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JOHN CROSLEY, PHOTOGRAPHER Aug. 22, 2017. Hi, I'm in the US. My doctor has spent nearly five months to get medical records essential to schedule me for knee replacement surgery, and then scheduled me for that surgery in August.Then that doctor's promised to 'move it up to first cancellatoin. He has cancellations every couple of weeks historically according to his staff. So, I am on standby waiting right knee replacement surgery and sidelined while I wait. I'm chomping at the bit. I was ready for surgery in Dec., and somehow it has slipped because the doctor could not get one bit of essential info from my medical records for what seemed endless months. I got the same medical records in 15 minutes,from request to hard copy that was available Dec. 3 last year, and am baffled why it could not be obtained by my surgeon's office.. As soon as I get the promised knee surgery and after about six weeks recovery, I should be walking streets doing what I love best, trying for my second two million captures. I have not been able to shoot since minal shooting util last fall, except through windows from transport, but my shooting is 'top notch' and the best of my life. You may be among viewers who have viewed or clicked now just under 200 million times on my images without charge. I've decided to sell, now through, which shows just under 70 images there for sale, as limited edition signed and numbered originals or for a much smaller price, original prints not not numbered or signed. I'm surprised at the tremendous response I've received on that gallery site. My work there is found by limiting the search to categoies ' documentary',' fine art', 'street', 'portrait,' 'realism' or 'photorealism ' also 'landscape' for my highest viewed image. Then choose subcategory 'people' to see the majority of my 'street' work, and choose price range filter -- 1000 to 2000 -- to find lots of my very best work, Many of my best images are featured on quite prominently under those categories. If you visit the gallery, it helps my on-line gallery image placement to potential buyers when an image is 'liked' or 'favorited' by viewers. You have NO obligation to visit or to 'favorite' a photo there, and please do not 'favorite' any image just to 'help' me. But if you have a true favorite, it helps if you record that by clicking 'favorite' on the image. Hover over the image to see the link' When I've recovered from right knee replacement surgery, I'll try to head back to Ukraine and possibly in winter, Thailand. A fully loaded and extremely heavy airline serving cart several hundred pounds', I'm told was shoved out of control by a flight attendant on a flight from Kyiv through Ams to Seattle. It struck my right knee full on, and on arrival in Seattle Dec. 4 2016, I went to hospital by ambulance and haven't walked correctly since. I've been bed found for nearly half a year as I await surgery. With 15,000+ 'Crosley photos' posted on the net, 2,200+ just on, I hope you've enjoyed them so far. When I get a promised operation, maybe I can take new ones that surpass those posted I desperately want to resume taking street photographs. Thanks for your support and good wishes john John C rosley--update 5-18-2018 You may judge me by the photos I take, and the 16,000 oops now 19,000+ comments under my photos. There are back stories under many of them. Look, and you will see President Richard Nixon, arms outstretched, reaching around me, Pat, his wife, gloved hands touchingly holding her husband's waist in a crowd in San Francisco, all surrounded by a throng and ever present Secret Service.pp See a soldier with gas mask and fixed bayonet stare menacingly at University of California Berkeley students assembled peaceably, some with balloons on strings, most seated, none appearing to harbor any threat. See the peaceful demonstrators even through the soldier's gas mask eyepiece as he holds a bayonetted combat rifle. Photos are not curated more in this club of 800,000 registered members -- it's just for fun. I shoot in many genres. 'Street' is my first love. Tens of millions of eyeballs and clicks and now 19,000+ comments many from me in reply or explanation and with back stories and street shooting tips attest to this portfolio's popularity. Welcome ENJOY john Crosleyppp BLACK AND WHITE: THEN AND NOWpp HR width"801" color"black" size"2" size"70" noshade A HREF""target"_blank" IMG SRC" -sm.jpg" border"0" width"220" height"164" IMG SRC" -sm.jpg" border"0" width"220" height"164" IMG SRC" -sm.jpg" border"0" width"220" height"164" IMG SRC" -sm.jpg" border"0" width"220" height"164" IMG SRC" -sm.jpg" border"0" width"220" height"164" IMG SRC" -sm.jpg" border"0" width"220" height"164" IMG SRC" -sm.jpg" border"0" width"220" height"164" IMG SRC" -sm.jpg" border"0" width"220" height"164" IMG SRC" -sm.jpg" border"0" width"220" height"160" IMG SRC" -sm.jpg" border"0" width"220" height"160" IMG SRC" -sm.jpg" border"0" width"220" height"164" /A pp HR width"801" color"black" size"2" size"70" noshade COLOR THEN TO NOW A HREF"http://www.photonet.photodbmember-photos includealluser_id888636"target"_blank"pp IMG SRC"" border"0" width"219" height"155" IMG SRC"" border"0" width"219" height"159" IMG SRC"" border"0" width"231" height"213" IMG SRC"" border"0" width"143" height"199" IMG SRC"" border"0" width"135" height"199" IMG SRC"" border"0" width"205" height"180" IMG SRC"" border"0" width"210" height"190" IMG SRC"" border"0" width"220" height"160" IMG SRC"" border"0" width"220" height"164" IMG SRC"" border"0" width"220" height"164" /A HR width"801" color"black" size"2" size"70" noshade /

Country: US


A Travelin' Man (Secondary Folder)


Fun Foolin' Around -- Nothing Serious Contained Herein

Dasha -- Age 18


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Six Hours in Nevada -- Tribute to the Lost Children

Day and Evening in San Francisco -- A One-Day Exercise


I Do Landscapes, Too

Fine Art -- Industrial and Other

Worth Sharing

Beautiful Women of Ukraine

Twelve Minutes at the Hot Dog Stand (The Three Daughters)


Some Shore Birds and More Birds

Faces in Time


The Best of the Best II

"A Small Moment in History With 'Tricky Dick'"

'From My First Roll of Film (Ever)'



Pretty Darn New

Color -- Then and Now

Black and White: Then to Now


'A Second Chance'

'Something Different'

Fine Art - Rita - Nude

'Fast Food Teens: Sharing a Table for a Few Minutes'

The Eiffel Tower: Six Views, One Window, Two Days

The Blind Date: A Photo Story

New -- Color & B&W


'Balloon Man' -- My First Post Here (Photo, 1969)

Shack and Tree, Ansel Adams/Edward, Brett, and Cole Weston Country, Pt. Lobos, CA

The Commercial (Reklamen)

Do Men Look Like Their Pets?

Inventor of Lear Jet and 8-Track Cartridge

Nob Hill, San Francisco

Jesus Cares!

Lent with Mother, Child and Priest

Man on Pier

Passerby, Woolworth Building, San Francisco

Figure Photography Class, Wetzlar, Germany

Shopping Frenzy!

Rooftops, Columbia University, NYC

Art Gallery Studies, University of Oregon

Study in threes (Train wreck)

El Cora Zon Barrio (Assassination of Robert Kennedy Reflected in the Barrio)

'Tijuana River Poverty'

The Art Gallery

Jumping and Geometry

Staten Island Ferry

Double Murder Escapee Returns to Prison After Nearly 50 Years of Freedom

Dick and Pat Nixon, Intimacy in the Crowd, Powell Street, San Francisco (Emphasis on Faces and...

Library Steps, San Francisco (Overhead View)

Pipes (irrigation) Pajaro Valley

Cala lilies, front porch

Maria and Iceplant flowers, Pajaro Valley

Succulent, my garden

Jetty Fishing, Moss Landing, CA

Off for a Drink

Poultry dinner, hanging in three, Temple Street, Hong Kong

Street Chef, Temple Street, Hong Kong, Clay Pot Cooking

Street vendor, Temple Street Night Market, Kowloon, Hong Kong, S.A.R., China

Kisses, Frankfurt

Self Portrait

German Brown Bread

Workers and Hands

Warehouse and smokestacks

Man and Dogs

Gas Bottles and Boat

Boat Hull and Brace

Duck Dinner


Wharf Laughter!

A Mote Moment

Boat Works

Boatyard wrenches

Boatyard Paints

Portrait of McDonald's Customer (Best View Large)

Daffodil Before Dawn

Wife Killer -- Author (Focus on Embers)

Eyes in Next Booth

Boatwright Surveying Work


Fleur Oiseau de Paradis (Bird of Paradise Flower)

Composition at 70 Miles Per Hour

Post and Oak Tree

Tulip Sexuality

Wood Chisels, Thailand

Mother and Daughter (Brain cancer victim on holiday)

Dogs Tired!

Bum or Artist? You Decide

Working Hands

Artists In Residence

My Top Model!

They Call Him "Red"

Warehouse and smokestacks (foggy)

Road Kill! (Caution! May Be Unsettling)

Nascent Bud

Rest Stop Dignity

Threes (Winter Wheat--Yakima)

Umpqua River Bridges, Oregon (View Large)

Watch Those Lines! Steelheading the Kalama. (VIEW LARGE FOR EXPRESSIONS!!)

Rudeness with panache?

A Beautiful Windowsill -- German Style

Begging Before God Nike

That's VERY UnGerman!

Sidewalk Slalom -- Wipeout!

Parisian merchant and mannequin

Beauty In a Smile -- Ukraine

That Felt Good! Let's Say Goodbye Again!

Boat Owner

Hohner in Hamburg

Rest at Roissy (Charles de Gaulle Airport)

Ukrainian Day Military Marchers

An Unnerving Presence . . .

A Bite and a Smoke -- New French Style

Ghostly Beauty!

Sierra Waterfall After Sunset

Hungarian Woman, Native Costume

Hard Day's Night!

Boatyard Clamps

View from the Windowsill

Three Flowers: One Just Wouldn't Cooperate


Homage to Youth

Should We Look Up To This Man?

Gemutlichkeit -- The Joy of Living!

Passing Through the Train Station

Movie and Moviegoers -- Paris (Harry Potter)

This Cross Has "Magical Healing Powers"

Fresh Boat Paint and Boat Fender

The Time for Wurst!

Rural Front Yard, Oregon

Uncontrollable Laughter before Class -- Muenchen (Munich) (Notice cross-racial/cross-ethnic grouping)


Time On Her Hands!

16,000 Tons, Another Day Older and Deeper in Debt (Locomotive in Budapest)

Fishermen, Moss Landing

Thespians Taking a Bow!

Roll-away Disabled

Full Sail For a Small Craft

Mailboxes -- Ocean Kayak

Waiting Amid the Dress Racks (Are We Ready Yet Mom?)

Paris, St. (Saint) Germain District Street Scene

ICE (Inter-City Express--Germany's High Speed Trains, but with Luxury)

Wipe That Smile Off Your Face! (Secondary School Military Marcher)

Hungarian Dutch

Cycling off to Kinder Garten

Ukrainian Street Scene (L'Vov)

I Baked It Myself!

Umbrella of Hamburg

Hohner and Hand

No Checks! No Minors! Don't Make Trouble!

A Jaguar On The Street! Look Out!

A Little "Stiff" (Pose and Poser)

Thrift Shop (Please View Large -- Locate Shop Owner in Back)

1232 Club "Good Italian Dinners"

Anti-War Then (Fixed Bayonet)

Down and Out at 3:00 A.M. (Zim's)

Streets of San Francisco (Like You Never Saw On TV)

Contrasts (and Composition)

Sidewalk Supervisors I (I Love Work: I Can Watch It All Day)

Searching For Lost Beauty (Coiffure d'Alberto)

Car Ferry, Lower Manhattan

Diamond Stud --

One Summer Day

Sultriness of East Africa (Fry's Electronics) --

One Summer Day

Hair Beads and Hands- --

One Summer Day

Gentlewoman Farmer --

One Summer Day

Hanging Out and Proud of It! --

One Summer Day

Tumble! --

One Summer Day

Glow of Russian Beauty! --

One Summer Day

Marking Scent in Urban Setting --

One Summer Day

Electrical Boxes (Askew) --

One Summer Day

Purple Squash --

One Summer Day

Here's the Carrot! --

One Summer Day

Nonagenarian I --

One Summer Day

The Butter Drips, But Who Cares? --

One Summer Day

My Cookie Treat (Butterstars at Gayle's) --

One Summer Day

Burger Queen --

One Summer Day

Plums! Picked That Morning! --

One Summer Day

Peppers I --

One Summer Day

Peppers II --

One Summer Day

'You Can't Put a Caption Under THAT Photo,' She Said. No caption. --

One Summer Day

Yellow Squash --

One Summer Day

Plucking! --

One Summer Day

Carrots (Enough for Bugs and All His Friends) --

One Summer Day

Lupita & Bert --

One Summer Day

Nonagenarian II --

One Summer Day

Ymmmmm! --

One Summer Day

Boat Owner and Rescued Hull --

One Summer Day

Nursing Mother and Family, Northern Thailand Tribeswoman

Street Contrasts of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine City of over 1 million

Dinner Companion avec Champagnsky

Sunrise Over the River Dnieper

Before and After: A Week in Hawaii

Japanese Money is Back in Honolulu!

Surf City! Longboards Reign!

Drugstore Cowboy

Beach Portrait (Action in Static Pose) (One of Series)

Beach Portrait (Action in Static Pose) (Two in Series)

Beach Portrait (Action in Static Pose) (Three in Series)

Beach Alley

Bent neck; Snap Straight; Swoosh of Head Into Water; Water Drops in the Air; and a Fish to Swallow!

Fresh Paint! Do Not Touch!

"Sports Machine" . . . Literally

Tim the Fisherman Takes a Break

RIP! (Emblematic of the Independent Fishermen?)

Nice Kitty!

Bikers -- Rich and Poor

Universal Style of Youth -- A Pretty Woman's Style in Ukraine

A Soviet-Style Hotel in Ukraine

Ilya -- Bundle of Energy!

You Say Potato, I Say Potahtow, You say Tomato, I Say Tomahtow.

Ba' bush ka (means grandmother in Russian, or simply old woman)

Circles and Arrows (Pointed Shoes and Circular Fruit and Bags)

Woman in the Window

She Forgot Her Umbrella!

Cool Has No Borders!

Tripping in the Rain

A Metaphor, Not Just a Song Title?

Culture Clash -- Parisian Style

Dnieper Estuary

Portrait and Pattern


Rain by the Bucketsful!

Alms On Church Steps -- Munich

Picking Up the Pieces - Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King - Harlem

Olya, Budding supermodel

Jean and His Newly-Refinished Doors, Paris


Brooding (Brando; Cascade Skies)

Bayou on the Range

Shoiley: Daughter of the Holocaust

Impressionist Elk at Play

Hmong Child

Bite the Bird!

The President's Coming! (Study in Pairs)

Da Dee! (Shriek!)

Glasses -- The Dream and the Reality

Sweat Shop Girl

A Close Shave --

24 Hours In Fall

Senorita y Nina --

24 Hours In Fall

Throwing Dough (high) --

24 Hours In Fall

Balls! --

24 Hours In Fall

The Majestic? That Was a Movie. Yawn. --

24 Hours In Fall

Spinmeister! --

24 Hours In Fall

Vamping in Santa Cruz --

24 Hours In Fall

Period Peepers --

24 Hours in Fall

Mercury Eight! All Chrome! --

24 Hours In Fall

Fire Truck No. 1 --

24 Hours In Fall

That Kid Always Gets Between Us! --

24 Hours In Fall

A Story Told, If You Know It --

24 Hours In Fall

Tuckered and Spreadeagled --

24 Hours In Fall

Air Show Pilot Guzman; A Hispanic in Salinas --

24 Hours In Fall

Blue Angels Takeoff --

24 Hours In Fall

Spirals --

24 Hours In Fall

Publicity for the Warthogs --

24 Hours In Fall

Spectating --

24 Hours In Fall

Three Million Dollars of Training --

24 Hours In Fall

Watch Their Eyes! --

24 Hours In Fall

SNAP! -- 24 Hours In Fall

'Do You Want My Name and Address?' --

24 Hours In Fall

The Wooden Nickel --

24 Hours In Fall

'You're Not From Workers' Comp. Are You?' --

24 Hours In Fall

Photo Critics --

24 Hours In Fall

"Call Me 'Skull'" --

24 Hours In Fall

Refractions --

24 Hours In Fall

Mannequin, Vienna Airport

The Fool!

The 'Eye' of Anna

Graffiti Grandma

The 'Lips' of Anna


"Hi" from Anna!, Odessa

'Cape Perpetua, Oregon'

My Lens Is Bigger Than Your Lens (Note Paper Bag Lens Hood)

Notes and Bars

Airport Erotica

Rooftops, Odessa

Flyby (Blue Angels)

Drug (Pronounced 'Droog') (Friends in Ukrainian/Russian)

Nicotine Infusion Before the Flight

Active and Passive in Odessa

"Pepsodent Twins?" -- Boy and Girlfriend in Capitola, CA.

Olena (What More Need Be Said?)

I Just Drank Your Blood!!!

My Favorite Holiday of All (For Reasons Depicted Here)

Devil's Delight (and sinful pastries) Hoffman's Bakery, Santa Cruz

Felon -- Broken Bone Record Holder -- Biker -- Nice Guy (Now)

"Buddy, Do You Have a Ticket to 'Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas?'"

Devil's Eyes on Hellcat's Bike

Morning Scene (Kiev)

"'Thai Woman' In Bangkok's Chinatown"

Walls and (dilapidated) Rooftops of Odessa, Ukraine

Olena II

Street Scene, Odessa, Ukraine

'Don't Look Back, I Think We're Being Followed!'

Weathered Buildings, Winchester Bay, Oregon

Along the Mighty Columbia

The Hairdresser Salon

'Shrooms, Pt. Lobos, CA (Tree Variety)

Drive Thru! (The Dilemma!)@-j-c-n

Nelia -- Beauty and Hard Work Combined

'Let's See, Next Were the Onions'

Mary-Kate Did What?

Sidewalk Supervisors II (I Love Work: I Can Watch It All Day)

Les Deux Amies (The Two Friends)

Nouveau 'Doggie Style' (Even Elves Do It)

Grain, Grain, Grain

Rule of Fourths (Home Depot Delivery)

The Snow Princess

Not All 'Old Salt' Fishermen are Grizzled

Product and Potential Customer (Ukraine)

Baker -- One Loaf a Day@-j-c-n

Good News Guys! (Watch the Razor Wire!)

Captain 'Tom'


Cauldron of Moisture (Recycling in Yellowstone)

'I'm So BIG!'

Petrifying Forest I (Yellowstone National Park)

Petrifying Forest II, Trees Lose Battle With Geyser Brine

Runoff and Bacterial Mat, Hot Pool to Firehole River, Yellowstone Nat'l Park

Hold The Doors!

Flyfishing the Firehole River, Yellowstone National Park

Pelican and Cormorants

. . . and STAY OUT!

When Social Security Ends . . . And the Market Falls

The Nursing Student (and her daughter)


Not Just For Fetishists

What All Guns Should Be Used For

Ukraine Rooftops

Retail . . . Ukraine Village Style

Sausage Vendor

Worker's Gloves (in situ)

Fall (and the reason for the name)

Detail, Farmhouse

Point Lobos Sunset

Grain Train

Luncheon for the Beautiful People

After Church in Capitola

Before the Curtain Rises

Main Street, Santa Cruz 1:00 a.m.

Surf Photographer

Wings Flapping (Check), Gear Up (Check) Lift Off!!!

A Mother's Love

Power Plant and Fragile Slough (Peaceful Co-existence), Moss Landing

Curves and Lines

Right of Way Rules in the Slough

Fly Through Dinner

Impressionist Grebe

Where 'Stalking' Isn't a Crime

Merry Christmas! (Beware the Eyes of December!)

'Taxi' Parisien

'Le Pissoir Est Mort' (The 'Pissoir' Is Dead') -- New Style Urinals, Train Station of the North

No Future For This Guy (Gare Du Nord - Paris)

Desirez-vous Quelque Chose A Boire? (Something to Drink?) Bartender In Paris

The Headwaiter (Train, Muenchen to Budapest)

Seatbelts? Not For Us Dogs! Woof!

My Restaurant Is Like My Home -- Paris

This Is the Answer (to a prior post)

For Balaji

Fast Food Kids

The Train Station Is Her Home

An Afternoon Repast at 140 Km Per Hour (84 mph)

Curious Kids

Fruit Vendor, Lvov, Ukraine

Streets of Dnepropetrovsk (Dne pro pe trovsk) Ukraine

Empty Cupboard/Full Cupboard

Blumen (Flowers)

Thespians Before the Act (Munich's Main Shopping Street)

Frankfurt Doorway

Hit the Ground Running

In the Great Depression Men Sold Apples On the Street; In Ukraine They Still Do

Ticket to Lvov (Ukraine)

Train Departure Gates (Budapest)

The Eye of the "Tina Louise"

Hot Pool and Pedestrians

Summer Storm, Grand Tetons

Life: Movies vs. Reality -- 'Funny and Charming'@-j-c-n

The Abbey (Rule of Threes)

Surveying the Sewer Backup

Digging Out the Sewer --

Rainy Winter Afternoon and Evening

Four Inches of Rain, Really? Just Pushing Those Pedals --

Rainy Winter Afternoon and Evening

'Rule of Threes' Windows and Door in Watsonville (in the driving rain) --

Rainy Winter Afternoon and Evening

The Old Boatyard --

Rainy Winter Afternoon and Evening

Boathouse, 100-Year-Old House and Marsh --

Rainy Winter Afternoon and Evening

Marsh and 100-Year-Old House --

Rainy Winter Afternoon and Evening

The Boss Assesses the Situation

Rainy Winter Afternoon and Evening

Drainage Is Discussed In Historical Perspective --

Rainy Winter Afternoon and Evening

Pondering The Future (Of Drainage and Larger Things) --

Rainy Winter Afternoon and Evening

Foul Weather Friends --

Rainy Winter Afternoon and Evening

Boat Brace and Sculpted Steel Hull

Who Left This Bowling Ball in the Derelict Boat in the Front Yard? -- Rainy Winter Afternoon and Evening

Making His 'Move'

The Ice Cream Smile (Waiting Impatiently for Adulthood)

The 'Hook'

Roberto, the Guy at the Gas Station

Ira, first studio lights, first pro model, test shoot, hour one

The Fire: Directing Water Spray by Remote Control

Strawberry Fields (and Plastics) Forever

'Incognito' (Fresh Daily)

'Guitar For Dummies'

Streets of Santa Cruz

Streets of San Francisco -- Cable Car and Buena Vista Cafe@

'I KNOW You Can Hear My Thoughts'

The Kiss

The Skateboarder (A Beggar in Thailand)

Duty Free Shopper (Study in Contrasts)

Three States of Awareness

Motorcycle Driver For Hire (Traffic Jams Disappear If You Don't Value Life Much)

Street Vendor -- and Polygon

Two Workers -- One with Jackhammer

Smiles (Bet You Can't Not, Yourself)

The Painting Copyist (Study In Threes) (Please View Large To See Third Portrait)

The Tattoo Parlor -- (Please View Large)

Billboard and Man (Color Ed.)

'I Can Fly!'

Smiles in Bangkok

Billboard and Man (B & W ed.)

Birds and Reflections, Elkhorn Slough, CA

Ooof! (Thai Boxing)

Potential Ukrainian Brides Meet American Suitors (It's Not What You Think!)

Saleswoman and Ware

Everything In Place/The Precise Moment

Odessa Hotel

Light at the Top of the Stairs

The Wedding Kiss (Choices . . . Choices)

Heavy Laborer With Sun Protection, Bangkok

Walking the Dogs

This Is MY Man!

'The Battleship Potemkim Massacre' to An Exuberant Daughter -- Odessa's Steps


Down and Out at 2:00 A.M. II (Zims)

Sunset Scene, Oakland

'Wheelchair Dreams'

The Wrath of Mom . . . Soon Befalls

Life: Movies V. Reality ('Funny & Charming') (B & W Version--Please View Large to Read Poster Message)

After School Is Out**+ *@-j-c-n




Swiss Banker in the Tetons


The Captain

Portrait of the Artist

Sandals and Toes

The Waiter

Entryway of Odessa

Harbor Seals, Sunning

Street Scene, Odessa's Main Shopping Street

Streets of Odessa

I Spy!

The Red Room

'For Weak Women'

How To Get Coffee in Denny's

Evening Wear, Santa Cruz Style

Studs -- Tongue Style

My Waitress

Before the Kiss

The Eyes Have It I

The Eyes Have It II

Cell Phone Kid

Movie Goer Awaits the Midnight Movie

Jane, Tweenager

Firehole River, Bridges to Hot Pool, Yellowstone National Park

Madison River, Montana (vicinity, West Yellowstone)

Esplanade Artist

Cylists In the Desert

Storm Surf, Pt. Lobos (Monterey County) California**

Vendor in Chualar (Salinas Valley), CA


Mating Rituals

Closing Time

The Kiss ** *@-j-c-n

The Gypsy Fortune Teller -- Her Eyes (Fore)See Everything

Civic Pride -- Civic Shame (Bag Lady)

Black Power!!!

Seaside Symmetry With Five Pedestrians (B & W)

Seaside Symmetry With Pedestrians II (Color)**

Where the Tears Fall**

The Bus Station -- Please View Large **

Sad Eyes of the Street Vendor**+

Refreshing Pause on the Street

The Barber Shop II

Retail: The Ideal and the Reality**+

Sasha -- The Taxi Driver**

The Shop Window and Shopper**+

Journal Square**+

Mr. Hemingway meet . . . uh . . . Mr. Hemingway **

Springtime Boat Ride** *

Oil Containment Booms

Impressionist Elk at Play II

Sailboat Stern -- Detail (Compass, Tiller and Decoration)**+ *

Kitchen, German Village Style

Pink Robert

Gloaming on the River Dnieper

Nude Clock

Bikers to the Death!!!

The Bar Scene (Miss Apple Valley, First Runnerup)**

Holiday Disequilibrium

A Real Teddy Getting Ready For a Snooze

Everything in Place/The Precise Moment (B & W Ed.)

Waiting for the Midnight Movie -- Reverse Mirroring (B&W Ed.)

The Apples of His Eyes

'Lou' The Greyhound Bus Driver On Break

Retail: The Ideal and the Reality (B&W Ed.)

Crawling for Cash

Temptation in Thailand (Girls for Guys -- No Strings Attached) *@j-c-n

The Flower Vendor *

Mixed Message (I Love You?)

Bessie's Husband

Newly Renovated Rooms for Old Souls -- San Francisco Long Before Any Real Estate Boom

Fatigue -- The Universal Denominator of Travel

'Bessie' and Spouse

Guy With Gear

Pizza Peppers, Parmesan and Passerby**+

Memories Made to Order -- Twenty-Four Hours In Spring

Buddy, Got a Light?

Bessie's Husband II

Ahhh Spring . . . ! -- Twenty-Four Hours In Spring

Craning For Position**

Sunset on the Dnieper -- Twenty-Four Hours In Spring

Tijuana Poverty Trap -- Trap of Death

Last of Salmon Fishermen

Love on the Banks of the Dnieper -- Twenty-Four Hours In Spring

Riding the 'Sausage' (Hitching a Ride on a Tram) -- Twenty-four Hours in Spring

Red, Blue, White and Black**+

I Love This Place

A Portrait Beyond Blue**+

A Disco Date With Mary Jane**

The Bull Pen

Minor Composition in Relaxation -- Twenty-Four Hours In Spring

Ghosts on the Waterfront (Odessa)**

Street Jousting, With Tracery

Sightseers, San Francisco

Why Is News Always Bad?

A Kiss for Luck I -- Twenty-Four Hours In Spring

United States of Petroleum+

Study in Sidewalk Sleeping

Girly Girls on the Prowl

Expiration Is Creeping Up Behind

Time's Almost Up

'An' He Cheated On Me . . . !'

The Stopover

'Little Celeste'

Reflections; The San Francisco Skyline

The Minor Leagues**+ *

The Victrola -- Twenty-Four Hours In Spring

Cooperative Kids (for now)

Wall Art

'I LOVE My Dog'

Church and State (Is the Alarm Ringing?)

Kissing and Walking (No Gum Chewing Allowed) -- Twenty-four Hours in Spring

High Sagebrush Desert to the Comstock -- A Lacrimonious Tribute to the Lost Children

Pirate Radio Pioneer


A Face In The Crowd**

It's a Hard Life**+

Two Words: 'Lap Dancers'


Life: Movies vs. Reality (Ole)**+ *@-j-c-n

'Doobie Brothers' Drummer

J'Ai Quatre-vingt Sept Ans (I am 87 Years Old)

Strawberry Fields (and Plastics) Forever II

Compare and Contrast**+@j-c-n

Michel the Boatyard Worker

Merry Christmas: Flight's Cancelled

Transport Energie (Parisian Youth Style)

Tour d'Eiffel par Nuit (Eiffel Tower by Night)**

Paris Metro Through My Camera**+

Birds and the Belfry

Two Faces With Cracks: One Timeless and One With Time Running Out

Railways of Nevada's Times Past

Sagebrush and Lenticular Clouds: The Crest of Nevada's Virginia Mountains

North Beach, San Francisco: Enough Said?

Inna, the Cutter

The Joke (color edition)**+


Elderly Locomotive In Retirement

Clubber, San Francisco


'Heartbreaker': Seeing Eye Dogs Have Their Limits

The License Plate Guy

Rues de Paris (Streets of Paris)

Sous Chef, Chinese Restaurant, San Francisco

Mademoiselle in Paris

Pluie a Rue de Rivoli (Rain on Rivoli Street), Paris

The Drunk and the Window Dancer

Martial Artist (and I-Pod Salesman)

Guys, Feeling Uncertain About Your Sexuality?**+

Dusk For This Babushka

Ghost Railroad Curves in Nevada's Virginia Mountains


Boatyard Good Humors

The People's Patriotic Party (Line)**+

When the Wife's Not Looking (B&W ed.)

Big Sur

The Man Who Came In Through the Bushes


Parisian Interlude**@j-c-n


Just Us Girls**+ *

Hotel de Ville, Paris (Paris City Hall) winter

A Face of 'Wisdom'


Kiosk Seller, Moscow (and her alter ego)

Woman in the Window, Odessa, Ukraine **

International Day of Women

Big Sur II

Strawberry Fields (And Plastics) Forever (III)**

'Chatting' at Vesuvio, San Francisco landmark

Flower Seller On Cold Ukrainian Night**

What IS He Up To?

Are Those Flowers In His Hand?

Who's He Talking to On That Cell Phone (Mobile)?

He's Looking for Something (or Somebody)

Aha, A Blind Date! She Likes the Flowers! Success!

La Tour Eiffel (The Eiffel Tower) From One Window (View One)

La Tour Eiffel (The Eiffel Tower) From One Window (View Two)


The Passage of Time**+

La Tour Eiffel (The Eiffel Tower) From One Window (View Three)

A Glimpse and Gone

'Next Customer!' (Cleaning the Barber Chair)


'Over the Edge' (Photographing Bryce Canyon, Utah)**

Yevgenia (Second of a Series)

La Tour Eiffel (The Eiffel Tower) From One Window (View Four)

La Tour Eiffel (the Eiffel Tower) From One Window (View Five)

A Chilly Walk in the Park

Two Faces: A Georgian and a Ukrainian

Sunset, Bryce Canyon Nat'l Park, Utah

Look Girls, a Good-Looking Guy!**+ *

Hustle and Bustle

The Eye(brow)s Have It

Compare and Contrast (II)

'Color' of a Different Hue

Hollywood Abstraction

Sin City (In Las Vegas Everything's For Sale)

Bumblebee Landing on Flower (Best Viewed Large)**

The Transition

'How Many Ukrainians?' Goes a Variation on the Old Joke (Study in Threes)

Rule One: Don't Hit the Immigrants, or No One Will Cut Your Grass, Serve Your Hamburger, or Make Your Hotel Room Bed

Yevgenia (third of a series)

The Boatyard Conversation (Please View Large)

Feather River Shortline

Heroes and Children

The Finishing Touches

Tule Weed

The Delayed Arrival**

The Temptation of Eve

Watch Out for Argentina's Peso Crisis of 2001 -- It Still Packs a Wallop

Bom-Bom (and passerby)**

The Streets of Buenos Aires

Sometimes Nobody Even Notices

'Pleased to Meet You, Mr. Chaplin'

Day's End

Wisdom of the Ages

Rest Only Comes On Billboards . . . . . . . Three Pairs of Legs

Yevgenia IV

Arts Fair -- Buenos Aires (San Telmo)**+

Is That a Modern-Day Toulouse-Lautrec on the Left?**+ *

Behind Argentina's Beautiful Facade -- The Eyes of Death**+ *

Sometimes Kids Cannot Just Be Kids (The Littlest Gaucho)**+ *

Why Anti-Aging Creams Sell**+

'Honey, You'll Never Guess What I Saw Downtown Today'

California's 'Unknown' Harbor (Moss Landing -- Elkhorn Slough)

Anti-freeze Russian Style For Frozen Artist

'And I Told Her . . . '**

The Car Culture (One Man's Look at Los Angeles)

Waste and the Ecologically Fragile Shoreline


Working the Shrimper Stern**

Buenos Aires -- City of (VERY) Friendly People**+

To Honor Lenin (in Moscow) . . . A Spy Camera

A Mother's Attention**+

"'Welcome to Spain' (We think . . . )"

'First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes Baby With . . . ' Old Song **+ *

A Few Faces in the Crowd** *

Let Me See!!! (First of a Series)

Let Me See II!!! (Second In a Series)

Hey Mr. 'Death'

Through The Looking Glass**+

Manifold Depth -- More Than Meets the Eye At First Glance** *

The Three Neighbors** *

Two Cups Bring 'Satisfaction' of Different Sorts**+


Paris Metro -- Direction Montparnasse**+

Gare du Nord (North Train Station) Paris

Me Too! *


The Rearview Mirror Portrait

Three Points of View** *

Four Ways of Looking (Please View 'Large')

'No Comment'

Le Chapeau (The Hat)**

Help needed!!!

Evolution II

'TWO'CHAY (Touchee)**+

Listening In (Is the KGB dead?)

The Department Store

The Freeway Rest Stop**

The Car Culture: Sunday Morning in LA**

"'Smoking Kills?' So What, We're Homeless. . . . "

The Bronco Buster

Bull vs. Man**

The Spectator (California Rodeo-Salinas)**

Decompression Chamber For Airline Passengers

'I'm Sorry, Old Woman, -- Time to Move Over'

The Fountain (and the ghost)**+ *

Quick Intelligence Test**+

Sometimes Two Hands Just Aren't Enough

'Male Dominance Comes With a Price'**+

Days of His Youth Overhead**+

Hot Summer Dayz I

Hot Summer Dayz II

The Serious Conversation**

Did You See THAT Guy Over There?**

Something's Rotten in Barcelona!

'Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses, Yearning To Breathe Free' . . . Emma Lazarus on the U.S.**+

Rita and Alina

Morning Shadow**

'Look At Me'

Mr. Chaplin, Sir!

Uh Oh!!!!

The 'Tango' Started As a Male Dance

Respite From the Rain

Summer Idyl (With Balloons)** *

Cunningham's Rule

Mixed Emotions About the Flag?

The Triad

The Evening of 'Long Knives'

Repetition of Shape**+

Blue and White (Three Times)**+ *

Pushkin (Russia's esteemed poet) watches over 'business' in Odessa, Ukraine**+ *

OOOO KRAIY UHHH EEEEN UHHH!!!!! ( Repeat Three Times) (Ukraine - chant)

Speeding by 'Subtle Indoctrination'?

Dasha II

Dasha III

Ella, by Northern Light (B&W version)

Day's End -- Harbor's Mouth (View 'Large' Please)**

'A Wonderful Bird is a Pelican' (Poet Odgen Nash)*

Portrait of the Artist As an Old Man**+

'Its Beak Can Hold More Than Its Belican' Poet Ogden Nash On Pelicans

Feeding Time At The Slough

'Flaps Deployed, Landing Gear Down'

Pelican Sunset

Feeding Time at the Slough II

Three Paesanos

Yes Sir, Three Beaks Full

Pelican Parallelogram

The 'Birder'

The Three Babushkas*

'Dangerous Dance?'

'Sharp Eye of the Young Buddhist Monk'** *

Last of the Old-Time Barber Shops

How to Get on the Endangered Species List: Lessons in Species Stupidity**+ *

Garlito -- The Tango Singer (Reincarnate)**+ *

The Catherina G**+

Four Wading Birds

Through The Looking Glass (B & W Ed.)

Goths for Girls: Predators on the Prowl**

Strawberry Fields Forever (IV); The Ace of Spades ** *

The Yellow Door

Rope, Rope, and More Rope

The Hush-Hush Discussion**+

'Mirroring' at the Bus Stop**+

Santa Cataline (View Surprise in Her Pixels)

Welcome to Buenos Aires (We Need Your Money)**+

The Wall (No Nudes is Good Nudes) **+

The Tango Dancer**

The Saleswoman Is Sold - Fashion Reflected

La Tour Eiffel (The Eiffel Tower) From One Window (View Six)

'He's Got a Swollen Head'**+ *

Streetside Symmetry

Blue Heron Blur in Autumn

Slipping Off the Curb (St. Germain, Paris)**

Samaritaine Scene (Age vs. Style in Paris)

The Kiosk Vendor -- On the Seine at Notre Dame

Parisian Artist Andre Has a Brainstorm, But He's 44 Years Too Late (and $117 Million Too Short) (Apologies to the Estate of Andy Warhol)**+

The Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris -- My View**

Q. How Do You Tell the Momma Child? A. She Has a Bunny on Her Chest *

The 'Bueno' in Buenos Aires

'Did I Tell You the Story About . . . ?'**

'J'ai Quatre-Vingt Sept Ans (II) et J'ai Joie de Vivre' ('I'm Eighty-seven Years Old [II] and I Love Life')

Strawberry Fields (And Plastics) Forever (VIII) (Variation on a Theme)** *

Unmentionables - Making the Case for a New Definition of Obscenity

The Real and the Surreal

Anything But A Terrorist?


Three Generations -- Three Aspects (Viewpoints)

Shuffling Through This Mortal Coil

Our Daily Judgments+

Is the Groom a Little Nervous?

The Sex Shop: No Actual Persons Depicted Herein (Advice: Contains Depiction of Partial Nudity)**+ *

'She Loves Me; She Love Me Not' ('Gads')

Peek-a-Boob!!! © 2007-2012 All Rights Reserved, John Crosley/Crosley Trust

Bryce Canyon, Utah, Daybreak

'Aliens Among Us'

Hopital des Enfants Malades (Sick Children's Hospital), Paris

Dancing to the Song in Her Head

Paris --North Toward The Butte at MontMartre

The Camera Dealer

Contrasts: Man and Child

The Courtship

Hamburger Gramma

Rue de la Grande Truanderie, Paris

'Adult' Enters the Mainstream -- The Porno Convention in Las Vegas

Peeking Inside the Camera From the Wrong Side; a Photographer Turns Subject

'Leaving Las Vegas' -- Three Viewpoints

One For the Boys Back Home

Restaurant Scene (Look Closely at the Background!)

Super Mario (A Bruthu')



Into the Purse

Rita II

'Donna' the Cashier (The Fun of Shopping at Ralph's)

Check Out the Viewfinder Image!!!


Girls Will Be Girls

No Comment (Enjoy!)

'Bookends' Saint-Germain-Des-Pres, Paris (Metro)

The Gold Rush Railroad

Study in Contrasts

The Hands and the Handout

Checking out a Tryst?

The Daydream -- My Mind's Elsewhere Today

Alina (the quiet bright one)

Age Before Beauty

"I Beg to Present to You, Japanese Style 'Adult'."

No (Written) Comment

Dead Drunk, or Drunk, then Dead?

'Oasis Motel'

Mirroring II

Picketing (fences and other things, that is)

Red, Rushing

'There's a Hangin' Goin' On!!!'

An Unforgettable Face!

Don't Look Back; The Pig People May Be Following You!!!

Dolce & Gabbana, Paris: My View

Tattoo Man Strikes Again -- The Fourth Take

'It's Great to Be Friends and Share'

Grandpa's Cutie Pie

'It Must Have Been the Beans'

Rita and Alona

Midnight Supper (What Models Do After Work)

Three and One -- Study in Composition

Tango Time

Rita III

Her Prince Has Come (And Long Gone)

'Got Jesus?'

Midnight Supper (Dinner with the Models) II

The Celebration and Its Aftermath (Waiting for the Last Sale)

A Hollywood Few Know

Relics: A Man and an Ideology

Tornado of Ideas (Paris Metro)

Pretty Purity (Buenos Aires)

'Burning Man'

'About to be Lionized'

Quintessential Parisiens?

Unconditional Love(rs)

A Wink from a Porn Actor? (Does He Know Something We Don't?)

Gone Fishin' I

Gone Fishin' II

They Hardly Make Pasties Big Enough . . .

'On the Metropolitan' (Paris Metro)

A 'Have Next to Nothing' Helping a 'Have Even Less' -- (What Happens When Pension Plans Fail)

Mickey D's (Abroad)

Her Anger Runneth Over (A 'Sex' Worker Appears 'Just the Opposite')

The Little Piggies . . . (and Other Scenes)

Loneliness (With Hope)

Black, White and RED

Julia (Yulia), 18

Rock Bottom, But Not the End of the Descent

'I'm Lovin' It'


Ukraine Noir (The Streets of Ukraine)

Photo Me!

The Fashionable and Not So Fashionable

The Delayed Departure to Yalta (The Hands Tell the Story)

Jumping and Geometry II

'Classic' Mirroring

The 'Porn' Contingent (The Exhibitionists)

The 'Porn' Business

Politics: One Man's View (Color Ed.)

The Mean Streets (LA's Vermont Street)

The Sour Right to Lifer

The Triad (II)

The Telephone Call(er)

Glasses: The Dream and the Reality (II)

The Mean Streets II (LA's Vermont Street)

The Marketplace (Three Views of 'Relaxation')

The Vendor


Five Figures (Count 'em -- Five)

'No Fare'

Un Apres-Midi a Paris, (An Afternoon In Paris)

Baron Sasha Cohen (Borat) Would Approve I Think

Heceta Head Lighthouse, Oregon


Hot Summer Dayz III

Looking for Lost Youth II

'Goes Good Together' Says the Sign

Making a 'Beeline' Home

The Wildlife Photographer

The Sideways Glance

Angularity and Stasis

Watch That Hand!!!'

Mirroring (IV)

To Have and Have Not (In Las Vegas)

Alternative Means of Transportation (No Carbon . . . and uh . . . No Footprint)

A 'Cinderella' Story?

Jenna Jameson???

'I'm Gonna Tell Mom'

'The Illegal'

"'Leaving Las Vegas' - Three Viewpoints" (B&W edit.)

Two Faces

The Rock Concert

The Cripple and the Concert

Characters and Caricatures

One Reader and a Magazine's 'Top 100'

'Eyes Right'

'Porn Living'

Shorebirds and More Birds (Pelicans)

A Tale of Two Hands Out

The Woman on the Street (And the Mysterious Woman Behind Her)

The Railway Station Boys

Who Is That Masked Man? -- (El Bandito?)

The Pay Telephone (B&W Ed.)

The Mean Streets (IV) - LA's South Central District

The (Fun) Older Guys

Down for the Count

Looking Back at History Past

'I'd Rather Be in the Crowd'

"The 'King' and a 'Subject'"

The Mean Streets -- Symmetry and Asymmetry on the Street

The Rule of Fourths

Momma Looking After Her Charges

Blending In -- The Art of Camouflage

Parisien Shopkeeper

Politicking From Here to There

Politics -- One Man's View

The Porn Exec Does His Homework (Reading the Porn Magazine)

Making a Point

The Outside of the Looking Glass Looking In

San Francisco Noir (White on Black)

Would-be Voters Who Will Decide Ukraine's Future Direction

'It's a Dog's Life' (The Three Dogs)

'Mirroring' of the Most Unusual Kind

Fresh Fish For Sale! (The Fish Truck Arrives)

Evaluating the Candidate

The 'Look'

The Reach

Two Faces

The Mean Streets -- Geometry on the Street

'Dogs' Tired (II)

Dancing in the Rain (And More)

Two Faces (II)

The Drollness of Life: (A Story If You Can Figure It Out)

Anonymous Souls in an Era of Advertising (Past and Present)

'Moliere' and the Question 'What Becomes of Actors After Films Are Released?'

'Nina', 26

Relaxation (Mirrored)

My Whimsy (in Ukraine)

The Progression of Age--© John Crosley, 2007, All Rights Reserved

Paris -- One Man's View


The Silver (and Blue) Flute

Sneaking Around (Rather Obtrusively)

Red, White and Very Blue

Encouraging Words?

The Corner Bus Stop -- L.A.'s Mean Streets


Lines, Shadows, and Shapes

Strawberry Fields (and Plastics) Forever -- End of the Season

The Sideways Glance

'Some People Just Can't Resist'

Men and Woman

On the Street (My View)


To Bee or Not to Bee

Three's Not a Crowd

Life's Not a Holiday (For This Guy)

Paris (through my eyes)

The Ideal and the Reality (As Age Progresses)

The Perfume Counters


Far From the Madding Crowd

'The King and I'

Spirit Willing -- Flesh Weak

The Passerby

'The Heartbreak of Psoriasis (and other things)'

Study in Twos

'The Heartbreak of Psoriasis (and other things)' Returns

'I'm All Twisted Up Inside'

Of Light and Shadow

'How About a Nice Juicy Cheeseburger?'


Dinner, Egret Style

Hoods: Two Views


'The Way We Were'

Recycling (Nature's Way)

What If They Had a Revolution and No One Came?

Hachoo Pivo Pazhalsta? (Wanna Beer?)

Spot the Boy

All In the Arm and Hand Motion

'OOOOOHHHH Won't Everything Just Stop for a Moment? I Want to Rest!'

The Lock Shop

Two Women, Each in Her Own World

Grain Train II (B&W Ed.)

It Only Hurts When I Laugh

All for Vanity

'BBBBW' ('Big Beautiful Busty Black Women') (color ed.)

Glasses: Two Views

The Weathered Fisherman

'The Brood'

'The Hand'

The Bike Trick

Chinatown - Then

Passenger Sniff Test

'Queen of the B's'

A Judged Being the Judge? 'Eating Kills?'

The Precocious Daughter

France's Women of Stature: Then and Now

'Hurry Up and Wait' (The Waiting Part)

'The Right to Bear Arms'



A 'Bad Everything Day'

Are you SURE you have a handicapped parking permit?

Nina, 82

Turn Off That &#*%@ Phone!!!

'I'm Forever Blowing . . . '

The Waiter

'Here He Is NOW . . . '

'Home(less) of the Free'

Averted Eyes (The Anomie of the City)

What's Goin' On?

This is Obama?

Boat Braces in Color

Bryce Canyon, Utah (US National Park)

Homeboys in Gangland

Hands (And the Stories They Tell)

Party Play

Red and Yellow

The Starry-eyed Environmental Guru

'The Thing'

Recycling (In at the Left, Out at the Right)


Circles & Arrows (B&W Ed)

'The Family Photo Album'

The Perplexed Fisherman (Fishing Season Closed)

The Belly of the Beast -- Inside Out

Full Palette In the 'Hood'

'TV for the Boys'

The Advantage of Being Human



Public Place; Private Moment

The Lineup

The Inner Voice Cries Out

The Joy of It All

'A Wide Stance' (Dedicated to Representative Larry Craig Rep. Idaho)

The Midnight Kiss

Five Generations

One More Shorebird

Composition With Walking Stick

Terry the Boatwright (An Artist)

'Life's Full of Chuckles'

The Striders

"The 'Eyes' Have It"

Change Can't Come Soon Enough (For This Woman)

Composition With Bird and Speedy Tidal Bore

The (Failed) Bike Trick

The (Friendly) Finger

Two Old Dudes: Study in Brown, White, and Blue

The Spontaneous Bobby Kennedy Assassination Street Memorial (1968)

All Pent Up Inside

'Hot Summer Days' -- Thailand

The Fallen

'The Play'

No Need to Rob Peter to Pay Paul (No One Depicted Has Any Money)

Parallelism -- Heads in Hands

The Supermarket Social

Waiting Room Pirouette

Obscured While In the Brightness

Beating the Heat

'Marriage For Sale'


Dunkin' Donuts (of a sort)



Battling Inflation Together

Dressup As a Way of Life

Mirroring of a Different Sort

Pure, Unadulterated Joy of Youth

Hold the Line!!!

Somewhere Up There . . . .

The Observer(s)

The Path

Rites of Passage: The First Suit

An Unlikely Pair of Friends

The Bazaar: Shutting Up Shop The Hard Way

The Bridge

Incinerator Stacks

The Tank and Steps

A Theme From an Earlier Time

'I LOVE my dog' (B & W ed.)

Strawberry Fields Forever IV (B & W ed.) 'The Ace of Spades'

Two by Two

Lunch -- Dinner ---- Seafood Cocktails

His Face; My Ware

'Ulitsa Church (Church of the Street),' Ukraine

'Supermarket Scene'

'No Words'

Cupids Seem About to Miss Their Mark

Couple on the Steps

'To Have and Have Not (II)'

Industrial Tubing

Warm and Cold Hands

Peace and tranquality, but watch the background . . . . ''


"Those 'Glamorous' '60s Student Protests"

Newcomb & Barneveld, San Francisco

Yevgenia ---Bikini Contest Winner (of sorts)

'The DMV [Department of Motor Vehicles]'

The 'Hood'

A Little Blush

The Barrio

The Statue and the Kids

'Gone Fishin' II'

'America -- Land of Abundance'

Culvert Pipe Storage

'The Ecclesiastical and the Secular'

'Behind Bars'

Trompe L'Oeil

"The Strides of the 'Two Women'"

This is CHAPPELL . . . . (Nebraska, USA)

Jack -- 100% Cherokee

The American Interstate -- Its Trucks

Weight Watcher


That Ritzy Hotel: 'May I Take Your Luggage?'

David and Mimi: The 'Artsy' Couple

The Businessman

"'New Yorkers' Choice at Herald Square: 'Shop 'Till You Drop' or 'Go Straight to Hell'"

Lane Change

'Chinatown, Manhattan, Saturday Evening'


'Life's a Gas!'

'A Long Day's Ride Home'

Family Hangout

Going Downtown

'Give Jesus a Chance!'

Elk Mountain, Wyoming

The American Interstate - Ocean to Ocean

'Running Headlong Towards Halloween'

'The Barbershop'

'When You Forget the End of Summer Time'

Red, White and Young Blue Eyes

'As Good As It Gets'

'A Little Brushup'

No Lounging in the Plush Airport Lounge

The Crane Operator

Life's Hard, Then You Die


'The Final Planting'

Timing is Everything (Sometimes)

A Divine Kiss

The Very Old Woman

My Whimsy (II)

'Tres Hamburguesas Por Favor'

'Four Hands'

The Man Passing By

'The Ale Festival'

Look Out Below!!!

The 'Forgotten One'

The Masks

What Can You Say? It's Paris and It's Love.'

Muscle Man

'Exact Weight'

'Sated' in Paris


Street Scene, Bangkok

Winter Sun Over Paris

'Lurking Near You'

'America's Heroes'

'Go Figure' (Really!)

Polyphony or Burger Phony?


Zoomin' Past the Shrooms

'Where Is Your Mother, Little Boy?'

The Window Washer

'The Entertainer at Rest'

'Muscle Beach -- Two Trainers'

The Widower Contemplates Life at 1:30 a.m. After 49 Happily Married Years

The Tire Inspector

'Road Colors After Rain'

'The Tire Guy'

'The Third Virtue Takes a Fall'

The Big Chill

The Chill of the Night

'The Tireless Shopper'

Mirroring Noir

Being Charitable

Hail the 'Hood'

'May I Take Your Order Please?'

The Real and the Surreal

"The Wary Eye(s) of Two Viet Nam Vets: 'We Weren't Always This Way -- We Used To Be Real..."

'Mobile Home: 2009'

'The Muscle Man'

Flying in Formation

Rubbish in Red

'Study in Grays'

'Sign Language'

'Had a Stroke' 'Help!'

'No Words II'

'Worth Looking At'

Hippie 'Underground' Actress 41 Years Later


The Joy of It (II)

The Weight Lifter at Muscle Beach (II)

Crossing in the Rain

'Dasha': A Black and White Restrospective

'Wiggly Chile'


Almond Tree in Bloom (B&W)

Nature's Overhead 'Irrigation' for Almond Orchard

'I'm Peeling; I'm Fading Away'


Passing By (Color)

'Hollywood tourist or Hollywood Star? You Decide'

Scootin' Uphill Fast as Hell

The Locomotive

'Soul Man'

'Grabass': A Parody Starring 'Sean Penn' as 'Harvey Milk' and 'A Guy from Canada'

Pretty in Pink and Pastel

The Large Family Gathering


The Mounds

'Goin' Thru Da Car Wash -- Car Wash'

'The Picketers'

'The Eyes Have It (II)'

'Rushing Round The Corner'

Rita, B&W Ed.

Soul's Saved, Now the Fight for the Flesh

'Question: What's Being Sold Here?'

'Name the Similarities (And Near Similarities)'

"The 'Scrambler'"

The Pedestrian Bridge

Before the Batmobile

Beatific Scene from the 'Bates Hotel'

A 'Bum' With a Heart


Gary: The Guy With Seizures

The DVD Store

The Boys on the Street

Cleanup at 'Johnny Rockets'

The Sunburned Pizza Hawker

California Beach Chic -- Still Life at Venice Beach

LA Cityscape

'Ruth' -- Who Fasted Over 24 Hours In Remembrance

'I'm Just Resting My Eyes'

'Beauty Aids and a Burka: A Visual Oxymoron'

'The Tattoo Parlor Boss'

Maria Z., 95, Breaks Into a Laugh

Two Guys from Venice (California)

Wilshire Boulevard

The Bus Transfer Point

'The Hard Way and the Easier Way'


Hollywood Boulevard

'Mike of Huntington Beach'

And So It Goes . . . .

The Eyes Have It (III) (B&W Ed.)

"'James Cagney' and 'Friend' at Rest" (Hollywood Boulevard)

Would-Be Celebrity?

'Hollywood: Over and Under'

The Would-be Rap Star

'Funny, I feel like having the fish for once . . . I don't know why . . . '

The Madding Crowd

'Living on Love'

'The Unreal Gets Reflected; the Real, Well . . . .'

Carb Loading a la Francais (French Fries)

The Guys

Caution: Children (and Dolphins) at Play

The Gallery Opening

'Watch What's Going on in Tehran, Dammit'

'Liberty' in Farsi [Language of Iran]

'Praying to the Kroger Corn Display at 2 for $1.00'

Street Scene From LA's Brobdingnagian Community

Two 'V's' of Rebellion in Iran

'The Eyes of the World Are on Iran' © 2009, John Crosley, All Rights Reserved

'Eating Where the Celebrities Ate: The Famous Hot Dog Stand'

And Proud of It

The Devil's Color

The Haircuts

'The Urbane Merger of Eons'

'The Break' (View Large Please)

'The Spike'

'The Babushkij (Grandmothers) At the Front Entrance' (Ukraine)

The Boxer'

'Two Women'

Four In Line

'The Notice' and 'The Workers'

Street Vectors

The Hispanic Wedding Party

'Suspended . . . Forever'

'After the Workout'

"Unusual Immigrant Occupations : 'Alex The Clown'"

'Making Memories' (Japanese Style)

'Meet the Sikhs'

'Peek-a-Boob' (B&W Ed.) © 2007-2009, John Crosley, All Rights Reserved

'The Rest'


'The Bus Transfer Station: Exhaustion En Route'

By in a Blur

'The Pedestrians'

'Why Is News Always Bad?' (B&W ed.)

'The Bus'

Ray (et ux)

'Chase(ing) Savings? Maybe Later, When There's Money'

'Art School, Down Argentine Way'

'The Girl In The Window' (Compare and Contrast)

The Pharmaceutical Consult

'The Pride of Baltimore'


Right Angles and Roundness

'Composition or Cr*p?'

'The Transoceanic Flight'

'Tim' -- A Man of Many Aspects

Living History

A Close Personal Friend

'Life Goes On'

'The Beard'


"The 'Invisible' Destitute Elderly Make Themselves ''Visible': 'Life Without a Safety Net'"

The Sellers' Lineup

'Sliding Into Home'

'A Cautionary Tale'

'It's a Hard Life'

"The 'Grim Reaper' Patiently Awaits His Turn" © 2009, John Crosley Trust, all rights reserved...


The Four Lights

'The Country Mice Go Home'

'God's Custodian Accidentally Pulls the Wrong Plug And . . . . . '

'The Metro Station'

Waiting for the Metro (II)

Still Life with Fruit

The Flu: Suddenly the Opposite Sex Doesn't Seem So Important

The 'About-To-Be' Contest Winners

'A Bow to the Generations'

Nina III (Smiling Eyes)

'The Underpass'

'The Jump'

'The Audacity of Age'

'The Eyes of Three Lovely (and Much Loved) Daughters' [The Three Daughters: Photo VIII] © 2009,...

Nina IV

The Three Daughters, Photo I

The Three Daughters (Photo II)

The Three Daughters (Photo III)

The Three Daughters (Photo IV)

The Three Daughters (Photo V)

The Three Daughters (Photo VI)

The Three Daughters (Photo VII)

The Exhausted Airline Passenger

'VPDA - VERY Public Display of Affection'

'Two Women II'

'Unexpected Charity'

'The Cleanup'

'Rest Amidst Roundness'

'Pumping Gas'

'The Step' (Best Viewed 'Large')

'The Greatest Show On Earth'

'Loneliness in Public'

The Aging Rocker

"Why the 'Masses' are called 'Masses'"

'No Walk in the Park'

'The Citizen'

Happy Holidays (Each Figure Precisely Placed)

The Gallery (Color Ed.)

"Oh Jesus! 'The Last Supper by John Crosley'" © 2009, All Rights Reserved

'How Airline Blankets Were Meant to Be Used' (Prior to Christmas 2009)

'In the Belly of the 345-Passenger Beast'

The Unrestrained Laugh

"The Oxymoron: 'Parting' and 'Sweet Sorrow'"

The Reflection

'The Woman Down There . . . That One'

Hamburger Grandpa

'Private' -- The Secret Side Entrance to the Airport Sex Shop

"Honey, Do The Rats Seem To Be Getting Bolder?'

'Exuberance of Youth'

Hangin' Beachside (not tanning though)

This Photo Commandeered . . . . . by . . .

The Pier

'Caution, Hormones at Work!'

"Red Eye from the 'Red Eye' Gone Awry"

'Beg A Little More, Now'

'Saturday Night Out: Reminders of Jobs Undone Fill His Mind'

"Passing Through 'The Toddling Town'"

'The Jaw-Dropping, Eye-Rolling Kiss'

A Close Brush With . . . . ?'

The Photo Guru (Michel Karman)

'The Passersby'

'Catching Flies'

'No Loitering'

'Miss Liberty' of the Streets

'Points of Light'

Piping . . . Down . . . Far Down . . . And Away

'Feeling Out of Place'

'The Americans: As We Are' (Semi-rural Illinois)

Bent Elbows

'Two Best Friends: Graffiti and a Bottle'

A Little x x x Never Hurt Anyone'

Les Toits de La Gare de L'Est, Paris -- (The Roofs of the East Train Station--Paris)

The Curve and the Accent

The Lubavitcher and Succoth

"'Miss Liberty' Doin' Her Thang"

'What's REALLY On His Mind?'

Muscle Beach, Venice

'California Gold Rush, 21st C.'

'The New Tattoo and the Skeptic Frau'

'Put Your Things in the Tubs for X-Ray Please'

The Snow Gauge: Goodbye To a Cruel, Cold Winter

'Remedy for Stiffness and Exhaustion (The Day Job)'

'The Interruption'


'Tuckered Out?'

'Getting the Jump on Spring Mating Season'

Grazny? In the Eyes of the Beholder.

'The Bazaar'

'The Break -- No, Two Breaks'

Dasha -- in B&W, a continuing retrospective

'Downstairs to the Midnight Supermarket'

'The Next Guy in Line'

'Point -- Counter Point' (Best Viewed 'Large')

"The Lost Luggage' -- A Study in Rectangles, Parallelograms, Right Angles, Trapezoids, and...."

Virginia, 94

'The Barber Shop'

'The Thespian(s)'

'Beauty: Its Humble and Holy Origins'

'Two Girls'

'Liberty and Justice for All'

'Trying To Bring the Change of Seasons Into Focus'

'Metrograd: Underground Shopping Center'

'Points, Counter Point(s)' (II)

"Not Seeing 'Eye to Eye' With Security"

'A Hearty Laugh'

Black and White (In More Ways Than One)

'Grab*ssing: Rite of Maturity'


'The Muslim in America'

'A Man and a Woman'

'A Touch of the Surreal'

'The Battlefield of International Air Travel'

'Walking It Off'

'Spring Idyl'

'Chaos of the Amusement Park Disco'

'The Seller and Her Mirror'

'Four Women'

'The Tunnel (of Love?)'

'Vienna Cafe Life: The Sudden Spring Cloudburst'

'This Here's My Boy'

Portrait, Man at Rest

'The Eight-Hour, Overnight Airline Connection In the Giant Airline Terminal'

The Musician/Waiter

"The 'Diplomate' Before Her Date'"

'Happy Holiday'

'The Professional Photo Judging'


'The Interloper'

The Flower Vendor's Kiosk

'Three For Dinner'

'Portrait in Dirt'

'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

'Three Women (II)'


'That'll Teach You to Tease Me'

'The Street Performer and the Captivated Audience'

'Curiosity and the Cadillac Set'


'Luxury Goods During Crisis: Nothing's Changed'

'Hanging Out'


"The 'Princess' and the 'Fairy Princess'"

'Out of the Subway'

The Street Artist (and Wares)

Pickels,Produce, and a Huge Pictorial

Leaders: 'The Assassins': LA Biker Club

'Fountain Boys'

The Slide (Part II, Color Ed.)

'The Barber Shop' (III) (B&W Ed.)

Angles, Points, and Repetition

'LOVE IS . . . . '

'The Evolution of Transportation'

LOVE IS . . . . (II)

'The Bone-Drenching Summer Thunder Shower'

'They're Rioting in Kyrgyzstan . . . . '

The Color Street Portrait

'Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers'

'Natasha' (The Flower Seller)

'Dreams and Reality' (IV)

Life in Passing (Vie En Passant)

New Meaning to the Word 'Make-Up'

'Sunrise Over the Hoodoos, Bryce Canyon Utah'

'Heavy Duty Break for the Heavy Equipment Operator'

'Go There and They'll Come'

"'Statuary' With Sympathetic Eyes"

This Slightly Surreal Life

Me? Really? Me?

'The Pension Document and the Alms Request'

'Um . . . That Will Be Two Please . . . . '

'Day of the Pandas'

'The Mad Accordionist'

'After the Street Party'

'Two Pairs of Eyes'

'Last Kiss Before the Final Metro Train'

'The Two Happy Lovers'

'Tribute to Seurat, Pointillism and Impressionism'

'On Break from Basic Training'

'The Steps' (II)


'The Bazaar Bookseller Enjoys His Own Wares'

"'Lascivious' But Not Truly 'Sexual'"

'The Mad Accordionist' (II)


King Going to Meet His Queen . . . and Knights, Bishops, Rooks and Pawns

"The Swank Photo Buffs and the Louche Guy 'in the Buff'"

'The Two Lovers'

'Two Right Arms'

'The Laugh'

'Why Fathers Don't Want Daughters Dating Until Age 25 At Least' (Note Tongue Stud)

'The Regression of American Civilization'

'Coming Fast, But Going Nowhere Quickly'

'Step After Step After . . . ."

'Vladimir: Life's Darker Side'

"An Image Almost From the 'Workers Paradise'"

The Family Business (With Limited Resources)

'The Subtle Colors of Evening Rush'

'The Headwind'

'At The Train Station'

'Here's Looking At You'

'The Relative Distribution of Mass'

'After Vespers'

'The Benediction (Blessing) For Dropped Alms'




'The Girl Kiss'

'Watch Your Back When Photographing!'

'The Metro Rifleman'

'A Grabber'

"Hangin' Out"

'The Flower Seller (Boss Plus)'

'Two Views of Winter's Cold'

'The Real Thing'

'Runway to Levitation'

'A Tip of the Hat'

'Children's Toys - A Glimpse at the Future?'

'Where is Buffy the Vampire Slayer When You Need Her?'

'Human Sacrifice?'

'The Bus Stop (II)'

'The Odd Complements'

'The Portrait(s)'

'In Your Face'

'The Step'


'The Artist's Palette'


'A Triangle of Fatigue: The Headresters'

'Twenty Years of Drugs and Clean'

Balance, Color, and Composition

'Forever on the Outside Looking In'

'The Metro Entrance Trilogy, Part I'

'The Metro Entrance Trilogy, Part II'

'The Metro Entrance Trilogy, Part III'

'Contemporary History: One (Street) Artist's View: (How's It Working Out?)'

The Rock Followers (B&W Ed.)

'The Art of Making a Point in Conversation'

'The Internet Cafe -- Industrial Size'

'The Magic Mirror?: The Meat Market, Today and Yesterday'

'Hanging Out in the Hood'

'Wintry Scene'

'Home is Where the Hearth Is'


'Grabbing a Few Winks'

'The Joy of Life II'

"The Happy Positives of' 'Negative Space'"

'Yevgenia' No. 2

'My New Years'


'The Laborers'

'The Energetic Accordionist'

'Igor, the Meticulous Locksmith'

'The Jitney Bus Stop'

'The Idealized vs. Real Worlds'

'Dressed for the Cold'

'Love Comes in All Sizes and Shapes'

'Moonrise Over the Sierra'

'Wanna Anger This Guy?'

'Watch Your Head'

'Street Has Its Moments'

The Four Pillars of Outdoor Relaxation'

'Mt. Rainier Sunset (Washington State)'

"The 'Lines' of Men at Work"

"The Face of the 'Modern' City"

'Phil: A Good Man'

'Got A Light?'

'The Businessman'

'The Babushka Bazaar Seller'

'The Cossak and the Computer'

'The Mobile Phone (Cell Phone) Repairman'



'The Way We Were . . . . '

Balloon Man II

'The Fugitive?'

"New Year's"

'The Gathering'

'The Political Gathering' (Best Viewed 'Large') (B&W Version)

'Exhaling Hard -- Something Nearby to Inhale Later'

'I Smell A Rat'

'Smoke Gets In Your Eyes'

'The Travelers'

'The Universal Children's Game'

'The Dual Portrait'

'Ah Shucks!'

'The Pleasure Meister Delivers On Her Message of 'Love'"

'One Face of America''

"'Come On, It'll Put Hair On Your Chest!'"

The Bus Stop: The Real, the Unreal and the Reflection

'The Kiss'

'The Bubble'

'Waiting Overnight for the Early Morning Flight'

'The Beauty Parlor'

'Fun Fluff for Friday Night'

'Money! How I Wish . . . .'

"Blockhead Commander to Blockhead Recruit: 'Just Go Out and Blend In -- No One Will Notice'"

'Would You Like It Better From Behind?'

'He's Mine!'

'I'll Think It Over'

'Four Hominids'

'What His Eyes Have Seen'

'Auto School' [Driving Instruction]

'Eve of the Resurrection'

'Arms and Hands'

'The Balloon Vendor III' (Black and White Ed.)

'Sunrise, Bryce Canyon'

'Tattoo Man Strikes Again' (Color Ed.)

'The Playground' (B&W Ed.)

'The Respectful Celebrators'

'The Radish Baba'

'The Existential Eye Is Upon You'

'Reds, Whites, and Black'

'If They Were Wings . . . . '

'Fireworks' (Salut)

'The Bus Stop (V)' (BW Ed.) PN Photo of the Week, May 28, 2011

'Boatwright Sunset: A Man and His Doppelganger'

'Two Views of the World'

'The Tat Guy With the Hard Eyes'

'Jump!: The Playground' (Part II) (B&W 'Ed.)

'Let's Walk on the Wild Side Honey - It's Gotta Be More Interesting'

"The Playground" (Part II) 'King of the Mountain' (B&W Ed.)

'Goings and Comings'

"Throwing a 'Tree Trunk' is Nothing to Him"

"The Mean Streets: LA's Eviction Twins - Karen and Sharon"

'The Cleaner'

'Passed Out: Waiting for the Last Bus (and Beyond)'

'Notre Dame, Paris, Another View'

'It's A Matter of Perspective: Something for Every Taste'

"The 'Seinfeld' Photo"

'The Family of Man - My View'

'The Bus Stop (IV)' (B&W ed.) (rev. ed.)

'I Am the Eggman . . . . Koo Koo Ka Choo'


'The Farmer's Wife'

'The Train Station'

'The Horn'

'The Long Walk Home'

'The Industrial District'

'The Metro Riders'

'The Casual Summer Art Gallery Walk'

The 'Catcher'

'The Courtesy Shuttle'

'What's Happening in Mannequinville?'

'The Natural'

'The (Urban) Landscape'

'One of Those Days'

'The Analogy'

"The Alternate 'Hands Up' Universe"

'One of Many Queens of LA LA Land'

'Miniaturization and Its Opposite?'

'The Wall-Eyed Man About Town'

'The Magic Garden of Childhood Play'

'The Gathering and the Church'

'Umbrella Woman'

"'Bench Surfing' For Two"

'The Woman and Her Legs'

'The New Gun'

'Hollywood Boulevard: The Photo'


'Symmetry and Asymmetry'

'The Stray'



'The Arms'

'The Jazz Great or from the Hood (or both)'

'Jazz Legend: Dave Pell'

'The Automaton Age: The Airline Checkin Counter'

'The Man and the Wall'

For the Females: Fashion -- The Males: Ice Cream

'Cooling Brewskis'

'Three Views of One Moment'

'White and Black'

'Earth Angel, Earth Angel'

'The Riders'

'The Piper: On His Way to Hamlin?'


'The Vendor'

'The Parisian Bookseller' (B&W Ed.)

'Ovals and a Rectangle'

'The Thrift Shop II' (B&W) (Southern Hemisphere)

'The Joy of Living'

'Yevgenia: The Girl Next Door' (Literally)

'The Show (Front) and the Reality (Rear)'



'Beer, Beer, Beer, Beer'

'Four Women and a Man'

'Bazaar Gossip' (Best Viewed 'Large')

'The Broom Vendor'

'The Metro'

'The Snowy Street'

"The 'Connected' Age"



'Rita' III (B&W)

'The Subtlety of Light and Shadow'

'The Toilet Woman'

'The Plaza, Deep Underground'

'The Anonymous Metro Rider'

'The Cry'

'Look Twice?'

'Kristine II'



'Love's Bloom in Metro Crowd'


'San Francisco Hippie Thrift Shop, (CA 1969)'

'The Village' (Best Viewed Largest)

'New Year's Festivities Beckon'

'The Unusual Street Portrait'

'Fast Food Fun'

'The Joy of Childhood Play'

'Going For It'

'The Pied Piper?'

'The Enigma'

'The Precise Moment (Color Ed.)' II

'Georgia On My Mind? (the other one)'

'Winter Respite'

'The Deserving Woman'

"The Wife Murderer: 'She Pissed Me Off'" (B&W Edition)

'Poetry in Color, Underground'

'Subway Synchronicity'

'The Cleaner' (B&W Ed.)

'The Little Girl at the Front Door'

'Walking the Walk'

"The 'Connected' Age" II (color ed.)

'The Photo Equipment Show: Examining the Equipment'

'Human Mating Rituals'

'Subway Synchronicity' (B&W Ed.)

'Break Your Mother's Back?'

'Ilya and Shoppers at Minus 23 Degrees C.'

'Wintry Abstraction'

'The Afghan'

'The Rubber Band Disciplinarian Makes Her Threat'


'Closing Time at the Old-Fashioned Butcher Shop'

'The Couple (and the Curious)'


"The Bus Driver: 'From the Country to the City and Return, for a Lifetime'"

'Racing to Beat Winter's Ice and Snow'

'Winter's Travail'

'Behind Every Successful Man . . . . '

'I Buy Accordions'

'Misha, the Butcher, Eats Seeds'

'Ready For the Ride to Zhitomir'

'The Old Lady and the New Sci-Fi Movie'

'The Strong Disagreement'

'I Am Woman!'

'The Huge Train Station Waiting Room Seen By Almost No One'

'Valentyn, Master Basketball Coach'

'The Citizens'

"'Urban Cowboy' -- LA--Venice Beach Style"

"The Courthouse Hallway: The Lawyer Explains 'The DEAL' To His Client"

'The Proud, Powerful and Poor Pensioner'

'The Cold, Spring Rain Storm'

'Love's Unique Expressions'

'Kristine III'

'The Metro: Surfacing From the Depths'


'Stary Baba' [Old Grandmother]

'The Bazaar Gathering' (View Larger Please)

'Opening Night at the Art Gallery'

'Anatoly (Tolya)'

'Hoodies On the Metro'

'Luxury's Lap'

'Dasha, Then 18 - A Black and White Retrospective II'

'The Gender Divide: Girl Things and Boy Things'

'Young Blue Eyes'

'The Wages of a Long Life'

'Jean' (Tribute to Bruce Gilden)

'Seeing Off the Overnight Transcontinental Train'

'The Scaffolding, the Skylight and the Painters'

'Dasha, 18, A Black and White Retrospective, III'

'Airport View'

'Spring Mating: Privacy is Where You Make It'

'Manhattan, Queens, Roosevelt Island, Part of the Bronx and the East River'

'Bum, Brilliant, or Both? You Decide'

'The Makeshift Rain Hat'

'Dasha, a Continuing Retrospective'

'April Showers; May Flowers'

'Metro Moment'

'The Love Bite'

'The Kids and the Statue'

'Metro Scene II'


"'At Your Service' - This Surreal Life"

'Capa's Credo'

'Pattern Play'

'Sweet Morpheus'

'Risky Businessman -- Rodeo Clown In Chief''

'Alina and Rita'

'Capa's Credo II'

'Ideology Aside, They Stopped the Nazis'

'Life's Struggle'

'Hot Summer Dayz II' (Color Ed.)

'Choose Your Own Caption'

'The Baggage Attendants'

'For Anna G. on Graduation from Medical School'

'Yevgenia Redux'

'Snowplow vs. Blizzard at 7,000 Feet'

"Was 'Dexter' Here?"

'Leaving on the Summer Train to the Crimean Seaside'

'Ella II'

'Fall Morning, The Northwest Steelhead River'


'TRADITION! TRADITION! (and beautiful blue eyes)'

'Bus Driver's Rest'


'A Moment to Savor'

'Portrait of a Ukrainian Really Enjoying His Beer'

'Bryce Canyon: At the Edge (fisheye)' [For Ana G. who likes landscapes]

'Just Love'

'The Stop'

'The Entrepreneur: The Dairy Vendor'

'Prepared For One Very Large Cookie [The Cookie Duster]'

'The Seer'

'Geometry' (Composition in Greys)

'The Fishmongers: One Carp Coming Down!'

'The Light Station' (B&W Ed.) [For Ana G.]

'Waiting for the Early Morning Flight'

'The Mobile Pit Bull Residence'


'Sky Diving by Fan'

'Foot Massager'

'The Metro Parallelogram'

'The Lovers' Quarrel'

'The Library'

"'55 Chevy Truck"

'Pulchritude - Thrift Shop Variety'

'Man and Stairs'

'Can You Read My Mind Too?'

'The Tire Shop'

'Mirroring . . . . Once More'

'The Mysterious Worship'

'Jade at the Beach'

'Do Not Trespass Against Others'

'Sending Grandson to the Beach for the Summer'

'The Metro Coach'

'The Steelhead Boat'

'Sisters, Sharing'


'Savor Each Moment'

'Salmon Creek Estuary at Very Low Tide'

'The First Signs of Aging'

'The Airport Concourse'


'The Joys of Youth'

"Ballet of the Unfortunate: 'En Pointe'"


'That's SOME KISS!'

"The 'Tire Monkey' works his machine"

'Girls and Corpses'

'Youth's Universal Moments: Boredom Listening to Mom on the Phone'

'In the Flesh'

"When You Know She's 'Into You'"

'The Guy With the Interesting Face'

'The Passerby'

'The Bus Stop VI'

'Terrorist Beefcake'

'The Sandblaster'

'Ro-day-o Relatives' (Rodeo Relatives)

'No Minors! Don't Make Trouble!' (Rescan and Rework)

'Awaiting Their Time'

'The Streets of LA (II)'

'Sweat Shop Girl'

'Man on the Moon'

'Genuflection Before Mother and Child'

'Time Is On His Side?'

'Being Bored: The Stage of Life Between Childhood and Adulthood'

'The Diagonal'

"'Der Boobengrabber' Makes His Move"

"'Bee' In Bangkok"

'Wood Chisels, Thailand'

'Konstantin (and friends)'

"'1232 Club: Good Italian Dinners' San Francisco, 1968"

'The Laugh' (II) (B&W ed.)

'The Soul of Integrity'

'LACMA -- Overshadowed?'

'Sikh Textile Merchant - Thailand - 1994'


'Ferry, Manhattan to Governor's Island, 1968'

'The Rigors of Air Travel'

'Gimme a Little Break (Dance)'

'The Public Hanging'

'The Bus Stop VI (B&W ed.)

'Style Personified in Her Footwear'

'Tender Kiss of Spring'

'Kyiv Couple'

'Rita in Black and White'

'Puget Sound, Washington State, Late Spring Afternoon'

'Driftwood Snag, Puget Sound, Washington State'

'Every Author's Nightmare'


'Web Cam Girls'

'Lines and Eyes'

'Springtime Girl Watching'

'Harmony in Composition'

'Trouble Letting Go'

'The Checkout'

"Oxygen Canister: 'Life Jacket and Lead Boots'"

'Paris: Metro Serenade'


'Tattoo Guy: A Street Portrait'

"Mike: 'In Nine Years (and a few weeks) I'll be 100'"

'Sultry Summer Nights'

'The Hook' (Color Ed.)

'Boy + Energy + Time =

'Healthy Respect for Pit Bull'

'The Back of the Bus'

'Morning's First Light; Oregon Coast'

'Budget Tires and Batteries'

'At the Shore'

'The Street Vendor'

'Are You Smiling? 'Is He?'

'Randy's Donuts'

'The Sacrifice (II)

'Courtship -- Human Style'

'Want to Know My Thoughts?'

'Going For It' (B&W ed.)

'The Sidewalk'

'The Pause That Refreshes' (B&W ed.)

'Smoker Gulag'

'Tongue in Cheek: Groom's Nervousness, or a Wedding Night Prediction?' (B&W ed.)

'Bazaar Seller'

'Changing Airport Concourses'

'The Toast of Days Gone By: Hollywood's Silverton Twins'

'The Beautiful People'

'Two Vendors'

'Alone in Public'

'A Tragic View of Life'

'Emotions on Death of Michael Jackson in Graffiti'

'It Was a White Shoe Kind of Day, He Decided'

'Life's Hard, Then You Die' Kyiv Ukraine Central Train Station (area)

'Cornucopia and an Empty Cup'

'Garlic for Seasoning'

'Hero of Battle of Stalingrad'



'Nurse Nancy Now Delivers Your Stash'

'The Restaurant'

'Nursing Rounds'

'The Bookseller at School's Start'

'Dormant Business'

'The Grain Train'

'Growing Better With Time'

'The Elvagene'

'Four Modes of Transportation'

'Laying Up Nets for the Season'

'The Whiz'

'The Surreal Street'

'Me, My Selfie, a Salgado, and I'

'One Way?'

'The Dispossessed: Skid Road Style'

"'They Will Never Let Go' -- The Stuff of Nightmares"

'Hollywood Style'

'Late Sleeper at the Sidewalk Palace'

'Picture at an Exhibition'




'Late Riser in Baghdad by the Bay (San Francisco)'

'Ready to Man the Barricades (Ukraine)'

'The Protester' (Ukraine) (Best Viewed Large)

'Ukrainian Protester in Battle Gear'

Coffee? Or Some of Banksy's Magic Tea?

'Man of Maidan -- the Ukraine Pension Chief, Retired'

'Preparing for the Bank Teller'

Victory Rally, Ukraine (sort of)

"'Molotov Cocktails' At the Ready" Behind the Barricades, Kyiv, Ukraine


'The Tunnel'

'Kristine' [B&W ed.]

'Kyiv, Ukraine, Toy Assault Military Weapon -- Emblematic of the Times?'

'Rite of Spring'

'Idle Feet on the Metro'


'One Gesture: Many Meanings'

'Protest Cook'

'Love in Spring Eternal'



'Life's Harsh' (Best viewed 'large')

'The Nun'

'Quitting Time at Sidewalk Bazaar'

'GGF Shoes?'

'Train Platform'

'The OTHER Fight at Ukraine's Famous Maidan'

'Snag and Minerals, Yellowstone'

'Geysers and Late Afternoon Storm Clouds, Yellowstone' [Color Ed.]

'The Squatters' [B&W Ed.]

'Fast Food Teens' [Photo V] [B&W ed.]

'Fast Food Teens' [Photo IV] [B&W ed.]

'Fast Food Teens' [Photo III] [B&W ed.]

'Fast Food Teens' [Photo II] [B&W ed.]

'Fast Food Teens' [PhotoI I] [B&W ed.]

'Soaring Surreally'

'Behind the Barricades, Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine


'The Conversation(s)'


'The Refugees'

'The Gleaners'

'The Eyes Have It -- IV'

'All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Smoke'

'One of Those Days'

'The Late, Late Train Home'

"'Dexter' Returns?"

'The Refugees: Family Ties'

'All in the Arms'

'Life Passes the Needy By'

'Ukrainian-Russian War: Desperate Mother Begs for Her Nursing Child'

'Sometimes Nature Needs a Little Help''

'Three Wireless Men'



'The Shoe' (Please view 'large')

'The Sleeper'

'An Idle Metro Moment'


'On the Street'

'Trudging II'

'Let Me Explain . . . . '

'The Sloppy Arab Food Before the Long Bus Ride'

'Waiting While Tired'

'Bryce Canyon, Utah II'


'The Young Girl And the Bookstore'

'Tribute to Helen Levitt'

'Tattoo Man Strikes Again -- The Frontal View'

'Vending Momma and the Digital Babysitter'

'Station Steps'



'The Post-Soviet Ukrainian Butcher Shop'

'The Unexpected Rightist'

'Sleeping on the Street in Seattle -- Awakening to Starbucks'

'Crack Shopper'

'Protester Turned Victor"

'Whiling Time Away Until the Inevitable'

'The Group Portrait'

'The Super Elite Airport Lounge'

'Enthusiastic Youths'

'Celebrating the New Year'

'Grandfather Frost' (Ded Moroz) goes about his other 'business'

'The Thinker'

"The West Coast Steelhead River, Fall'

'The (kindly, nonthreatening) Apparition'

"'Read 'Em and Weep! (Three Queens)"

'The Hooded Guy'

"An Outbreak of 'Selfies'"

'I Wear My Glasses At Night'

'Crinkly Eyed Smile'

'Fictitious and Reality'

'The Break'

'What Friends Are For When You Drink'

'The Resurrection' (re-edit)

'Ukraine's Euromaidan One Year Later: The Celebration Where People Wept and Funereal Music...

'The Tunnel' (IV)

'Fusion Cafe'

'Connecting Airport Terminals' (B&W ed.)

"'55 Chevy Truck For Sale"


'Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Green?'

'Meager Pickings'

'The Descent'

Remembers the Nazi's End, 70 Years Ago, in Her Youth

'A Helping Hand'

'The Gleaners (Part II) (Color ed.)'

'Heads Nod: End of the Long Weekend'

'Springs Delight'

'Shush Yo Mouth, Boy, You Got No Manners, Heh, Heh!'

'The Kiss' (Color Ed.)


'The Pedestrians'

'The Professional Juried Photo Contest'

'Locomotive Cab and the Hand'


'Growing Older Together'

'The Shroud'


'The Late Bus Ride Home'

'The Driver'

'Love in Grays'

'Thai Kickboxing: Prefight Rubdown'


'The Petition'

'Glorious Gossip'

'Metro Scene'

'The Brood'

'The Boarding Process'

'The Wrapping: A Kickboxing Prefight Ritual'

'What Relatives Do For One Another'

'Dark Orbs'

'The Gathering'

'Fruit Trees in Spring'

'Last of the Old Time Service Station Mechanics'

'Mt. Shasta, California'

'Caught in Passing'

'The Fail'

'The Secret'


'A Similar Bent'

'Working at Home'

'How the Species Perpetuates'

'The Unexpected Meeting'

'Mr. Dragon'

'On the Street, Really'

'The Bookkeeper'

'The Smart Phone and the Older Generation'

'The Street Life'

'Into the Light' Photo of the Week

'Look Out!' (BW ed.)

'The California Beach' (In Threes)

'Look Out!'

'Shhhhh . . . . '

'Why Learn to Take a Good Photograph When . . . ?

'The Face You Deserve'

'My House Burned; I Need Food'

'Life's Contrasts'

'The Crowded Metro Bench'

'The Long Flight Layover'

"'Sunrise Over the Vast Canadian Rockies' (Best Viewed 'Large')"

'The Gleaner: Part III'

'Gaming: The Addiction that Imperils Old and Young Alike' [With the 19,000th Portfolio...

'The (Animated) Conversation'

'The Wing De-Icer at Work'

'Composition With Homeless Shopping Cart'

'Cold Spring Showers'

'The Mixed Joy and Burden of Parenthood'

'Look Out Below' (B&W Ed.)

The Famous Twins of 'Hollywood-Gone-By'

Hold Tightly to Your First Love: The Memory Improves With Age

Everything 'Just So'

Crippled Ukrainian Soldier