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Once upon a time, when Kodak made Brownie cameras and I didn't know how to load film, my Dad said to me ," Do you want to take a picture of Mom and myself?". I said, "Yes". He said, "Well, here, look in this viewfinder, make sure you don't cut of our heads and press this button?" So I said, "Yes". After that eventful day I didn't take any more pictures because I never had a camera and wasn't that interested. I began travelling and shooting film and each time with a bit more consideration of what I was shooting. I have been doing it know for about 40 years. If you are interested in purchasing some of my work Email me at Cheers, Bob

Country: CH


Single Photos


Just experimenting

Black / White


Black Beauty

Art and Reflections

Autumn Fog

Saying goodbye to the autumn

Taking the chill off

Ice art

A beautiful sight in Venice...

Catching the connection in Milan..

Glass window...Piazza San Marco

The blue house

All alone...

Fränzi's work

Maag Areal at showtime...

Looking east ...

The house on the hill ...

Fog near Hazel

Cold and curious...

Landslide cage in winter

Have to pack these away soon for next year...

Departing into the fog ...

Emerging from the fog...

Passing in disguise

Looking east in November...

A frosty corner in the forest..

A beautiful log...

Forester's cabin porch...

Bathing beauties...

Just waitin' for the body shop to open...

Table enhancement..

Gutter art

Leftovers and the sky..

Snowdrift art

The old refugee asylum

Spirits in the rotting timbers

Snow shoeing at the base of the wall...

Naked and beautiful...

Derelict house facade..

Pensive castle jester

One of the angels...

Couldn't be colder...

Good pickin's...

Wedding leftovers bound on a thread...

Plantane and the wall

The first cold snap

Warm corner on a cold road

Nicely parked

After the windstorm...

Winter green...

Sahara sand in my eyes...

Disused barn loft stairs

Just one of my wife's many...

Factory in Juckern, where 14 hour workdays and child labour was once the norm !

Lightning storm brewing on the horizon...

Experimenting again from the bridge

Ah come on guys, not another shooting session!

Showing off..

The forest as backdrop...

Early morning under the bridge...

Warm Foehn wind over the Alps

Rundown but still alive


A dreary rainy day


Cormorants going west

Hornbeam bush at low sun

Ticino palm

Sir Isaac's pile


Closely watched

Towards the mainland

Mr. Luginbuel wasn't at home

Sahara sand over the Alps


Passed away

Sauber-Petronas Formula 1 Wind Tunnel

Wind tunnel

Barn study

Wall study and more

Cretean Pots

Greek coffee and a glass of water

High water

Gutter art 2

Spider Freddy and his brothers and sisters

A relic of the past

I'll beat you

Brittle branches

Deep forest

The film ripped...

Last rays of the day

Late evening forms

Coffee and a boiled egg

Breakfast on the patio

Last light

Low evening shadows

Mother Nature's daughter

The after taste

Squirrel's lunch

Foundry Reject 1

Bauma Early Fog 1

Bauma Early Fog 2

Bosshardt's hay bales

Colour-coded hay I suppose

Granite quarry 1

Granite quarry 2

Granite quarry 3

Antique Market - music in bed

Cut before the rain

Scent 1

Les Boules


Working at night

Lowest angle

The old church wall

An artistic menu

Morning light below

Swiss National Holiday August 1st

Enjoying the wait for the mosquitos

Bad room nice view

Getting a good deal on Saturday

It passed me on the right and then took off

Morning confrontation

Deadly hailstorm

Chaos in the forest

Backstreet at 8 o'clock

The rising after sunset

Lush vineyards


Early morning

New paint new light

Jup! We're biological...

Winter kindling 1

Listen girls..just tell 'em we're not goin' to move

Farmhouse window

Old and weak

No sales after 5

Winter Kindling 2

Forest ford flora

Dry wall in the Linth valley

Dying Cherry Tree 1

Trapped and Doomed 1

Burr captured in a dying cherry tree

A patriotic tractor

At the forest edge yesterday morning

Getting nervous about winter

Stink horn (Phallus impudicus)

The deceased cherry tree

Dam level sinks

Deep Freeze 1

Wall study

What's on tonight 1

Blasts from the past

6 o'clock carpet 1

6 o'clock carpet 2

This side of the line

The left side

Still undisturbed at 06:00 AM

Pumpkin Patch 1

Coming and going

No wild boars in sight

Colour in black 1

Coming down through the forest

Colour in Black 2

Colour in Black 4

Colour in Black 5

Warming up a cold day

Staying for the winter

The Sportsman

Her sister's motorcycle cap and goggles

Frost fantasy 2

Fog Fantasy 1

Alsacian Corn Cribs

Rhine Gravel Grids

Toesstal at 08:00

Looking back at Freudwil

For it's own avail

Nursery 1

Nursery 2

Looking north across the lake...

After the shower passed...

The pool's closed...

Me and my skin

The forest on Castlehill

Abandoned antique in derilect house fun !

Six in the morning and slow going...

Fog Fantasy 2

Two vehicles and two crosswalks

The facade under the bridge - right

The facade under the bridge - left

Orchard at 08:19

Luxurious entrances

Waiting on a quiet set...

5 kilometres to the next...

The visitor

Maybe today we will know...

Neglected fruit

Towards the east

The last trim before loading up

I can't take it any longer...why am I here ?

A last hinge

Mountain shed roof

Facing the rabbits and foxes

Foot of the silo

East window

Under the pier

No chance

Towards the top of the drumlin

Pond in rain

Sense of Survival 1

This year's

Barn relics

Enjoying a rainy day

Still steaming

Not far from the sea

Passion for steam

Stokin' up

Not alone...

Left to drop

The Alpenroesli Bar overkill

The new way to work

Warmer than below

Waiting for spring

Seated by the Loire

Fantastic joke!

Just off the road...

On the way back...

On the way to Neschwil...

beside Raphael's forest lot

Looking back on a cold day

Everyone's a bit chilly

Driving to Falmis

Low level

Never stopped to talk

Beside the church


Not far from here

Near the light

A mild wind

Spring Jog

Dropping off

A boat off Lenno

In the backstreet near the restaurant

10° too cool

Hot night

Waiting for the colour

Winter damage

The cowboy from Faichrueti

Beside the stream

Brake check

Near Blitterswil

Apples in July

Scraps and dried

At the bottom of the garden...

wheat in the evening

Cellar spuds

Old taps 1

The lady and the carousel

prêt à jouer

Chest latch

Old bone handled knives

Sailboarding Italy

Fields under foil

Last day of August


Deux fauteuil en cuir

The permission

The permission crop

Girenbad 1

At the edge of two

Dwarfs Meal

Les Boules

Working on the edge

Early burn off

no banquets no nothin'

The deer's territory

Panes of ice

Woodlot Nr. 1

Woodlot Nr. 2

Road to Zell

Hillside near Girenbad

Three bees

Near the path

Near the road to Seegraeben

Beside the woodlot

Beside the road

On the way to Sennhof

Meadow near Saland

Near the meadow 2

Near the meadow 1

Railway 1

Railway 2

Railway 3

No sound

Brittany 1

Chapel chair

Photographing my friend

Early apples 1

Early apples 2

To the next pasture

Artichoke 1

14 Juillet

Tidal flats 1

Tidal Flats 2

Ivy and water

Girenbad 2

Girenbad 3

Political Potatoes

Fountain 1

Stairwell 1

Waiting for the guests

Sharing a cool sound

woodpile fog traces

Breaking the line



Rosedale TTC


Hot day



Towards England 1

Towards England 2

Letting go

Near the farmhouse

à vendre 1

à vendre 2

On the way back from Oberschlatt

A few minutes from the road

February afternoon

La Blancherie

Pushing up to Neuthal

Stairwell 1

Watching from the dome

some day after winter

Return to the orchard

a quick peak at 2008

Toesstal 1

The cat from Calabria

In transit

At the edge of the Aeolian sea

Under the bridge

I never saw you and will never see you...arrivederci

I never saw you and will never see you...arrivederci

Completed block

Under the bridge to Tropea

Behind the breakers

This is it ?



Struttin' with my best boots

Chair 1

Cactus 1

Ceramic 3

Old taps 2

As it was...

Slipform 1

Slipform 2

Burning from the right

Houston we have a Ming teapot...

The back row

Near the station



Compost 1

Roundup at Whitelake Road

First snow fall

Through to ...

some bottles and books

Stairwell 2

holiday arrangement