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I am living in Estonia, by profession I am architect, by passion I am entrepreneur. For first 20 years of my career I was working mostly with spatial planning. For the last 3 years I am focused on proactive mental wellness and run e-learning site Wellness Orbit: www.wellnessorbit.com. We offer world class online trainings for companies on human capacity mental wellness. It is the first fully digital mental wellness gym in the world. The interesting things to study with camera for me are nature, houses and people. Photography teaches us to see the world. Somebody once said: great thing about taking photos is - you live in the moment. You can't shoot in the past or in the future, you need to be fully aware of the moment. That is why I love taking pictures

Country: EE


Single Photos

Small living things





A world of its own



By the sea

Say it with flowers

Saku Brewery


My lovely wife

Tallinn, Estonia


Visions of life

Lilleoru, Estonia





Estonian handicraft


Organic architecture




Paradise on earth


I'm thinking


Tenderness of love

Beauty within shines through, this is Natural Beauty


Fisher houses right after Sunset

Spark in the eyes (Love that cup of tea)


A world of its own

White elephant will bring good luck to you! Thanks for looking.

Beauty of one

Room with guitar and flower

Girl controlling time

Road (Tee lihtsusesse)

Sunday morning

Smile within

Summer sunny smile

I'll go now

Nigtfall on the Haabneeme beach

House of warm feelings on the Night (There is always the light, even when the sky is dark)

Waiting for summer (Stillness of winter 2)

Alone in the room with the others

Remember the old days

Stillness of winter

Sleeping beauty at her 3 day on this world

Lilleoru - winter magic

Grass on winterday

Delfiinid on sõpruse sümbol

Solitude on the lake

Silent beach

Moring sky of bright winter day

Pine in my backyard

Swan's beauty

Swans side by side


Colors of old house

Winter freeze in front of the sky

Footsteps in the sand



Swans dancing in front of ship

Swan on Waves

Discussions by the Sea on Sunny Sunday

Architecture on the beach

Sunsets on Empire

Light in the dark

Music is in your mind

Orchid and the snail

Saku Brewery - Strange Engine 1

Saku Brewery - Strange Engine 2

Saku Brewery - Strange Engine 3

In candle light

Readin' and writing...

Swanlake and pure beauty

Niguliste Church in Tallinn

Smile in the blinding sun

State of mind

Safe in our home

Kaunitar ja tema lill

Celebrate the moment

Pine on the beach at Paljassaar Island



Cup of tea in the Old Town

Tristan ja Isolde - Tallinn Town Hall

Flower in the night

I Walk To My Own Song



Sunset on Baltic Sea

Never mind the autumn


Angels on the beach

Heap of ice (Tallinn Bay)

Sea's sculpture

Sunday smile

Birds on Tallinn Bay

Holy Silence (Peaceful afternoon)


New Years night in Tallinn

My beautiful wife

Swedish Aero Architecture

Arhitecture of the Aero

Walking the doll (Nukubeebiga jalutamas)

Saab 9000 Aero and monuments to the fast and brave

Saab Super Aero Wheel

Magical nature

Destiny of trees: Firewood


Looking at the play of water

Water magic II

Water magic

Indiaani tipi ja elulille värav

The forest of elfs

This is huge, ain't it?


Tormilind on Tallinn's bay

Päikeseloojang Kolga-Aabla rannas

Elulille park 2008 aasta sügisel

Autumn in the forest of elfs

...and next rider appears

Looking towards the noise

Moss in the forest of elfs

Egret walking in the Red Sea

Red sea and yachts

View to Sääretirp, Hiiumaa

Swan Family

On the trip...

Amazed of the view

Kudumine kangastelgedel


Sunny day near Old Town

The cat is watching...

Tallinn Flower Show exhibition

Tallinn Flower Show exhibition

Tallinn Old Town Wall


Sunset in Kerala

Someday I will drive!

Eesti Meistrivõistlused rallikrossis 2012

Eesti Meistrivõistlused rallikrossis - Tallinn 2012

Tallinna Ralli 2012


Casa Battlo - window details

Casa Battlo - tree melts into the house

Parc Güell

Güell Pavilions - the Dragon gate

Casa Mila

Casa Mila - the gate

Casa Mila and sky

Casa Mila - roof details

View to La Sagrada Familia

Casa Mila - the courtyard

Casa Mila - view from the window

Casa Mila - dance of stone and iron

Parc Güell - pillars for palmtrees

Parc Güell

Parc Güell - architecture and nature can be one

Sagrada Familia - melting to nature

Sagrada Familia - raising form the ground

Sagrada Familia - dance of details

Sagrada Familia - Shining Beauty

Sagrada Familia Parish School by Gaudi

Sagrada Familia - game of the holy light

Casa Battlo - lamp in the main hall

Casa Battlo - the view from the backside

Casa Battlo - portrait of Gaudi among his art

Casa Battlo - street view

Güell Pavilions

Tree pillars out of stone at Parc Güell

Radiant colors of Parc Güell

Sume belts

Viru raba

Kevadised sinililled

Ülemiste Drift 2011 - Vahemets BMW

Ülemiste Drift 2011 - Toomra BMW

Mesilane roosil

Moring silence

Walk in nature

Forest silence

Summer day with slow waves


Helena and chocolate cake

Saab 99 from 1975

Saab 900 2,0T from 1996

Saab 9000 CDE 2,3t from 1997

Saab loves cold and snow!

Saab Aero 9-3 2,8T & beauty of windpower

Saab will live on!

Snowy smile of Saab 9-5 from 2011

Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple in Trivandrum dedicated to Lord Vishnu before discovery of gold

Varkala, Janardanaswamy Temple Gate

Small elevant

Baby Elephant

Tea picking - just in few days it's packed and ready to go!

Evening in Munnar

Boathouse at Kerala Backwaters

Evening at Kerala Beach

Small boats can transport anything!

Kerala Backwaters

Golden Waters Hotel in Kerala

Egret Walking among flowers

The lazy road between palms

Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple in Trivandrum after the discovery of gold and restoration works

Small Nandi

Small temple - morning ceremony


Squirrel talk

What next?

Rice field at Tamil Nadu

Waiting for summer tires

Helena and Flowers

Helena on sunny summer day

I planned a racing track and now it is ready! Fun!



Aivar Osa and his superbike

Going for auto24ring track record

Waiting for the start

The winner has got his pace!

Concratulating winners

Saab 9-5 Aero Hirsch

Beauty and the pine trees

Helena on the beach

Lennusadam, Tallinn

Brightness of the youth

Painters from the sky

Squirrel's lunch II

Squirrel's lunch I

Support for the holy man

Matrimandir, Auroville

Fly away

Enjoing the moment

V8 Thunder Cars on Audru Racing track

Raimo Kulli on AudruRing

Porsche GT3 Cup cars on AudruRing

Porsche is Fun!

Jukka Honkavuori, Porsche GT3 Cup Finland at AudruRing, Estonia 2014

Porsche is out of track!