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Single Photos


Tragic actor

Denizens of my city



Krakow Cracovia Krakau Cracow

Sick dolls lost in time

Eros et Thanatos


Sleeping too deep

Shadows, sun, rocks - Sardinia !

Ravaged by His Own Thoughts

Imprisoned Spirit

Death mask


Composition I

Heart of Darkness

Longing for Light

Silent Pain

She & He


Heart of Darkness III

Peak Experience III

Fallen Angel



Darth Vader with raised light sabre

Mother with Son


Fall colours in my city

He & She or The Boredom of Marriage

Tulips in a Dim Room

White stones

Love in the Time of Winter

Burned by the Sun

Afterlife in Pompeii

Dead dols


Torre Chia, Sardinia

My firstborn is 3 days old.

Peak Experience

A Thing in the Murky Waters II

Countryside Browns

Here I Stand (and dogs like me)

The Keeper of Her Well

Resurection of Her Broken Ass

Orthodox fellow

Prophet sd434343c

Tannenberg 1410 - A knight - day after.

Tannenberg 1410 - Teutonic knights waiting for the battle.

Tannenberg 1410 - Jan Zizka of Troznow

A small thief

Final flight

Madonna of Zadar


Trogir - stones

Croatia, Korcula, Selfportrait..

Termite colony

Izabela in Dubrownik

The House of Blue

Krakow - walls IV

Winter in Krakow

Dark Side - Selfportrait

Infrared Bride

Gate in Casimirus

Tragic actor - the story continues

Urban childhood


Why ?!

Sick Dreams

Isabel 0-0kk

Crucified on the street

Italy, Gargano

Krakow - Composition I

misty morning in Krakow

misty morning in Krakow II

Self - return of a snowboarder

Oldie Worldie Krakow

Inner Child

Watcher of the Coy Spot

Oblique, slightly psychedelic, urban composition


Old Barn


Fading Away

Still life: desolation

Stones gathered on the beach of our forgotten past.

Abstract blue

Gems of Time

Forest of Time

Me on the street.

Hidden warrior

Art Noveaux post LSD spring vision

Perpetual limbo of forgotten dolls

Marcus Agrippa and Ignacio

Sardinia, Iglesias, Ignacio



Dying Gaul


Of sand and men

My family

Lost in Time

Lost in Time II

Barcelona 1

Solaris Forever, in memory of ...

Eternity and Salvator

Memory of Stones on Salvator

Spoons of time

Marriage: the Union of Contrasts

Sterile oldtowns of the dying West

The past: a Dream within a Dream ?

Basic ingredients

Slain schrooms

Nocturne 3

Crazy Willow

Old Willows

Old Willows v2


In and Out




Eros and Thanatos I. The dream of arcane delights.

Eros and Thanatos 5. Death with angel's wings.

Eros and Thanatos III

Eros and Thanatos IV

Thanatos V. Tribute to Jacek Malczewski

Ignas idzie do pierwszej klasy v2

Val di Sole PN

Klara in Scilla

The Desire of Early Fruits