Jason Fudge

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I took a basic photo class in high school and that is when I got interested in photography. In college I started experimenting with a lot of cool camera tricks. I used a lot of old cameras including an old 4x3 field camera that I converted to take a 6x7 back, a lot of Holga pictures, and a lot of cross processing pictures. I started working at North County Camera (shameless plug) and worked in the Lab there for a year printing and digitally retouching photographs. During that year I got into a lot of Band photography photographing local bands in San Diego and some for Elektra Records (ie. Jason Mraz). After that I decided I wanted to someting a little more meaningful in photography so I joined the United States Marine Corps and I am now a Combat Photographer currently stationed at Quantico, VA.



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3 local Bahaman boys play on a jetty in South Beach, Nassau.



A Bahaman child spends the day at the beach with his mother in South Beach, Nassau Bahama.

A young Bahaman child runs across South Beach, Nassau Bahama while playing in the low tide with friends.

Jason Mraz playing live in San Diego.

Jeff Gordan at Richmond International Raceway on May 19.