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Mt.Rose Wilderness Area, NV

morning fog

looking for the elusive moose

Badger Ridge

sunrise with oak tree

Hitchcock Nature Center

Hitchcock Nature Center

Missouri Valley at sunrise

Badger Ridge

storm clouds, Little Duck Lake

Little Duck Lake

what you never see in the tourist brochures...

sunset, Nejanilini Lake

midnight, Wolverine River

Wolverine River

clouds over drumlins

spruce clones, early morning fog

spruce clones, Wolverine River



sunset, Nejanilini Lake

early morning fog

spruce clones

early morning fog

Hudson Bay post at Little Duck Lake, MB

arctic wildflowers












after sunset

on the Mekong

old buddhas - Pak Ou caves

dock at Pak Ou caves

funeral flag

King Anouvong keeping an eye on the Thai across the river

one of the first warm days of March

Hotel lobby


Enders Falls

sunset from Sandia Crest

bur oak - Iowa loess hills

oaks at sunset

oaks and big dipper (please view larger to enjoy the stars)

burned ponderosa- The Box, Escalante NM

stars and camp in Hackberry Canyon - Escalante NM

badlands, lower Hackberry Canyon - Escalante NM

cottonwood and clouds, Hackberry Canyon - Escalante NM

cottonwood, Hackberry Canyon narrows - Escalante NM

cottonwoods, Hackberry Canyon - Escalante NM (2)

crossbeds and ponderosa pine - Echo Canyon - Zion NP

fallen rock slab, Hackberry Canyon - Escalante NM

Grand Canyon at snrise - North Rim

Grand Canyoon sunrise panorama - North Rim

Hoodoos - Bryce NP

Hoodoos at sunrise - Bryce NP

Navajo sandstone and ponderosa pine - obs. oint hike - Zion NP

Morning clouds - red Rock Canyon

dawn clouds, Red Rock canyon

our tents once more at night - Blue Spruce CG

The amphitheater at sunset - Bryce NP

The Watchman in the afternoon - Zion NP

Thor's hammer at sunrise - Bryce NP

Jon's van on Cottonwood Road - Escalante NM

Joshua Tree 1 - Red Rock Canyon

Moonrise over the Watchman - Zion NP



staircase with dog

Yes, we're open


holiday lights

morning fog

self portrait with Venus

house at night

frozen pond I - Lake Louise sm

frozen pond II - Lake Louise sm

frozen swamp I - Lake Louise sm

frozen swamp II - Lake Louise

frozen swamp III - Lake Louise

frozen swamp IV - Lake Louise

Lake Louise

reflections - Lake Louise

young trees

Foggy Morning

oak trees - Goodwin Park

oaks, morning fog

foggy morning

oak silhouette

oak silhouette

lonely tree and morning sun

ferns in hemlock forest

stone wall and maple tree

speedskating practice

speedskating practice

wrestling match

White Sands beach, CT

hockey goalie

ice hockey

oak trees

dead grass

rose bush

magnolia and night clouds

sun and ice

Ponderosa Pines Zion NP

The Watchman - Zion National Park

The Great White Throne - Zion National Park


winter forest

ice and snow

Grand Canyon - North Rim

pine and moonset

snow and shadow abstract



snow flurries

winter sky

Frozen salt marsh, Hammonnasset Beach SP

oak and frozen salt marsh

last ice - hopefully

winter leaves

reeds - Silver Sands State Park

dunes - Silver Sands State Park

small dune - Silver sands State Park


shoreline reeds

salt marsh

birches II - Silver sands State Park

fishing boat, Long Island Sound

birches and salt marsh

salt marsh and birch trees

salt marsh stream II

salt marsh stream

salt marsh

birches - Silver Sands State Park

an evening stroll through the neigborhood

Canada geese in the spring

trees and late spring snow

deer in heavy snow

stone wall - Burnham Brook

The Öxará at Þingvellir

buttercups - Haukadalur geothermal area



Strokkur - Haukadalur

boulders - Fimmvörðuháls

melting snowfield - Fimmvörðuháls

early morning - Fimmvörðuháls

recent lava - Magni crater

snow on recent lave - Magni crater

on Morinsheiði - Thórsmörk

wind ripples - Markarfljót

volcanic rocks - Botnar

Hattafell - Emstrur

moss campion - Emsrur

mountains in the clouds - Emstrur

volcanic boulders and clouded mountain - Emstrur

snow fields - Álftavatn

fumaroles - Jökulgíl

melting snow - Jökulgíl

snow and new grass - Jökulgíl

melting snow bank - Jökulgíl

grass near fumarole - Landmannalaugar

hot springs - Landmannalaugar

rhyolite hills - Landmannalaugar

Jökulgílskvísl - Landmannalaugar

Namskvísl - Suðurnámur

andesitic lava flow - Landmannalaugar


braided stream - Landmannalaugar

ridge - Suðurnámur

Norðurnámur - Landmannalaugar

the slopes of Suðurnámur

braided stream - from Suðurnámur

Jökulgílskvísl - Landmannalaugar (2)

Jökulgílskvísl - close up

Jökulgílskvísl and Landmannalaugar

the harbor of Höfn



frozen lake - Kollumúli

sheep on their way to Múlaskáli

waterfall - Kollumúli

boulders and clouds - Viðibrekkusker

physical weathering - Viðibrekkusker

reindeer - Viðibrekkusker

sheep tracks - Múlaskáli

birch tree - Múlaskáli

evening cllouds - Múlaskáli

evening sun - Múlaskáli

twisted birches - Múlaskáli

braided stream - Múlaskáli

braided stream and clouds - Múlaskáli

evening sun over glacier - Hornafjörður

evening clouds - Mosfellsbær

lupines - Mosfellsbær

Moonrise - Cathedral Ledges, NH

The Blue Hour

dark skies

wild celery

Hitchcock Fall, NH

double rainbow

evening clouds

fly shadow 2

fly shadow 1



sea birds - long exposure

sea gull



stick and floating leaves



blue wave 2

blue wave 1

dune grasses

Bluff Point beach

Bluff Point beach

Bluff Point

Bluff Point pegmatite

wild rose branch

log and wave


seagull and boulder

Bluff Point


Bluff Point rocks

forest path


star trails over Mad River, NH

stream boulders

fall colors

fall forest

fall colors

maple leaves

fall colors

Moose maple leaves

Norway Rapids

Norway Rapids

evening clouds - Mt. Osceola

evening clouds - Mt. Osceola

dead leaves

dead leaves

fall colors

winter forest

winter forest

first snow

willows and fog

Canada geese

winter pond

Bluff Point

oak in winter snow


winter evening

winter evening

evening sky

bur oaks at dusk

bur oak and star trails

burned tree

last storm of the season

th last storm of the season - maybe

spring floods

last snow of the season

spring snow


Griswold Point

Aspen - Warner Lake, La Sal Mountains, UT

a sea of yellow

fig tree


Griswold Point

umbrella magnolia - 11 image focus stack

clearing storm - Whitewall Mountain, NH

meadow on the A-Z trail

dense woods

once in a blue moon


summer storm

the end of summer


the end of summer

early morning light

Mt Kearsarge at Sunrise

morning fog, San Juan floodplain, Bluff UT

tamarisks, San Juan near Bluff, UT

morning fog, San Juan floodplain near Bluff, UT

floodplain, Missouri River, Crescent, IA

powerlines (please view large)

Ponderosa Pine

Zion Narrows

Navajo sandstone

Zion cliffs at sunrise

Fairyland Point

pine on the canyon rim

ripple marks

birches and fall colors - Zealand

Mt. Washington from Mt. Guyot

Zealand Ponds

Annapurna South from Poon Hill

morning in the Annapurna Sanctuary

sunrise, Annapurna sanctuary

Long Island Sound

Himalaya teahouses

floating hills

late afternoon light

Annapurna South at night

Hong Kong ferry

spring forest

summer forest




and there you lie and hope ...

after the storm

cirrus clouds






coneflowers and bird bath

after a summer storm


zuccini leaf

dried magnolia leaves

day llilies

day lilies

day lilies



apple tree and evening sky

sunset through the apple tree

summer storm