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Photographer since 1960s. Film Producer and International Distributor of film and television since 1976. International Emmy Award in 2014 for "The Exhibition" which also won the PBS Frontline Award for Best Documentary in 2014. As a photographer worked for The Vancouver Sun, Toronto Star, North Shore Citizen and Maclean's Magazine. President of Horizon Motion Pictures Inc - distributor of "Ringu" "Ju on - The Grudge", "One Missed Call", "Dark Water", "Sharkwater" and many other Independent films. As Senior Vice President - International of Vestron International distributed "Making Michael Jackson's Thriller" and "Dirty Dancing". Producer of "Managua" starring Louis Gossett Jr., "By The Sword" starring F. Murray Abraham and "Galaxies are Colliding" starring Kelsey Grammar. First gallery exhibition in 2014 in Vancouver. Preparing work for second exhibition in 2015 of 70's NHL Ice Hockey, and new work documenting the Kyuquot Nation in British Columbia.

Country: CA


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Eagle 5 x 7 final

Sunday, Lake Ontario


Spirit Tree 1

"Dawn - Desolation Sound"

"Dusk - Desolation Sound"

"Spirit Tree 1"

"Kids - Spilsbury Beach"

"Teens - Kyuquot"

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"Clearing Storm" -

"The Road Less Travelled II"

"The Road Less Travelled I"

"Park KId II"

"Park Kid II"

"Beach Walk"

"Honest Ed's"

"Late Delivery"


"L'Ascenseur du Ciel II"

"L'Ascenseur du Ciel I"

"L'Ascenseur du Ciel II"

"L'Ascenseur du Ciel 4"


"Strait of Georgia"

"Bob Dylan and The Band"

"Shut Out"

"Ferry Ride"

"Ladies in the Rain"

Baker's Front II"

"Rain Day"

"Baker's Front I"

"Park Kid I"




"Umbrella Lady"

"Seargent At Arms"

"70's High"

"Traveller II"

"Traveller I"






"Mother Teresa"

"Beach Walk"

"Windridge Kids"

"Untitled II"

"Untitled I"

"A Road Less Travelled III"

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horizontal 2 (5 of 6).jpg

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Ebb Tide

02 web

8174 30x45 web

C 24x36inch web

DSC9285 web

Totem #33 33x45 web

15A 30x45 printed icon web

38 x 49.5 hockey final icon_

Untitled 3


HockeyCombo02 50x65.25 2 icon

Kyuquot 13 BW icon

Kyuquot 21A f 2 icon

Kyuquot 24A f icon


Totem #30 33x45

Tree L100134 33x45 icon


Carmanah 2


Scan-160905-0005 web

Scan-160905-0010 ed web


PNE Guys

Salish Sea Dusk

Voyage 32x48

15A 30x45 printed icon web

Kels Kyuquot



30 totem printed web

Clearing Storm

New York Armory

Angie and Jimmie

14 18 Ocean combo B web

Tree 33x45 web

Rob Straight with Emmy Award

Late Delivery


Life's a Beach


Clearing Storm

Rule of thirds