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"I'm taking a camera to the grave with me--just in casebr Wherever I do end up - it will be heaven if I can shoot photos." Lee McLaughlin While visiting my grandmother one afternoon, I looked up to see her kneeling in her garden clipping flowers. Suddenly a butterfly fluttered into the scene and landed on her straw hat. The rays of light from the hot summer sun saturated the intense colors of it's delicate wings slowly beating open and close. Then, it darted into the air and circled before landing again on her hand. Smiling warmly she held this little creature for just a few seconds. Suddenly, it gently jumped back into flight, disappearing beyond the trees and into the blue sky. The moment was captivating. When she noticed me watching, we both giggled with joy for sharing this moment. That was the last day I saw her, before she left us. br Even as a young boy of 10 this left a lasting impression of how fleeting life is. Yet, at the same time, moments shared, can last forever. Like little treasures to hold in our hearts. This is why I carry a camera. Hopeful of catching some fluttering moments of joy and beauty - to share and preserve. If only for awhile. Born on Christmas day in San Francisco, a wild ride ago. My passion for photography as a kid, began this long journey to now. brMy persistence of vision, or was it OCD, enabled me to travel beyond borders. Both within myself and imaginary. I listen to my heart. br Still in touch with the kid inside, photography is the tool I love most to express the spontaneity and wonder I feel for life. I am very thankful for my Digital Gear, which affords me limitless experiments and captures. Currently I have a Canon 5D Mll a 7D with several "L" lenses and an assortment of support gear. I appreciate all the advice and especially the encouragement offered by the visitors here. I wish to share all I can as well. Although, admittedly, I am a humble beginner. Cheers, Lee Bogart: "Do everything, one thing will turn out right" Author of a children's book- "QUANTUM FUN" - a Trip Through Einstein's Mind - "Quantum Physics for Kids"- A picture book with 60+ original photographs-that follows Einstein and several 'other-worldly animals' on an imaginary trip through the strange place called Quarksville. - AMAZON: QUANTUM FUN MEDIA. links: www.etrips.com www.eyefulltower.com Paranormal UFO- High Technology: www.xnews.com My travel site: http://www.eTrips.com - Travel Photography, Documentary Photography. Hollywood 'Behind the Scenes'- Zombies, Vampires, Devils Angels, Gods, Dogs and kids funny, humor, laughter by Lee McLaughlin. contact: -leepix@me.com http://www.eTrips.com Film work: www.EyefullTower.com - Eyefull Tower Films br Feature Film - www.WheresGeorgetheMovie.com Key words: eyefulltower, xnews.com, xnews_paranormal, UFO collection, Doll art, dolly, doll horrors, doll photographs, fine art dolls, eTrips travel, Einstein, Einstein's mind, emc2, Quantum Physics for Kids, Lee Mclaughlin, Morgan Monet, San Francisco Photographer, independent films, portrait, destination photos, photography, documentary and travel photography and film. Humor, fun, comical, animals, Landscapes, fine art photography, behind the scenes, LeePix, xnews, san_francisco_photographer.

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