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By 18 I was certain that I had a passion for photography having worked in a camera store to afford my first camera, a Canon FTB. After attending college I was lured away by the seductive big buck and chased it all the way to the "top of the mountain" only to discover that I had forgotten my camera along the way. After 15 years of "thinking inside the box" I returned to my passion, first by assisting, then by writing and photographing my own photo journalistic pieces.

Currently, I am shooting for advertising, editorial, and modeling clients. If some of my work looks commercial in nature, it is. Sometimes I have to throw originality out the window in exchange for a buck or two (closer to a buck than two).

I can not say that I have fully turned my recreation into a vocation yet (I'm not booked every day), but I am on the path. This time I have my camera in hand.

Country: US


Single Photos

Sports or Sport Lifestyle

Sailing and Sailing Lifestyle

Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2003-2005

Lifestyle Portraiture

A Day At The Races

The Air

Zed Head lifestyle photographs


Still Life, Nature


Dandelions Last Light

Sad Solitude

No Day At The Beach


Drink it already

A Tough Call

Unseen color

Armed for Peace

Faire Maiden

Frustrated Flyer


Hit and Run

Band Aid

Wild West

Giggle about Goggles

Minor Distractions

Happy However


Roaring Rear View

Jest for fun

Got Fruit?

You run, I'll throw

Keep Your Eyes On The Game

On The Record

Almost Lost It

Sailing Symmetry

Jugs Anyone

Who Got Game

Low Down To The Wire (Please View Large)

Horses Ass

Game Over

California Curves

High Sierra Hobbie Happiness

The Cowboy Poet

Take her out of the ball game

Oops I Boomed It Again

Angel Child

High Sierra Start

Frustrated Flyer and His Grounded Wart Hog (A-10)

The Dilema

Sweet Julia

Run Children Run

Clowning Around

At The Post

The Dilema

There off

Down the front stretch

Around the far turn

Million Dollar Start

At the post

Tearing up the turf

Cruising at the quater

Steven's pushes up the final stretch to win.

Trotting Down The Turf

Trotting Past The Tote

Kicking Dirt Down The Stretch

Odds On Maker

Good Morning Race Fans

Morning Breeze

Out of the gate

Tv Trotters (look on the monitor)

Grazing Across Grass

Hop On Grass

Hard To The Hole

Bark on Back

Morning Glow


Handicaped Handicapper


She Knocked My Teeth Out

Muscle Him Up

Down But Not Out

It Never Rains In California


Renaissance Pleasure Faire 2003 Collage

Bernie Mac with Orlando Jones

Images of 2003 MLB

Rhonda Rain

Sierra Sepia

Hollywood Star

Red Carpet Rocker

F-4 Phantom

In Training

Gunner Grounded

F117 Fly By

My Jugs

Wet Wood

Morning Coffee

Aqua Todd

A Parrot Parody

Kissing Dolphins

That Lick Of Love

It's A Classic

LoDouca Wiff

Lava Love

Venice Art

Close Up Classic

Kid Pig

Round The Mark

Race Ready

Hang 30

Got Air?

Lip Grind


Shake It

A Brave Man

Team Effort


DOg gone it

Hoppy Dog

Hoppy Dog Too

Hop on through

Banshee Bandit!

Summer Smile

Israel Silouette

Traffic Jam

Russian Sunset

Holly Robinson Peete and Robin Rotinea

The Joy Of Watching Flight

Thrusting Upward

The Dilemma

Just beyond the grasp

All Roads To Salvation

Flower Dog Sam

Russian Summer

Two Putt

Shocked Stage

The Rig

Spring's Saturation

I Feel Free

I forgot my board

Up and Away

Rose Light

A Baby's Garden

Got Air

Bail Out


Meditation Glow

My Favorite Model

A Glowing Rose

Skater Girl

Hot Meredith Skater


Vida Sam From Afghanistan

Shivaune After Feau Tennis

Classic Shivaune

Princess Shivaune

Jihad is not the answer

Insane Sarah

Red For Bed

Sara On Stairs

Hanging Out

Bordeaux Girl In Green



Doris in garden

Pool shark sarah

Angry Ashley

Sultry Sam

I am Sam

Let me see you jump!

Pretty In Pink


Bring on the night

Barbie After A Hot Night

Vida Vitale

Ashley's Eyes

On Guard

The mornings red glow.

Pulp Sarah


Little Red Russian Girl

Morning With Christine

Sexy Shivuane

Expressive Ashley

Ashley Close Up



Sarah Stairing

Photographed at Warner Brothers studio, Burbank California

Americana Mess

Sitting Ashley

What's Cooking?

New Chef In Town


A Lovely Lunch

Doris Staired

The Shoot

Sarah's Garden

Sarah Close Up

France's Loss

Corner Pocket


Nisa Sparkles

Nisa waits


Meter Greeter


It's Gone

A close pitch


Veronica Grey in Gray Tones

Beautiful Eyed Erin

Veronica In A Pinch

Well Toned Veronica

Erin Kicking On The Street

Shivaune Classic Silver

It's a Shivaune Summer

Sporty Shivaune


Fun Fysche


Sultry Veronica Grey in Color by G2 Imaging, Greg Goldstein

Metal Model

Summer Vida

High Sierra Rest Stop

Wild Wheaton

Dreaming of Dalmations


Road Trip

Armed from behind

Summer Smirk

Sarah Shooting Pool

Darby Day

Neon and The Night

Bring On The Night

Bring on the night "2"

Black White & Blue Eyed Shivaune

Night Light

Night Walk

Sillouette of a Breast

Pasadena Pops Orchestra

The Screening Room Floor

Sammie at Sunset

Orb-weaver spider.. I think

What's News

Girl From The Hood, Nisa Wong by G2 Imaging, Greg Goldstein

Odds On Favorite (toned version)

Naked Fische

Cold Morning

Good Morning Sunshine

Jason Doorway


Playball Meredith

Little Red

Summer GLOria

Cafe' by G2 Imaging, Greg Goldstein

Head Shot

Corner Kick Kids

Jump Ball

The Air Up There

Stairing Ashley

Engaging Ashley

Morning Flora

Summer Dreams

Political Granny


Kneading Dough


"Ashe Bubbo" of the band Cancel, by G2 Imaging, Greg Goldstein

Venice Roofed

Ashe Head Shot

Alexandra By Day by G2 Imaging, Greg Goldstein

Ashe Again

Leaf Me Alone

David in blues

Without a Cue

Dupree At The Door

Dupree Venice Roof 7851

Dupree Duotoned

Dupree In The Hall

Ducking For Fun

Soaring Sammie

Caged Photographer

Give Me Some Love

Pooch Snoozing

Sunday's Best

Solar Sunning

Inquisitive Eyes

Sama's Inquisitive Eyes - Color

Peek A Boo

Birthday Caked

Big Bird Birthday

Big Eyed Birthday Boy

Having Her Cake

Sarah Sitting II

Huggin Lovin

Floral Row


Floral Walk

Fruit Cake

Deep Purple

Working Photographer

Bright Playboy Beauty by G2 Imaging, Greg Goldstein

Sultry Silver by G2 Imaging, Greg Goldstein

Jennifer Sepia by G2 Imaging, Greg Goldstein

Nadia's Ride


Jennifer's Garden


Lovely Greens

Jennifer Stairing -color

Soft Stairs by G2imaging, Greg Goldstein

Pulp Jennifer


Proping with color

Nice Peace

Sassy In Silver

Silver Fox

Nadia Travel Bound

Crate Clothing Company

Jennifer Platinum

Jennifer in Black and White

Soft And Sultry

Frustrated Jen

Bright Eyes & Brick

Spring Bouquet

Crate Conversion

Cross Processed v 4

Dreaming In Colors by G2imaging, Greg Goldstein

Slow News

No News

Dandilon on Mushrooms

Jeremy Suarez Porch Chilling

Jeremy Suarez- Color Head Shot 1

Porch Sitter, Jeremy Suarez by G2imaging, Greg Goldstein

Future Actress- Lauren

Jeremy Suarez-Head Shot

Jeremy BW Headshot

Wackie Wheelie

Crazy J - BW

Little Mac Man

Magic Levitation

Window Shopping

Mermaid on the Lake


Renaissance Bowling

Jen at Night

Eyes For You

Bonita Bonilla

Jen Again -Color by G2imaging, Greg Goldstein

Jen Again -BW

Touch Me

Come To Me

Erin Deo Barred by G2imaging, Greg Goldstein

Ashe Door

Out at second

Safe or out?

Phantom Bag Tag

Staying Alive

Intimate Eyes

Little Red Haired Racer

Aqua Eden

Aqua Eden BW

Kiddy Car

Josh Toned

Little Eden by G2imaging, Greg Goldstein

Formal Reflective Dining

Alex's Head

Elle's Head Shot

Eden's Head Shot by G2imaging, Greg Goldstein

Silver Siren by G2imaging, Greg Goldstein

Chip on a hot day

Sammie Hot Dog

Little Liana`

Liana Creek 2

Elephant Seals In Love (1146)

Cheek To Cheek 1163

Sand, Stone, Sea, and Sky (1076)

Emily Feels Free 1099

California's Wild Zebras (0946)

Baby Face Elephant Seal

Elephant Seal Nose What's Coming

Wild Zebra Pride

Summer Fruit

Howling at the setting sun

Faire Flutist

Seattle Composite

Emily running just before sundown

Brad Warfield - 1296 BW

Brad Warfield Theatrical HS 1350

Brad Warfield- Editorial Portrait 1347

Jen #9073 by G2imaging, Greg Goldstein

Jen 9074 by G2imaging, Greg Goldstein

"Just Dave Bernal" #1964 by G2imaging, Greg Goldstein

Kid Fountain

Just Dave Two

Analog In

Flying By The Stretch


Sammie Goes Hollywood

Roxana Jackson

Greg Goldstein Gregory Stuart G2

Greg Goldstein Gregory Stuart G2 HS6G0710