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I'm just another Software Engineer, with that unwavering urge to find a creative outlet, the dreams of which made up most my adolescence. I have always been interested in clicking snaps of whatever caught my fancy - I later realized I had inherited this from my mother. After a casual suggestion by a relative, I started researching about SLR's, earlier this year (Jan 2014) and thus began my interest in photography as an art. I wanted to start out cheap to make sure the fiscal damage wasn't life-changing if I ended up losing interest in photography. I got hold of a second hand Nikon F80 with a 28-100G Nikkor lens and started shooting the only film available in my city - Kodak Colorplus 200. I am still learning the basics, and yearn to shoot BW only, but it's too costly for now. I am a musician (drummer) and do write the occasional poem, when the "spirit's right" :)

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