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Photography together with music are my two major mistresses! I continuously flert with them and maybe some day I'll get involved with them professionally. Unfortunately, my generation seems to turn away from anything that has do with art and although I consider myself an artist in mind and soul I myself recently finished economic and management studies in the U.S and England. Maybe it will come into use for an artistic endeavour. is a jewel and I have learned a lot from everyone here. Most importantly I've learned through my mistakes. Sometimes a harsh critique is the most valuable piece of information you can get: as long as it explains why and how to correct poor results. If anyone feels unjustly rated by me, may they know that I try in a poor critique to be constructive, and in most cases, give an explanation to help them improve. By no means can one be an authority in art due to its purely subjective nature so what is important is how we all feel and any comments on our work is just an opinion. If anyone feels they have received unjustly a poor and/or uneplained rating please alert me in any way. I am more than happy to explain my point of view and share any knowledge. In my photographic activity I am mainly attracted to landscape-cultural-nature photography and slowly uploading work I've done in Greece and its islands and other countries: USA-Czech republic-United Kingdom. **My website is still under construction but will soon be ready**



Photo Art



Still objects, life, portraits


Single Photos

Black & White


Black and White w/color


Reflection of pond turned upside down.

Sunset from ancient city of Nauplion on top of the acropolis

Temple of Posidon in Sounion Greece

Gold upon nature

A nice refreshment for a hot day!

Alcyonide days - Greek Myth

Waterside village - My uncle paints similar subjects and I wanted to create the feel of an oil painting by selecting the right positioning, rule of thirds, and adding some photoshop filtering

A frozen world

A dormant frozen world

Flower against motion blur


Dogie flower (rough translation)

What window light can do'

Weird tree

The mountain pathway

Sea off of Sounion temple


Greco-Venetian castle Palamidi


Dusk mist Ymmitos mountain

Painted saint statue

The Rock - Monemvasia

Sunset with Orange filter

Orange skyline

Village at night (thanks to the moon there was enough light for decent exposure)

Huge Human Shadows

Someone has put himself to work!

Central greece, Meteora. Has strange Rock formations and is a holy destination

Nauplio during a busy summer night

At the end of the road

Statue cats - Where's my sister?

I am lazy and I like it!

Divine view

Vines of Ice (this is aactually snow over my vines holder)

Mom and kids

Princess in the sun

King Agamemnon's tomb who led the Dorian Achaens against the Aeolian Trojans

The serenity of Spring and it's wildflowers

Yellow upon purple

The Geological miracle of Meteora where small monasteries are nestled on the peaks of steep rock formations

This is a lake near Meteora - heavy snow, lots of wildlife

The world depends on the eye of the beholder

In mystery land

Spinning Purple Haze

The city of Nauplion from higher grounds (*Castle Palamidi)

Streets of the medieval city of Monemvasia

The Turkish Bourzi a naval defence during turkish occupation

Another day is almost over...

Who kicked that damn ball?

May the siege begin, lay the city in ruin, raze it to the ground

Floating Cotton

Gothic church

The magical city

Little Venice Prague

The low light dark beer club

Humble Wisdom

Filtered light

Seas of green

The magic clock and symbols

The fable in stone and color

Griffon guards

View of Moldava and houses along it

The torch has spread the light taken from Zeus, though Promitheus is still bounded may the progressive star win

Stone tragedy

Angels and Heaven

All paths lead somewhere...where does yours?


The gatherer of the clock society

The twin bridges

Sweet home... my shell

The keep of Guildford

Sun upon antiquity

The dusk of the past

Under mid-angle light / Egyptian feel

Andros - Suneti

Somewhere in the arhcipelagos

The three boats

temple to artemis

The road

The Uknown Island

All in stone

Thorny beauty

Beach near Korthi

The old lady's jump

All four on their way

The medieval shop

Sneak Peak


The abyss

A gull and dusk



Lurking danger


A little after Sunset - Andros the Chora

The colorful shop

The wild Wire flower

Chub chub No2


Chios - small paths at Mesta-


The farmer's tools

Flowers in basket

Fresh drinking water

Donkey laughter

House in the forest

Chub Chub

The path

Little girl Big glasses

Babe's shoes

The Ghost town

The Lizard King

The medieval corridors

The old lady

Door locks

Vegetable market

Light blue

Sunset No7

Sport and island leisure

Seashore at sunset

The lighthouse

Vegetable market

The big leap

Chios Windmills

Miniature spider



Black and White corridor colored - Andros house

Cart in old town

Door and large pot - Andros

The old door of Chora

Chiaroscuro watercolor of old town of Andros at night

The streets at night

The 'skalakia'- a pop art version of a popular spot for a snack and Ouzo


The old red door


Geometry and steps No2

Geometry and steps


A cafe in Andros