule Deer Doe #3902)


"Lookout Post" Great Gray Owl, Cariboo #5800

Perspective on Fall Season

"Marsh Hawk of Horse Lake" (#8502)

"Pondering Muskrat" (#8516)

"Downy Woodpecker In Dying Forest" (Female #8813)

"Presenting Gray (Canada) Jay" (#8866)

"Sunrise Over Horse Lake" (Cariboo #9031)

Common Merganser (female detail #4755)

"Partners" Trumpeter Swans in Flight(B&W #8116)

"First Light" (Big Bar, Chuckar #3068)

"Ruffed Grouse in Snow" (Cariboo #9405)

Cow moose (#52)

"Spring Arrivals" (Canadian Geese, Cariboo 0562)

"Grassland's Singer" (Western Meadowlark (#35)

"Creek Fishing" Heron (Cariboo 2007-0492)

Hawk (#2458)

"Marsh Land's Singer" (Yellow-Headed Blackbird (2007-800)

Calliope Hummingbird (2007-0644)

Calliope Hummingbird (#4834)

Mama Bear (Black Bear #6036)

Patience and Persistence (Coyote Hunting 5654)

"Sitting High" Northwestern Chipmunk (07-7099)

"Horse Lake Departure"(Cariboo 2007-0392)

"Imperial of the Rockies" (Imperial Elk #9429-1)

"Royal of the Rockies" (2007-058)

"Observer" (Big Horn Sheep, Oct2007-0104)

First Snow (Nov-2007-0033)

Forest's Caretaker (Raven_0432)

"Snow Storm" ( Jan08_0352)

"Winter Rivals" (2008_1675)

Moose of Crystal Lk II (2008-1767)

"Good Morning" (Red Fox 2008_1999)

"Cowgirl" (2007_6598)

"Spotted" (Bald Eagle_83F0292)

"Rival Eagles" (Bald Eagles_83F044)

"7 a.m. Chat" (Canadian Geese_83F1569)

"Catail Home" (Marsh Wren_08-0027)

"Waiting for Spring" (Meadowlark-4080017)

Common Loon (408-0236)

"Low Flight Talk" (408-0631)

"Friends" (408-0905)

"Forest's Ghost" (Cougar of Horse Lk_ 608-0689)

"Spotted" (Horse Lakes Cougar_608-0731)

Indian Paintbrush (608-0006)

"Hunter" (708-0327)

Black Tern (Chledonias niger_708-0322)

"Kingfisher's Wait" (708-0475)

"Lone Sentry" (Marmot 708-0291)

"Barkerville's Stage Coach" (808-0108)

Heli Light Up (SB908-0732)

Slash Burn (SB908-761)

Heli Lite Up (SB908-0772)

Elk of Athabasca River (9002)

Trickster of Medicine Lake (9059)

"Nature's Harmony" (1008-400)

Cariboo's Wild Horses (1003-0310)

"Star is Born" (Yellow Headed Blackbird_2007-800 redone)

"High Bar Trails" (1108-0359)

"Front Line" (1108-0364)

"Stare of the Wild" (Lynx canadensis_1208-0057)

Red-Breasted Nuthach (1208-0028)

Bald Eagle In Flight (0109-0355)

Snow's Curves (0109-0526)

"Feeling The Breeze" (0209-0255)

Northern Saw-whet Owl (0209-0529)

Broken Silence (0309-0153)

"Snow Storm Flight" (409-060)

Robin (409-311)

Clinging to Life (Lichen_409-081)

Forest's Cathedral (109-0531)

Hungry Valley's Mule Deer (509-610_

Willow Picking (Moose_509-0239)

Mallards (509-626)

Sandhill crane (609-0111)

In Morning's Glow (609-0244)

"Let It Rain" (609-491)

Marsh Wren (609-0385)

Maligne Lake (Jasper, Alberta 709_0032)

Prairie Dog (Saskatchewan_83F5271)

Riding High (09_0052)

Cariboo Cowgirls (0102)

Grain Elevator of Bents (Saskatchewan_83F5884)

Little Church on the Prairie (83F-5076

"Wheat Fields, Sweat and Tears" (Saskatchewan_83F4893)

Camp of Sitting Bull of Sioux Indian Tribe (Saskatchewan_83F5440)

Red Barns on the Prairie (Saskatchewan_83F5653)

Federal Grain Elevator (Saskatchewan_83F5562)

Bents, Grain Elevator (Saskatchewan_83F5884)

"New Tenants" (Saskatchewan_83F5497

Sepa lake, 108 Mile House (Canada Geese_1108-0165)

Kananaskis Country (Alberta_83F4546)

Osprey's Landing (Cariboo_909-0025)

"Sound of Wings" (Canadian Geese_10_09_0031)

"Soul Mates" (Canadian Geese_10_09_0038)

"In Cover of Darkness" (Canadian geese_10_09_0054)

"Morning's Rapture" (Geese_10-09-0118)

"High Country Meadows, Cariboo" (10_09__0333)

"Autumn's Misty Mornings" (Canadian Geese_10_09_0057)

"Surrender With No Retreat" (Saskatchewan_83F4929)

"South Bound" (Mallards_11_09_011)

Bents Elevator (Saskatchewan_83F5886)

Canim River (Cariboo_1209_0126)

"Prairie Bound" (Saskatchewan_83f4942-1)

"9 Lives" (0110-137)

"Cariboo's Winter Morning" (0110-121)

"Wet Lands of Lone Butte" (0110_83F0796)

"Trickster" (Coyote_5494)

"Barn's of Cariboo" (#0110_83F0744)

"Prairie's Grain Elevator Scale" (Saskatchewan_83F6038)

"Prairie's Struggle and Hardship" (Saskatchewan_83F6129)

"Forest Critic" (0110_83F1430)

"Into The Great Wide Open" (Saskatchewan_83F5686)

"Russell Fence, Cariboo"

"Rolling Prairie"

"Going All The Way"


"Fall's of Bridge Creek"

"Gang Ranch, B.C."

Loon of Bowers Lake

"Red Stage"

"Fire and Smoke" (0710_1036)

"Pioneers of Cariboo" (0810_1614)

"Chimney Lake Road, Cariboo"

'Forest's Paths"

Aerial view_ Forest Fire of Lang Lake, Cariboo,BC

"October's Leaves, Cariboo" (1010_4333)

"New Journey" (#1010_0725)

"Helmcken Falls" (1010_0760)

"Clearwater River, B.C."

"Painted Chasm, B.C."

"Fraser River Canyon, B.C."

"First Light" (1010_0409)

"Mare of High Bar" (#1110-0138)

"Passe" , Cariboo (#1110_0109)

"Outer Limits"

"Monolith of Fraser River"

"Forest's Dancers" (1210_0356_color)

"Cariboo's Snow Storm" (1210_0543)

"Whiteout" (1210_0522)

"Little Silver of Horse Lake" (#0311_2037)

"Meadow's Nomad"

"New Generation of Canadiens"

"In Morning's Glow" (0711_83F6030)

"Muncho Lake, B.C."

Barry Picking, Black Bear

"Klondike, White Horse"


Trails of Meadow Lake, Cariboo"

"High Bar, B.C."

"Muskrat's Huts" (#1111_MG_9947)

"Meadow Lake, Cariboo"

"Shadow Play, High Bar"

"Winter's Hay, Cariboo"

"Broken Step, Cariboo" (#0212_0748)

West Fraser Sawmill

Mountain Pine Beetle, Green lake

"Gold Seekers Trail, Lilloet" (#0412_1258)

All Dressed Up (#0412_1608)

"Supermoon" (#0512_1898)

"Long-billed Curlew, Fraser River" (0612_2449)

"Gang Ranch, B.C." (0612_2242)

"Stealth Landing, Great Grey Owl" (#0612_2990)

"Bond, Sandhill Cranes" (#0612_3172)

"Watcher, Great Grey Owl" (#0612_3084)

"Meadow's Intermittent Visitor" (#0612_3091)

"Harbinger of Death" (#0612_2960)

'Churn Creek Land Formations, B.C." (#0612_2268)

"Simple Life, Gang Ranch" (#0612_2283)

Reynolds Mountain, Montana (20120801_0248)

"West of Choteau, Montana" (20120803-0350)

"Sawtooth Ridge, Montana"

:Round and Square Butte of Geraldine, Montana" (20120805_659)

"Lonetree Stage Road, W of Square Butte, Montana" (20120806_716)

"Chateau Basin Settlers, Montana" (20120806-741)

"Giltedge, Montana" (20120806_0757)

"Giltedge's House of Ill Repute, Montana" (20120806_0769

"Cooling Off, Montana" (20120808_0911)

"It's a Bear Thing, Montana" (20120808_0902)

"Crown Butte, Montana" 20120804_0489

"Drinks Are On Us, Virginia City - Montana" (120809_1124)

"Been A Long Time Ago, Bannack, Montana"

"Cariboo Dreamin', 100 Mile House, BC"

"Bald Eagle, Cariboo" (#0110_0001)

"Trapped" #0310_911

"In Connection, Griz" (0912_0837)

"What's It Worth, Griz" (#0912_1104)

"Old West, Bannack" (#0912_1272)

"Montana's Trails" (#1208_1825)

"Pears and Grapes"

"Wheels of Bannack"

Eroded and Exposed (0912_0613)


"Mountain Pine Beetle, Cariboo"

"Horse Lake, B.C."

The Four Trunks #1110_1362

"Buffalo Jump, Alberta" 83F4685_1


"Boarded Up, Saskatchewan" 83F5444

"Snow Bumps of Nature" (# 0113_0117)

"Winter's Traveller" (#0113_0246)

"End of Journey" (#0710_0608)

Free and Untaimed (#0811_MG_8305)

"Reflection On The Past" (#1302_0487)

Barkerville's Ghosts (1302_0471)

Badlands, Alberta

Ranchette's Barns, Cariboo (#0111_0742)

Sandhill Cranes in the Mist (135_0991)

Honoring First Nation Culture

Leading The Way

Celebration (#20130706_2943)

Horsethief Ridge (#20130708_3094)

Windmills of North Dakota (#20130722_3679)

Moon Over Medicine Rock #20130722_3571

Storm Over Bowman Halley Dam Reservoir

Badlands National Park, South Dakota #20130727_3912

Empty Places, Empty Spaces, South Dakota #20130729_4272

Six Grandfathers (Mount Rushmore)

Crazy Horse, Black Hills #20130730_4296

Aermotor windmill, Nebraska

Gaze, Antelope #29130731_4356

Granite's Chameleon #20130808_4871

Against The Wall #20130808_4879

Pine Cone Path #20130808_4945

Boar's Tusk, Wyoming #20130814_5343

Osprey, Yellowstone River (#20130820_5915)

Common Loon of Cariboo

Yellowstone's Hot Springs #20130821_6061

Wild Rose of Cariboo #609-528

Ranchette's Barns, Cariboo #0111_0742

Fraser's River High Bars, Cariboo

Fraser River, Cariboo #201312_0049

Bucking Horse (#83F2004B&W)

Morning's Magic (#908-0842)

Cariboo's January Canvas #14126_0181

Great Northern Railway 20120809_1182


Promise of New Eden, Montana #20130710_3093

Cariboo's Barn #1403_0441

Painted Hills, Bonaparte River, B.C.

Stallion #1403_0586

Snow Storm MG_1638

Trumpeter Swans, Cariboo #02-04-2014_0811

Snow Storm Troopers #2397

Redwoods of California

Crater Lake, Oregon State

Redwoods of California

Nighthawk Mine in Washington State

Ruby Mine, Washington State

Against All Odds, Palouse

Painted Hills, Oregon

Painted Hills, Oregon

Sumpter Locomotive, Oregon #1406607_9999_28

Oregon's Coast

Little Space to Fill, Palouse #1406_0484

Banks Lake, Washington (2014_04-27_6498)

Jolly Roger

Oregon's Coast, Windswept

Fishing Fleet of Garibaldi, Oregon

Windows Of The Past, Engine No. 45

Sculptured by Wind and Water

Coquille River Lighthouse, Oregon

Mary D. Hume, Oregon

River Bank of Palouse

Field of Wheat, Palouse

Willows of Palouse River

Touched by Fire

American Dream

Leslie Gulch, Oregon

Forest Fence

Moose Skull, Cariboo (#1409_MG_0903)

Somewhere in Horsefly in 1981

Granite's Chameleon

North Platte River, Wyoming

Winter's Call

Horse's Skull


Fields of North Dakota

Meadow, Cariboo

In Nature's Harmony 2014_05_28_9002

It Don't Come Easy (2014_05_27_8976)

On The Edge 1412_2578

Lava Beds National Monument

When The Walls Come Tumblin' Down 2014_05_30_9318

Painted Hills, Oregon 2014_05_31_9539

Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Oregon 2014_05_04_6901

Mount St. Helens

Forest Fence at Phillips Lake, Oregon


In The Mist, Cariboo

Oregon's Dream

The Dance 20130704_1989

February's Canvas (1502_2935)

I Dream 2014_05_06_7399

Earth's Tones, Fraser River 1502_3006

Footprints Across The Land, Fraser River 1502_3095

Gold In Them Hills, Fraser River 201312_0125

Cariboo's Spring #1503_3442

Cariboo's Four Seasons (#1503_3636)

Entombed, New Mexico #1505_5945

Canyon De Chelly, Arizona

Remains of 'Gun Smoke" Set #1505_4582

Monument Valley, Utah #1505_5544

Still Waiting

Morning's Dip, Cariboo

Spring's Blues


Dreamin' of Old West 1505_4587

After The Gold Rush 1505_4583

Grand Canyon's North Rim, Arizona 1505_4610

Salt Lake Flats, Utah

North Rim, Grand Canyon 1505_4694

Bisti Badlands, New Mexico

Shiprock, New Mexico

LoneTree 1505_6536

Chasing Down The Shadows, Colorado

Great Northern Railway, #702 20120809_1182

October's Canvas (1510_8675)

Vanishing of Old West (1505_4569)

Vanishing Old West #1505_4594

"Shaman of the Grasslands" Montana 20130722_3602

"Earth Tones" Fraser River (# 0112_0188)

"War, The Darkside" #1411_2079

Old Cathouse, Montana

St Aidan's Church

Abyss, South Dakota

El Santuario de Chimayo, New Mexico

Moose Skull, Cariboo

Old West #1505_4582

Pirates 2014_05_06_7399

Luminous Landscapes, Cariboo (0412_1267)

Vanishing Old West 20120810_1231

100 Mile Ranch, B.C.

One Is The Loneliest Number #1506_7222

Baker, Montana

Crab Traps, Oregon,

The Car 1409_MG_0717

After The Gold Rush 0912_1152

Nlak'pamux Church, British Columbia

After There Gold Rush 0912_1152_bw

Bronco Rider

In Winter's Silence

Touch of Black

Jack Gawthorn Memorial Dog Sled Race

Moonshine Runner 1506_7221

Bear Up 1506_7729

Iron Horse 2014_06_07_9999

Celebration 20130705_2436

Bohemian 1406_MG_0586

Places I Know 1602_9682

Vines of Redwood Forest 2014_05_11_8122

Twilight Zone 2014_05_02_6888

Messin' Around 1603_9711

Illusion 1603_9908

Forest's Path 1604_9994FF

Cariboo's Barn Door at Timothy Road

After The Rain, Ranchette's Barns

Kootenai River 1505_3749

Green Lake's Harmony, Cariboo

Saskatchewan Bound 160531_0710

Old Fishing Boat, Newfoundland

Where Land Meets The Sea, Newfoundland

Dory Shop

Lobster Pots, Newfoundland

Bents Elevator, Saskatchewan

Resurrection (_Img0278)

Dry Dock, New Brunswick 20160616_Img1563

Forbidden Path 20150625-Img1946

Distant Shore 20160629_Ig2198

Jennifer Tyler #11744, Newfoundland

Hidden Gem, Labrador

Flowers Cove Island, Newfoundland

Cariboo's Fall Season, N Horse Lk Rd. 161017-0649

Fishing Stage, Nova Scotia 20160714_Img3358

Discarded, Nova Scotia 20160714_Img3359

Boxes and Rope, Nova Scotia 20160715_Img3365

Unlatched (161026-0723)

Beyond Repair, White Cape Newfoundland

Flowers Island, Newfoundland 20160702-Img2483


Organs Island, Red Bay, Labrador

A Moment In Time, Labrador 20160710-Img3018

Arrangement of Shapes and Light (20170717_Img3635)

In Nature's Pause (20160717_Img3682)

Cape of St. Mary's, Nova Scotia 20160717-Img3719

Windows of Port Royal, Nova Scotia (20160720-Img3915)

Miner's Shack, Michigan

Windmill 20160806-Img4357

Manitoba Lake, Canada

There Is A House (20160817-Img4586)

Duval, Saskatchewan (20160818-Img4624)

Before The Storm, Tate, Saskatchewan

Tate's Intimate Revelation (20160819-Img4682)

Lost Path, Mozart, Saskatchewan

Mr. Big 20160820-Img4800

Life And Death On Farm (20160821-Img4941)

Remain of Roundhouse, Big Valley, Alberta

On The Prairie 20160823-Img5051

Yellows and Browns of Cariboo 161017-0668

Fenced Off, Cariboo 161017-0679

Horse of Cariboo ( 161023-0682)

Fleeting Moments, Cariboo (161120-0897)

Old & Used (160509-0025)

Soul Searching, Cariboo (161112-0797)

Rabbit's Path (1504_4083)

The Untutored Lines, Cariboo 161026-0744

Special Moments In Time, Fraser River 161228-0993

Special Moments In Time, Fraser River 161228-0931

Black and White Charm ( 161228-0936)

Homesteading, Fraser River (161228-1062)

Land's Revelation, Cariboo (161228-1065)

Echo Park, Colorado (1506_7031)

Monument Valley (1505_5544)

Aspen, Cariboo

Off Balance (20160614-Img1237)

Amiss (20160629-Img2198)

Winter's Grass (170116-1121)

It Happened Here, Too (170122-1172)

In Winter's Harmony (170122-1195)

Destination Williams Lake, British Columbia

Deserted and Desecrated

Rainbow's Alley, Cariboo 20160830-Img5344

Primordial, Cariboo 20160912-Img5400

Cariboo's Snow Storm (1210_0543)

Forgotten Memories, Cariboo

Cariboo's High

Sky Rider, Cariboo

Bunkhouse Blues, Cariboo

Inner Conviction

Conviction of Senses

Letting Go


From the Golden years

Red Barn

Lac la Hache, Cariboo

Finding Your Path

Going Nuts

Newfoundland's Reflections

With Grace

In Solitude

Painted Hills, Hat Creek

Flying U Ranch, Cariboo

Aftermath, Elephant Hill Fire, Cariboo

Elephant Hill Fire,, Pressy Lake

Stillness of October, Cariboo

Fire and Smoke, Cariboo 2017

Dream Within A Dream

Dream Within A Lost Dream

Perpetual Recollection


Had Better Days

Adornment to the World

Aftermath of Mountain Pine Beetle, Cariboo

Unfinished Melody

Conquest, Cariboo


Canadian Shield, Ontario

Native Shore, Crystal lake

Echo In Time, Sheridan Lake

Silent Walls, Cariboo

Into The Woods

A Bony Heap, Cariboo

Canadian Prairie's Back Roads

Not Asleep, Canadian Prairie

Sit and See, Canadian Prairie

Unquenchable Thirst, Canadian Prairie

7 to 4

Stagnant Idleness

Algoma Steel, 1908

Choosing My Ground, Lake Ontario

The Other Side

Ontario's Unknown Paths

Simple Things, Canadian Prairie


Mortal Lair

St. John's United Church, Newfoundland

Fields of Cache Creek, B.C.

In Silence and Solitude, Nfld.

In Silence and Solitude #3, Nfld.

Eastern Shores, Newfoundland

Flowers Cove, Newfoundland, 2016

Tidal Rocks, Newfoundland, 2016

Last Look, Newfoundland, 2016

Ageless Serenade, Newfoundland, 2016

Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland Railway

Final Farewell, 2016

Cape St. Mary's, 2016


Quincy Mine, Hancock, Michigan

Morning's Shadows, Green Lake


Glittering Moments, Cariboo, 2018

Marble Range, Cariboo, 2018

Birch Tree, 2016

Spider's Touch

Splash of Grey and Black

Black Birds, Canadian Prairie

Impressions, Canada, 2016

Lost and Forgotten, Saskatchewan

Helmcken Falls, B.C., Canada

Two Ladders

Birch Forest, Mahood Lake, B.C.

Beyond Obvious, Mud Lake, British Columbia

Forgotten Town, Saskatchewan

"Qualicum L", North Bentinck Arm, B.C.

Brush, Tallheo Cannery, B.C.

"Let Me In", Tallheo Cannery, British Columbia

"June 24th", Tallheo Cannery, B.C.

Fishing Nets, Tallheo Cannery, Bella Coola

Quiet Please

"The Vancouver Safe", Tallheo Cannery, B.C.

On Tallheo's Boardwalk, British Columbia

Kerosene Can

Beached, North Bentinck Arm, British Columbia

Tanks, Bella Coola, B.C.

Four Jars

Timber Piling, Bella Coola, British Columbia

Tallheo Cannery Windows, B.C.

Fishing nets, Bella Coola, B.C.

Shadow Patterns and Shapes

When Sea No Longer Called

Delicate Imbalance, Bella Coola, B.C.



Time Has A Way of Changing

Machine Shop, Tallheo Cannery, B.C.

Shapes and Shadows

Net Loft, Tallheo Cannery, B.C.

Net Loft #221, Tallheo Cannery, B.C.

Net Loft #233, Tallheo Cannery, B.C.

Sentinels To the Past, Bella Coola, B.C.

Their Waiting Hour, Bella Coola, B.C.

Gill Nets, Tallheo Cannery, B.C. (2018)

Wooden block With Gill Nets

Fishing Nets, Bella Coola Tallheo Fish Cannery

Windows, Tallheo Fish Cannery, 2018

Restless Shore, B.C., 2018

West Coast's Land's Tenants, B.C.

Bunkhouse Blues, Bella Coola Tallheo fish cannery

Two Nail Junction


Rope With Pulley, Bella Coola Tallheo fish cannery

Backward Look, Tallheo Cannery

Last Days Reflections, Tallheo Cannery

Toiling To The Last

World of Illusion, Tallheo Cannery

Fire Bucket, Tallheo Cannery, 2018

North Bentinck Arm, British Columbia

Delusive Spell, Bella Coola

Adieu For Evermore

Daily Ritual

Emanations of Light and Shadow

Barn Door

Traversing Thru Labyrinth

Tug Boat, British Columbia

Gate, Cariboo, 2018

Forgotten Bucket

On The Waterfront

The Watcher

High Bar, Fraser River, 2018

Boat Propellers

Boom and Bust

River's Cottonwoods, 2018

Transformed Landscape

Forest's Edge, Cariboo

Prairie's Little White Church

Crazy Horse, Black Hills of South Dakota


Oregon's Coast

In An Ancient Solitude

Delicate Imbalance


Arlee Celebration

Arlee Celebration, Montana

Arlee Celebration, Montana

Arlee Celebration, Montana

Arlee Celebration, Montana

Arlee Celebration, Montana

Arlee Celebration, Montana

Arlee Celebration, Montana

In Arlee's Reverie

Judgement Day

All Alone, Cariboo

Sugar Cane Cemetery, B.C.

Countless Ripples, Cariboo

Canadian Prairie, 2016

North of Cypress Hills, Alberta, 2016

Cadillac, Saskatchewan, 2016

Procor, Saskatchewan, 2016

Refinery Bound, Saskatchewan, 2016

In Silence and Desolation, Canadian Prairie

To Rust Unburnished, Canadian Prairie, 2016

Napinka, Manitoba, 2016

Cold War Relics, Canada

Atlantic Canada, 2016

Quebec's Coastline, Canada, 2016

Nature's Disorder


Faded Path

Nevada City

Bannack Ghost Town, Montana

There Is A House, Bannack

Horn's Fields, Cariboo

Hillside Trails, Cariboo

Breath of Cariboo, British Columbia


It Don't Come Easy, Cariboo

Green Lake, Cariboo, B.C.

Aspen Meadows, Cariboo

The Castle

Okor, Castle Ruins

Stairs of Okor, Bohemia

Walls of Okor Castle, Bohemia

Onward On My Bohemian Pilgrimage

In The Shadows of Abandoned Chateau

Post Communist Era, Bohemia

Time Tarnished, Bohemia

Hazmburk Castle, Bohemia

Cobblestone Path, Libochovice

Libochovice Chateau, Bohemia

Cheap Furniture, Doksanech

Chateau's Door, Bohemia

Legs, Bohemia

Shadowed Places by Appointment

Bohemia, 2019

Loket Castle, Bohemia

Mecholupy, Bohemia

Church Stairs, Psov

Church Window, Psov

The Estate, Psov, 2019

Oak Forest, Bohemia

Lickov Chateau, Bohemia

Crumbling Walls, Lickov Chateau

#27 Old House, Bohemia

Hops, Bohemia

WWII Bunker, Bohemia

Bunker's Gun Ports from WWII, Bohemia

Old City Walls, Kadan, Bohemia

Barbakan Zatecke Gate, Kadan, Bohemia

Hadi Zajeti by Herbert Kisza, Kadan

Still Here Tomorrow

Ceiling Detail

Kafka's Castle Dream

Hasestejn Castle Ruins, Bohemia

Schloss Schletau, Germany

Perla Castrum, Schwarzenberg, Germany


Once Upon A Time, Kovarska (2019)

Time Passages, Kovarska (2019)

Promises They Gave

Communist Era, Bohemia

Grabstejn Castle Passageway, Bohemia

Abandoned Chateau, Poland

Abandoned Train Station, Lesna, Poland 2019

Four Windows

Chateau Nove Mesto, Bohemia

Courtyard, Chateau Nove Mesto

Roof Tops, Bohemia

Chateau's Door Knocker

Arches of Opocno Chateau, Bohemia

The Coach, Bohemia


Fire Buckets and Hose, Bohemia (2019)

Fire Bell, Bohemia

Jindrichuv Hradec, Bohemia (2019)

On Ancient Path, Heidenreichstein, Austria

Chained to Time, Heidenreichstein

Castle Door, Heidenreichstein

Honda, Bohemia

Cesky Krumlov, Bohemia

Wayworn Wonderer, Bohemia

Calm and Silent Night

Sacred Sanctuary

Time and Place, Poppy Field

Chateau's Crumbling Walls, Votice, Bohemia (2019)

Unweaving Dreams, Jemniste Chateau

Age of Nobleness, Zvikov Castle

Chateau Breznice, Bohemia

Remembering, Kutna Hora, Bohemia

St. Boniface, Bohemia

Generations, This Old House

Kolin, Bohemia

St. Bartholomeus, Kolin

Castle Ruins, Lichnice, Bohemia (2019)

Castle's Guardian

Once The Music Played, Kacina Chateau, 2019

Ledec Nad Sazavou, Bohemia (2019)

Chilling Out, Sazava Monastery

Place of Rest, Bohemia

Palouse Falls State Park, Washington

Against All Odds, Dog Creek, B.C., 2010

Under New Management, Dog Creek, B.C., 2010

Time Subdued, Neilson Lake, B.C., 2010

Timothy lake Road, Cariboo, 2010

Beehive Burner, 100 Mile House, B.C., (2008)

Elevator, LaCrosse, Washington (2014)

Grain Silo, LaCrosse, Washington (2014)

Birch Forest

Cariboo, B.C., (2016)

Sled Dog, 100 Mile House, B.C., (2016)

In Flight, Immature Bald Eagle, Cariboo (2017)

Broken Land, Broken Promises, Utah (2015)

Buttes and Canyons, Utah (2015)

Goblin Valley, Utah (2015)

Cottonwoods and Sage-brush (2015

Matchless Embrace

Don't Forget About Me

Don't Forget About Me #2

Don't Forget About Me #3

Don't Forget About Me #4

Don't Forget About Me #5

Don't Forget About Me #7

Don't Forget About Me #8

Don't Forget About Me #9

Don't Forget About Me #10

Don't Forget About Me #11

Dragon's Keep

Great Grey, Cariboo, B.C.

Propellers, West Coast, B.C.


Corona, 2020?

Tribute to Roger Waters

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Land of No Return

Mona Lisa

Deal and Wheel 2020


Marilyn Monroe

Johnny Depp, Tonto


Fish On


Red Skelton

Medicine Crow

Pablo Picasso

Beacon of Hope

Prairie's Ford


Twist of Faith

North Bound

Vanishing America

Fallen Idol


The Directive


New Dawn

Red Riding Hood

Clock Man, N.Y.

Canadian Social Distancing

Strength and Freedom of America

Anthropocene Extinction

On The Bright Side Of Life

New King

Pre-election Stimulus

And The Band Played On...

Keeping Memories Alive


In Search of Cure

American Gothic 2020

Dialing Down Too Soon

Degradation of Congress and of American Law

Open For Business

0ps!..I Did It Again

Saga of Grump

End of the Line

2020 Crapshoot

I See The Light At End Of The Tunnel

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Self Proclaimed Genius

Little Richard, RIP

When Pigs Fly

Post Pandemic

The Piper


Beam Us Up

In The Twilight Zone_'Tale of Tomorrow"

Help Wanted

On The Road Again

In The Land Of Big Discontent

At The Cross Road

Capt. Jennifer Casey

Space Force

Final Phase_Total Tranformation

Hanging On

In Turmoil

"Last Temptation" Photo Opp., June 1, 2020

Stay Puft


Power Struggle

Black Lives Matter

Gate Keeper

Seeds of the Past

Seeds of the Past_Prague 1968

Boheme Run

Buffalo Hunt

Rain In The City

Gone Fishing

"Miss You"

Orloj Clock, Prague

Marlboro Man

Tribute to Rene Gruau

La Vie Parisienne

21st Century_Uncle Sam

21st Century_Invisible Man


Leather and Lace


Fairy Tales

Wild Horses

Suicide Silence

Andre Breton Analysis

Eiffel Tower

I'm #1

New Sheriff In Town

Horror Movies Of The 50's

Veritas, Probitas, Iustitia

Spiraling Out Of Control

Gun Industry Lobbyist Delivers

On Collision Course

Tea Time

Wall of Sadness

Priority, Tapping Into Hate

On Chivalry Path

Roulette Ride

Tic Tak Toe

Tribute to Raquel Welch

No Bull, Wear A Mask

Plaza de Toros Monumental

Canadian Prairie Destination

Easter Island

Cherry Blossom


Spiral 2020

Outer Space


It Is, What It Is

Grim Reaper

Universal Language

Space, Final Frontier

Ancient Aliens

Revelation, New Dimensions

Mocking Man

Swan Lake


#1 Pandemic Spreader



Draining The Swamp

World Domination


Judgment Day

Moulin Rouge

Monty Python in Dali's World

Black Cat

Our Time?

2020 Vice Presidential Debate

Red Poppy Girl

Make My Day

In Search Of Cure


Mask Protest 2020

Death, Open 24 Hours

Canadian Explorers

Prosecution Rests

Only One Earth


Got My Orange Crush

Halloween, Hanged

Digital Age

Power At Whatever Cost

Power Play

in Face Of Fear

Putting A Smile On

No Man's Land

Eviction Notice

Knocking On Heaven's Door

Land of Confusion

I Am A Ghost In A Ghost Town


Undercutting American Democracy

Rental Agreement

Enjoy Every Moment


To Be Or Not To Be

Empty Plate

Quirks and Quarks

Broken Promises

Unmasking Identity

Smell the Flowers

Lady Summer

Fashion Trend

Merry Christmas

Global Warming

If You Believe

Reflection, Getting Older


Year 2020

The Beginning

Lost Childhood

Is This A Fantasy


Five To Midnight

"Out of Order"

After Capitol Riot

Cat's Meow

See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Fishermen's Moon

Enchanted Forest

Bad Dream

Santa's Christmas Laundry

In Material World

Medieval Times

Ready to Play


Time Flies



Dragon's Lair

Corporate Climb

Pipeline Dream

West Coast, Winter

Wormhole Traveler

Dream Weaver

In The World of Fairy Tales

Hustle Is The Name Of The Game

Light Me Up


Still Having Fun

Happy Valentine's Day

We Will Rock You

Mona Lisa

Wonder of the World

Working On A Mystery

Fallen Angel

Mary Poppins, Returns

Self Isolation

Hungry Heart

Night Moves

Broadway Is My Beat

Birchman, Awakening


Distant Shores

Digital Handler

Take Me To The Other Side

Play For Keeps

Riding The Clouds



In The Land Of Two Lords

Night's Chill

Majstro At Play


Lost Innocence

Lost Frontier


Prairie's Call

Crop Circle Myth

Prairie's Scout

Aliens Way Station

Driven, New Frontier

Do You Hear The Wind Blow

Bustin' Out

Sherlock, In Search of Visual Imagery

Fish Tails

Breaking The Wall

Living On The Edge

Impish Grin

No Turning Back

Smiley And The Plumber

Death Awaits

New Tenants

Journey Begins

Dimensions, Passage

Fuelled, Short Fuse


Oriental Express, Dream On

You're Special


Chateau's Women

Fly Thru