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Dionys Moser is a landscape and natur photographer. He is travelling arround the world during 8 to 9 month of the year. He organize specialized wildlife and landscape phototours workshops for small groups to spectacular locations worldwide. Check out www.fotoreisen.ch for an overview of the the trips on offer. The tours are also in English. Join for a fototour and Workshop All my Images are strictly protected by copyright

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Dionys Moser' Single Photos

Dionys Mosers' Desert-Photos

Greenland - Icebergs - Blue Ice - and more

Single Photos


Dead Vlei at Sossus Vlei

sanddune at Great Sandsea Egypt

Flash at Vierwaldstättersee, Central Switzerland

Lower Antelope

Beauty of Assuan

desert in Egypt

Carneval at Lucerne, Switzerland

young oman boy

Quiver Trees


Egypt Sandsea

Sandstorm in Great Sandsea

snow in Switzerland


Rowers in Madagaskar


Little Girl in Namibia

Great Sandsea Egypt

Great Sandsea


White Desert

Great Sandsea Egypt

Antelope Canyon

Karnak Temple at Luxor

Sandsea Egypt

Beach in Oman

Camp at Sandsea

two children in the poor parts of Cairo

White Desert

White Desert

Sandsea - last light

The desert is female....

Closeup of a dragonfly

Iceberg in Greenland


Iceberg in Greenland

Blue Jeans Frog (poison Dart-Frog)

Iguana Iguana,

Namib south - the last 10 seconds of light

Deep Blue in Ice

ICE MUSHROOM Iceberg in Greenland More photos in my Galery of my website

Minus in the ICECAVE (klick LARGER!)

Melting Ice On the Iceberg klick LARGER for best view!

Namibia - 20 min after Sunset (klick LARGER)

The frozen Heart of the Iceberg

Iceberg - Way In


Castle on Ice



Vulcano Lake at Irazu

Last Light in the Big Sandsea of Egypt

Heaven's Gate

Big Sandsea in Egypt

Dune in Sossus Vlei


Over Sossus Vlei

Namib Desert

In the Great Sandsea in Egypt

Melting Ice


Dune at Sunset

Girl in Farafra

Monument Valley, White desert in egypt

moon at 28th october morning

in one line

A Windy place

Chamaeleon at Spitzkoppe

Nude desert?

Wind in the dunes

Dead Vlei in Sossusvlei

Namib Desert, end of blue hour

Big dune in sandsea (klick larger)

Young Novize in Myanmar



Novizes in a Monastry

Portrait of a Novize

Water-Lily at Inlay Lake Myanmar

Fullmoon in White desert

In the Great Sandsea of Egypt

Great Sandsee

Novize in Myanmar

Deadvlei in Namibia (klick larger)

In the Great Sandsea

White Desert (klick larger)

Iceberg in Greenland

Sossus Vlei (klick larger)

Lilac-brested Roller

White Desert at Sunset


On the way to the market

White Desert

the fotographer in the desert of Egypt

White Rocks in White Desert (klick larger)

Namiba Desert

Namib Desert

Secretary Bird in Etosha NP

Namib Desert with Tree

Early morning light in the Namib Desert

Welwitschia Mirabilis

Namib Desert by sunset

Waterpools at Spitzkoppe

Namid Desert


yellowbill toktok

Ice Cave

Icebergs in Greenland

Iceberg in Greenland

Angel in Ice

The Frozen Wave Greenland Nikon D2X, 70-200mm, -1.7

Blue Hour With Blue Ice

Sphinxs on Ice

Blue Hour in Greenland


Icebergs in Western Greenland

Third Ice Cave

Eisberg in Greenland

Namibia - Desert Namib

....Dunes in the Great Sandsea of Egypt... Klick lager!

Evening Light in White Desert

Sand _ In the Sandsea of the Sahara

Dune in the Great Sandsea of the Sahara

Startrail in White Desert

White Desert - First Light -------- Please click larger

White Desert ----- please klick larger

Window in White Desert ---- Please klick larger!

THE Mushroom-Rock

Ice Frog


Earth View

Icebergs in Greenland

In the Icecave of an Iceberg

White Desert - sun set

U-Bein Bridge in Mandalay

Pagoda in Myanmar

Novize in Myanmar

U Bein Bridge in Myanmar

Girl in Myanmar

Pagodes in Myanmar

Ready for the Celebration


Bagan Pagodes



The Prayer

Sanddünes in the Great Sandsea in Egypt

Sanddünes in the Great Sandsea in Egypt

Sanddünes in the Great Sandsea in Egypt

White Desert


Dead Vlei in Namibia - Water in the desert

Fog in the DEAD VLEI

Water in the Desert Namib

Namaqua Chamaeleon

Dead Vlei in ground fog - Namibia - please klick larger

Dunes in the Sandsea

Tschingis Khan's Worriers in Mongolia

Nomade boy on his horse

Novice in Mongolia calling with a shell the ohter monks for praying.


Canyon in Mongolia

Canyon in Mongolia

Canyon in Mongolia

Dead vlei in groundfog

Deadvlei tree after Fog

Fishing between Icebergs

In the Ice Cave

"Redlight District" in Namibia


Namibian Dunes

Sunrise in the Namib Desert

Namibian Desert

Mushroom at Waterfall

White Cave wiht Dune


The Blue Hole

Desert-Geko - Two Feet in the shadow

Moon - Tripod - Quiet

Sunset in White Desert

ONE Dune in the Great Sandsea of Egypt

In White Desert, Egypt



Assekrem - Sunset

Unknown Slotcanyon in Algeria

Sanddune and Stoneneedles

Fotographer in White Desert

Monks pot

Early Light

Wonderful Erosin

The Dune

Simple Stone - For me a Diamand!

Night Photographer

Mushroom Rock

Western Desert in Egypt

Green Camelion

Great Sandsea - Egypt

Between the Iceberges in Greenland

Aurora borealis at Norway

Girl in Uganda

Colorful Beatle

South Algeria

South Algeria

South Algeria

Boiling Sanddunes

Dune in the Great Sandsea of Egypt

Dune in the Great Sandsea of Egypt

Quivertree in the Namib

The other Sossus Vlei

Dune Gras

Dunes in the Great Sandsea of Egypt

Sandcolors in the Great Sandsea of Egypt

White Desert, Egypt

Great Sandsea in Egypt

In the Sandsea

Dunes in Gobi Desert, Mongolia ------------ more you find in my website www.fotoreisen.ch in "Fotogalerie" -------

Namibia - Sossus Vlei

Mushroom time in White Desert

Harmless Snake in White Desert

First Morning Light in White Desert

My fototours order by website...

order by website

My Calender for 2008

IN the Great Sandsea of Egypt

Last light in White desert

White Desert

White Desert

White Desert - in the Dunes

White Desert - Yardangs -- No Filter used! but f/22

Saltcaravane in the desert Danakil

Saltcaravane in the Desert Danakil

Mursi woman

Hamar Woman, Southethiopia


Dry in the Danakil Desert

Mursi Woman, Southethiopia

45C in the Desert Danakil

Deadvlei under Water - please view larger!

Northern Light in Norway

Northern Light in Norway

Colors in the Flowers

Blue headed Agama


Sorting out hands and feet


Lion, Queen Elisabeth NP

Hippopotamus, Queen Elisabeth NP

Red throated Beeeater

Hippos at the Nile Murchisson NP

Hippos in the River Nil Murchisson NP

Hippo Mother and baby

Gorilla man

Young Schimpanse

Malachit Kingfisher


Shoebill - looking like a fossil relict

Long crested eagle

Living under the Northern Light

Bananadealers in Uganda

Deadvlei - First light

Blowing in the Wind

Spitzkoppe in early morning Light

Sunset light in Sossus Vlei

Nature's Golden Minutes

The Glou of desertcolors

Unreal real - the very first light in Sossus Vlei Dunes

The other kind

Giraffes in Etosha NP

Dune and gras in Sossusvlei


After sun rise, Namib Desert

Lost Tracko

Dune in the Great Sandsea

Dunelines in Egypt

Enough light

Red Gold of Gobi Desert

Great Sandsea

Elefants in Etosha NP

Bulls fight in Etosha NP

Begging young elephant in Etosha NP

Dunes of Great Sandsea

Dunes in the Great Sandsea

Dunes of Great Sandsea

White Desert Dunes

Last Light on Sandsea Dunes

Erotic dunes

Vulcano Erta Ale in the Danakil Desert

Saltcarawans in the Desert Danakil

Wild Beauty - Benna Woman / Omo Valley

Benna Woman / Omo Valley

Young Hamer Woman

Mursi Woman

Hamer Woman with Child

Vulcano Erta Ale

Photographers Paradise - The Dallol

Photographers Paradise - The Dallol - Part III


Special Fire in the Desert


Desert Light

White Desert

Dunes in the Great Sandsea

White Desert

Donki-Caravan in the Danakil


Caravan arriving in the Danakil Desert

Karo Warrier in Omo Valley

Part of my gallery. You can surf my privat Galleries now with "cooliris". Enjoy!

Part of my Gallery

My Greenland Gallery by cooliris

My privat Namibia Gallery by cooliris

Dallol in my privat Gallery - more in my website

From another World -The Dallol in the Danakil Desert

Vulcanic Green @ Dallol

On line - Camelcarawan in Ethiopias Desert Danakil

Most Colorful Place

Before the night

Dunes of Desert Namib


Water in Namibia

Colorful Icebergs in Greenland

Iceberg in Greenland - more on my Website

The blue Glow

Iceberg in Greenland

Swimming Brownbear

Big Brownbear

two young brownbears


Elefants in Sunset

Vulvanic Mountain with Moss

Moss landscape in Iceland

Genesis - Mud in Iceland

Wonderful Dunes

Photographing in the Dunes

Dunelines of paradise

Dune in good light

A crack with a view

Beduins arround the fire

New place on our planet

New place on our planet II

Mars on earth


Dunes of the Great Sandsea

Dunes in my White Desert


Polarlight in Norway

Green Light over the Fjord

Northernlight Corona

White Desert

Dunes of White Desert - click for larger

Golden Lines in the Deset


Late time light

Wind Dunes in the Desert of Algeria

Genesis II - Mud in Iceland



Brownbear in Finnland


In the focus of the bear

A dream of dunes


Climbing bear

Golden light in White Desert

the glow of the blue hour

At first day light

Wonderful Desert

White Desert

Northern Light in Norway

Polarlight / Northernlight

Woman ot the Benna Tribe

Malachite Kingfisher with fish

Photos of my wall calender for 2011 Size 70x50cm each photo Best paperquality production 650...

On an other planet

Beauty of Dallol

Acid Lake of Dallol

Sulphur Island

Iceberg in Greenland

Part of the Corona

Northern light

Auroral spiral

At the Fjord


blue - cold - sharp

Braunbear with cub in the forest

The Evening Bears

Brownbears fighting

Swamp tour

Northernlight in Northern Norway



sun & ice

Midnightsun over Greenland

frozen crown jewels


Acid cloud at vulcano Ijen, Indonesia


Deserts paradise



Aurora - northernlight






Ice giant