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Relativly new to photography.Learning is proving difficult because of 2 children, 2ex-wifes, 1 dog ( sadly dog no longer with us 12-3-05 ), 2 jobs and very little spare time. But I have a cunning plan.If selling the ready made family on Ebays, falls on it's ass, then the lottery is sure to prove itself a great idea.If only I could get around to buying a ticket.

This is how I learn from other PhotoNet users. If I see images that I wish were mine I save them to a USB drive of "inspirational" photographs.I save the shot with the photographers name, so that I can revisit the gallery offline and also go back to find new work. Every month I add the inspirational shots to a thumbnail website gallery on the drive. Sometimes I will take the drive round to a mates house and we will go through them.Maybe a similar idea could work for you.

Many thanks to all those photographers that continue to challenge my ideas and direction in this hobby.

I believe that comments are the only safe way to rate ones own images and grow this chosen art.Anyone can click a button and post a 7/7 or a 1/1.Taking time to post a reason why you like or dislike an image is the only true way for the photographer to grow his talent. Posting a rating because you may end up with a reciprical rate is a waste of time, talent and effort. Nobody wins.

Thank You for taking the time to read my bio.


Single Photos

Wall work. A study in the art of builing materials.



The Old Bridge

Taking a walk down memory lane.

The Trent Bridge Gainsborough Lincolnshire

Marshalls Building.

15th Century building.

My shadow came out to play.

Why do people dump rubbish?

The Round Tower

The Whitton Building, Gainsborough Lincolnshire UK.

Gainsborough Old Hall, Lincolnshire, UK.

Ely Cathedral 2004

An old car found rotting in a field.

A recent favourite of mine.Actually taken on my Birthday.

The Canon Powershot S1 rotating rear screen allows for some unusual shots.

Bridge over the River Cam in Cambridge.

Punting on the Cam

Wall built like castle turrets.

The round top of the concrete bollard contrasts well with the line in the brickwork.



A quick shot of a Pigeon at Legoland Windsor,UK.

Crazy "Ladies" at a May festival.

Rufford Water in Nottinghamshire, uk.

Rufford Water in Nottinghamshire, UK.

Taken during a recent trip to the Lake District.

GI Joe