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Alec Ee's passion for photography goes back more then 25 years. Alec currently freelance as a professional photographer and conducts travel photography workshops around Asia and also one-to-one training on the finer points of photography. Endorsed as a Hasselblad professional photographer Alec work with a team of multi-talented, photographers, web-designers and marketing professionals.

Alec's Horse Shoe Bend image was featured in a 3 page spread in the "Digital Photographer" June 2005 issue. His Buddha image 'Enlightenment' was featured in the front cover of UK edition "AVA Guide to Travel Photography" and many others were also featured in international AVA Photo books.

Alec's landscape photography is featured in PHOTOVIDEOI January 2006 issue. Alec is also honorary judge to various photographic competitions and community clubs organised/sponsored by Photovideoi, Canon, Lexar, NEC, Lowepro and ColorVision and Cathay Photo. His latest speaking engagement is at PIX Singapore at Suntec City in November 2007 organised by Koelnmesse. Check out

Alec's specialty is travel landscape, interiors, panorama and portraiture and he also undertake varied photography assignments. Most of all he appreciates his time spent on and thanks the talented photographers here who assist others by sharing and learning about photography.

For any inquiries kindly refer to: Alec Ee, 106-A Owen Road, Owen Court Singapore 218913 W: (Email:, T: +65 9769 0350)

Alec's profile by PhotoVideoi January 2006 issue.

Alec's profile by Asian Photography April 2010 issue.

Country: SG


My favourite photos

Indonesia - Medan, Jakarta, Jogjakarta, Bali, Lombok, Padang, Manado, and Palembang

Glamour and portraiture

Vietnam - Ho Chih Minh City, Hanoi, Danang, Hue, Hoi Ann

USA portfolio

Family Portraits

Various Single Portfolio / Singapore / Malaysia

New Zealand / Australia / Norfolk Island Portfolio

Evening Scenes

Portraits Outdoor / Indoor Lighting


Botanics and Macro work

Phuket, Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Thailand


Black & White / Sepia


Mixed bag

Myanmar - Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake


Nature and Wildlife


Photos selected for Exhibitions, Covers and Pages in Magazines 11

Mystical Bali

China - Guilin



Catwalk and Events

Japan 2011

Balinese Dancers

Sapa Highlands, North Vietnam

Shantou, China. The land where time stands still. (HDR)

Head Shots

Photos Selected for Magazines, Books, Exhibitions and Media 1

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Juizhaigou National Park, Sichuan Province, China

Venice Mask Carnival 2013


The Colorful Parade

The White Flower

Angkor monks

Echo Valley, Padang Indonesia

Minangkabau house in Padang, Indonesia

Loving Las Vegas

Bayon face, Angkor Wat

Lazing in Bunaken Island

Life in Norfolk Island

Children of Angkor Wat (Image featured in UK edition, AVA book - Guide to Travel Photography by Keith Wilson)

The luminous orange robe

Metro X'mas Lightup

The Esplanade, Singapore

Old Harbor

Angkor reflections

Here's looking at you

Enlightenment (Image featured in front page UK edition, AVA book - Guide to Travel Photography by Keith Wilson)

Art in Papua New Guinea

Stone art

Going home

Great evening

Night at the Esplanade, Singapore

Merlion with the Esplanade and Marina background.

Merlion with Fullerton Hotel background, Singapore

The vivid colors here at Norfolk Islands, South Pacific is breath-taking. Featured Government House at Kingston, Norfolk Island.

Living on the edge

Colorful stairs at Santa Barbera, California

Colorful Barn at Death Valley, USA

My two Girls

Evening Glow at Sydney Opera House

Girl in red looking at the storm clouds.

Sleeping on the job

Another way to eat cookies

The crystal clear waters of Huka Falls NZ

Look There!

The red bridge

Cafe Crowbar, Death Valley, USA

Footprints in the Dunes, Death Valley

Sand Dunes in Death Valley

Patterns in the sand

Night out in Solvang, Calfornia.

Looking back into the Past

Salt Bed in Arizona

Mayor of Papua New Guinea

Under the Sydney Opera House

Trying to grow

Searching for Nirvana

Living in Boat houses

A view to eternity

Lover's paradise

Looking out from paradise

The Angkor monks

Angkor Lake reflections

The road less travelled

Life in Norfolk Island, South Pacific.

Lone monk in Cambodia

Inside looking out


Angkor Wat and monks

Me and my Buddy

Hide and seek!

White Rajah, King of the Jungle

Night Shooter

Wonderful living

Beauty of the Garden and library at Angkor Wat

The flower market in Hanoi

The evening sun-light in Angkor

Keeper of the Temple Ruins

Teacher and students

Little boat girl and her monkey

The farm house

Cruising in Hollywood

The Luminous orange robe

Flyfishing in the early morning

Evening shadows

Living in Laguna Beach, California.

View from my window (panorama)

Padifields in the Highlands

Biking in the highlands

The look

Minangkabau girl

Under the entrance to Bayon Temples.

Don't look Down!

The rock climber

Wow! Great shot!

A view to die for!

The Minangkabau valley

The Coffee Grinder

Looking at Tulips

A Singapore Pub

The Red Minangkabau Hut

Boy and his kite

Happy Kids in Lombok

Going Home

Wet Wet Wet Bali

Living in the Valley

Red hut on hot ground!

Evening ride home

Evening by the river

By the Window

Going home 2

Why are they taking so long to start the parade?

Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration

My dive boat

Sianok Canyon, Bukit Tinggi, Indonesia

Bunaken Marine Reserve

Looking out

Long Beach Light House

Dusk at Long Beach Marina

Extreme Window Cleaning

View of Gunung Ambang

The Fishing Village

The blue fishing village

Old Mission of Santa Barbera

The Tattoed Devotee

The devotee

The family participants

The Devotee

In a Trance

Waddling Ducks in Norfolk Isaland

The Beauty of Norfolk Island.

Living in the countryside

Moon-Shooter in Zabrinski Mountains

Boat Houses in Cambodia

Tony's Restaurant

Seagulls at Redondo Beach

Golfing green at Norfolk Island.

A view of Gunung Ambang and it's surrounding

Little sister and young brother (Featured in UK's AVA Photo Guide Book on Digital Photography)

Evening dinner at Redondo Beach

Silent Night

The Red Boat

Salute to Mao's Pub.

Norfolk Island Pines in Anson Bay

My favourite Fishing Spot

Reflections in the water

Purple dunes

Golden kisses on the dunes

Ruins of Angkor

Lake Buyan which is just beside lake Tamblingan, it looks like as a twin lake from the sky. You can see this lake is surrounded by coffee and clove plantation.

Streetside massage granny in Kuta Beach, Bali

Old Surfing Pro

Planting rice

A bridge to the Past

Red Kite in Rice Terrace

Lunch with a scenic view

School of Dance, Bali

Bali School of Dance

Two Dragons in the Jungle

The Temple in the Sea (best view large)

Preparing for the show

The Ulun Danu temple at Beratan Lake, Bedugul, Bali

The Temple by the Valley

Storm Approaching

Riding on the Garuda


Another View of the Opera House

Baby and pet rooster

The colorful temple grounds

Komodo Dragons in Monkey Forest, Ubud.

A Balinese courtyard with a friendly dog

The Mysterious Monkey Forest in Bali

Artisans at Work

Hungry Ghosts

A ride with wings

My home

Now where was I? OK 1, 2 coo cooooo, coo coooo, co coooo.....

Life's a Stage

Rice Terrace in Kintamani

Girl on Rocks

Fauna or Flora?

Angkor Gardens

The monks of Angkor Wat

Just weeds

River walk reflections

Following the Way

Angkor Wat Face study 2

Angkor Wat Face Study 1

Guardians of the Temple

My Father and Me in our Boathouse

Rice Terrace

Which person is real?

Comtemplating by the Angkor Gardens (1st posting)

Carved figurines at the Russian Flea Market in Cambodia

Girl and pet monkey

Praying with the Apsaras

Contemplating in Angkor Gardens

White Orchids

River Stream

Dew Flowers

Purple orchid

Close up of a Leaf


Sands of Time in Angkor Wat

Looking down

The Bayon Gateway

The Elephant wall

My River, my home

Little Cuties

Bridging Cultural Ties

Little Cuties Up Close

Enjoying Life Shopping!

Now where did we drop the car keys?

Emily Bay, Norfolk Island

Purple Orchids

Morning glow

Echo Valley 2

Going Home 2

Sianok Canyon, Padang, Indonesia

My secret Beach

Martine's front porch

Golf anyone?

A panoramic look at Hong Kong Harbor (Best Viewed Large)

A little stream waterfall

Maori Town Hall

Riverwalk Galleria

The Old Warehouse

A Village by a river in Phangha Bay

Riverside Point

The Old Tree


A view of Scotty's Castle

Just like in the Movies


Bad Hair Day

Your Room Key and night lamp

The Ceremonial Hut

Window Shopping in Korea

The Bird of Paradise is one of the rarest birds in the world found in Papua New Guinea. It is very elusive and make it's habitat up in the highlands far away from villagers. (Best viewed large)

Yellow Sun Conures

Another look at the parakeets.

Dawn Patrol (Best Viewed Large)

Hello! (Best Viewed Large)

My secret lake (Best Viewed Large)

Seeking Nirvana (Best Viewed Large)

Kissin' Cousins

The Wooden Walkway

Flamingo Hideaway (Best Viewed Large)

The Wooden Walkway - A Closer Study

Morning Light by the River

Morning Light by the Quay

The Look

Ancient Angkor Stone Heads

Orange House

The Colorful Bridge - River Reflections

Midday Light

Morning Light

Lunch by the riverside

Living in High Rise Apartments (Best Viewed Large)

Metallic Balconies

Living in Cubicles

Living Spaces

Storm Clouds Brewing

My Secret window

On the Waterfront

Stuck On You

Reflections of YesterYear

Glossy Rabbits

Blue figurines

The Cat and the Lion

Natural Moves (Best Viewed Large)

Jeepers Creepers

The Giant Buddha

The White Orchid. (Best Viewed Large)

Glowing Light

Panoramic Skyline of Singapore (Best Viewed Large)

Evening at Riverside Point

Lovers in the Night

Evening Glow

Looking up

Sunday at the Park

Playing at the Park

Latest news

Happy shopping

The Joy of Living


The Pebbled Walkway

Natural Growth

Faded Glory

Opera House Up Close

Evening at the Pier

Evening Glow (Featured in Digital Extreme Lighting photography book by AVA Publishing, Switzerland)

Death Valley Junction

Norfolk Island - Quality Avenue


Not your everyday kind of roots growing from a tree

Lovin' It

Just Chairs

Under the Bridge

Sublime (Rhododendron Azalea)


Genting Highlands Resort

An oriental lilium



One Leg Standing

The Karthakali Performer. (Best Viewed Large) The Mahabharata is the great national epic poem of India (officially known as "Bharat").

The Karthakali Performer # 2. (Best Viewed Large) The Mahabharata is the great national epic poem of India (officially known as "Bharat").

The Karthakali Performer # 3. (Best Viewed Large) The Mahabharata is the great national epic poem of India (officially known as "Bharat").

The Karthakali Performance

Final Destination

When dreams come true

Fort Canning Hill

An Enchanted Evening

Underground Jungle

Panorama - Boat Quay by Night (Best viewed large)

The Tide of Time Changes Everything

Future State (Best Viewed Large)

The Rainbow Surfer

The Kite Surfer

Looking good

The Watch Repair Specialist

Journey's End

A River Runs Dry


Thavon Village Poolside

Lazing on a Sunday afternoon

The Esplanade by Night

House on a Hill

The Slot Canyon Photographer

The Cool Guy

Photographer at Mono Lake

Vegas by Night (Best Viewed Larger)

Parker's Lighthouse

Ray of Light (Featured in Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition March 2007 and PhotovideoI April 2007 issue)

Night out at Redondo Beach Pier

Dancing Light Rays


Entrance to Antelope Slot canyon

End of the Road

The Last Game

The Metal Deer

Alone Again Naturally

Lost in Conversation

Downtown LA

Cool View to a Dream car

Faded Glory Days (Image featured in UK edition, AVA book - Digital Photographic Output by Duncan Evans)

Open For Business

Evening in Vegas

Old Methodist Church

Toulumne Meadows

The Lighthouse

Totem Pole

Field of Gold

MTV performer

Sunset in Palos Verdes (Best viewed large)

Last flight of the Red Baron. (Due to PN weak resolution best to view larger)

The Grand Old Lady

The Globe at the Aquarium (Best viewed larger)

What is real?

Santa Monica Pier in the Evening (View Larger for better resolution)

Fishing at the Pier

The Beauty of Big Sur in California (best viewed larger)

The Little Tree (Best View Larger)

The Stairs

The Lonely Huts of Bodie State Historic Park

Bodie House with tattered clothes on the side

The Statue


Somewhere over the ocean

The Garden Pool

The Red House

(6-3=2) Bodie School House Museum

Driving by Zion National Park

The Lone House

Love is all around

Final Journey

The View of Big Sur at Pacific Coast Highway

The Yellow Car in a Futuristic Setting as Seen from the Walt Disney Concert Hall (Best viewed large)

View of Coast from Palos Verdes

Desert Landscape in Utah

My World

Praying to the Gods of Fortune

Twin Towers (Image featured in introduction page of AVA book - Digital Travel Photography U.K. by Duncan Evans.)


A Malaysian Home in Seremban

Close-up of the Twin Towers in KL, Malaysia (Best Viewed Larger)

Christ Church in Malacca, Malaysia

The construction worker

The Twin Tower in KL

Shoreline Village Marina View (Best view larger)

Praying to the Deities

And Then There Was Light

A traditional Malaysian house

Cottonwood Canyon Road off Highway 89 in Southern Utah. (Best view Larger)

View of Zion National Park

The White Homestead near Zion National Park (Best view Larger)

On Route to Lake Powell (Please view Larger)

Zion National Park Homestead

Silver Bear Trading Post

The Altar in the Temple (Please view Larger)

Through the looking glass

Shopping in Central Market, KL

River in Zion National Park

On top of the World

Zion National Park Scenic View (Best View Larger)

The Cowboy

The House at Bodie (Best viewed Larger)

Camping at Yosemite

Rafting at Yosemite

Half Dome at Sunset. Can't resist trying this often photographed place due to the lovely evening. (Best Viewed Larger)

Log Cabins at Yosemite (Best viewed Larger)

The Red Barn (Image featured in UK edition, AVA book - Digital Photographic Output by Duncan Evans)

Driving across Utah

Yosemite Landscape (Best viewed larger)

Zion Rocks (Image featured in UK edition, AVA book - Digital Photographic Output by Duncan Evans and in Photovideoi January 2006 issue)

Bed and Breakfast outside Zion National Park

Fishing at Santa Monica Pier (Best view larger)

Contemplation (Best viewed larger)

Little bird in Mono Lake (please view larger)

Light Show (Best view larger)



Jessica 2

Jessica 2

Jessica 5

Joycelin 3

Jessica 9

Joycelin 4

Model Joycelin (No.5)

Joycelin 6

Jessica 7


Jessica by the sea-side

Jessica 12

Up Close

Joycelin by the palm tree

Jessica in Sentosa gardens

Jessica portrait

Joycelin at the fountain


Kathleen head shot

Kathleen at backyard

Kathleen by the passageway

Jessica in the garden

Concrete Growth (Best viewed larger)

Design 2

Design 3

Palm 2

Glowing bulb

Thorns (Best viewed larger)


Natural design

The green green grass of Bodie

Wild Flowers in dual tone

Colors of Bodie

Outside looking in

Final destination

The Road Home

Ye Olde Shell Gas Station circa 1927

1927 Dodge Graham at Shell Station

Red Coral Dunes

Virgin Jail (Best viewed larger)

Virgin Trading Post

Night Out at Long Beach


Tide of Time

A river flows through

Evening at Redondo Beach

Deserted (Best view Larger)

View at Glacier Point

Waiting for the light rays at Slot Canyon

Orientation at Zion Museum



The Fisherman

The Beauty of Cameron Highlands (Best view Larger)

The Blue huts

The reach of satellite TV (Best viewed larger)

Shades, texture and lines

Field of Green gold.

King of the Hill

Magic Carpet Ride (Best viewed larger)

Colors of Cameron Highlands

Cross Bedding geology formation. Nature's choice

The Sage in his Mountain Resort (Best view Larger)

Nature's Texture

A stopover at Cameron Tea Plantation

Lizard with shadow of a man


Kat's night out



Kel in the Art Museum

Just Kel the Alluring Vampire?

Kel in White

Kel Up Close

A certain smile


A casual outdoor shot

A portrait of my better half to complete my family album


Glow Lotus Glow!

Come on In

Lady in Blue

Waiting in Line

The Long Wait

Natural dancers seen in the Botanic Gardens

Evening in Solvang, California

Buffy, my Persian cat, just as lazy as Garfield.

A closer look at Buffy the Cat

Yosemite National Park; Tuolumne Meadows (Best View Larger)

El Kapitan and Merced River in Yosemite National Park.

The rugged beauty of Tuolumne Meadows. (Best viewed Larger)

Evening at Mono Lake (Best Viewed Larger)

Bird Sanctuary at Mono Lake (Best view larger)

Photographer's paradise (Best view larger)

The fields of gold in Mono Lake (Best View Larger)

Colors of the Evening (Best view Larger)

The Chapel at Yosemite National Park.

Reflections of the Ancient Library at Angkor Wat

Don't Look Down (Border styled from National Geographic)

The Boat People.

Close up of Dragonfly - Four-spotted Pennant (Brachymesia gravida)

The Final Bow, common name - Flame Skimmer (Libellula saturata)

Just another lazy Sunday

Sortie No. 1. Common name - Four-spotted Pennant (Brachymesia gravida.) Best view larger

Jessica in Sentosa

Another look at Jessica

Another night out

I spy a Sparrow in the Bushes

Smiling with the God of Fortune

Preparing for the Year of the Rooster

A street Photographer

HorseShoe Bend (Image featured in Digital Photographer - June 2005, Photovideoi issue - November ...

Parker's Restaurant

The Colors Of Zion National Park

Another mystery

Anything you can do I can do better!

Aftermath of War

Twilight in Angkor

Remembering the Past



Joycelin 2

A Chinese Opera

Crown Crane

A young egret

The fussy crown crane

Night out in Singapore (Featured in Digital Photography July 2006 Issue)

Chinatown Panorama (Best viewed larger)

Colors of the Parrot

The waterfall garden of the Pink Flamingoes


Sunday afternoon delight

The Indian Temple

Temple of the Gods

Good Boy! Open Wide!

Mandrill Tresses

White tigers

White Beauty - Up Close

On the prowl (Last of my series on the White Tigers.) Couldn't resist this one.

My favourite Scarlet Macaw

Little Bridesmaids

Waiting for the Bride

One for the Album

Greetings to the Couple




The Tallest Buddha in Singapore

Teenie, Weenie Spiders

After the Rain

Raindrops on the Leaves

At the Entrance

Profile of a Shoebill

An evening by the Riverwalk (Best viewed Larger)

Night Lights

I can see you looking at me! Ground Beetle (Best viewed Larger)

A great looking Pelican (Best viewed larger)

Glow (Flame Skimmer - Libellula saturata)

(Yellow Banded Wasp moth) Synanthedon acerni (Best viewed larger)

Rest (Yellow Banded Wasp moth) Synanthedon acerni

On a clear day in Singapore (Best viewed larger)


The Street Smart Cat (Best viewed larger)


Playing again

Reflections of a Swan

Just a smile

Living on the waters

Petronas Twin Towers KL


The Old Fort - Light and Shadows

Looking out.

Campfire in Yosemite

My girl

Just Kat



Kat close-up

Kel in B/W

Evening delight

Wading Tiger

Close-up of White Tiger

La Jolla Grounds A Panoramic View (BEST TO VIEW LARGER!)

C'mon Daddy. Let's go home. (Still Fishing)

Labrador Pier Panorama (Best view larger)

Labrador Park Sunset - Industrial & Light Magic

Cycling in Yosemite

Cat's Eye

Twilight at Glacier Point (Best viewed Larger)

The Joy of Camping

Lookout at Glacier Point

Red Rocks Of Zion

Reflections in Bodie Historical Town.


Bliss (Please view larger)

Cool Light

A portrait study

Working hard - Playing Hard

Adbul Gafoor mosque interior

Abdul Gafoor Frontage (Best viewed larger)

Abdul Gafoor Mosque Exterior (Best viewed Larger)

Abdul Gafoor Mosque - Entrance

An unexpected visitor to my home.(Yellow Warbler)

Great Egret along the seashore.

Guardian of the temple (Best Viewed Larger)

Almost like a Warrior - Great Blue Heron (Best viewed Larger)

Dragons in the Balinese Jungle

The Magic Hour (Best Viewed Larger)

Refinery (Best Viewed Larger)

A Macro Study (Best viewed Larger)

Nature's Armor


Twilight at Labrador (Best view larger)

Lucky Seven (Featured in Digital Photographer June 2006 & Photovideoi January 2006 issue)

Soft Light

On the BoardWalk

Hanging on a thread, a 1cm long caterpillar

Twilight in Vegas (Best viewed larger)

The Kota Tinggi Waterfall

Street to the Masjid Sultan Mosque. (Please view larger)

Singapore Cityscape (Best view larger)

Singapore skyline (Best view larger)

Singapore National Day Fireworks Display

Masjid Sultan Mosque Panorama (Best View Larger)

National Library by Night

High Priest (Selected for International Diabetes Congress poster 2006)


The Craftsman

The Balinese Dancer

Best View Larger

Balinese Kids

The Gamelan Player

Young girl in Bali

Bersakih Temple (Best View Larger)

Follow the Leader (Best View Larger)

The Farmer in the Padifields (Best View Larger)

Catching Dragonflies (Featured in Photovideoi January 2006 issue)

Posing on Top of the Padifields

Balinese Dancer


The Barong Dance

Monkey See

The Actor in the Barong Dance Show

The Terrace fields.

The Monkey

The Balinese Dancer


At the beach in Parangtritis (Best Viewed Larger)


Kraton, the palace in Jokjakarta

Happy kids in Jogjakarta

The Parking Attendant

Majestic Borobudur

Palace guards (Best Viewed Larger)

Surviving in Jogjakarta

Growing Old Independently

The Ramayana Performer

The Natural Born Leader

The Toothy Trishaw Rider

Twilight at the Padifields

Ride the Buggy

The cap

The Girl in Red

Breakfast in Bali (Panorama - View Larger)

A novice child monk in Hue, Central Vietnam

The three Novice Monks

Going Home after School

A view inside a home in Hoi An, Vietnam

Riding at the back-lane of Hoi An, Vietnam

Cao Dai Disciple

Lunch Break in Hoi An, Vietnam

Time (Best View Larger)

Waiting for Lunch


Vietnam Street scene

Late for lunch

Passing Saigon Times Club

A little Monk

Riding through the wet market

Cao Dai Followers

Down and Out in Vietnam

Luu Khiem Lake, Hue, Central Vietnam

The Cool Pilot (Best Viewed Larger)

The Lady in the Flowing Pink Ao Dai

Patterns on shades

Beauty of Luu Khiem Lake in Tu Duc, Hue, Central Vietnam

The Backyard at Luu Khiem, Tu Duc.

The Bicycle

The Stone and Steel Pavilion in Tu Duc

A Typical Vietnamese Restaurant in Hoi An.

Fishing Village in Hoi An

The God of War

Thien Mu Pagoda, Hue, Central Vietnam

Inside the Imperial Palace

The Tanah Lot Temple, Bali. A Panorama (Best View Larger)

Tomorrow's leaders

The Crystal clear Urn

The farmer and the Terrace Fields

The Temple


Made to measure

In the Heat of the Night

The Smile

The Look (Selected for International Diabetes Congress poster 2006)


The Route Home

Part 1. The Waiting Game (Best View Larger)

Part 2. The Wait

The Smile


A shot from the past (Best View Larger)

The Palace Guard

Growing old series 3

True Grit! (Best View Larger)

The Barefoot Skiier (Best View Larger)

True Grit 11 (Best View Larger)

HorseShoe Bend

The Last Puff - Time to Quit?

Vanda Hybrid Orchid

KL Twin Towers by Night

A portrait study

Sunshine on my Orchids

Add Yellow with a sprinkle of Burgandy and Viola!

Up Close

A Black & White Study

The Look


Series 2

The Merlion (Best View Larger)

Night out at the Pier

Just Passing Through

Clark Quay Singapore

Just looking (Grand Eclectus Parrots)

Cape Promthep, Phuket (Featured in Photovideoi January 2006 issue)

View from my balcony (Best View Larger)

Fishing by the beach (Best view Larger)

The Magic Hour on the Rocks

The Golden Temple Roof

The Luminous Dragon

The Fiery Sky

The Allamanda Laguna

Waiting to go

Glittering temple roof.

A back lane in Vietnam

Evening at Cape Promthep, Phuket

Surf Study


Kids in Vietnam (Best view Larger)

Low Light head shot.

In Dreams

Evening at the beach in Phuket Laguna.

A look at Devotion (Please view Larger)

The casual guard

Looking out from the new temple

Pierce Reservoir (Best view larger)


Fishing on the pond.

Another look at Peirce Reservoir (Featured in January 2006 PhotovideoI Magazine)

Last Light

Night Fishing

The Summer Palace

Tu Duc Gardens

Evening with Buddy

The Merlion

Luminous Pier

The red dot

Interior of MICA building



Abstract Vertical (Featured in Photovideoi January 2006 issue)


White / Red = Golden Bricks (best view larger )

Portrait of Thanda

The Natural Veil

Up close with Jara

A view of Singapore on the Magic Hour (Best View Larger)

Black Beauty


The Atrium of the Singapore National Library

Dream girl

Thanda 2

A B & W portrait

Home (Best view larger due to PN lower resolution)

Orchids in B & W

Low Light flower study

Raindrops on orchids

Two by Two

Bird of paradise flower

Callas Mystique

Band of Flowers (Best View Larger)Image featured in Photovideoi February 2006 issue.


Rushing waters



Jara (Best view Larger)


Buffy the Cat

Mt Faber (Best View Larger)

Raindrops and Sunshine (Best view larger due to PN compression)

Reflection of Life

Jewel's eye

A study on bokeh (Best view larger)

Somewhere over the rainbow

Village Kids (Best view Larger)

After the prayers (Image featured in PhotovideoI July 2006 issue)

Living inside the Batak Karo Traditional House (Best View Larger)

The Batak Karo kid.

Blissful slumber (Direct image from Camera no PS)

Luminous Landscape


A Lovely girl from Medan

A lotus flower

A portrait study

The Traveling Salesman

Slow Boat to Samosir Island

A lovely village in Samosir

Living along the Railtracks

Living Dangerously (Image featured in PhotovideoI July 2006 issue)

A Chinese Temple in Medan, Indonesia

Shy girl

The Largest Mosque in Medan

The Loving Couple

Playing (Featured in PhotovideoI July 2006 Issue)

Mesjid Mosque interior

Morning has Broken (Featured in PhotovideoI July 2006 issue)

Early morning light

Soft light on 2 water lilies

The Stare


The Batak Karo kids.


The Beauty of Samosir Island (Best View Larger)

Going up

The eruption of Toba in 72 000 BC was one of the largest in the last few hundred thousand years. 2800 cubic km of magma was erupted. Particles from the Toba eruption remained in the air for 6 years and world temperatures were reduced by 5 to 10 deg C. Toba is an example of a super volcano eruption.

City Lights (Best view larger)

Contemplation (Best view larger)

Beauties (Best View Larger)

Bright eyes



Labrador Park Sea View (Best View Larger)

Image used for the International Diabetes Foundation USA Brochure 2007

Up on a Tree

The Model

A 3D cityscape taken from the Esplanade (Featured in July 2006 Digital Photographer magazine)


Mama's Helper

Nature's wrath! (Best View Larger)

Purely taken as an Artistic Expression - no religious inference.

Kat at Home

Up and Down (Best view larger)

Overall view of climbing Angkor Wat (Best View Larger)

Hello! Anybody there?


Belle by the Bells

Alone (Best View Larger)

Big Sur


A Family working together

The Old Village Temple in Cochin, Kerala, India.

The beauty of Munnar highlands.

Living Ambience


Dusk (Best View Larger)

Looking down

Thai Dancers

Golden Buddhas

Praying in the temple (Best View Larger)


Homage (Best Viewed Larger)

Dusk at Munnar (Best Viewed Larger)

At the Peak of Munnar (View Larger Please)

Mayakiram Nature Reserve (Best View Larger)

A young mother and child (Selected for Internation Diabetes Congress poster 2006)

Nature (Best View Larger)

Green green grass of Munnar (Panorama - Best View Larger)

Tall Trees Resort in Munnar

Secret pond

Panorama - Tea Estate (Best View Larger)

School up in the mountains (Best View Larger)

Those Green Eyes

Contemplation II(Best View Larger)

A gentle guide

Making a Point

Keeping the Fire Burning

Determination (Best View Larger)

A Portrait

Brahmins beside their Holy Temple. (Best View Larger)

Kochi, Kerala (Best Viewed Larger)

Reflections (Best View Larger)

Bypass to Munnar Highlands (Best View Larger)

Kerala backwater rivers in Kochi (Best View Larger)

Early Morning Mists (Best View Larger)


A fascinating view

Evening at the Chedi (Best View Larger)

On the way home

A Swing with a View

Dusk (Best View Larger)

Natural Growth (Best View Larger)

Simple tools

Back to School

The Agile Coconut Harvester

The Red Door (Best View Larger)

Stolen (Best View Larger)

Sunset Cruise (Best View Larger)

(Selected for International Diabetes Congress poster 2006)

The Studious Monk(Best View Larger)

Samsara (Best View Larger)

Homeless (Best View Larger)

Sister and Brother in Batak Stilt Home

Even villagers can model! (Best view larger)

Girl (Selected for International Diabetes Congress poster 2006)

Girl (B&W)

Evening by the Esplanade


TRAFFIC (Best View Larger)

The Bridge (Best View Larger)

Seller (Best View Larger)

Shades of Andy Warhol

Ms Singapore/Universe 2006 Finalists

Waiting (Best View Larger)

Smile (Best View Larger)

Fatherly Love (Best View Larger)

A Sepia Tone portrait study (Best View Larger)

Brickworkers (Best View Larger)

Campfire (Best View Larger)

A Sepia Tone Portrait

The Balinese Priest (Best View Larger)

Welcome to my humble abode (Best view larger).

An Interior Panorama (Featured in PhotovideoI July 2006 issue)

A study room with a view. (Featured in PhotovideoI July 2006 issue)

A Home Interior Study (Best view larger)

An Abstract study

An indoor portrait shot (Best View Larger)


Jara (Best View Larger)


Those green eyes

Jaslyn (Best View Larger)

Jaslyn 2

Sunlight Rays (Best View Larger)

Portrait 3

A Head Shot (Best View Larger)

The route home (Best View Larger)

A Panorama (Best View Larger)


Jara with veil (Best View Larger)

(Featured in front cover June 2006 PhotoVideoI issue and in Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition March 2007) )


Glamour Shot 2

Hide (Best View Larger)

A Lover's Dream

The Look (Best View Larger)

Conrad Hotel Atrium (Featured in PhotovideoI July 2006)

A Panorama shot (Best View Larger)

The whole view

Minangkabau Palace Panorama

Indian Priest



Sue In a Hall

A look at Jessica

By the Sea shore

Dancing on the table (Best View Larger)

Shoreline erosion.


Mysterious (Best view larger)

Before the storm

The Bridge at the Pacific Coast Highway

Countryside in South Korea

Interiors (Best View Larger)

Renovated Clark Quay - (Best View Larger)

Riverside Panorama (Best view larger)

Enjoying Life (Best View Larger)

Can't stop playing - spotted at Clark Quay(Best view larger)

An elegant couple

An elegant lady (Best View Larger)



Josephine - another look (Best View Larger)

A panorama view with Josephine (Best view larger)

Sweet Josephine


Let's Dance!

Kathleen (Best View Larger)

Car shoot (Lotus Exige)

Location Shoot (Best View Larger)

Inside the MICA showroom (Best view larger).

2 (Best View Larger)

Frame 2


Shoot 3, models 2 (Best View Larger)

Scene at Fort Canning Park. (Best View Larger)

Is that me?

Frame within a frame

Back-lighted Duo

It's my Life

Test shot Hasselblad H2D 39 (Best View Larger)

Neon (Best View Larger)

Fountain balls (Featured in HWM, HardwareMAG July 2006 & Photovideoi July 2006 for Hasselblad H2D39 Review)

Scenic Eye

My Harley Girl (Featured in Photovideoi July 2006 for Hasselblad H2D39 Review)

Jo (Featured in Photovideoi July 2006 for Hasselblad H2D39 Review)

Kat (Best View Larger)

An Elegant Lady (Best view larger)

A casual shoot

Relaxing (Best View larger)

Side profile

The one that didn't get away



On Golden Pond(Featured in Photovideoi August 2006 issue)

Puma Display (Featured in HWM - HardwareMAG July 2006 & Photovideoi July 2006 for Hasselblad H2D39 review.)

Flight (Best View Larger)

The gathering

The Heron



The Alpha Male


OK you got our attention, now what do you want?


Just passing through

Crouching Tiger

Leaping Tiger (Best View Larger)

Life is Great! (Best View Larger)

Close up portrait

Singapore skyline (Best View Larger)

Light out of storm clouds (Best View Larger)

A strike (Best view larger)

A really funny moment (Best view larger)

Golden Light (Best View Larger)

Parapat Town View (best view larger)

A local in Parapat province, Sumatera

Eating in Chinatown

Waiting for Business!

Cool Jara (Featured in PhotovideoI February 2007 Issue)

Pixie - the miniature pinscher


An artistic view of Pixie


An experimental Study on Movement (Best View Larger)

Jessica Up Close (Featured in PhotovideoI February issue)

Wind (Best View Larger)

Joycelin Up Close (Best View Larger)

Little Novice Monks (Best View Larger)

Novice Monks in The Shwe-Yan-Pyay monastery (Best View Larger)

Long Neck Women (Paduang tribe)

Little Paduang Girl

Reflections in Swedagon Temple

Bagan Temples (Best View Larger)

Little girl in Yangon market

Nga Tat Ghi Buddha Temple

Novice monks at rest.

Working together in Harmony

Bagan Temples at Dusk.

At the Royal Palace in Mandalay

Bridge across Karaweik Palace

Another Paduang girl

The majestic Bagan temple

A Myanmar boy in Bagan

The Three Monks

A charming Little girl from Mandalay

The Bagan Temple


Nga Tat Gyi Buddha in Yangon

Sepia tone version, 3 windows - monks (Best View Larger).

The countryside trader (Best View Larger)

Faces in Myanmar 1

Sultry Jessica

Myanmar Girls

Pure Bliss (Best View Larger)

3 monks in Sepia tone (Best View Larger)

Paduang Long Neck Woman

A young Long Neck Girl (Featured in front Cover of PhotovideoI Magazine Sept 2006 issue.)

Another mood shot

The Natural Charm of Inle Lake (Best View Larger)

Evening in Inle Lake (Best View Larger)

Paramount Inle Resort Hotel

The Lady in the Marina.

Photo Shoot - Rebecca

Friends (Best View Larger)

Rest Time (Best View Larger)


Glamourous Becky

Wet Rebecca

Faces in Heho Market

Cruising with Rebecca

Joyful Joycelin

Photo shoot 1

Living in Yangon, Myanmar

Monks having lunch at monastery in Mandalay

Waiting for lunch

The thread maker

Jessica 3

Carin, the lady by the Marina

Eating by the road-side

Myanmar Kids

Hill tribe Men (Best view larger)

Reflections in Inle lake (Best view larger)

BECKY 3 (Best view larger)

Becky posing

The Monk in the golden temple in Mandalay

Joycelin up close (Featured in PhotovideoI February 2007 Issue)

Jessica (Best View Larger)

A Sepia tone study

Faces in Myanmar

Faces in Myanmar 2

Faces 3

The lovely Inle Lake (Best View Larger)

Keepers of the Bagan temples (Best View Larger)

The Magic Hour at the Bagan Temples (Best View Larger)

Studio shot - Katleen (Best view larger)

Up Close with Kat (Best View Larger)

Myanmar Lass

The Local market scene in Mandalay

One Leg Rowing

Royal Palace (Best View Larger)

Balance (Best View Larger)

Reflections in the water world.

At the Mandalay Royal Palace (Best viewed larger)

New style sarong (Best View Larger)

Praying to deities

One meditating (Best View Larger)

3 meditating

Jessica up front

Mother & Child 1

Mother & Child 2

Mother & Child 3

Transportation in the upcountry

Becky at Sentosa



Jess indoor shoot

Rush Hour

Faces in Myanmar

Street Kids

Mother & Child 3 (Best view larger)

Tobacco seller

Come drink with me (Best view larger)

The local barber shop in Heho market

A Certain Smile

Relaxing (Best view larger)

Too much make-up

A close up look

Far from the Madding Crowd (Best View Larger)

Young Boy in Myanmar

Faces in Myanmar - young girl

A family together (Best viewed larger)

Going Home

Cool Air (Best View Larger)

Surprising Singapore (Best View Larger)

Jessica 6 (Best viewed Larger)

Wrap (Best view larger)

Just Jaslyn (Best Viewed Larger)

Ad cover (Best view larger)

Wedding at Fullerton Hotel

The Kasbah

Belly Dancing Steps (Best View Larger)

The Dancer vs the Smoker (Best view larger)


Shangri_La reception area (Best view larger)

Shangri_La from 1st level

Lobby of Shangri-La Hotel (Best view larger)

Soft light (Best view larger)



The Head Dress

The Villager

Little cutie

The mysticism of Myanmar



Windy (Best View Larger)

Stilt houses in Inle Lake

Oops! Break time's over! (Best view larger)

Michelle (Best view larger)

Arabian Queen (Best View Larger)

The Dancer

Belly Dancer

The Kasbar

The Look



Just like Cleopatra (Best view larger)

Soft light

Close up

Purple (Best View Larger)

The Dancer in Jaipur (Featured in Ukraine Photographic Exhibition 2007)

Lines (Featured in front cover of PhotovideoI November 2008, PVI February 2007 Issue and in Ngee Ann Photo Exhibition MArch 2007)

The Dancer (2) Best view larger

Simple Pleasures (Best view larger)

Living by the sea

Selected for the International Travelling Exhibition of Sculpture and Photography organized by the...

Diana (best view larger)

University of Chicago GSB (Singapore)

Advance learning

A blend of Asian architecture and American education


Michelle 2

Dark Mansion (Best View larger)

Train ride to Kanchanaburi

RAfting by the River Kwai

Siam Paragon

Last minute check


Idol Worship

Diana in Sepia tone

Living with Pixie

At Home with Pixie

Smile, smile, smile!


Thanda (Best view larger)

Antelope Slot Canyon (Print sold to Ngee Ann Kongsi private collection and featured in Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition March 2007)

Slot Canyon (Best view larger)


Alluring Michelle

Just Diana (Featured in front cover of PhotoVideoI November 2008 issue & Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition March 2007)

Dancing in color

Dancing in Sepia tone

In Sapa Bac Ha a lovely H'mong hilltribe girl

Sapa hilltribe boy

Grandma's little helpers (best view larger)

Going Home

A mother's love (best view larger)

At home with Grandma (Best View Larger)

H'mong Children (Best View Larger)

A family together (Best View Larger)

The village teacher

Home on the hills (Best view larger)

Children at Play (Best view larger)

The Guard Dog (Best View Larger)

Guarding paradise (Best view larger)

Village Children Playing after School (Best View Larger)

Inside the Black H'mong family hut (Best view larger)

The Old Man (Best View Larger)

The cute girl

A H'mong family outing (Best View Larger)

Halong Bay Panorama as viewed from Dao Go Cave mountain top. (Best View Larger)

The colorful Sapa family (Best view larger)

In the Spirit of Uncle Ho (Best view Larger)

Sunlight play on windows (Best view larger)

Colorful Flower H'mong women in Sapa - Bac Ha market (best view larger)

Another look at the Flower H'mong kids. (Best view larger)

Lost in Thoughts

Two Village kids (Best view larger)

Grandma (Best view larger)

A Cheerful Flower H'mong lass (Best view larger)

The Sunday outing (Best View Larger)

The Harsh Life

Village Child (Best view larger)

2 Hungry kids (Best View Larger)

Living with Grandma (Best View Larger)

Things People take for granted


Tle Old H'mong villager

Rainy Days


Reminescing (Best view larger)

New Hairdo (Best view larger) ^_^

Cool natural light (View larger please)


Framed (Best view larger)


At the Mansion


Ms Singapore Universe 2007 (Best view larger)

IT Centre

Somewhere in the old Quarters of Hanoi (Best view larger)

In Style

Newly crowned Jessica Tan

The Stare

Best View larger

Old Grandma wrinkles

Bangkok - (Best view larger)

My Muse

Reaching out (Best view larger)



At rest

An early morning in Sapa

Belly Dancer


Morning has broken

Raining (Best view larger)

The King's Palace (Best View Larger)

Light Play

The Calm Lake

Ghosts (Best view larger)



Singapore (Best view larger)

He's got the Whole World in his Hands.


Sentosa Cove Residence (Best view larger)

Sentosa Cove Residence (Best view larger)

Cosy living (Best view larger)

The Living Room Frontage

The Dining and Living Room

The master bedroom (Best view larger)

The Dining room (Best view larger)

The red room

The Coca Cola Room

Singapore Indoor Stadium (Best View Larger)

Scenic view of Sapa mountain range (Best view large)

Living by the Bagan temples (Best view larger)

The temple keeper

Bagan - Scenic view (Best view larger)

Seeing the light

In deep thoughts (B&W)

The Botanical Gardens, Singapore

Brochure for "Life for a Child" International Diabetes Federation project 2007

A Maynmar Lass

Myanmar Lass 2

Close Up Study - Boy in Myanmar

The Cute little hawker

Karen Paduang Long Neck Woman (Best View Larger)

Flower H'mong Women in Bac Ha no 2

Portrait no. 3

Series of portraits from Bac Ha (Best view larger)

Straight from the camera

Worker from Myanmar

Just Jaslyn

The Esplanade, (Best view larger)

Myanmar Dancer

Twin effect

La Salle College of the Arts

La Salle School of Arts (Featured in Photovideoi February 2008 issue)

La Salle School of Arts. (Featured in PhotoVideoI February 2008 issue)

Evening at Clark Quay (Photovideoi February 2008 issue)

City Vista - Boat Quay

Paliament House Singapore (cover image for Photovideoi February 2008 issue)

Stairway to Heaven (Featured in Photovideoi February 2008 issue)

Evening rush hour at Riverside Point.

The magic in the air

Veronica - featured in PhotovideoI November 2007 issue

Best Viewed Larger

The L'il One

View Larger Please

Street kids at Golden Temple


The Vanishing Tattoos of the Li minority tribe

Li Tribe Women

Li Basadung Tribe woman

For PhotovideoI November 2007 issue

A Special Invitation to Photo Imaging Exchange Convention Singapore http://www.pix-

Old City, Hoi Ann, Vietnam

Daily routine in Hue

THE PROUD COLLECTOR Took this street shot without her knowing, just look at her eyes staring at me...

View of the Dadonghai Beach in Sanya, Hainan Island

The Singapore Turf Club

A vertical View



Kat at Home

Jaslyn in Bang Pa In, summer palace of the kings of Thailand.

A lovely view

Bang Pa In Palace

The Palace grounds

Dancing in the field



Child from village covered by mud flow. (Note the roof in the background)

The ruins of the old city - Ayutthaya

Buddha head surrounded by Banyan tree roots at Wat (Temple) Phra Mahathat , Ayuthaya, Thailand

Wat Benchamabophit Dusitvanaram (Marble Temple)

Sampoena House Restaurant

Sampoena Restaurant interior

A Chinese Crested Dog.


Evening at the Pinnacles

Another view of the Pinnacles

Travel - Wedding Shoot

A tender moment


Art forms

Secret Beach

Jaslyn at Sentosa

Silent Knights

In My Garden

Home with Studio setup

Fashion Week.

Just Jaslyn

A tender moment

Happiness is........

The Meeting

A head shot

At the Church




No photo, no photo!

Yeah........that's her alright!

My Anime girl

Another look



The bigger picture

Model 2

Style 2

Beijing Beauty (Best View Larger)

First one down

Another one bites the dust (best view larger)

Speed (Best View Larger)

The secret lake

The Fisherman (Best view larger)

Novice monks (Best view larger)

Balancing (Best View Larger)

Crested cranes in Mists (Best view larger)

End of the waiting game (Best view larger)

Lowie (best view larger)

Japanese Kois - top competition winners (Best view larger)

The Pink Bicycle, the dragons and the pole fighters.


Inside a factory


Singapore Airport Terminal 3

1 Raffles Place

Spinning copper cables.

Missed Timing

Cao Dai religion in Tay Ninh

MY brother and I

Cathay Building at Night

Happiness is..............

The Traveller

Adapting to living condition.

Puppet Master

The Caretaker

Be Careful where you buy your next mineral water.

Project for Client - Best view larger


The Entreprise

The Istana



Showcase for new lab

New School

Fiery Dragon (Best view larger)

Dragon Up close (Best View larger)

A young Long Neck Girl (Featured in front Cover of PhotovideoI Magazine Sept 2006 issue.)

Model Shoot

Featured in November 2008 issue

Arabian Queen (Selected for cover of PhotoVideo Magazine)

Paliament House Singapore (cover image for Photovideoi February 2008 issue)

Feature on Travel

Feature on Architectural images

HorseShoe Bend (3 pg Image featured in Digital Photographer - June 2005, Photovideoi issue -...

Bridge in Mandalay

The chaotic state of Thailand today (Where are the tourists?)


The many faces of Jas


Pavilion KL



Bali Dancer

Evening at Tanah Lot, Bali

Clear mountain spring waters of Pura Gunung Kawi, Bali

Young devotees

Young kids playing hide and seek

Welcome to my place

Gee.....coin taste good!

The little dancer

Lost in Bali

Girl from Sanur

A panoramic view

Procession in Bali

Balinese Beauties

Waiting for their Parents

Puri Gunung Kawi


At Nusa Dua, Bali

The Temple Keeper

Offerings to the Gods

The Gitgit Waterfall

H'mong kids at home

William's Bay

The novice monks in Inle Lake

The Dragons in Phuket


Jaslyn up close (Best View Larger)

Posing for Ebay


Another Look

Cheesy souvenirs

Home alone but not forgotten





The Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer Panorama

The Marina Barrage Singapore

Paparazzi in Bali

Spiral staircase (Best view larger)

The Arbitration Court

The conference room

Another view

Little People

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat

The Wanderer

Dawn, Li River

Panorama Li River

The river that flows pass the Yangshuo Mountain Resort

The morning view

Drifting by the Li River

The Longji Rice Terrace

Longji Rice fields from my window

My very fit 75 year old porter

The old grandma

Girl with Cormorants

View from the Balcony

The Little Emperor

Waiting for Business

My guide's family in China

Golden temple and red bridge


China Dolls

Going Home


Singapore National Day 2009


Multiple Strobe lighting

Shooting with multiple wireless strobes

Smile, kid


After the floods

After the floods - Closeup

Happy kids in Stilt houses

Another view

At the Bayon looking out

Little boy in Preah Khan temple


The ruins of Ta Prohm

The majestic Preah Khan temple in Siem Reap

Overgrown trees

Temple ruins

The Lost Temple of Angkor


Simple living in Cambodia

Morning has broken

Another view

The test of time



Almost B & W

Banteay Srei Temple

Bridge to Ta Prohm



A View to the Past

Borneo Longhouse warriors

The Temple front

Fairy Cave, Borneo, E Malaysia (Best view larger - see the man on the left for size comparison)

The Barong Dance

Balinese Dance

Catwalk 1

model 2

model 3

model 4






Kumar the drag queen


Gorgeous in Pink Catwalk



Gorgeous in Pink







Cover Page for Asian Photography April 2010 issue 'Child, Sapa Highlands, Vietnam'

Li River, Guilin, China

Enlightenment (Image featured in front page UK edition, AVA book - Guide to Travel Photography

Cambodian kids at Angkor Wat

The China Pavilion

The China Pavilion

UK Pavilion

Australia Pavilion

South Africa Pavilion

Canada Pavilion

USA Pavilion

Singapore Pavilion

Rainy Night lights

The Faithful Supporter

2 charming hostess

YuYuan Garden

Casual Lifestyle in the backstreets



Young rubbish collectors

Innocent kids




Pink Cones

Innocent smiles

Pretty worker in Myanmar

Boy with Cow

Devotee in Nga Tat Gyi Buddha in Yangon

Going home




The Illuma

F1 at the Marina Bay Singapore

Hakka remote community living

Hakka community living ground level

Resorts World Sentosa

Young Balinese Dancer

Balinese Dancer

Male dancer

Do ya wanna dance?

Pura Gunung Kawi

Lazing on top of Marina Bay Sands

View of Singapore from Marina Bay Sands

Day View Singapore

Night view Singapore

View From the Marina Bay Sands

Genting Highlands Casino and Resort


Buddha in Genting Highlands

Singapore City Nightlights

Relaxing in Bali

The courtyard

The Chinese Pub

Yuyan Garden, China


The Proud Collector

Featured in the International Diabetes Federation 2011 brochure

The studious son

Temple in Shantou

Osaka Temple

Akasuka Cannon Temple


A Charming Maiko

The Golden Temple

The Pub Owner

Maiko in Gion district, Kyoto




Baby Doll

Temple ground in Kyoto

Selected for the International Exhibition of Sculpture and Photography Russia

The Pool in the highest elevation in Singapore

Mother and child



Returning Home


Path to Garden

The Bridge

3 Catwalk model F1

Gig at Orchard Road 1


Singer at F1 concert

Gig at Orchard Road 2

Gig at Orchard Road

Gig at Orchard Road 3

1 Catwalk model F1

2 Catwalk model F1

Catwalk model F1

Catwalk model F1

Shanghai Cityscape

Lake in Hangzhou



The Venetian Macau

Jumping waters

The old days

Still around today

A blast from the past


The Lavender Fields


Welcome Paper cut art to Hokkaido


Lotus at Bali Cottage

Kathleen at Sanur Beach

Pool at Conrad Bali

Bali Cottage

Kuta Beach

At Kuta Beach

In Conrad Hotel Bali

Monkey Forest

Monket Forest

At Ubud Dance Show

Bali Dancer 2

Bali Dancers

Serious Dancer

Cute Dancer

Little dancer

Sweet Dancer




Pura Gunung Kawa

At Gunung Kawi

Temple Grounds

Local shop

At Gunung Kawi

Balinese Festival


Fresh fish

Meritus Mandarin Shantou

Main Street

Street Scene

Street Hawkers

Jeepers Creepers

Still more Creepers at School Ground

Street Scene

Street in Santou

Street Cleaners

Rattan Furniture Seller

Home alone

Back Alley

River Stream from the Mountain

Raining around the Temple

Temple Steps

Temple Grounds

Temple Walkway

Entrance to Temple

Inside the Main entrance

Ducks in Round House

Inside the Round House

Well inside Round House

View of Entrance to Round House

Main Entrance to Traditional Round House

Hakka grounds

Hakka Pano

The Patriach

Top of Round House

Moon Cake Festival

Going Home

Main Meeting place and Temple Altar







The Road Less Traveled (Featured in UK, AVA book - Guide to Travel Photography by Keith Wilson

Children of Angkor Wat (Featured in UK, AVA book - Guide to Travel Photography by Keith Wilson

Evening Glow (Featured in Digital Extreme Lighting photography book by AVA Publishing, Switzerland)

Underground Jungle ( Ava guide book UK - Basics Photography: Composition, by David Präkel 2012

Ray of Light (Image featured in UK edition, AVA book - Guide to Travel Photography)

The Door (Featured in Digital Extreme Lighting photography book by AVA Publishing, Switzerland)

Little Tree (Image featured in UK edition, AVA book - Digital Photographic Output by Duncan Evans)

The Red Barn (Image featured in UK edition, AVA Photo book - Guide to Travel Photography)

Zion Rocks (Image featured in UK edition, AVA book - Digital Photographic Output by Duncan Evans)

Night out in Singapore (Featured in Digital Photography July 2006 Issue)

Twilight in Vegas (Featured in Digital Photography July 2006 Issue)

Catching Dragonflies (Featured in Photovideoi January 2006 issue)

Cape Promthep, Phuket (Featured in Photovideoi January 2006 issue)

Abstract Vertical (Featured in Photovideoi January 2006 issue)

Band of Flowers (Best View Larger)Image featured in Photovideoi February 2006 issue.

Photo Shoot for Taj Cochin Hotel, Kerala, India

(Featured in front cover June 2006 PhotoVideoI issue and in Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition)

On Golden Pond(Featured in Photovideoi August 2006 issue)

Cool Jara (Featured in PhotovideoI February 2007 Issue)

(Selected for International Diabetes Congress poster 2006)

Enlightenment (Cover for UK edition, AVA book - Guide to Travel Photography by Keith Wilson)

Alec Ee at Colmar Tropicale, Malaysia

Jaslyn studio


Marina Bay shopping Arcade

Marina Bay Sands Shopping

Marina Bay Singapore 3rd level

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Marina Bay Vista

The Marina Bay Sands

Tai Chi Kungfu

Seeing the Light


Fragments of time gone by.

The old quarter in Hanoi, Vietnam

"Please sir, a dollar a pack." The hard life of a fruit hawker.

Studio lights

A B&W Head Shot


Ruby B&W

Father and Child

Another look

Another image of Ruby

Rushing waters


Lake View

Lake Panorama


Natural waterfall



Turquoise 2

Rushing waters 2


By the side of the Waterfall

Raging waters

Close Up


Ketj Lovatel - Kissing the frog


Nadine At Piazzetta San Marco

Fiery Dancer

Angelika At Burano

Joelle and Florine in Red (HDR)

Joker in Venice


Twins (Violaine Hans and Fabienne)

Anna in Gondola - private shoot


Arnaldo Febbrini- Suave Gent, a master in posing

Gerard Embid, the Magician


Solange (Ride my Bicycle)


Pinocchio Puppets




Daniel Rogin (Blue)

Gloria Flipo Rossa (Court)




Giushi Turu



Twins (Violaine Hans and Fabienne) at Venice Carnival

Medusa (HDR enhanced unmanipulated)

Argentina Principessa del Velo (Covered-princess)

Here's to Looking at Anna


Waiting for Mdm Lovelace

OH my God! Wrong-side of the bridge. (Philip Von Reutter and Farfalla)

Giorgio Cauchi (The-Conjuror)

Nicole Beuchet at Burano Island, Venice, Italy


Patrice Lenfant



Farfalla-with-Dr. Plaque



Farfalla in Ponte Accademia, Venice Mask Carnival

Golden Girl

Solange - quality of light

Cinque Terre, Manarola_Panorama-Web1

Lovely Kel

Kel Up Close