Alton Earle [acearle]

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I am at present a permanent resident of Taiwan and shoot mostly in Taiwan, but do some work in Southeast Asia. I've managed to figure out that the "ratings" system at is pretty much useless for ANY purpose, but still find it entertaining to see that some people STILL believe that a photogrpah can be quantified into by a numeric value between 1 and 7. In any case, I post here, but often don't leave shots up for more than a few days (my personal gallery site has a lot more, and the shots often stay up there for years). My "philosophy" of photography is simple: I shoot what either interest me intellectually, or things that interest me visually. My choice of subjects might seem a bit odd to someone who has never been outside of the West, but that is what SHOULD be interesting about photography: The ability to see the world and life through a different pair of eyes.