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I have started photographing in my late ages and done it for about two years now. The Gallery may contain images from my native Finland, our 10 month stay in Andalusia or similarly in Scania. I am using Nikon D5200 and Sigma lenses: Sigma DC 18-250 mm, Sigma DC HSM 10-20 mm, Sigma APO DG HSM 70-200 mm and Sigma APO Macro DG HSM 150 mm. My "darkroom" is Lightroom. My images have been turned into photo books and latest is at sale at Blurb and Amazon ISBN 1320 34 7592 Two nature related blogs can be found at and my personal website at Your comments and recommendations to my images are very welcome.

Country: SE


Single Photos




Scanian wilderness LR 2

River Helge southwards LR 2

River Helge autumn LR 2

Floating islet on river Helge LR_

River Helge early morning LR 2

River Helge, Scania LR 2

Hallamölle lower water falls LR 2

Hallamölle upper water falls LR 2

Forsakar upper water falls LR 2

Forsakar lower water Falls

Wittskövle Castle LR 2

Forsakar nature reserve LR 2 _

Forsakar upper water falls LR 2

Täppet pier LR 2

Täppet pier LR 2

Arild shores LR 2

Arild stony shores LR 2

Hovs Hallar shores LR 2

Äspet early sun 4 LR 2

Äspet sunrise 3 LR 2

Äspet early morning LR 2

Hallands Väderö The Path LR 2

Hovs Hallar Scania LR 2

Benalmàdena eagles LR

Atlantic Calm Portugal LR 2

Atlantic Lava Portugal LR 2_

Atlantic Safekeeper Portugal LR 2_

Cabo Agave Beach LR 2

Cabo lighthouse LR 2

Cabo Mill LR 2

Cabo waterland Spain LR 2

Sierra Nevada Spain LR 2

ISTAN Avocado S

ISTAN Town 2 S

Andalucian thistle plant

Tolox below mountains LR 2_

Tolox sunrise LR 2_

Sierra Nevada Spain LR 2

Sierra Nevada Spain LR 2_

Sierra Nevada, Trevelez village LR 2

Church of Alora LR 2_

El Chorro Canyon 2 LR 2

The village of Competa 2 LR 2_

Frigiliana mountains 2 LR 2_

Ronda Path LR 2

Ronda Rural Road 3 LR 2

Finnish Archipelago

River Aura by night 3 LR

River Aura by night LR

River Aura, Turku, Finland

Beachy Head Eastbourne, UK


Cabo de Vicent Portugal


Late afternoon sunreys LR 2

Örnanäs Cultural landscape, Scania, Sweden

Hovdala Castle, Scania, Sweden

US made PITT airplane

Wanås Snapphaneeke, Scania, Sweden


Wanås Castle, Scania, Sweden

Vattenriket Naturum Kristianstad, Sweden

Äspet beaches, Åhus Sweden

HELGE river on a spring morning

HELGE river early morning

HELGE river banks

HELGE river banks

HELGE river banks