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By a fluke of sorts I began traveling to Sydney on business once per year for four years beginning in 1979. Every year I would visit a different place in Asia or the South Pacific when I returned. In 1983 my sister and her family moved to Germany for five years. I began visiting them regularly and traveling to 2 or 3 nearby countries each year. During these periods I took a camera along on each trip mainly just to document the different things I saw. Every couple of years I would upgrade my camera.

In the late 80's I started exploring Africa and found myself with a somewhat upscale Minolta body and lenses that went from 24mm to 500m. I took some classes and did some reading but just couldn't muster the interest to master film photography. For the most part, I let the automated features of the camera do their thing and never used a tripod. As a result, I have only 50 or so "winners" and a few hundred near misses from this early era.

In the 1990's my travels were interupted by a return to my professional career and a five year marriage to a native Malagasy tour guide. Despite these significant obstacles (!), I did manage to travel overseas once a year and marginally improved my photography along the way.

I bought my first digital in 2002 and was soon a digital convert. My mind seems to grasp digital better than film technology. And, as I get deeper into PS, I've come to realize that the more I learn, the more there is that I still have to learn.

I still consider myself more a traveler and writer than a photographer. I still use my camera more often as a documentation tool than an artistic tool, rarely staying in one place long enough to wait for ideal photo conditions.

When I'm home (reside near Denver), I love to travel around the States and visit National Parks and Major League Ballparks.

You can read journals from previous trips and see more pics at www.mytripjournal.com/gungajim

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Asia - Myanmar (Burma)

Asia - Central - Afghanistan

Europe - Slovenia (Ljubljana & Piran)

Africa - Tunisia 12/04 & 1/05

Flowers, Foliage & Cactus

Asia - Taiwan

Asia - Japan - Osaka & Nagoya

Asia - Middle East - Iran - Isfahan

Asia - Caucasus - Georgia

The Freaky, the Funny and the Odd

China - West - Silk Road (Kashgar)

N. America - USA - Texas Hill Country

Asia - Southern - India - Dehli, Agra & Naggar

N. America - USA - Nevada - May 2006

N. America - USA - California - Nat. Parks on NV border - May 2006

Asia - Malaysia (Sarawak & Sabah)

Asia - Brunei

Asia - Malaysia (Peninsular)

Asia - Indonesia, Sumatra

Asia - Indonesia, Java

N. America - USA - Colorado (Western) - July 2006

Asia - Philippines

N. America - USA - Missouri Ozark National Scenic Riverways

N. America - USA - Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Latin America - Mexico City & Environs 12/03

China - NE (Harbin)

China - Central - Silk Road (Xian)

China - East (Beijing)

China - West - Silk Road (Urumqi)

China - West - Silk Road (Turpan)

China - West - Silk Road (Dunhaung)

China - East (Shanghai)

N. America - Canada - Newfoundland

N. America - Canada - NS & PEI

N. America - Canada - New Brunswick

N. America - USA - Maine

N. America - USA - Florida Everglades

N. America - USA - Florida Keys

N. America - USA - Florida - Miami

N. America - USA - Florida - Big Cypress NR

N. America - USA - Florida Keys - Bridges

N. America - USA - Florida - West Coast & Inland

Latin America - Ecuador - The Galapagos

Latin America - Caribbean - Cuba

N. America - Canada - Alberta - Banff & Jasper

Underwater Fiji & Kauai

Latin America - Chile - Easter Island (Isla de Pascua)

N. America - USA - Washington State

Latin America - Chile - San Pedro de Atacama Region

N. America - USA - So. California

Wildlife & Birds

Latin America - Chile - Iquique, Arica & Putre (far north)

Latin America - Chile - Isla Grande de Chiloe

N. America - USA - CO - Boulder County (home base)

Latin America - Chile - The Lake District

Latin America - Chile - Santiago

Latin America - Chile - Patagonia & Torres del Paine NP

Latin America - Peru - Arequipa

Latin America - Peru - Machu Picchu/Cusco/Sacred Valley

Latin America - Ecuador - Quito

Latin America - Ecuador - Otavalo to Latacunga

Asia - Middle East - Israel - Jerusalem

Asia - Middle East - Israel - Sea of Galilee/Jordan River

Asia - Middle East - Palestine - Bethlehem/Jericho

Latin America - Ecuador - Latacunga & Quilotoa Loop

Asia - Middle East - Israel - Jaffa, Caesarea, Haifa, Acre, Nazareth

Asia - Middle East - Jordan (Amman, Jerash & the NE

Asia - Middle East - Jordan - King's Highway

Asia - Middle East - Jordan - Petra

Asia - Middle East - Jordan - Wadi Rum & The Dead Sea Region

Asia - Middle East - Lebanon - Baalbek & Anjar

Asia - Middle East - Syria - Bosra

Asia - Middle East - Syria - Damascus

Asia - Caucasus - Azerbaijan (& Naxicivan)

Asia - Middle East - Iran - Tehran

Asia - Middle East - Iran - Shiraz & Persepolis

Asia - Caucasus - Armenia

Asia - Central - Turkmenistan

Asia - Central - Uzbekistan - Khiva

Asia - Central - Uzbekistan - Sammarkand

Asia - Central - Uzbekistan - Tashkent

Asia - Central - Kyrgyzstan

Asia - Central - Kazakhstan

Asia - Southern - India - Kolkata

Europe - Eastern - Ukraine - Lviv & Kamyanets-Podilsky

Europe - Eastern - Ukraine - Chernobyl

Europe - Eastern - Black Sea - Yalta, Svevastapol, Odessa, Tulcea, Nessebar

Europe - Eastern - Turkey - Istanbul

Europe - Eastern - Moldova & Trans Dniester

Europe - Eastern - Romania - Bucharest

Europe - Eastern - Romania - Argus Valley & Transfagara

Europe - Eastern - Romania - Sibiu

Europe - Eastern - Romania - Sighisoara

Europe - Eastern - Romania - Brasov & Sinaia

Europe - Eastern - Ukraine - Kiev

Europe - Eastern - Ukraine - Dnipro River

Asia - Southern - Nepal - south to Lumbini

Asia - Southern - Nepal - Pokhara/Tansen Region

Asia - Southern - Nepal - Kathmandu

Asia - Southern - Nepal - Bhaktupur/Nagarkot

Asia - Southern - India - Darjeeling & Gangtok

Asia - Southern - Bhutan Thimphu & Paro

Asia - Southern - Bangladesh - Dhaka

Asia - Southern - Bangladesh - Rural SE

China - South - Hainan Island (Sanya)

N. America - Canada - BC - Vancouver Area

N. America - USA - NY - Catskills, Cooperstown & Hudson Valley

N. America - USA - NY - NYC

N. America - USA - NY - NYC - High Line Park

N. America - USA - NC - Outer Banks

Asia - Southeast - Thailand - Bangkok

Asia - Southeast - Thailand - Phuket & Pattaya

Asia - East - Korea

Latin America - Caribbean - Cuba - Eastern

Latin America - Caribbean - Dominican Rep. - Santo Domingo

Latin America - Caribbean - Haiti - Port-au-Prince

Europe - Scandanavia - Sweden - Uppsala/Sigtuna

Europe - Scandanavia - Sweden - Stockholm

Europe - Eastern - Poland - Gdansk

Europe - Western - Germany - Berlin & Wittenburg

Europe - Baltics - Lithuania

Europe - Baltics - Latvia

Europe - Baltics - Estonia

Europe - Eastern - Belarus - Minsk

Europe - Eastern - Poland - Warsaw

N. America - USA - NH

Europe - Scandanavia - Finland - Aland Islands & Turku

N. America - USA - VT

N. America - USA - AZ 2012

N. America - USA - KS - Hiways 24 & 36

N. America - USA - Nebraska

China - SW - Lijiang

China - SW - Dali

China - SW - Kunming

China - SW - Dongchuan Red Lands

China - South - Longsheng (Longji Terraces)

China - South - Li River (Yongshuo, Daxu, Guillin)

China - South - Li River (Guillin to Xingping)

China - North - Ningxia (Yinchuan)

China - North - Inner Mongolia (Ejina QI)

China - East - Anhui (Tunxi, Xidi, Hongcun, Nanping,Tangyue)

China - East - Anhui (Huangshan Mountain)

China - East - Fujian (Yongding Tulous)

China - East - Fujian (Xiamen, Gulangy'u Island)

China - East - Jiangsu (Zhouzhuang)

BoulderCountyFlood - Sept. 2013

Latin America - Boliva - Santa Cruz

Latin America - Columbia - Bogota

N. America - USA - MT

Latin America - Bolivia - Sucre

N. America - Canada - Manitoba (Winnipeg/Churchill)

N. America - USA - WY - Yellowstone & Tetons NPs

Latin America - Bolivia - Potosi

Latin America - Bolivia - Uyuni & Salt Flats

Latin America - Bolivia - Oruro Carnival

Latin America - Bolivia - Sajama NP

Latin America - Bolivia - La Paz

N. America - Canada - Ontario - Toronto

N. America - Canada - Ontario - 1000 Isles NP Region

Latin America - Caribbean - Dominican Rep. - Outside Santo Domingo

Latin America - Caribbean - St. Barts

Latin America - Caribbean - Puerto Rico

Latin America - Panama

Latin America - Caribbean - Dominican Rep. - Dajabon

N. America - USA - CA - Redwoods NP region

N. America - USA - CA - Sacramento, Delta & Bay Region, Lassen NP, Gold Country

Latin America - Columbia - Cartagena

Latin America - Caribbean - San Andres & Providencia

Latin America - Caribbean - Bahamas and Turks & Caicos

Latin America - Caribbean - Dominica

Latin America - Caribbean - St. Vincent, Bequia & Grenadines

Latin America - Caribbean - Grenada & Carriacou

Latin America - Caribbean - Barbados

Latin America - Caribbean - Bonaire

Latin America - Caribbean - Curacao

Latin America - Caribbean - Antigua

Asia - Southeast - Thailand - Chaing Mai

Asia - Southeast - Thailand - Sukhothai

Asia - Southeast - Thailand - Phrae & Nan

Asia - Southeast - Singapore

Asia - Southeast - Indonesia - Moluccas - Ternate

Asia - Southeast - Indonesia - Raja Ampat (Boo & Misool Isles) 15th

Asia - Indonesia - West Papua - Asmat Region (water warriors)

Asia - Indonesia - West Papua - Asmat Region (village scenes)

Asia - Indonesia - West Papua - Asmat Region (portraits)

Asia - Indonesia - Banda Neira (20th)

Asia - Indonesia - MacCluer Gulf & Port of Kokas 16&17th

Asia - Indonesia - Asmat Region - Jufri & Yuan (19th)

N. America - Hawaii - Oahu

Recent Posts

N. America - LA - Baton Rouge

Asia - Indonesia - Alor Island - Kalabahi & Takpala

NYC - Election Night & Days After

Asia - Indonesia - Banda Sea (150320)

Asia - Indonesia - Lomblem Island (150324)

Asia - Indonesia - Komodo Island (150326)

Asia - Indonesia - Lesser Sunda Isles - Kodi, Sumba (150327)

Asia - Indonesia - Kalimantan - Kumai (150329)

Asia - Indonesia - Kalimantan - Tanjung Puting NP (150330)

Australia - NSW - Sydney


Burmese Shan Cabbage Patch "Dolls"

The rooftop of Piran's Baptistery (1650 AD) as viewed from the top of the adjoining campanile.

Slovenian Corncrib

Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia

Where's MY worm?

A Million Dollar Smile

Motorbike Melee

Welcome to Tunis!

Rock Star Wannabe

Motorbike Melee (re-cropped per critiques)

Ready to trade pj's for pinstripes!

The Silence of Lambs

The Edge of the Tunisian Sahara

Safe from the Sahara Elements

He ain't heavy, he's my lammie!

Tunisian Desert Horsemen

Traditional Tunisia

Tromostovje (Three Bridges)

Soul and Sole Study on the Train Tracks

Roman Theater at Dougga

Castle Hill in Ljubljana

Tunisian Bedouin Ksar Ghilane in the Sahara

Sahara in Winter after 1 ml of rain

Rooftops of La Kef

Tunisian Gentleman Riding to Town.

Azadi Monument - Tehran. Celebrates 2,500 year anniversary of the Persian Empire

Relief Driver Riding Shotgun on an Afghani Big Rig.

One of the destroyed Budda niches at Bamiyan, Afghanistan together with stupas and monasteries.

Tea Time at an Afghani Mountain Reststop

Waiting for the Recruiter

Intense Afghani in Rural Village

The Starkness of Bamiyan Valley.

Princess for a Day

The Ruins of Ancient Persepolis

Persepolis - rock carving of wild animal mane

Afghani refugee in Iran

Interior of historical mosque is Shiraz, Iran

Uighar woman at the Sunday Market in Kashgar

Khor Virap below Mt. Aratat in Armenina

Historic Shiraz Mosque Interior

Senior Citizen of T'bilisi

Tbilisi Matron


Thermal Baths in Old Tbilisi

The Baku Snack Bar Guys

Plenitude of Peas

Melon Matters

Historic Ruins of Merv in Turkmenistan

Sher Dor Medressa in the Registan

Imploring Allah

Birds on a Rail (scan of 1995 photo)

Birch Arbor

Taj View

Once & a Future Raj

All Manner of Conveyance - #3

The Baby Taj

Bricklayer's Assistant

Sunrise on the Taj

N. India Mother & Child

Got Milk?

Peace in the Valley

Rememberance of Things Past

Meals on Wheels

The End of the Rainbow

Village Elder

Prayer Flags to Calm the River

Monks Going to Market

View Through Wrought Iron Gate Ornamentation

At Peace in Allah's House

Leery of the "Ugly American" Photographer

Jama Mosque - Old Dehli

Illness or Eyeshadow?

Tedious Restoration Work

Bangkok City Offices Complex

Sunset on Hindu Temple

Humayan's Tomb

On a Roll

Bee on a Bonnet of Wildflowers (view large)

Heaven's Gate in Texas

Road to Bluebonnet Heaven

Pretty in Pink

Don't Fence Me In

Crushing Defeat

Saturday Night Live

Arbor Over a Streambed

Black & White Patriotism

Jesus's Cowboys


Eyes not working yet but stomach is growling!

Robin Chick Contemplating First Flight

Peek at a Temple

San Antonio Jewel

Tight Fit

Burmese Bullrider

Rangoon Pagoda

Cathedral Gorge State Park, NV

Miner's Ore Truck - early 19th C. Nevada

Spontaneous Pose

Naung Kan Gyi Paya

Weeding the Cabbage Patch

Engineer's Cab on Old Steam Engine

Riverbank Congestion

Village Schoolgirl in Burma

Death Valley Ore Hauling Steam Rig

Daily Ablutions

Reflection of upper & lower Yosemite Falls in seasonal bog pond


Mini-Monks with their Beggar Bowls in the recesses of a temple

Burmese Bong Babe

Recent reincarnation of The Lone Ranger in Burma

Stairway to Heaven (or Reincarnation) as the Case May Be.

Happy Hour

Temples on Bagan River Plain

$1/day Employment in Burma

Fishing village on Burma's Bay of Bengal coast

Off to Work

Fishing Boat Fleet

Generals Highway

Cone Zone

Dots & Waves

Road to Fresno from the East

HOV Certified

Nipple Study

Rafflesia - Biggest flower in the world.

Borneo Pitcher Plant

Stamen of a rafflesia.

Sarawak Fishermen

Brunei National Museum Staircase

Borneo's Caribbean

Contemporary Mosque

Preparation of a Ramadan Meal

Contemporary Minaret

Weaving with Her Toes

Hillside Tea

A Colonial Era Classic in Ipoh, Malaysia

Teluk Bahang Village Pier

Tea Leaves

Kek Lok Si Temple

Palm Oil Plantation

A Peach of a Beach Bloom

Masjid Negeri

A Moment of Insanity

Sumatran Orangutan

Jungle Monkey

Mesjid Raya in Medan, Indonesia

Sumatran Schoolgirls

Bats 4 Sale at Indonesian Pet Market

Elderly Javanese Lady

Central Yogyakarta

Quality Time with Dad on the Temple Roof

Museum Curators

Yogyakarta Rooftops

Palace Corridor

Descending Orangutan

18th C. Sultan's Palace Pool in Yogyakarta

18th C. Sultan's Palace Tunnel Passage in Yogyakarta

Raindrops on new shoots of a cholla cactus.

Raindrop on a Cholla Cactus

Borobudur Buddha Shrines

Borobudur Stonecarving Close-up

Buddha Bells at Borobudur

Prambanan Hindu Site

Hindu Temple Ruins of Prambanan

The Cost of a Photo Opp

Temples at the 9th C. Prambanan Hindu Site in Java, Indonesia

Skyline of Modern Jakarta

Borobudur - 8th to 10th C. Buddhist Temple

A Bell Curve

Meditating Buddha at Borobudur

Borobudur Shrines

Japanese Tour Group Exploring Manila

Father of the Bride Delivering the Goods! #2

Moalboal Beach on West Coast of Cebu Island, Philippines

Arm in Arm

Railroading in the Rockies

Abandoned Miner's Shack at 12,000 feet

Uncompahgre Wilderness

Approach to Imogene Pass

Abandoned Ore Mill - circa 1890's

Along the Colorado Alpine Loop near Engineer Pass

Past Their Prime

Green Plaid

Soothing Sounds in a Confucian Temple

Motorbike Melee (B & W)

Caliente, Nevada Union Pacific RR Station

Snake Alley Street Food Feast

Carthage Schoolgirl Playing in the Old Roman Coliseum

Street Sadness

Abstract in B&W

The view up from the front door of the world's tallest building - Taipei 101

The moods of the onset of puberty.


Nagoya Castle & Moat

Earthquake and Tsunami

Batting Practice in his pj's.

Approach to Osaka Castle in November

Osaka Castle

Field Trip

Crumbling Cone

Cycle Cemetery

Where lava enters the ocean

Volcanoes National Park

Volcanoes NP - Hawaii

Circumnavigation of Craters

Rest in Peace

Beware - danger lurks

Novice Matador

The Ravages of Age

Voladores of Veracruz

AIDS poster in Tehran, Iran. I found it interesting that an English translation apppears, probably because so many Iranians are fluent in English.

The Anguish of Another Day

Afternoon Shadows

Thrusted Upward

Towering Monolith

Rooftop Patio

Grandma whispering wisdom

San Miguel de Allende Cityscape (please view larger)

The Ravages of Mother Time

Pyramid of the Moon

Manchurian Tiger Preserve - Harbin, China

Songhua River at Harbin, China

Connect the Dots

The Last Vestiges of the Russian Orthodox Church in China - St. Sophia - now a museum.

High as a Kite

Dry season on the Songhua River near Harbin, China.

St. Sophia, Harbin, China (built 1905) (B&W)

St. Sophia, Harbin, China (built 1905)(color version)

Great Wall at Mutianyu

The Mega-Buddha of Harbin, China

Provincial Schoolgirls on a Field Trip to the Forbidden City - scan of 1999 photo.

The Forbidden City confronts the Contemporary City

The Noodle Guy in Xian, China

The Eyes Have It

Contemporary Minarets in Urumqi, NW China

Only one "O" short of being prosperous!

Carved mosque door in NW China

Tian Shan Mountains - NW China

Noodle of the Year

Abakh Hoja Mausoleum

Kabab Vendor at the Kashgar Night Market

Muslim Cemetery

Competing Cultures - the scarf and t-shirt.

The Rosetta Stone of Arabic, Chinese & English

Home from School

Spinning silk from boiling silkworms

Quran Study Group

Answering the Friday Afternoon Call to Prayer

Nouveau Riche in Western China

The Sunday Livestock Market in Kashgar, China

Returning home from the Sunday Market


Kashgar, China Hairstylists

Uighar Lady in Western China

Bountiful Harvest Arrives at the Market

Ethnic Uighar Woman in Western China

Intricate Brickwork

Intricate Minaret Brickwork

Grapes of Wrath

A Boy and His Lambs

The Kindergarten Dancer

Jiaohe Ruins, 1C - 13C

Me and My Shadow

Mogao Buddhist Temple Caves

Dune Buggy

Desert Flower

Bubbly Uighar Schoolgirls

The Ruins of Gaochang along the western China Silk Road.

The Touchy Feely Buddha

Singing Sand Mountain Dunes

The Forgotten Kingdom of Gaochang

The Eyes Have It

The Terra Cotta Warriors of Xian, China

The Drum Tower of Xian

Zooming in on the Terra Cotta Warriors

The Bell Tower of Xian

Oriental Pearl Tower

The Big Wild Goose Pagoda

A Boy Named Tuffy

Buckling Bricks

The Bund in Shanghai


River Ruckus

East Bank of Shanghai's Pearl River (Please view larger.)

Shanghai's Bund

Ozark National Scenic Riverways

Nearly Extinct

A Boy and His Shadow

Trees and Tracks

Babbling Brook

Logos in the Wilderness

Dry Season at Rocky Falls

Slime amid the Ruins

Day's End on the Current River

Three Horses and a Missouri Mule

Not quite square; not quite level.

Birds on a Rail

Rocky Harbour's Harbor

Sunset on Rocky Harbour's Harbor

A lot of logs.

A frizzy, dizzy blonde!

Maine Mansion at Dusk

New - from the GAP

Hopewell Rocks


Shades of gray & green.

Bridge to the End of the Ocean

O Canada!

Storm Over Hopewell Rocks

Old Blue Eyes

Sunning His Wings

Green Heron Looking for Lunch

Search for a Snack

Head-on with a Green Heron

Buzzards Having Happy Hour in the Everglades.

Double Vision (please view larger)

Awaiting Restoration

A spider of some sort

Ft. Jefferson, Dry Tortugas NP

Arches Walkway

Ft. Jefferson, Dry Tortugas NP

Fortress Moat

Troubled Bridge over Calm Waters

Two Approaches to Bridge Design

The Old and the New

An erector set bridge.

Angling Over the Fish Tunnels

Golden Moment

Growing Old Gracefully

Setting up for a Bar Mitzvah

Reflecting Rabbi

Pretty in Pink

Art Deco #4

Art Deco #3

Art Deco #2

Art Deco #1


Gator Surfacing at Dusk

Cypress Swamp

The going rate in Little Havana

Playing "Chicken"

Dancing Palms

Goosestepping Marsh Bird

Seashell Ceiling

Swamp Flora

Limb Tangle

Triangle Tapestry

Balanced Nutrition

Rolling Logs

The surrender of Chuck Taylor and Converse All Stars to contemporary fashion

Church on rural Prince Edward Island

Wild Canadian Lupine

Prince Edward Island Lighthouse at Dusk

Lupine Explosion

Tools of the Trade

Picket Blooms

Boat Bumper

Grassy Dune Lighthouse

Beach Turf

Imminent Collapse

Golden Glow

The Harbor at Puerto Morelos

The House of Eternal Bliss

The Scratcher & the Slacker

Galapagos Land Igauna Portrait

Sea Lion Pup

Seeking Female Companionship

Blue Footed Boobie Bird

Cleared for Landing

Blue Footed Boobie Ritual Mating Dance

Female frigatebird on a nest of branches and brambles.

Galapagos Evolutionary Marvel - the headless sea-lion.

Galapagos Dazzler

Soothing Ruffled Feathers with a Kiss!

Rotating Her Eggs

Feeding Her Chick

Galapagos Land Iguana

Blue-footed boobie nurturing her twins

Male Galapagos Frigatebird

Happy Couple

Nesting Frigatebirds

Fully Inflated

Boobie Portrait

Checking His Plumbing

Tres Amigos

Galapagos Albatross

Nursing Her Cub

Evolution of a new species in the Galapagos in the Post-Darwinian era.

Tangle of Marine Igaunas

Blue-footed Boobie Portrait

Dogs of the Revolution

Buddies or Lovers?

Albatross chicks play on guano covered boulders.

Crab Strolling a Galapagos Beach

Fidel's Comrades

Albatross Chick

Racing the Tide


Scoping out the landscape before coming ashore.

The Underside of a Frigatebird


Head Over Heals

On the Prowl

The Vermillion Lakes of Banff

Full Neck Extension

Grazing Galapagos Turtle

Daily Abolutions of a Galapagos Turtle

Students in The Galapagos on a field trip listen to a lecture on creationism.

Banff National Park

Out of His Shell

Galapagos Original

Nosey Galapagos Turtle

Peyto Lake

Turtle Toes

Galapagos Tidal Pool



Timber Tangle

Leaving Paradise

Challenging Gravity

Riding Sidesaddle or Bareback?

Downhill Racer

Bump on a Log

Down to Earth

Banff NP, Lower Johnston Falls

A Skull Crafted by Nature

Tangle of Falls


Counting Sheep


Galapagos Green Heron

Banff National Park, Canadian Rockies

Seeking Higher Ground

Mirror Image

Galapagos Desert Moonscape

Scaling Shale

Rambling Rams

Galapagos Landscape

Neck Nap

Elk in Velvet


Cuban Farmer

Equipment of a Migrant Cuban Cane Harvesting Crew

Residential Security as an Artform

The Guys at the Petrol Station

Browsing in His Velvet

Young Lady with a Long Stride

The Last Intact Michelangleo in Cuba

Imminent Collapse?

Dressing a Pig in Havana

For the Love of the Game

Bighorn Ram

Retired Revolutionary

Racing River

Maligne Lake

Last Light in the Valley

Headgear or Gearhead?

Alberta, Canada State Capitol in Edmonton

Browsing Elk in Velvet

Miette Range

North American Bison

Ahu Tongariki Statues on Easter Island

Seafarers' Monument on South Coast of Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

Easter Island Raptor

Easter Island (Isla de Pascua)Fishermen

Jennifer Tuhi Atan, Queen of Rapa Nui

Southeast Coast of Easter Island


Transport Disaster in Easter Island

Sunset Gazer

Ahu Kote Riku

Rano Kau Crater on Easter Island

Storm Arriving on the Interior of Easter Island

Ahu Tongariki

Ahu Tongariki


SW Coast of Easter Island

Two Couples

Fallen Angel at the Feet of the Deified

Extinct Volcanos, Fallen Statues

Awaiting the Reincarnation of the Sculpturer


Easter Island Beach Scene

Dwarfed by the Cliffs

Stoned Rock Band?

Ahu Akivi

The Easter Island Quarry

The Seven Warriors

Hanga Roa

Extinct Volcanic Cones

Ahu Hanga Kio'e

Amber Waves of Grain

Dry Falls @ Sun Lake State Park

Only in Seattle...

The Columbia River at Wenatchee

Boxed In

The Space Needle Viewed from a Tight Space

Fremont Drawbridge

Taking her sheep out for a Coke on a hot day.

Fence on a Wall at Sunset

Combine Art

El Tatio Geysers at First Light

Afternoon Snack

School's Out

Coming to Pray?

Atacama Desert Geothermal Formation

Chile's Atacama Desert

El Tatio Geysers

Makes You Blind

Chapel of the Virgin of Sand & Scrub

Whidbey Island, Washington

In Sync?

Underside of a Whidbey Island Fern Frond

Emerging from the Fog

Valley de la Muerte

Searching Out the Sunset

Valle De La Luna

A Big Guy Going to Pay Respects to The Big Guy

Fog Settling at Dusk

Grazing Guanaco

Valley of Death

Valle de la Luna - Atacama Desert

La Luna Dune

Atacama Desert at Dusk

North Cascades National Park

North Cascades Nat. Park

Atacama Desert Freeway

Speed Bumps

High Plateau in the Colorado Rockies

Another beer please....

The Coast at La Jolla

Day's End on the Pacific Coast

A Beak and a Bump

A Bird named Dot

Atacama Desert Village

Perils of Aging

Fruits of the Wheat Harvest


Light on the Forest Floor

Grand Coulee Dam

High Chilean Desert Volcanos

Sky Over the Atcama Desert & the Andes

The Little Red Wagon

Salar de Atacama - National Flamingo Reserve

Altiplano Sectors of Chile's Reserva Nacional Los Flamencos

Route 27 from Chile to Argentina Border

Mostly Gothic

King of the Hill

Big wheels, little wheels & banos

Geological Monoliths near Salar de Tara

Iglesia San Pedro

Afternoon Snack in High Andes

Salar de Atacama

Strapped to the Top of an Old VW Bug

Laguna Miscanti

Parade of Columns

Refreshment at the Oasis

Atacama Desert Wetlands

Five O'clock Fog Bank

Spokane Botanical Garden

The 17th Fairway at the Atacama Desert CC.


Pretty in Pink

Geoglifos de Pintados (please view larger)

Support From Above?

Geoglifos de Pintados (please view larger)

Roaming the Plains

Island Town in the Andes

Indian Rhino Couple

Child Molestation in the Animal Kingdom (warning - some may find this offensive)

Pedophilia in the Animal Kingdon (caution - possibly offensive or disturbing to viewer)

The Magic Tongue

Atacama Desert Oasis


Vicuna in the Chilean Andes

Alpacas Grazing in the Chilean Andeas

Heading Home

Stuck on the High Road

Wooden Bridge in Rural Chile

A Garage for His Little Red Mercedes

Chilean Farmers on Chiloe Island (please take a Larger look)

Before All Dog Food Was Made in China

Windows 1959, Service Pak 3

A Flower on Her Coat

Harvest Sunset

Seeing Things Eye to Eye

Harvest Sunset

L.A. Disney Concert Hall

Disney Concert Hall - L.A.

The Color Orange

Four Dishes and a Tree

Waiting for the Midnight Train to Georgia?

The Wooden Churches of Chiloe Island,Chile

One of the Ancient Persian Bridges at Isfahan.

Palafitos - The Stilt Houses of Castro, Chile


Happy Ears

Life in the Barnyard

Mr. Sandman

Black Neck Swans (Larger View)

Stilt Houses at Low Tide

Spunky Chilean Charmer

Windows Before Microsoft

Swan Lake Beneath Volcano Osormo

Chiloe Island's Wooden Churches

At peace with himself and the world.

Christmas Foliage on St. Patrick's Day

Bahia Cocotue, Chiloe Island, Chile

Low Tide at a Chilean Fishing Village

Plenty Pure

Guardian of the Egg

Gingerbread Church

Young Llama

Rio Petrohue in the Lake District of the Chilean Andes

Flowing out of the Andes

Aging Gracefully

Ripples & Reflections

Rippled Reflections

Dashing through a slot rapids

Santiago's Mercado

Palacio de La Moneda

Crop Fields for Now

Dusk & Dust Over Santiago


Angel Wings

Little House on the Straits of Magellan

Evening Storm Over Pto. Natales

Perpetual Assult

Chilean Patagonia

Sitting on the Dock in the Bay

Torres del Paine NP

The "O" part of the OK Corral

Chilean Patagonia Sky

The End of the Rainbow

The Horns (Cuernos) of the Chilean Paine Massif

Torres del Paine NP, Chile

El Rio Paine

The Smoking Towers of Torres del Paine NP

One Lane Bridge

Torres del Paine NP (larger please)

Chilean Patagonia at Dusk

Guanaco Brigade

Torres del Paine NP

Rio Paine Falls (larger view)

The Towers

Patagonia Nandu

Guardians of Paradise

Surveying His Turf

Patagonia Storm Clouds

Scenic Chilean Patagonia

First Light on Torres del Paine NP

Riding Fences

Patagonia Gaucho

Don't Fence Me In

Patagonia Highways

The Straits of Magellan at Punta Arenas, Chile

Law & Order in Punta Arenas, Chile

The Cathedral at Arequipa, Peru

The Austerity of a Convent

Plaza de Armas, Arequipa, Peru

Cornered Geranium

The Midget Ice Cream Vendor

16th C. Laundromat Prototype

The Vow of Silence

Holy Week in Arequipa, Peru


Corridor to the Bell Tower

Corridor to the Courtyard

Peruvian Convent in Arequipa

Urubamba River below Machu Picchu

Rainbow Below Machu Picchu

Crop Terraces at 3,500 Meters

Peru's Sacred Valley

Stonework Marvels at Machu Picchu

Wishing the llamas on his backpack were for real.

Double at Machu Picchu

Terraces at Machu Picchu

Rooms with a View at Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu Townhouses

Living Stoned

Blue Sky Over Machu Picchu

A Little Slice of Heaven

Machu Picchu Plateau

Above & Below Machu Picchu

Interior Details

Vegetable Gardens at Machu Picchu

The Leaping Llama of Machu Picchu

Almost Heaven

The road froms Agua Calientes up to Machu Picchu

Phoning Home

Cheerfully Accepting Her Circumstances

Ollantaytambo Fortress

Girls at the Pisac Market

The Streets of Ollantaytambo

Experiencing Peruvian Llamas

The Cusco Cathedral

Her Puppy & Her Little Sister

Iglesia de la Compania

Cusco Belltowers on the Plaza del Armas

Cusco, Peru Rooftops

Waiting for Easter Sunday Mass to end so that they can get down to business.

The Family Pet

Sony A-100 vs. Olympus C765

Plaza de Armas

Cusco Cathedral

In Thought

Rooftop of Quito's Metropolitan Cultural Center

Cusco Cathedral

Plaza de Armas

Lima, Peru

Plaza Grande, Quito


Architectural Melodrama

Super Trooper

Two Views of Plaza Santo Domingo

The Boys in the Regimental Band

The Blind Accordian Players (Los Jugadores Accordian Ocultos)

Colonial Quito, El Panecillo & The Virgin of Quito

The Merchant of Otavalo

The Jewelers of Otavalo

Ready for the Noon Rush

Playing Hardball with the Auctioneer

Traditional Necklaces - Otavalo, Ecuador

Cow Traders in the Ecuadorian Andes

Otavalo Pig Caper

The Real Deal

The Grimace of Poverty

Hard Times


Soaring in the Andes

Launching Big Bird

Hollywood Blvd. & Highland

Spread Eagle

First Date?

Andes Panorama

Village BBQ

Gone to Hog Heaven

Cuatro Muy Mal Hombres!

Aging Cheerfully


Sunday in Cotacachi, Ecuador

Sunday in the Park

Mountainside Crop Fields in the Ecuadorian Andes

Ecuadorian Charmer

Grounded Cloudbank in the Andes

Last Light in an Andes Valley

The Flour Merchant at the Latacunga Market

Making Change

The Flour Merchant of Latacunga


Interior of the Citadel in Old Jerusalem

Old Jerusalem Bazaar Shop

The Israeli wall separating Israel from the West Bank (near Bethlehem)

Young Orthodox Men Contemplating the City Wall of Old Jerusalem

Israeli Settlement Stacked above Palestinian Apartment Buildings just outside Bethlehem

Site of the Nativity?

Keeping Watch


Preserver of the Bethlehem Manger

Woodcarvings in a Bethlehem Souvenir Shop

Palestinian Businessman

The Israeli Wall at the Jerusalem/Bethlehem Border Crossing

Pathway to the Church of the Dormition in Jerusalem

Church of the Dormition - Jerusalem

Mount of Olives - Jerusalem

Grieving at King David's Tomb

Church of the Dormition

Russian Orthodox Church of Mary Magdalene in Jerusalem

1st C. CE Tombs in Kidron Valley, Jerusalem

Orthodox Priest at Church of Holy Supelchre

Walls of Jerusalem

Jerusalem's Citadel

Interior of Jerusalem's Citadel

Dome of the Rock

Mount of Olives




Homeward Bound

Coptic Priest

The Cardo

City Walls of Old Jerusalem

Backstreets of Old Jerusalem

Break Time

Mosque entrance in port city of Jaffa, Israel.

Portable Modular Pier

Conversing from the Balcony

Passing beneath the aqueduct.

Swing Low Sweet Chariot

New Poppy Hybrid

Cycling Beneath the Aqueduct

Baha'i Gardens

Baha'i Gardens

Resting Place of Baha'i Believers

Old Jerusalem Panorama (larger view)

South Wall of Old Jerusalem

Palestinian Spice Shop

Garden of Gethsemane

West (Wailing) Wall in Jerusalem

West (Wailing) Wall Worshipers

Spiritual Experience at the Western (Wailing) Wall

Dome of the Rock

Experiencing the Western (Wailing) Wall

Palestinian Students on Field Trip to the Dome of the Rock

Gold sheathing on the Dome of the Rock

Dome of the Rock

Palestinian Elementary School Students

Roman Theater at Caesarea

Roman era chariot racing venue

Geometry Lesson

Modern Day Nazareth Skyline

Muslin Clocktower at Akko, Israel

Subterranean 12th C. Crusader Fortress

Security Officer

Roman Ruins at Beit She'an

Subterranean 12th C. Crusader Fortress at Akko

Busy Day for Baptisms

Corked bottles partially buried in lava flow

SPF 35

Agent Orange

The Shrinking Dead Sea

The Damascus Gate in Old Jerusalem

The Kool-Aid Kid

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Wise Guys at the Okefenokee Swamp

Elderly Rural Ecuadorian

Bundled Baby

Latacunga Market

Springtime at Jerash

The Mad Hatter?

Cone Zone

Quilotoa Loop - Ecuador Highlands

The Cardo (market street) at Jerash, Jordan

The Temple of Artemis

Curves & Stripes Above the Garden

Nymphaeum at Jerash

Love Among the Ruins

Andes Valley Farming

Balance Beam

New Age Ben-Hur

Amman, Jordan

Viewing the Promised Land Atop Mt. Nebo where Moses Stood

Fashion from Two Generations in Jordan

Roman Legionnaire Reenactment in the Jordanian Desert

Qsar Azraq

Amman, Jordan Cityscape

Dome restoration of 7th C. Byzantine Basilica atop Amman's citadel

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Every Which Way but Loose

The Treasury at Petra

Intestinal Disorder

How many pairs of eyes do you see that are formed by indentations in the rock?

Downtown Petra

Petra Hiking Trails

Petrified Camel in Petra, Jordan

The Siq: the fabled rift canyon leading to Petra

Mystery in the the Andes

Altitude Agriculture in the Andes

The Monastery at Petra

Blissfully Barefoot in Petra

Cherished Bicycle

La Virgen de Quito on El Panecillo Hill

Tomb Panorama at Petra

Makeshift Laundromat

Crops & Serenity in a High Andes Valley

View from a Cave in Petra

A Glimpse of Petra's Treasury

The Path to Petra

Petra Panorama

Desert Coral

Cliffside Tombs at Petra

The Loss of Virginity

Colonial Quito

Facade Carvings in the Cliff Face

Quito Cathedral Belltower

Along the Plaza Grande in Quito

Quito Panorama

Dunes & Cliff at Wadi Rum, Jordan

Quito Baroque


Quito by Night Along the Plaza Grande

Wadi Rum in southern Jordan

Camel Family

Breezy Day in Quito

The Dune Jogger

Wadi Rum in the southern Jordan desert

The Virgin of Quito

Post Modern Hillside Caves

Colonial Quito on a Rainy Night

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Man at Work or Child at Play?

The Roman Ruins at Baalbek, Lebanon

Rain delay at Dolphin Stadium

Tilted but not Toppled

Waiting for Her Turn in the Bullpen

The zebra of the insect kingdom

Let's Play Two

Checking His Back Side

Carvings & columns at Baalbek - 2 C.

Delicate ruins of Anjar

Above It All

Arches, columns, mountains & sky

Alien Spacecraft

The Curvature of the Earth

Petrified gator side-by-side with a live one.

Springtime in eastern Lebanon

Delicate Ruins

Syrian Students

Roman Ruins at Bosra, Syria

Everglades Jewel

Sipping Gatorade

Rugs Amid Ruins

Imagining a Great Performance

Lamp in Souq al-Hamadiyyeh

Chilly Morning in Damascus

Slow Day at the Souq al-Hamadiyyeh

Courtyard of the Omayyad Mosque - Damascus

Masterpiece Mosque

Two approaches to cleaning the interior of a mosque.

Intent Gaze

Who Came Up with That Idea?

Jockeying for a Fresh Loaf of Bread

Arches, Domes & Window in Old Damascus

A Cinderella Moment in Damascus

Worshippers at the Mosque

Baklava by the Gram

Damascus at Dusk

Dusk on Damascus

A Toke and a Tea

The Sifter

A Mobile Starbucks

The caravanserai at Sheki.

The Khan's Palace in Sheki, Azerbaijan

The Silence of Rams

Windows in the Khans' Palace

The Sunflower Seed Merchant

The Silence of Rams

Mocking My Camera Handling Techniques

Goodies at the Sheki Market

The Azerbaijan Caribbean

Inventory Reduction Sale

Government House

Government House

Meals on Wheels - The Apple Department

Azerbaijani Matron

The Minarets of the Madraseh va Masjed-e Sepahsalar

Azadi Monument, Tehran

U.S. Den of Espionage, Tehran

Shohada (Martyrs') Museum, Tehran, Iran

Tehran Fashion, Fall 2008

Iman Square (click photo to view larger)

Tomb of the Poet Hafez

Reflecting on Their Persian Heritage

Bazar-e Vakil (Shiraz, Iran)

Tombs of Naghsh-e Rostam

Mosque Visitor

Iman Square - Isfahan, Iran

Brick & Tile Dome (click image to see detail)

Minbar, not Minibar

Stalactite Molding

Interior Dome of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Isfahan, Iran

Interior doorway in Nasir--ol-Molk Mosque, Shiraz, Iran

Billboard/poster in Shiraz, Iran

Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque - Interior of Dome

The Vaulted Ceiling of Bazar-E Vakil

The Restoration of Regent's Mosque

Iman Square - Isfahan, Iran

More Than Meets the Eye

High Flying Ceiling Art in Iran


Realism Gone Abstract

17th C. Khaju Bridge, Isfahan

Conversations under a 17th C. Bridge

River Crossing by Night

Jameh Mosque from Seljuk Era

Khaju Bridge (1650 AD)

Tile & Brick Detail in Iman Square

Reflection of the 12th C. Shahrestan Bridge

Khaju Bridge

River Blues

Persian Courtesans' Banquet

Evening Socializing under the Bridge

The Bridges of Isfahan

Budding Fabric Merchant

Protected on His Dark Side

Chubi Bridge by Night

A Curvature of Arrows

Rack of Camel

Waiting for Its Dome

Iranian Bridge (Chubi) serving well in both function and form.

Azadi Monument celebrating 2,500th year anniversary of Persian Empire

The Gates of the Holy See of Echmiadzin

Mother Armenia

Post-modern Facial Features

Azadi Monument

The Cathedral at Echmiadzin

Republic Square - Yerevan, Armenia

Entry facade at the Holy See of the Armenia Apostolic Church

Khor Virap with Mt. Aratat in the Background

Armenian Khatchkar Crosses

Mt.Tend├╝rek(left) & Mt. Ararat in Turkey loom above Armenian vineyards.

Geghard Cave Monastery

Cave Picnic in Rural Armenia (view larger)

Pastry Chef

State of the Art


The Sad Accordian Player

Geghard Monastery

Garni Temple, Armenia

Georgian Picket Fence

Deber River

Jvari Church

Roadside Snacks


Uplistskhe - 5thC. BC Cave City

Woodcarved Georgian Orthodox Crosses

Excavations & Restorations

Baku Babes

Ashgabat Students

Ashgabat Childrens' Portrait

The Russian Market at Ashgabat

Restoration of the walls of Khiva

Aborted Restoration Project?

Uzbeki Dancing Troupe Boy

Kalta Minor Minaret - Khiva

Islamic Woodcarved Door

Khiva Landmarks

Holding It All Up

The top of an unfinished minaret.

The Walls of Old Khiva

Bands of Geometric Tiles

Faded but not Jaded

Walled City of Khiva

"Sweep softly but carry a big stick"

Walls of Khiva's Old City

The Black Beret Cyclist

Trees in a Desert Mosque

Khiva Edifaces

Listening to Instructions from Her Male Superiors

Lady in Red

Compactly Constructed

Old Khiva Panorama

Way to the Minaret

Khiva's West Gate

Uzbeki Stay at Home Mom Watching Her Kids

Last Light on a Minaret & Domes

Samakand's Registan

Uzbekistan Cotton Harvest

Provincial Uzbeki Girls Visit the Big City

Imploring the Virgin

Quality Time With His Wife

Adjusting Something

Lviv Churchtops

Playhouse at the Kindergarden in Pripyat, just down the road from the Chernobyl nuclear plant

Lviv, western Ukraine

Passing Time


The Chef at the Chernobyl Visitors' Center

Abandoned Veranda

Medieval Castle at Kamyanets-Podilsky

Abandoned Gym at Chernobyl

Micro Rowboat

St. Peter and Paul's Orthodox Church

The Ferris Wheel at Pripyat

Ageless Wonder in Yalta

Spiritual Guidance?

Swallow's Nest - Yalta, Ukraine

Enterprising Gig

Yalta Ascending into the Crimean Mountains

Potemkin Stairs - Odessa, Ukraine

Kick Start

After School Treat at McDonald's in the Ukraine.

Reliving The Great War

Smiles on the Streets of Odessa

Gone Fishin

Almost Round

Close Your Mouth Dude

Virginity Discussion?


Free Lunch

Boats & trains on the Dnipro River at Kiev

Support Services for a Rock Band

Pantrokrator Church, Nessebar, Bulgaria


Aging Gracefully

Registan Tilework at Sunset

The Registan in Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Secure Courtyard

Melon Merchants' Sleeping Quarters

The Uzbeki Apple Princess

Late for Work

Melon Man

Descendant of Eve Sampling the Forbidden Fruit

Sher Dor Medressa at Dusk

Sher Dor Medressa

EZ Rider

Broom Twirling Gardener

Goosey Trio

Rugged Rural Kyrgyzstan

Waiting for Warmer Days

Testament to the Horrors of War

Nuanced Brickwork

Changing of the Guard in Bishkek

Burana Tower

Risky Beginning to a Risky Proposition

(W)hooping It Up

Traditional Uzbeki Tile, Stone & Woodcarving

Patchwork Fabric Ceiling Made with Traditional Uzbeki Textiles

Independence Sq. - Tashkent


Drying Out

Petrified in Flight

Almost Free

In the Arms of Mother Earth

Street art along the Central Asia Silk Road

No Leash Law Here

Golden Glow on the Blue Mosque

The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

Galata Tower Viewed from the Bosphorus Straits

Istanbul Panorama

Istiklal Caddesi Pedestrian & Street Car Mall - Istanbul

The Asian Side of Istanbul

Domes of Kiev

The Kiev Opera House

The Wine Cellar Caves of Moldava

Hat Fashions Among Elderly Kyrgyzs

Assembly of Brides

Lighting in the Blue Mosque before the 1870's

Kiev's Independence Square

Soccer Moms Blowing Bubbles

Russian/Ukraine Unification Monument and related "noble worker" sculptures.

Woman Hairdresser

Hagia Sophia - Istanbul

The Turkish Ferry Boat Captain on the Bosphorus Straits

St Sophia's Cathdedral, Kiev

The Belltower at Kiev's Cave Monastery Complex

Warm-up Act for the Rock Band

Independence Sq. - Kiev, Ukraine

The Soviet/Ukraine Friendship Monument in Kiev

19th C. Customs House on the Bosphorous

Dusk Over the Golden Horn

Booted in Istanbul

Sharing a Text from Her Boyfriend?

Kazak Newlyweds

St. Sophia's Cathedral - Kiev

The Gold Souk Bracelet Shop

Istanbul Mosques & Minarets

19C. Townhomes on St. Sophia's Plaza

Istanbul Dome Interior (larger view for detail)

The Dnipro River at Kiev

St. Michael's Monastery - Kiev

Asia & Europe Connected on the Bosphorous

Star-studded Entryway (larger view)

Dolambache Palace - Istanbul

St. Michael's Monastery

Istanbul Instrument Merchant

Faulty Foundation

Life on Buyukada Island

Bass Pro Shops End of Summer Special

Topkapi Palace (Istanbul)

Afternoon Light on the Hagia Sophia (Istanbul)

Chisinau's Flower Market

The Church in a Orthodox Monastery in Rural Moldova

Government Offices in the self-proclaimed breakaway Republic of Transdniestr

Largest Wine Cellars in the World

Topkapi Palace & the Sea of Marmara, Istanbul

Minarets on Istanbul's Golden Horn at Twilight

Orthodox Monastery in Rural Moldova

Mega Wine Casks in Limestone Caves near Chisinau, Moldova

The Eye of the Grand Inquisitor

Orheiul Vechi Cave Monastery in Rural Moldova

B-dul Unirii Boulevard - Bucharest

Ascent into Darkness?

Orheiul Vechi Cave Monastery

Peoples' Palace of Romania

Coffee under Glass

Bucharest 19th C. Facade

Romanian Egg - 4 more detail - http://www.rounite.com/2008/04/18/painted-eggs/

Palace of the People

15th C. Episcopal Cathedral

Sparkling Dome

Medieval Sibiu

The Express to Bucharest

Low Rider

Transfagarasan Road - View Larger to Get Dizzy

The Castle Where Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) Really Lived

Lake Vidraru

Transfagarasan Road - Transylvanian Alps

Sibiu Gothic Steeple

Hoping to Split Logs, Not Legs

Saxon & Hapsburg Eras Rooftops in Sibiu, Romania

Romanian Rooftop Garden

Romanian Surveillance

The Saxon Fortified Church at Cristian,Romania

Training Mission

Double Deck Dormers

The Saxon Fortified Church at Biertan

The Winking Rooftop

Romanian Barnyard

Roma Woman in Rural Romania

Dog Outside a Taxidermist Shop

Gathering Storm Over a Rural Romanian Church

The Main Man in Biertan, Romania

Rural Romanian Gypsy(Roma)

Walls, Gate & Clocktower of Medeival Sighisoara, Romania

Inviting Me in for a Photo Shoot or Whatever

The Saxon Fortified Church at Valchid, Romania (Transylvania)

Medieval Clock Tower at Sighisoara, Romania

Festive Romanian Home

Clock Tower Detail at Sighisoara, Romania

Romanian Gypsy Harvest Crew

The Saxon Fortified Church at Viscri, Romania

Brasov, Romania Tile Rooftops

Elaborately Carved Romanian Cross

The Mobile Wine Merchant

Interior of Bran Castle, Home to the Legend of Dracula

Town Center of Medieval Brasov, Romania

Two Views of a Sculpture

Medieval Center of Brasnov, Romania

Non-electronic Toy

The castle at Rasnov, Romania (Transylvania) on a stormy fall day.

Stairway to Heaven?

Peles Castle

Snack Time for Romanian Mare & Foal

Church Architecture in Sighisoara, Romania

Sighisoara Rooftops

Roof Maintenance Nightmare

Forever Damp

Hillside Rooftops

The Mobile Wine Merchant

Rasnov 13th C. Fortress

Refueling Stop

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Refuge from the Sun

Cabbage Patch in the Rice Paddies

Truck Cab Decor

Community Swing Set

Rainbow at High Noon

Safari Elephant Obedience Tool

Taxi on the Rapti River

Fetching Water

Harvest Festival

From their village to the fairgrounds for regional festival.

Toll Road

Pricked, Sliced & Diced

Taxi Rank in Lumbini, Nepal

Buddha's Birthplace

Sharing Enlightenment

Hay Hauling in Nepal

Royal Thai Buddhist Monastery at Lumbini, Nepal

Buddhist Temple at Lumbini, birthplace of the Buddha

Lord of the Realm

Bountiful Harvest

Field Trip to Buddha's Birthplace


Descent Down the Mountain

Riverside Rice Paddies

Selling Color

Views Along Siddhartha Hwy.

Nepal Countryside

White Accents

Slot Canyon Waterfall

A Spare Eye


A Devout Nepali

Nepal Countryside from Above

Himalayan Snowmelt Rushing Down the Mountains

Streets of Kathmandu

Nepal Harvest Teamwork

Speak Softly & Carry a Big Stick

Drying Rice on the Streets of Bhaktapur

Flute Merchant's Display

The Harvest at Bhaktapur

Nepal Handyman

Public Bathing & Laundry Station with a View

Completion of the Harvest

Hung Out to Dry

Window on the Surface of a Black Hole

Urban Sheep

The Mobile Tupperware Merchant

Awaiting Customers

Late Light on the Annapurna Range

Roof with a View

Patan Temple Facade - Kathmandu

Meditating at 90 degrees

The Nepali Brick Merchant

Swayambhunath Stupa

Temple Roofbeams

Hindu Funeral Service at Pashupatinath

A Sadhu at the Pashupatinath Hindu complex near Kathmandu, Nepal

Reflecting at Pashupatinath

Hindu Funeral Rite on the Banks of the Bagmati River

Mid-day Rexlaxation

Pashupatinath Hindu Complex

Pashupatinath Hindu Figure

The Darjeeling Narrow Gauge Railway

Still In Service

The Color Purple

Hillside Farmstead

Ornate Rumtek Monastery Window

Young Monks at Rumtek Monastery in Gangtok, India

The Buddhist Woodcarver

Window Garden in Gantok, India

Harmonious Patterns & Colors

Abandoned ladder on the temple top

Reincarnation of Leonardo DaVinci in Northern India (larger)

Harvesting Tea Leaves in the Shade

Tea Leaf Harvesting Crew

Harvesting Tea Leaves

"Good Luck, but don't you dare try to get it here!"

Learning the art of spinning prayer wheels.

Clearing a rockslide on a mountain "highway".

Taxi on the Rapti River - Nepal

Dance of the Prayer Flags

Spinning Her Wheel

Streets of Thimphu

Fabric, wood, glass & stucco.

Temple Stroll

Council of Elders

Temple Detail

Waiting for a Glimpse of the King

Celebrating the King's Birthday in Bhutan


Temple Decor

Rooftop Art

Fallow Paddies

36 Windows

Security Breach

Conflicted Palette

Hybrid Concept Car

Smokestacks in the Delta

The Bangladesh Parliment Building

Single-stream Recycling in Dhaka

Bangladesh National Parliment - a Louis Kahn Creation

Dhaka Street Scene

The Dhaka Pedicab Driver

Windows on Windows

Curzon Hall - Dhaka University


Offerings for the Gods

Jockeying for Position in Rush Hour

Painam Village, Bangladesh

Bottle Man


Abandoned Splendor

A Living Colors & Patterns Palette

Leaky Vessel

Waiting for the Evening Rush Hour

17th C. capital of the Sonargaon kingdom in modern day Bangladesh

Hazmat Transport

Bridge Repair 25 Miles Ahead

Home Sweet Home on Bangladesh's Deltas

Secure Load

Roadside Snackbar or Skewers of Dung Being Dried for Heating/Cooking Fuel?

Shady Lane in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Cowboy

Awaiting the Kiln

Bangladesh Brick Factory

Men at Work

The Fruits of His Brick Molding Labors

Harvesting Clay Mud to Form Bricks

PeeWee the Brick Molder

Mothers of Color

Mending nets on a gloomy day on the Bay of Bengal.

Bangladesh Fishing Village

Squalor in a Poor Fishing Village

Arrival of the Water Taxi

Unloading & Inspecting Contents of Supply Boat

Shipbreaking in Bangladesh

Salvaging Ships That Are No Longer Seaworthy

Daylight gone and I wanna go home.

Lilies of the Field

About to be Canned?

Secure Load

Drydock Labor

Anchor Chain

Donald Trump's Half Brother in Bangladesh

Boat Boys

Arriving in Drydock

Drydock Repairs

Colonial Jewel in Dhaka - Manzil Museum or Pink Palace.

River Boys

Converting anchor chains to jewelry for NBA players

Wenching a Ship on to Drydock

Sons of the Shipyards Workers

Upgrading Their Sewerage System

Strong Headed or Strong Minded?

Enterprise on the Dhaka Delta

Dhaka Riverfront

Drydock Repairs

Laundry & Logging

Princess of the Dhaka Shipyards

Pipeline or Sewer Pipe

Boat Boy

Laundry Day

Late Day Laundry & Bathing on the Riverfront

Scrubbing & Washing at Day's End

Traffic Circles

Heady Task

Grinding Existence

Demise of Colonialism in India

Kolkata Taxi Rank

Serving Up a Delicacy

Tryst Beneath the Shrub

Henna Feet

The Coexistence of Hi Tech & No Tech

Waiting for Rush Hour Customers

Hindu Garlands

Soup & Cracker Stall

Toyota vs. Mercedes Tea Carts

Dredges on the Hooghly River - Calcutta

Architectural Hodgepodge

His World Turned Upside Down

The Victoria Memorial in Calcutta

Bathing in the Hooghly River

Sunday in the Park

Pit Boss of the Garland Vendors

Zenana Bathing Ghat - Calcutta.

Mullik Ghat Market

The Mullik Ghat Flower Market

Curry Stall Chef

Airport Shuttle?

Rope Merchant

Last Light on the Forbidden City

Dusk over Beijing

Forbidden City Rooftops (view large)

Beijing Winter Sunset

Last Light on the Forbidden City

High Density Rooftops in the Forbidden City

Cold Night at the Forbidden City

Forbidden City at Sunset


Ponytailed Photographer at the Temple of Heaven

Tianenmen Gate at the Forbidden City

Curves and Lines at the Temple of Heaven

Rooftop Maze at Sunset in the Forbidden City

Ming Dynasty Temple

14C. Celestial Navigation Observatory

Qianmen Gate

Deep in the Heart of the Forbidden City

Roofline Patterns

Gray Winter Day in the Forbidden City

Bird Nest Holiday

View from the Concourse at the Bird's Nest

Beijing Skate Lake on a Cold Winter Evening

Temple Tantrum

Beijing's Ancient Drum Tower

Fridgid Beijing Evening

No Room at the Inn

Youthful Sony Enthusiast Frames Her First Shot on the Great Wall.

Stripped of Tourists on a Cold December Day

Spirit Way - The Approach to the Ming Tombs

Commute Home on Frigid Beijing Evening

Wise Men Under the Willows

Ceiling Art

A Bend in the Great Wall

Deserted Guard Tower

Horseshoe Bay, British Columbia

Shannon Falls - Squamish, British Columbia

Foot Fashions in the Chinese Caribbean

Lime Merchant in the Chinese Caribbean

Tree Trunk Flotilla

Squamish, British Columbia Trademark Backdrop

The Chinese Caribbean

Point Atkinson Lighthouse

The British Columbia Coastal Range

Quitting Time

Fashion Photography in the Chinese Caribbean

Fabric Ceiling Protecting 1000 Buddhas

Seton Lake, British Columbia

Wardrobe Adjustment

Tracking System (larger view please)

W. Vancouver, English Bay & Beyond (larger view)

Tsunami-proof Stilt Houses in Vancouver

Which Version Do You Prefer?

Junks in the Sanya Harbor (larger view)

Stone Hoppers in the Chinese Caribbean

Delivering the Catch of the Day (large view)

Brooding Sky Over Canada Place in Vancouver

Vancouver Waterfront

The Architectural Evolution of Vancouver

Nurse Deco

Vancouver Docks & Railyards

Pudong, Shanghai

Surrounded by Aliens

Window Well in Vancouver's Chinatown

Riverfront Videos

Two Bridges

Stanley Park Trolley

Stanley Island Third Beach and West Vancouver

In-boxes Before Email (larger view)

Excess Baggage Violation

Science World in Vancouver

Paper Trail

Burrard Bridge Over False Bay

Riverboat Video - The Newest Advertising Medium

Downtown Vancouver

Pudong Skyline in Shanghai

North Vancouver Ferry Terminal

Naked Sunflower

Profile View

World Financial Center - Shanghai

The Leaf of a Castor Bean Shrub

Upscale Catskills Barnyard

New Yankee Stadium

Transfagarasan Road across the Carpathian Mountains

Lake Otsego Lighthouse

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Summer's Last Gasp

The Hudson River at Poughkeepsie

High Line Gardens

Sweet Painted Lady

The Hudson River at Poughkeepsie

The High Line Elevated Park - Lower Westside Manhattan

Hudson River Valley at Poughkipsee

High Line Park - Manhattan

Code Upgrades to an Early 20th C. HiRise

Shortcut to the Restaurant

Glass Tower

Island in the Stream


Metal Over Water

Floating Market Fruit Merchant

Express Pineapple Deliveries

Wat Arun

Pattaya Contortionist Passing Tip Jar to Her Agent

The King of Cable Guys

Wat Arun Temple

Dew Drops on a Thai Orchid


Fragile Cargo in Seoul

Temple Lanterns

Temple Roof

A Comprehensible Depiction of the Big Bang

Soul in Seoul

Bridges to North Korea

Bad Day for the Squid Family

Fish Queue

Seoul Night Market Vendor

Korean Farmstead

Dongdaemun Market - Seoul

Korean Rooftop

Korean Temple Decor

Field Trip on a Cold Winter Day


Bulguksa Temple Approach

CitiField - Home Field of the Mets

CitiField Facade - New Home of the Mets

Korean Winter Kiddie Sports

Hiway Through Fallow Rice Paddies

Curves & Circles

Korean Temple Ornamentation

CitiField from Deep Right

Long Island Bridge to Barrier Islands

Way to the Temple (larger view please)

Fallow Korean Urban Rice Paddies

Pattaya Contortionist

Clinging to the Womb

James Bond Rock Phang Nga Bay Thailand

Swinging at the Catcher or...?

Staircase to Their Palace on Stilts

In search of a foundation and a congregation

Sand Fence on the Outer Banks, NC

Full Metal Jacket

Wright Brothers First Flight Monument

Catedral Primada de Americana

Cycle Princess

Santo Domingo Cathedral Vaulting

Portico Study

Vaulted Cathedral Ceiling

Mad Hatter in the Tropical Sun

Dominican Republic Charmer

Shrouded Saints

Port-au-Prince One Year Later (larger view)

The Streetside Expresso Vendor

Striving to Become a Butterfly

Colonial Santo Domingo

Gates of Wrath

Draped in a Mural

Los Negritos, Cuba Public Transportation

Port-du-Prince - A Year After the Quake

Pig Roast at Playa de Morales, Cuba

A Lifetime Under Fidel in Santiago


Beachfront Property

Catedral de Nuestra Senora la Asuncion

Taxi Rank - Banes, Cuba

National Theater of The Dominican Republic

Bubbly Cuban

El Morro (larger view)

Three Smiles

Protector de la Casa

Cuban Heritage

Cuban little leaguers

Notre Dame cathedral in Port-au-Prince

Haitian Baguette Vendor

Egyptian Train Depot in Haiti

Cautious Eyes

Haitian Taptap Bus

Santo Domingo Lighthouse Museum

Flag Lowering at El Morro

Port-au-Prince Presidential Palace and post-earthquake Tent Camps

Swedish Spring in Uppsala

Medieval Pulpit

Light thru Stain Glass on Gothic Pillars

Gothic Splendor

The GummyBear Pasta Girl


Stockholm Photography Museum

Lightroom 1.0

Stockholm's Gamla Stan

Classic Proportions Shrouded by Light & Shadows

Riddarholmen Church - 13C (view larger)

Gamla Stan Panorama (larger view available)

Stockholm City Hall - Nobel Prize Award Site (large view 4 detail)

Curves & Lines (larger 4 details)

Gamla Stan - Stockholm (view large)

Gamla Stan Sunset - Stockholm

Behind the Scene

A Bee & a Bud

Lucy In the Sky

1936 Olympic Stadium

Kaunas, Lithuania Holocaust Memorial (larger 4 detail)

Uppsala Cathedral

Trakai Castle - Vilnius, Lithuania (view larger 4 detail)

Gdansk, Poland Rooftop


Malbork Castle

The Lipstick Church @ Kaiser-Wilhelm Memorial


Gdansk Neo-Classical (view big 4 details)


Golden Arches

Convoy in the Wilderness

Lovejoy Bridge (Revised crop based on viewer suggestions)

Misty Sunrise on the Androscoggin River

Pumped Dry

Colorado Autumn Snowstorm (large view)

Rocky Mountain Turtle

Arrival of Spring

Reflections of Spring

Don't Let the Sun Shine Thru on Me

Don't Fence Me In

Stone Bridge in Autumn

Autumn Splendor

Meeting of the Spans

Androscoggin River in Autumn (large view)

Drottningholm Palace (large view)

Chimney Sweep's Ladder?

I Am a Rock; I Am an Island



Paned Expression (larger view)

Medieval Facade

Stairway to Heaven


Tallinn, Estonia Skyline

Pommeratz - Early 20th C Four Masted Sailing Ship

City Gates - Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn Steeples

Steeples, Domes, Turrets and Smokestacks

Tallinn, Estonia's Early 15C Town Hall

Early Winter

Rock of Ages Tombstone Marble Quarry



The Riga, Latvia Opera House

String Instrument

Blackheads & Schwab House Guildhalls

Riga Panorama (larger view)

Ceiling Craftmanship (large view 4 detail)

Contemporary Riga

Medieval Riga Viewed from the Daugava River

Hill of the Crosses

Riga's Canal-side Gardens

Central Lithuanian Countryside in Spring (larger)

Riga - Looking South from the Medieval Center

Hill of the Crosses

Svislach Riverside in Minsk, Belarus

Budding Belarus Photographer Searching for a Composition

Lithuania/Belarus Border Crossing - a lengthy, tedious affair

Waiting for Judgment Day

Island of Tears Memorial - Minsk

Holy Spirit Orthodox Cathedral - Minsk

Belarus/Lithuania Border Crossing

Strolling in Minsk, Belarus

Fire Code Violation?

Island of Tears Memorial

Minsk, Belarus

City Hall - Minsk

Hotel Europe - Minsk Belarus

Minsk - Town Hall

Soviet Era Architecture in Minsk

Minsk Apartments

Medieval & Contemporary Kaunas, Lithuania

The Usual Suspects

Miniature Castle

St. Micheal's, Kaunas, Lithuania

Baltic Sea Boathouse

Midday Awakening

Curonian Spit Dunescape

Aland Island Maypole - the real deal evolved from Viking times

Aland Island Fence Rows

Tin Heads on Witches' Hill - Curonian Spit NP - Lithuania

The Painted Desert in Petrified Forest NP

Slow Day in the Reading Room at the Burton Barr Library in Phoenix

High Noon in the Town They Wrote the Song About

Vermont State Capitol - Montpelier

Luther's Haunts

Market Square & City Hall - Wittenberg

View from Tower of Castle Church - Wittenberg

13th C. Castle at Turku, Finland

Art Nouveau in Riga (larger view available)

Art Nouveau in Riga, Latvia (larger view available)

Native American Dwellings at Canyon de Chelly, AZ

Springtime View of the Floor of Cyn.de Chelly (larger view)

Antique Frame on East Mitten Butte (large view)

One Guy's Take on a Classic - Approach to Monument Valley (large view available)

Not Quite Picture Perfect

Canyon de Chelly - 12th C. Native American Pueblo (large view)

From Tokyo to Arizona for the One Shot

"Thou art dust and to dust...."

Blues Band

Gdansk, Poland - Old Town (larger view)

Gdansk Old Center (larger view)

Window Art (larger view)

Old Town Gdansk - larger view

The Bode Museum - Berlin (larger view)

Sunny Day in Berlin (larger view)

Berlin Cathedral & TV Tower (view larger)

Brandenburg Gate - Berlin (large view)

The Pier at Sopot, Poland (larger view)

Restoration of the Pergamon Museum (larger)


A Leap & a Bound (larger view)

Castle Square - Warsaw

Berlin Germany Museum

Colorful Warsaw Traffic Circle (large view)

Inside the Berlin Train Station (larger)

The Berlin Train Station (larger view)

Museum Colonnade

Stacked Rolls

A Girl & Her Doll (larger view)

Rent a beach chair on the banks of the Spree.(larger view)

Berlin Cathedral (large view for detail)

Berlin Olympic Stadium (big view available)

Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Dueling Gods of Classical Mythology (large view for detail)

Contemporary German Romanticism (large view)

Reflecting on the Meaning of It All

Amber Waves of Grain (large view)

Kansas Soybeans (please view large)

Berlin 1936 Olympic Stadium (lg. view available)

American Appetites - Oil & Grain (large view)

Intent Gaze (larger view)

Kansas Wheat Harvest (larger available)

The Spree River Winding thru Berlin

Cafe Culture in Berlin

Urban Flow (large view available)

Native American Cliff Dwellings (large view please)

The Reichstag - Berlin (larger view)

First Light on the Canyon Floor

Anasazi Ruins - Cyn. de Chelly, AZ (larger)

Market Sq. - Warsaw (larger for detail)

Solidarity Monument - Gdansk, Poland

Spider Rock, Cyn. de Chelly, Arizona

No Dumb Bunny Here (large view)

Window Rock, AZ (larger view please)

Why Is This Woman Smiling

Berlin TV Tower at Dusk (larger available)

A Little Bit Squirrelly

Cyn. de Chelly Dwellings (large view essential)

Surveying His Kingdom (larger view avaiable)

Cyn. de Chelly Swirls (large view available)

Protectors (large view avail.)

Recent Arrival

Spider Rock, AZ (large view)

Spring on the Floor of Cyn. de Chelly - (large 4 details)

8T535 - NE of Monument Valley, AZ

Ruffled Feathers

Cyn. de Chelly, Spider Rock (larger view)


Monument Valley, AZ from the NE (clik 4 large view)

Window Rock, AZ (clik 4 larger view)

Cave with a View

Spires & Arches in the Making (larger)

Monument Valley, AZ

East Mitten in Monument Vallley (large 4 detail)

The German Reichstag - (larger view available)

Berlin Panorama (larger view available)

Monument Valley (large view available)

Near & Far (larger view available)

Berlin Panorama (larger available)

Monument Valley

The Mittens Formations at Monument Valley (larger available)

Slot Canyon Path (larger available)

Monument Valley Panorama (larger view avail)

Lower Antelope Canyon

Way Out

Narrow Passage

Depth Perception Deception

Nature's Curves


Slot Canyon Ballet


Antelope Canyon Emerging to the Surface (large view available)

Parallel and Intersecting Curves (large view)

Back to the Mine for More (clik 4 large view)

Three Sisters/Mitchell Mesa (large view)


0149 (larger view)

Dual Spans over Colorado River @ Marble Canyon

View from Muley Point (view larger)

Goosenecks SP, UT (larger view available)

Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge - Omaha/Council Bluffs

Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge Crossing Missouri River at Omaha, NE (larger available)


Platte River near Grand Island, NE (larger)

Nebraska State Capitol Building (larger for detail)

Valley of the Gods - Utah (larger view available)

Ribbons and Waves

Tightly Wound

The Nebraska Sandhills on the Loup River (larger)

Energy Independence

Undulations of the Nebraska Sandhills (larger for detail)

Maize Irrigation

Abandoned Coal Car

Goosenecks SP, Utah (larger view available)

Nebraska Dunes in the Sandhills (larger available)

Going Back for More

Colorado River near Lees Ferrry, UT

Classic Car Accoutrement

Alliance, NE Rail Yards (larger available)

Carhenge (more detail in large view)

High Plains Cattle Ranch (best viewed larger)

Toadstool Geological Park - NW Nebraska (larger)

The High Plains of NW Nebraska (larger available)

Skeletons Stripped of Their Parts (check large view)

Queuing Up to Check Their Email (larger view)

Horseshoe Bend Panorama (view larger)

Upper Antelope Cyn. - Sandfall

A Well Organized Used Tractor Parts Yard (larger avail)

Upper Antelope Canyon, AZ

Pre 1950 Nebraska Farmstead

North American Antelope (larger available)

Black Cows in Two Different Worlds

Scotts Bluff (larger available

High Plains Range (larger please)

Upper Antelope Canyon - AZ

Upper Antelope Canyon, AZ

Frank Lloyd Wright Home/Studio, AZ (larger)

Lijiang Rooftops

Chinese Wedding Photography (large view available)

Tulou Architecture (view larger)

Well Grounded

Scale Model of Every Building in Shanghai

Seedy Situation






Golden Era of Shanghai

Dali, China - Old City Gate

Everything's Fresh

Clik Image to view larger

Nanking Road - Shanghai

Chinese Christian Enclave

Rooftop Garden

Street Merchant

DIY Fisherman

Curbside Vegetable Wash

Fully Occupied

Dali, China City Gate (large view for detail)

Shirking Modernization

Pond Side Lamps

Yao Minority Ladies - Longsheng, China

A Houseful

Longji (Dragon Spine) Rice Terraces

Daxu Senior

Longji Rice Harvest

Rice Terraces

This Little Piggy Went to Market

Yao Tribal Lady with Ankle Length Hair in Bun


Home and Office on the Riverfront

Main Street in Daxu

Downhill from Here

Cross-Generational Wardrobes

Mountain Transport for China's Nouveau Riche

Chrome from Days Past

Chimney Rock

Courthouse & Jail Rocks Nebraska

Muscle Car Ornamentation

Dawn's Early Light


Gaze from the Shade

High Park Fire - June 2012

High Light

Rural China Fashionista

Sedona Backdrop

Early 20th C Miners' Dormitory

Along the Verde Canyon RR Line

Spanning the Colorado River

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Hood Ornament Artistry

Chinese Airport Art

Nothing In Particular





New Curtains

Pizza Delivery in Rural China

Clearing Skies Above

Petrified Mushrooms

Li River Landscape

Steep Surroundings

Descent Into a Fog Bank

Steep Exit

Thumbs Up

A Roof for the Ages (large view available)

Wedding Flotilla (large view)

Hui-xian - Toiling Amid the Karsts (large view available)

Fuli 15th C. Stone Bridge

DSC02907-Edit (large 4 detail)

Hui-xian Bronze Bridge & nearby Karsts (Please View Large)

Soundly Sealed (large4detail)

Rice Harvest (large view available)

Li River near Yangdi

Yulong Medieval Bridge (large view)

Casting His Net

Huangbutan Karsts

Cormorant Fisherman on the Li River

Karsts on the Li River (large view available)

Rest Stop on the Li River

Settling In for a Night's Work

Li River at Huangbutan

May in Colorado

May in Colorado

Cormorant Fisherman on Li River (lrg view avbl)

Yulong Scenery (large view please)

May in Colorado

Emerging from Virgin Snow

Cast of the Net (larger view available)

Traffic on the Li River

Fishing by Lantern Light

Li River Karsts

A Night on the River

The Fisherman & His Cormorant

Mu Family Mansion

View from Above (larger view available)

Contemporary Chinese Peasant

Fisherman's Assistants (view large)

Mosque-side Hoops (view large)

Corner on the Egg Market

Saftey-tested Playground Equipment

Crunch Time

Happy Meal

Lijiang Princesses

Mr. Mu's Mansion

Baisha Senior

Cormorant Fishermen on Ear Lake (Er Hai)

Naxi Lady

Remembering Mao in Baisha

Inner Mongolia Roadside Vendor

Trans Gobi Desert Expressway

Western Xia Tombs

Juyuan Lake Sunrise - Gobi Desert

Ejina-Qi River

Breadstick Merchant

Inner Mongolia Autumn at Ejinaqi

Inner Mongolia Goatherder

Sheep Corral

Shepherdess Tending Her Flock

Afternoon Delight (part 1)

Afternoon Delight (part 2)

Ruling His Roost

Gobi Desert Caravan at Sunrise (large view)

Tending Her Unruly Flock (large view available)

Saddle Adjustments at First Light (view large)

Tending His Herd (larger view)


Enjoying the Fall Color

Apprentice Shepherdess

Dune Ribbons

First Light on a Gobi Desert Caravan

Touring Heicheng (Khara-Koto)

Extended Embrace in the Strange Forest

Smoke Signals from the Western Xia Tombs

Back Porch

King of the Log

Chinese Tourists Visit Gobi Desert Ruins

Tangyue Village Ming/Qing Arches

Tangyue Village Canals

Xidi Lagoon

Desert Shepherd in Inner Mongolia

Gobi Desert Caravan near Ejina Qi

The Strange Forest of Ejina Qi, Inner Mongolia

Bee on a Bactrain Camel

Last Light on Gobi Desert River (see large)

The Ming & Qing Arches at Tangyue (larger view)

Courtyard Doorway in Tangyue (large view)

Toll Booth on Abandoned Rural China Bridge. (larger available)

For Hire

Tangyue Lagoon Reflections

Midday Reflections

Tangyue Canal Reflection

Teahouse Over the Canal

Morning Stroll in the Gobi Desert (see larger)

Huangshan (Yellow) Mountain (see large)

Tangyue Teahouse

Budding Artists @ Hongcun Village (view large)

Ram on His Roost

Huangshan Mtn.

Hongcun Lagoon Reflections

Autumn Poplars in the Gobi Desert (see large)

Adrift in Clouds (see larger)

Tang Dynasty Bamboo Temple Tilework/Woodcarving (see large)

Aspiring Artists (large view available)

Huangshan Mountain

China's Dongchuan Redlands

Rainbow Toddler

Tangyue Village Arches (large view)

Shanghai - Pudong Skyline (large view)

Cloud Canyon on Huangshan Mtn. (see large)

Happy Hour Toke

Shifting Sands in the Gobi Desert

True Confessions in Yangjie

Chinese Doll Shop in Tunxi, China

Hunagshan Mtn. (see large)

High Plateau Farming in the Redlands (larger view available)

Pudong Viewed from Old City - Shanghai

Tulou Roundhouses

Zhouzhuang's Canals

Farm Mechanization in China's Redlands - 2012 (see large)

Sunrise Sand Bowl in the Gobi (large)

Gobi Desert Caravan

Zhouzhang Canals

Huangshan Mtn. (see large)

Central Air (large)

The Pond at the Bamboo Temple (please view large)

Smithfield Hams in China

Remembering Mao

Mount Huangshan

Earnest Conversation

Dongchuan Red Lands (view large)

Tulou-Style Home of Hakka People

Chinese Village Rooflines (view larger for intricate details)

Mail Order Chicks in China

Red Light District

Sketch Pad

Hongcun Pondside Cafe

Foggy Valley on Mt. Huangshan

Huangshan Mtn. Scenery (large view)

Sunrise on the Gobi Desert (see large)

Hakka Tulous (see large for detail)

Dongchuan Farmer - end of day pipe (larger)

Drifting Fog on Hungshan Mtn. (large)

Village on a Plateau (please view large)

Three Tallest Buildings in Shanghai

Dates & Tangerines

In the Absence of a Cart

After School Noodles

Kunming Central Plaza (larger available)

Door Panels - Qiongzhu Bamboo Temple (large 4 detail)

Dongchuan Redlands Mechanized Farming (pls. view large)

Village Street Food - east central China (large view)

Shanghai's Bund

Potato Harvester in Dongchang (see large)

Shanghai Pudong @ Night (large available)

Zhouzhuang Canals (see large)

Gobi Desert Fortress Ruins

Separating the wheat from the chaff or whatever (see large)

The Aesthetics of Porn

Bike Path turned Kayak Course

Colorado Floods - 2013 - Louisville

Colorado Floods - 2013 - Louisville

Colorado Floods - 2013 - Rush thru a Culvert

Golf Course Water Hazard - Coal Creek

Boulder Creek Two Days After Crest


Beach Erosion in Boulder

Runaway Railroad Tie

Colorado Floods - 2013 - Boulder Creek





Zhouzhuang Canals

Bird Nest Chalk White Noodles

Tulou Hotel in Fujian Province (see large)

Fujian Orchids (large for detail)

Drying (larger view tastes better :) )

Tulous - Chinese Forerunner to Modern Apartments (large available)

Ming-era Latches (large view available)

Faces of Huangshan

Sunrise on Gobi Desert @ Ejina Qi

Tulou Interior

Shanghai Old Town

Botero in Bogota

Zhouzhaung Canals

Trying to See Her Scarlet Letter - Gulang Yu, China

The Bund at Night (please go large for this one)

Glass Dome in Peace Hotel Rotunda (Shanghai - see large)

Shanghai Old Town (pls. see large)

The Scarlet Bride of Shanghai

Re-stocking the Ice Cream Freezer

Tulou Communal/Clan Residences (see large)

Best Foot For Forward

Patterns & Textures

Tulou Courtyard

All the Tea in China

(Larger View) Dongchuan Redlands Crop Fields

Field Trip

Don't Upset the Apple Cart (pls. view large)

A Pretty Chinese Face

Commerce Looming Over God

Santa Cruz, Bolivia Street Art

Hyaltite Canyon Falls

Home Security System in Bogota (large available)

Today's Task

Old Skis as Fencing Material (large)

Streets of Bogota

Bolivar Square - Bogota (large for much more detail)

Church Door in Bogota

Bogota Senorita

Street Lamp

Madison Buffalo Jump (click for large)

Above Bogota

Shoe Shine Queue

Cathedral of Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Lijiang Rooftops - 3

Lijiang Rooftops - 2

Lijiang Rooftops - 1

Inglesia de Egipto - Bogota (large available)

Bolivian Fashionista

Madison Buffalo Jump - Bozeman, MT (large)

Bogota Cathedral, the Sacred Chapel & Bishops Palace

Hang Time (large available)

NW Montana (large available)

Bolivar Square - Bogota

Bolivian Alms Dealer

Happy Couple

Rural Bolivia


DSC00648-large view for details




DSC06290 large available

DSC00717-large available

DSC00495 (please see larger)

DSC00595-large for bigger tiles


Sucre Panorama (please see large)

Chicken Coop in the Wine Cellar (or vice-versa)

Entranced by Buskers


Ridgeline in Glacier NP (see large)


Santa Cruz Cathedral

Inglesia de San Felipe Neri

Plaza 24 de Septiembre

Inglesia de San Felipe Neri

Sucre Skyline (large for detail)


Bolivian Senior

Flathead River - Glacier NP (large)

Canadian Museum of Human Rights - Winnipeg

Geometry of Winnipeg

Potosi Lady

Potosi & Cerro Rico Mtn. (large view please)

Manitoba Capitol Dome

Frozen Skyscraper


Listing (see large)

Swiftcurrent Lake & Grinnell Peak

Amazon Warriors Invading Bolivian Highlands during Carnival (see large)

Canyon Wall Falls in Glacier NP

Painted Peaks of Glacier NP (larger)

Winnipeg Museum of Human Rights

Shades of Grey

Top of Glacier NP

Main St. to Mod St. (color version)

Main St. to Mod St.


Uyuni, Bolivia Locomotive Graveyard (large)

Happy Face (large available)

Glacier NP (large available)

Potosi, Bolivia Rooftops

Short of the Runway

Glacier Carved Valley (larger available)


Glacier NP Ridgeline (see large)

Spin Dry (pls. view large)

Players (large please)

Tallest Lock in the World (see large)

Tiny Island in Glacier NP (large 4 detail)

Reluctant House Guest (large)

Fishing Buddies

The Essence of La Paz

Toronto City Hall (large available)

Glacier NP Waterfall

Hudson Bay Belugas (large)

Glacier NP Panorama (large available)

Descent onto Bolivian Salt Flats

Carnival in Oruro, Bolivia (large for costume detail)

San Francisco Convent in Potosi (large)

Lake McDonald - Glacier NP (see large)

Forest Trestle

Nature Viewed in a Wake

The Walk Home

Beginning a 12 Hour Day

On Time Again


Face Fishing

Sucre Street

Mother & Cubs (pls. see large)

Toronto Perspective (bigger is better)

Canadian Winter

Puente Sucre Over Rio Pilcumaya (enlarge)

Uyuni, Bolivia Salt Flats (see large)

Toronto Clocktower

Yellowstone Thermal Area (pls. see larger)

Uyuni Salt Flats - Bolivia (enlarge)

Missoula, MT Carousel

Carnival Hornblowers (enlarge)

Canadian Human Rights Museum

Rite of Passage (enlarge)

Happy Feet (pls. enlarge)

Shark Teeth (pls. enlarge)

Bolivian Amazonians (enlarge)

DSC01881 (enlarge)

Mother & Calf (pls. enlarge)

Above Glacier NP (enlarge pls.)

Early 20th C. Butte, MT

Carnival Reveler (pls. enlarge)

CN Tower - Toronto

DSC01635 (enlarge)

Toronto Skyline (enlarge)

Big Door, Little Girl

Middleman (enlarge)

Dancing in the Streets (enlarge)

Glacier Melt Lake (enlarge pls.)



Toronto Glass (enlarge)

Bolivian Miners (enlarge)

Beluga Whale Pod

Fracked Window Panes (enlarge)

Gateway to Churchill, Canada



Fort Prince of Wales - Churchill (enlarge)

Northernmost Lemonade Stand in World? About 58 degrees north.

Manitoba Capitol Dome

Salar de Uyuni Reflection (enlarge)

Carnival Girl

Rowing Racecourse in Toronto Islands (enlarge)

Mostly Triangles

A Feather in His Cap

Bolivian Carnival Dancers (enlarge)

Festive Attire

Halloween or Carnival? (enlarge)

1000 Islands NP (enlarge)

Confidence (enlarge)

High-up in Glacier NP (enlarge)

Yellowstone Bison Early Summer (enlarge)

Geyser Edge Stones (enlarge)

Uyuni Salt Flats

Carnival Drummer

New Moms Do Carnival (enlarge)

Sajama NP - Bolivia (enlarge

Leaping Llama (enlarge)

Barnyard Blues (enlarge to see rot & decay!)

CN Tower on Glass

Thousand Islands Bridge (enlarge)

Yellowstone River

Loosely Anchored

Privacy Screen (enlarge to better get it)

Delivering Laundry

Dressed Warmly

View Big

Blended Styles (enlarge)

Contemplating Life as a Miner

Please See Large

Glacier NP Spectacle (enlarge pls)

Missoula, MT

Montana Early 20th C. Victorian (enlarge)

Headwaters of Yellowstone River

Yellowstone River Below Falls

Chick Dealer (enlarge)

Triple Header

Toronto Skyline from Centre Island (enlarge)

Centre Island Bridge (enlarge)

Household Essentials

Bolivian Tavern

Potosi Roofwalker (enlarge)

Glacier NP Peaks (enlarge)

Old Faithful on Windy Day (enlarge)

Please see large.

Yellowstone Buffalo (enlarge)

One in Every Crowd (enlarge)

Postosi, Bolivia (enlarge)

Mother & Child in Sajama NP

Two Guys & Their Puppy

JoJo - A Burger to Die for

Bridge of the Americas @ Panama City (enlarge)

Yellowstone River in NW WY (enlarge)

Pretty Much Squares (enlarge)

Yellowstone Nights (best if viewed large)

Panama Canal Transit (enlarge)

The Pervasiveness of Cell Phones

Silver Ore Processing (enlarge 4 detail)

Road Most Traveled (enlarge)

Toronto Landmarks (enlarge)

Twisted (enlarge)

Galloping Bear

Yellowstone Falls

Market March

Using Her Head


Market Merchant @ Dajabon

Boldt Castle - 1000 Islands NP (enlarge)

Old Faithful on a Breezy Evening (enlarge)

Panama City Colonial Doorway (v.2.)

Come to Jesus Bus Graveyard (enlarge)

Panama City Colonial Doorway (v.1.)

Panama City Colonial Doorway (v.3.)

Puente de las Americas (enlarge)

Colonial Panama City

Lava Lady (enlarge)

Sandbanks Provincial Park - Ontario (enlarge)

Panama City Skyline

Bus Art (enlarge)

Dutch Gold

Late in LIfe (enlarge)

Bug Life Inside a Tulip (enlarge)

We're betting it is a girl.

Bolivian Silver Mine (enlarge)

Sajama NP - Bolivia (enlarge)

Convent Rooftop (see big)

Fenceline (enlarge)

Yellowstone River Canyon (enlarge)

Yellowstone River Rapids

Market Day Finery

Mammoth Hot Springs - Yellowstone (please see big)

The Mission Church @ Sajama NP (see large)

La Paz, Bolivia Metro Area (large to get better feel)

Sajama Llama

The Four Peaks of Sajama NP (enlarge)

Roadside Sandwich Shop (enlarge)

Rainforest Colonization

Gutted (enlarge)

Point Well Made (enlarge)


Protecting Her Nest (enlarge)

Headlong Descent

Uyuni Train Cemetary (b&w ver.) enlarge

Yellowstone River Rapids

Grazing or Charging (enlarge)

Velvet Rack (enlarge)

Upper Yellowstone Falls (enlarge)

Livingston, MT Rail Yards (enlarge)

Cumbersome Loads (enlarge)

Haitian Egg Merchant (enlarge)

Security Detail (enlarge)

Considering a Purchase

Contemporary Canadian Architecture (enlarge)

Manitoba State Capitol (enlarge)

Gated Community (enlarge)

Bus Stop Banter (enlarge)

Bolivian Highlands (enlarge)

Potosi Rooftops (enlarge)

Bird Seed Merchant (enlarge)

Sajama Llamas (enlarge)

Above La Paz

Awaiting Transport

Parinacota & Pomerata Volcanos (enlarge)

Urban Congestion (La Paz)

Traditional Female Hairstyle & Attire in Bolivia

Plaza Murillo - La Paz, Bolivia

Sidewalk Chatter.

3 beers & 2 wires (enlarge)

Bolivian Baroque (enlarge)

Rooftop Trails (enlarge)

Sajama NP Wildlife (enlarge)

Salt Flat Art - Bolivia

Men at Work

Science in the Jungle (enlarge to see structural details)

Thousand Islands Bridge (enlarge)

Lunch (enlarge)

The No Margin for Error Runway (enlarge)

St. Barts Airport (enlarge)

From the Boardwalk at Ponce, PR (enlarge)


High Density Housing in the Afterlife (enlarge)

Pleasant Entryway (enlarge)

Shady Lane (enlarge)

Cook to Order

Two-tone Iguana

Main Man

Anchored (enlarge)


The Haitian Carpet Merchant (enlarge)

Haitian/DR Border Crossing @ Dajabon (enlarge)

Rising Waters of Lago Enriquillo (enlarge)

Meltdown Tow Away (enlarge)

Western DR Mountains & Forests (enlarge)

Village Barber (enlarge)

Last Light (enlarge)

Wired for Cable (enlarge)

Gold Coast

Bigger for Detail

Personal Playground (enlarge)

The Blue Spine Iguana (enlarge)

Snow Cone Kid (enlarge)

Infraction (enlarge)

The Future of Roller Derby (enlarge)

Engineer's Delight (enlarge)

Shutters on St. Barts (enlarge)

Dancing with the Stripes (pls. enlarge)

dsc.2463 (bigger is better)

Bahia de Montecristi, DR (enlarge)

Kite Beach, DR (enlarge)

Dominican Republican Highlands (enlarge)

Terraced Cropland (enlarge)

Caribbean Color (enlarge)

Wily Wolf (enlarge)

Exit Into the Pacific (enlarge)

Dappled Sky in a Redwood Forest (enlarge)

Peer Support

Xeriscaped California Bungalow (enlarge)

Lane Through the Redwoods (enlarge)

Sentinels along the Road

Fallen Redwood #2 (enlarge)

Light on the Forest Floor

Man Against the Sea (enlarge

Fallen Redwood (enlarge)

Humboldt Redwoods SP

Fallen & Standing

California Victorian (enlarge)

Curved Saplings

Uprooted Redwood (enlarge)

Unfamiliar Terrain (enlarge)

Redwood Forest in B&W (enlarge)

Redwoods - Towering & Toppled

Weird Drawbridge (enlarge)

A Century of Upgrades (enlarge)


Forest Floor on Sunny Day (please view larger)

DSC02477 (enlarge)

Eureka, CA Victorian

Fern Canyon. in Redwoods NP (enlarge)

Dense Stand of Redwoods (please view large)

Undiscovered Picnic Table (larger)

Foggy Morning in Redwoods NP

Redwoods NP (enlarge)

Ceiba State Forest Coast, PR (enlarge)

Obstructions (enlarge for detail)

Lounging Tiger (enlarge)

Fern Creek Bank (enlarge)

Redwood Treetops (enlarge)

Coastal Bouquet on Forest Floor (enlarge)

Eureka, CA Harbor at Dusk (enlarge)

Redwood Trunks


Making Sure Dad Got the Shot

Toppled Redwood on Forest Floor (enlarge)

Elk in Redwoods NP

Prairie Creek Redwoods SP (enlarge)

Dragonhead (enlarge)

Forest Path

Dog Walks Man (enlarge)

Ferns & Moss Amid Redwoods

Seclusion in Redwoods NP

The Next Megachurch?

Sniffing or Grazing? (enlarge)

Encounters with Lightening Strikes

Fallen Redwood Root Ball (enlarge)

Sacramento Delta Drawbridge (enlarge)

Forest Floor - Redwoods NP

Beanpoles in Sacramento Delta Agri Country (enlarge)

Elk Crossing (enlargeable)

United We Stand; Divided We Fall (enlargeable)

Floor of Ferns (enlargeable)

Way Off Broadway (enlarge)

Worshipping on High (enlargeable)

At Rest (enlarge)

Fern Canyon in Redwoods NP

Backward Bareback Bruin Rider

Redwood Stand

Paul Bunyan & Babe the Blue Ox (enlarge)

Redwood Undergrowth (enlarge)

Securely Wired (pls. enlarge)

Leaves of Green (enlarge)

Forest Scene (enlarge)

Fern Crk. - Redwoods NP

Slopes of Mt. Shasta (large for detail)


Creek Crossing on the HIgh Road (enlarge)

An Elk & His Fly Friend (enlarge)


Curious Drawbridge Design

Upper Reaches of Redwoods (enlargeable)

Lassen Volcanic NP (pls. see large)

Symmetrical Collapse (enlargeable)

Pre-digital Control Panel

Timbered Hillsides in N. California (enlarge)

Metallica (enlargeable)

Alcatraz & Golden Gate Seen from Hills above Berkeley (enlarge

The End of the Rainbow (enlargeable)

Spanish Colonial (enlarge)

Marine Rope

Bridge of the Americas (enlargeable)

Catering to the Fruit Tooth in All of Us

Colonial Cartagena



Miraflores Lock (enlarge)

Buddha Chilling Out or Something

Up the Down Staircase

Last Call on a Spit of Sand (see large)

On the Road

Two Views

Sneak Peek into the Dressing Room

A Cartagena Botero

Upside Down Double Rainbow (larger for detail)

The Road to Lassen Peak (enlargeable)

#200 (enlargeable)

3 Buildings, 3 Eras (enlarge)

BioMuseum by Gehry in Panama City (enlarge)

The San Andres Island Baptist Church (enlarge for detail)

Seeds & Beads (enlarge)

Cartagena Cathedral (see big for details)

Wavy Balcony (enlargeable)

Panamanian BioDiversity Museum (larger view)

The Restoration Crew (see big)

Beach Swing (larger view)

Sandbar Saloon (view large)

Bay Bridge & SF as seen from Oakland (larger pls.)

Fruit Stools (larger available)

Balcony Garden (large available)

Cartagena Balconies (pls. view large)

Look But Don't Touch (enlargeable)

DSC04366-(enlarge for detail)

Young Redwoods

Victorian Porch (enlargeable)

Bio-Diversity Museum, Panama City (see large)

Pan American Hiway Bridge Over Panama Canal (large available)

Upstairs Garden (see large)

Brightly Colored Cell Phone

Vigilant Guard Dog

Colonial Era Altar (large available)

Up Inside a Caribbean Church Steeple (see large)

Full Plumage (see large)

Cartagena Sunset (large available)

Bell Tower & Dome (pls. see larger)

Confident Stride

Sidewalk Garden

Sacramento's Golden Gate Bridge (see large)

Iron Age Wheels (big available)

Stately (larger available)

Stack of Balconies

Musical Trance

Mocking the Photographer (large available

Beach Erosion Repair (see large)

Street Serenade

Top Floor Sanctuary (larger available)


Colonial Era Bell Tower

Paradise Island, Bahamas (large available)

Dominica Rainforest

A Healthy Cut at It

Vacancies (see large)

High Flyer

All Eyes (large available)


Tropical Bloom (larger available)

Caribbean Colonial

Dream Walking

"My point being....."

Go Figure (large available)

DSC01923 See Large

The C Guy's Glass

Drying Cocoa Beans (larger for detail)

Angles & Curves

Bar Patron


DSC01457-(see larger for details

Nassau Columbus Tribute

Self-propelled (see large)

Variation on a More General Theme

All Smiles


Palm Fruit on Blue Sky

Roseau, Dominica (larger for detail)

Sunblock (see large)

Alternative Hairstyle (see large)

Bequia Fishing Fleet ( see large)

Boarded & Grated

Tropical Windows (see large)

Roseau Rooftops (large available)

Day's End on St. Vincent (larger)

Alternate Use of Plant Material (see large)

Mom & Daughters

Arm Art


Unattended (see large)


The St. Vincent Fish Market (see large)

Mother & Daughters

Red-spined, red-tongued iguana (see large)

Morne Trois/Piton NP

Tropical Stroll

Grenada Wetlands

Dilapidated Colonial Splendor in Dominica (large

Hurricane-proof church windows.(large for detail)

Cliff Anglers (large for detail)

Cassava Merchant

Flip (large available)

Bonaire (larger)

Traveler's Palm

Pixel Explosion

Shuttered (large available)

Port Elizabeth, Bequia (see large)

Hurricane Secure (larger)

The Grid (enlarge)

DSC01565(see large)

Caribbean Gothic

You Never Know (large)



Shady Lane (enlarge)

Coastal Curacao (see large)

The Straight & Narrow Clothing Company

Rum Distillery (view large)

Grenada Harbour (pls. see large)

Grenada Rum Distillery (large for detail)

Oahu Bloom (larger)

Sunset Climb on Oahu (large for detail)

Dominica Rainforest Pool (enlarge)

Willemstad, Curacao (enlarge 4 detail)

Barbados Beachfront

Distilling Demon Rum (see large)

Ballast Building (large available)

St. Vincent Bloom (see large)

Boat Traffic in the Grenadines (large pls.)

Single Palm Island (see large)

Grenadian Gratitude 30 Years Later (larger)

Bean Bags and Bales
















Breadfruit Tree











St. Vincent Palms (see large)






















Grand Anse Beach (pls see large)



Willemstad, Curacao by Night (see large)

Hippo Breath (larger)

Sukhothia (see large)

Vertical Ascent (larger)

Sukhothai Ruins (large available)

Bamboo Scaffold (larger)

Heavy Handed (large)

The Straight & Narrow (large)

Emerging Elephants (large)

Sukhothai Buddha (enlarge)

Phayoa (enlarge)

Gehry in Panama City (enlarge)

Summoning Buddha (see large)

Ceremonial Offering (see large

Rooted Temple(pls. enlarge)


Temple Statuary (large 4 detail)

Festival Smiles (enlarge)

Sukhothai Sunset (see large)

Wat Sri Pan Ton in Nan, Thailand (larger available)

Hilltop Idol (larger)

Wedding Entourage (large)

Colonial Ballroom (large)

Offerings (see large)

French/Thai Ticklers (see large)

Elephant Art Part II

Elephant Art

12C. Thailand (helps to see large)

Elephant Stupa (see larger for details)

I want 3 of them.

Sukhothai (see large)

Sukhothai Temple (see large)

Lantern Maze (see larger)

The Stupa Below the Temple (see large)

Temple Etiquette (see large)

Serpentine Bannister (large)

Dusk at the Stupa (larger)

Golden Wat of Nan (see larger)

Wat Phrathat Hariphunchai Voramahvihan (large for temple detail)

Best Travel Photo Ever? (see large)

Marina Bay Sands Hotel - Singapore (large pls.)

Lamphun, Thailand Temple Complex (larger)

Thai Ceremonial Dancer (see large)

Temple at Phayao (large for detail)

Thai Freshwater Fish Farmers (larger)

Hilltop Ruins at Sukhothai (large available)

Wat Phratat Hariphunchai Voramahvihan (larger)

Stupa Ruins (larger available)

Festival Faces (larger available)

Wat Chedi Liem - SE of Chiang Mai

Offering to the Tall Buddhas

Cartagena - the old city (larger)

Villa Garden

DSC03120 (larger available)

05375-2-Pls. see large



Droopy-eyed Sentinel

The Artistic World of Pond Scum (pls. see XL)

See large for architectural detail

Colonial Veranda (larger available)

Sukhothai 13C Temple (large for detail

Colonial Cartagena Belltower

Contemporary Cartagena (larger available)

Breezy Veranda (larger available)

Entrance to Trump Rally

Sukhothai Temple Complex (lge. view for detail)

Seaside Sentinel (lge. available)

Unambivalent Intentions

22-29 (large available)

Balcony Patterns

Phayao Fish Farmers (see large)

Enlightened Disciples (Large for brush detail)

Votive Offering at Local Temple Ruins (lge. avail.)

Benteng Tolukko - 16C. Portuguese Fortress - pls. see large for detail

Indonesian Armadillo Skin Avocados (see lge)

Budding Hair Stylist

Northern Moluccas (large avail.)

Chanel in Indonesia via China

Red & Yellow Market (large available)

Ternate, Indonesia Mosque

Moto-taxi Drivers (large available)

Warning: Don't Like Busy? Then, it might be best to skip this one. View large to see 'busy'...

Cruise Ship Greeting Committee (lrg. pls.)

Minarets & Cell Towers (large view kind of crucial)

Indonesian Siesta (large for detail)

Clean Cut

Fishy Scene (large please)


Laundry Inspection?

Ternate, Indonesia Cruise Ship Terminal

The Sultan's Palace

Yasawa Islands Coral

Yasawa Islands Lionfish

Fijian Islands Lionfish

Vege Leaf Coral

Fiji Islands Starfish

Yasawa Islands Coral

Cyclone Winston Coral Devastation in Fiji

Niihau, Hawaii Seal

Underwater Fiji

Fiji Lionfish

Coral Knobs

Blue Starfish

Feather-like Soft Coral



DSC00460 (view large pls.)
















Coral Rosettes



Ternate Islander

Molucca Straits

Gamalama Volcano

Indonesian Gold - Boo Islands

Fossilized Indonesian Skull?

Boo Islands - Indonesia

Baton Rouge Cathedral

Baton Rouge Flood Damage

Baton Rouge Flood Damage









LA State Capitol

LA State Capitol2

Kokas-a, West Papua, Indonesia

Asmat Warrior in Attack Mode

Dugout Canoe Rowers - see comment that has Asmat Culture Info

Asmat Greeting Committee (pls. see large)

Portrait of an Asmat Village - Large view is essential.

Asmat Region, West Papua, Indonesia

Real Asmat Warriors Don't Wear Shades!

Asmat Region, West Papua, Indonesia

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

Asmat Region, West Papua, Indonesia

Asmat Region, West Papua, Indonesia






Larger available


Large for detail


Larger view is more entertaining!

Large view available


Pls. see large


Large view for detail



Frontal Assault (large view available)

Please see large for equipment & dress dress details.

Please see large


Battle Ready




Life in a stilted village


Intricate Maneuvers


Fatten Her Up a Bit




Welcoming Committee






Securely Anchored

Asmat Region, West Papua, Indonesia

Asmat Region, West Papua, Indonesia

Asmat Region, West Papua, Indonesia

Asmat Region, West Papua, Indonesia

Asmat Region, West Papua, Indonesia






West Papua, Indonesian Villager

West Papua Mating Ritual?

MacCluer Gulf Islets

Indonesian Stick Dancing

MacCluer Gulf Fog Bank

Paleolithic Indonesian Rock Art

Kokas, West Papua, Indonesia, Stilt Village (large for detail)

Indonesian Festival Ornament (see large)

Under Patronized Inter-Island Water Taxi

40,000 year-old Paleolithic Rock Art Site - Discovered by 18th C. European Explorers (large)

40,000 year-old Paleolithic Rock Art in Eastern Indonesia (large view)

Backdoor Seaside Deck

Sea-grass harvest and drying in Kokas, Indonesia (Large for Detail)

The Story of the World - Light & Darkness (see large)

Road Under Repair (Indonesian Stilt Village)

Burning Skies (large available)

Jufri Village Traditional Bodyart

Jufri Village, West Papua, New Guinea (Pls. See Large for Detail)

Stilted Village Roadway

Arnold the Asmati

Village Assembly (see large for detail)

Village Assembly (see large for detail)color version

dsc 11088

Ceram Sea Sunset (pls. see large)

Village Navy (large available)

Nutmeg or some spice.

Banda Naira Rowing Team (see large)

Indonesian Vibrance

Awaiting High Tide?

Banda Neira, Indonesia

Nightfall in the Banda Sea (large please)

Evening in the Banda Islands (see large)

Banda Islands, Indonesia

Rainbow over Ring of Fire Volcano (large available)

Girl with a Spider Flower

The Royal Rowing Team of Banda Neira (see large)

Port & City of Banda Neira (large please)

Fortress, volcano, cloud, sky (arrangement 2)

Fortress, volcano, cloud, sky (arrangement 1)

Rope Play

Spider Flower Girl

Enthusiastic Greeters


Larger view please


Pretty in Pink

Large to See Crew Faces

Fatal Leak


Alor Island Art (large for detail)

Abui People Tribal Dance (see large)


Full Regalia

Stray Blonde (large available)

Malaysian Water Taxi (large available)

Indonesia Day Traders (large to see trinkets)

Main Man

Big Sister or Young Mother?

Spirited Discussion (large available)


Fishmarket Faces (large)

Village Mosque (large please)

Biker Babes (see large)

Mama Bear

Solidarity (large available)

Village Musicians & Dancers (large pls.)

DSC09870 (large available)

Rockefeller Center Election Night

No Left Turns Here - see large

Election Nite 2017 - Times Square

Rockefeller Plaza Tower

St. Patrick's Cathedral - Election Nite - 2017

Tower @ Rockefeller Ctr.

Rockefeller Plaza Security

God Abandons the Republic?

Michael Moore Outside Rockefeller Ctr. on Election Night










5th Avenue Commotion

American Mother


Near Trump Tower 5 Days After Election #2

Middle East Meets Middle America (part 2)

Making America Great Again

Middle East Meets Middle America

5th Ave. Closed to Traffic Because of Proximity to Trump Tower

Volcano Cone in Eastern Indonesia (large view plse)

The Hunter (large for detail)

Lomblem Island Traditional Whaling Technique (large available)

Lomblem Island Traditional Whaling Technique (large available)

Crown of Fronds

Indonesian Whaling Ship (see large)



DSC01212 (large available)




Childhood Charm

Festival Rider

Dazed & Confused

Indonesian Ponies

Forked Tongue

Komodo Armor

Fierce Fang, Wholesome Hide

Food for Slaves

Komodo Island

Village Ladies

Toppled Tepee

Pasola Martial Arts

Pasola Martial Arts

Sumbanese Architecture


How About a Lift?

Faux Infrared

Swallow Hotel

Tanjung Puting NP

Klotok in Tanjung Puting NP

Klotoks - Indonesian House Boats

Kalimantan Klotok River Cruise

Jungle Reflection

Jungle Debris in Indonesian River

Tanjung Puting NP

Long narrow canoe for a long narrow river.

Monkey Business

Edible swallow nests

Jungle reflection

Kalimantan River Reflection

Communal Village Well

Kids & Goats

Bill O'Reilly Treats His Groper's Itch

34 Wheeler in the Australian Outback

Makeshift Outdoor Theater

Distinctive Roofline

Tanjung Puting NP Oragutangs

Sekonyer River Klotok Traffic

Orangutans in Tanjung Puting NP

Riverside in the Kalimantan Jungle

Narrow Passage

Vegetarian Sausage

Bird Against the Sea

Hitching a Ride

Wild Indonesian Boar

Carnival Parade in Bolivia

Sydney Harbour










Sydney University

Sydney University

Sydney University

University Window Panel

More Sydney University

St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney, Australia

Cathedral Interior

Architectural Detail

The Great Jewish Temple

City Centre Druggist in Sydney

The Strand Arcade - Sydney

Sydney's Original Hospital Building

Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney

Sydney Skyline at Dusk

Sydney Skyline including Opera House