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Single Photos

East Coast (Summer 2003)

Twentieth Birthday (Winter 2003)

Astrid and Party Photos (Winter 2003)

Meghan, Laurie, and Family Dinner (Feb 2004)

Downtown with Zandara (March 2004)

Demolition (Spring 2004)

Prague (June 2004)

Sudetenland (June 2004)

Italy (June 2004)

Snow and Meghan (Winter 2005)

Arizona Road Trip (Winter 2005)

Astrid and Karen (Spring 2005)

East Coast (Summer 2005)

Galiano (Spring 2005)

Oxford (2005/06)

Baltic Trip (December 2005)

Deep Cove Rocks (June 2004)

Bath (February 2006)

Arundel (19 March 2006)

Malta (25 March - 1 April 2006)

North American Security Cooperation Assessment (NASCA)

Scotland (July 2006)

Ireland (August 2006)

Vancouver (September 2006)

Cabin Fever II (September 2006)

Oxford (2006/07)

Turkey (December 2006)

Paris (April 2007)

Snowdonia, Wales (March 2007)

Morocco (June 2007)

British Columbia (July 2007)

Ottawa (2007)

Vancouver (December 2007)

Ottawa (2008)

Toronto (2008)

Montreal (2008)

Vermont (2008)

Ottawa (2009)

Toronto (2009)


A drummer at one of Montreal's Sunday afternoon 'Tam Tam Jams.'

One of Montreal's classic exterior spiral staircases, located in the Mile End region.

A photo of my cousin taken in Old Montreal using available light and at 105mm.

L'Oratoire St. Joseph near L'Universite de Montreal taken at 32mm

A young man at one of Montreal's Sunday afternoon 'Tam Tam Jams.' Shot at 105mm

A dalmatian dog at one of Montreal's Sunday afternoon 'Tam Tam Jams.'

Viktoria, horizontal, 105mm

Viktoria, vertical, 105mm

Taken at an intersection on 86th street during the New York Blackout of 2003.

Lady Liberty

One of Manhattan's funnier signs.

Meghan outside the Stanley Theatre

Neal in Hapa Izakaya

Nick and Neal in Hapa Izakaya


Meghan outside the Stanley Theatre

Sasha in the Stanley Theatre

Mica outside the Stanley Theatre

Neal on the bus

Me with champagne

Astrid in Robson Court

Greg P. at my parents' house

Astrid on top of the provincial court house


Astrid outside the art gallery

The fountain outside the art gallery

Astrid at Canada Place

Tristan in North Vancouver

Zandara's tattoos

17 Downtown

A high contrast portrait of Meghan


Two-headed Seraph

Meghan and Laurie in Robson Court

Vancouver city skyline from Lonsdale Quay

My parents outside Anatoli Souvlaki

Vines on a wall in Chinatown


Gastown intersection


Zandara with black background

Robson Street time-lapse

Zandara in Chinatown

Neal at the demolition site of a former frat house

I love the texture on the backhoe, which shows much better on the print than on this poor scan.


Smashed car windshield at demolition site






Taken from atop Saint Vitus' Cathedral

Beside the river in Prague




Creative architecture in Prague








A tree on Palatine Hill

The Vatican from the dome of Saint Peter's Basilica





Inside the baths



After my haircut at Benito's

Laurie sketching

A street on Burano



From the Cinque Terre

From the Cinque Terre

From the Cinque Terre



Meghan in Sorrento



The monk

The Grand Canal



Meghan and Tish






Stare Metso

Guards in Prague Castle

Charles Bridge

Meghan on the rocks near Deep Cove

Meghan with heartbreaking eyes



Meghan triumphant


UBC in snow


Tristan on the clay hills between Phoenix and Salt Lake City

Clay hills between Phoenix and Salt Lake City

Clay hills

Clay Hills

The highway from Phoenix to Salt Lake City

Expansive terrain

Graffiti on an abandoned house

Mesa in northern Arizona

Karen in 2672 Fairview Crescent

Karen with bricks

Karen in the Nitobe Gardens

Karen on a bridge in the Nitobe Gardens

The lovely Nitobe Gardens

Tea house in the Nitobe Gardens

Milan beside the Ponderosa building. Photo taken by Karen Furstrand.

Milan in the Nitobe Gardens. Photo taken by Karen Furstand.

Astrid in English Bay

Astrid in Stanley Park

Astrid beside Lost Lagoon.

My father in Toronto.

My cousin Katrusia.


Solstace rock formation

Stone carvings

Eroded by waves

Canada Day

Kensington Market


My younger brother Sasha

My cousin Ivanka.

Canada Day celebration

Pub in Oxford

Rhodes House Entranceway Dome

The Norrington Room, Blackwell's

Parks Road in the Fall

Land Rover near St. Catz

Cowley Road Graffiti

Canal near Christ Church Meadows

Twisted branches above the Folly Bridge

Leaves and bikes on Manor Road

Old Tallinn, by night

The Estonian Parliament

Estonian Air Force officer's lighter

Public Art in Tallinn

Grafitti in Tallinn

Derelict house in Tallinn

Search and Rescue Boat

Coal ship in Helsinki Harbour

Wok cooked lunch

Industrial meters

Colourful Estonian wool

The ceiling of Freud's, in Jericho.

Bicycle in Radcliffe Square

Claire knows Kung Fu

Meghan Mathieson


Girder base

Dasini and patterned rock

Meghan Mathieson laughing

Tristan and Christina

Meghan on a bridge

Sasha Ilnyckyj

Tree in Oxford


Social Sciences Atrium, under renovation

White balance error, in my favour

Bridge between Marston and Oxford

Shadow on brick wall

The Sacred Pool

Duck beside the main pool


The Royal Crescent

Shackled pig

Chain and posts, atop Mount Beacon

Hill climbing boys


Plant and sky

Water pouring statue

Jug and basin

Angel wings

Holding back water

Bath cathedral

Walker and pillars

Photographic redhead

Geese beside the Isis

Wadham washing machines

Oxford Natural History Museum

Emily behind The Turf

Lake near Arundel

Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle gate

Unfortunate, if necessary

Inside Arundel Cathedral

Arches in Arundel Cathedral

Arches in Valletta

Woman with sheep

One of Malta's many bays, in the north near Gozo

Cross carved into cactus

Eroded rock and Maltese grasses

Bird being used as a lure for its fellows

Golden church interior

The Azure Window, in Gozo

Staircase up the cliffside

Seashore through cave frame

Gozo cityscape, from the citadel

Gozo ferry hinged entranceway

Red rock, blue water

Madonna statue, beside a fishermans' chapel

Paint suffering from salt air and sun

Fishing equipment

Inside the Mosta Dome

Catamaran netting

Maltese Harbour

Shoreline cliffs and colours

Boat in Valletta Harbour

Derelict ship

Derelict truck

Alena Prazak

The Maltese power station, southern Malta

Maltese fields and harbour


Cliffs and cliffs and cliffs

Nervous trail

Cart and breaking waves


Limestone and the sea

Sunbathers and stone

Self portrait in tidepools

Salt producing pools

Abandoned lighthouse, southern Malta

Posts and dust

Balliol main quad

Armillary sphere, Trinity College

Holywell Street

The Sheldonian Theatre

Jennifer Schofield, under a bridge in Idaho

Signs and students

Jet at the Air Force Academy

The Air Force Academy Chapel

The B-52 that shot down a MIG.

Population 2

Spiral staircase

Church beside our new flat

Party dancers

Kai at our housewarming party

Bike gears and spokes, near Wadham College

Edwina and Pimms on a spring afternoon

Rosalind in the University Parks

Rosalind's necklace

Row of flowers

Morris Dancing on May Day

Oxford Sky


Deer skeleton

T-Rex foot

Greenlit arches

Orca skeleton

Climbing a steep slope in the fog

Highland peak

Hiking in the Highlands

Scottish Compass Rose

Locks in South Hinksey

Path and peaks in Scotland

Waterfall in Scotland

Scottish peaks

Statue on O'Connell Street

Rocks on Inis Mor

Sea cliffs on Inis Mor

Ring Fort on Inis Mor

Cows on Inis Mor

Dock on Inis Mor

Statue at Trinity College

Atrium of the Guinness Storehouse

The Irish Museum of Modern Art

Statue near the Modern Art Museum, with cranes


Jim Kilroy and horse

Neal Lantela

Neal Lantela with flask

Lauren Priest

Lauren Priest

Meaghan Beattie doing yoga

Neal Lantela in lifejacket

Tristan Laing driving his boat

Neal Lantela and Lauren Priest

Lauren Priest


Emerson driving the boat


Jonathan Morissette and Jennifer Ellan

Jonathan Morissette and Jennifer Ellan

Mica Prazak

Granville Island and Downtown

Bridge view

Crowded bus

The Hotel Vancouver

Revolutionary bathroom - Cafe Deux Soleils

Sasha Wiley

Lauren Priest and Nick Ellan at Guu

Meghan Mathieson

Victoria Kowalewski

Drew Sexsmith and Hilary McNaughton

Hilary McNaughton

Kate Dillon

Kate Dillon

Trees, fog, light

Beams of light

Hiking Dam Mountain

Oleh Ilnyckyj

Grizzly bear

Skyride tower

Skull with dice

Lindi Cassel

Cabin in the woods

Lauren Priest and Neal Lantela

Conifers and North Shore mountains

Sasha Ilnyckyj

Kelly Kilpatrick at Puccino's

Puddle on Church Walk

Bridge in south Oxford


Outside the Oxford Union

Fall leaves in the University Parks

Real human skull in Wadham College, Oxford

St. Antony's College HalloQueen Bop

Ceiling of the Merton College Chapel

Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Blue Mosque domes

Oleh Ilnyckyj in the Hagia Sophia


Tree beside Ihlara Valley

Underground Cistern

Underground Cistern Medusa

Boat near Kadikoy.

Blue Mosque

Spice Bazaar

Costumes and red, Wadham Queer Bop

Painted face at the Wadham Queer Bop

Tree of Heaven shadow, Wadham College

Haida totem pole, Pitt Rivers Museum

Flooded fields near the Port Meadow

Curry spices

Foggy night, beside the University Parks

Contact juggling in The Purple Turtle, 2am on Christmas Eve

Cappadocia hills, near Goreme

Student at the school in Goreme

Topkapi Palace

Blue Mosque B&W

Blue Mosque windows

Ship on the Bosporus

Suleymaniye Mosque

Domes beside Suleymaniye Mosque

Keble College, Oxford

Port Meadow

Arches in Merton College

Radcliffe Camera from inside All Souls College

Gloucester Green

Oranges in the Botanical Gardens

Flower in the Botanical Gardens

Water plant in the Botanical Gardens

Library at the Oxford Union

Antonia in the Oxford Union

Creative climate change protest

Arches in Worcester College

Hertford College, main quad

Antonia in B&W


Gorgeous red brick building in Somerville College

Pembroke chapel

Luminox festival

Luminox festival, burst of flame

Loretta at Luminox

St. Cross College

St. Cross chapel

Statue in the Louvre

Apartments of Napoleon III, Louvre

Art created, art displayed

One in the hand

Climbing a head

Louvre pyramid and pool

Eiffel Tower base

Notre Dame

Mike Kushnir

Plant in Nuffield College

Bar on Little Clarendon Street

Thesis writing

Headington Shark House

Hilary outside the Examination Schools

Pitt Rivers Museum

Lakeside shed

Water cascading on stones

Windy lake

Mossy creek

Cliffside tree

Our accomodation

Welsh valley

Insects at the Natural History Museum

Hilary McNaughton beside an artificial lake

Cacti in the Botanical Gardens

Twisted plant, greenhouse

Grass and brick

Claire Leigh with rainbow umbrella

Watch and laptop

MRI at the Headington Hospital

Wadham College, dessert and after-dinner drinks

Bike tire and plant leaves

Yellow flowers

Photo of Claire Leigh, taken while riding a bike in an unsafe fashion

Pixels in a pub

Antonia's vegetables

Wall detail

Birds and fortifications at sunset

Fishing boats

View from the sea wall

Art projection

Canons and the sea

West African fish

From Norway to Morocco


Sea wall and shadow

Unhealthy cat

Donkey carrying bottles

Middle of the Cascades d'Ouzoud

Lower Cascades d'Ouzoud

Drew at Guu

Naughty toys

Neal at Guu

Coffee grounds

Drew II

Tristan in red

Astrid and the sea

Neal with axe

Meaghan in the woods

Neal and his fire

Snow on Dam Mountain

Boat on the Rideau Canal

Alexandra Bridge

Public art

House near the Rideau Canal

Statue outside the National Archives

Terry Fox statue

Air Force Memorial and 111 Sussex Dr.

Emily with Peace Tower reflections

Canadian Senate

Emily on the phone, National Gallery

Canada War Museum exterior

Building reflections

Electrical equipment on Victoria Island

Quebecois beer at Chez Lucien

Diefenbunker control panel

Diefenbunker access tunnel

Bridge over the Rideau Canal

Autumn leaves in Gatineau Park

Rusty water tank

Tristan Laing reading

Roof in the Museum of Civilizations

Artistic face

Warning on a telephone pole

Statue outside the National Archives

Bus wheel

Sushi platters

Drew with mandolin and Madonna

Emily looking quizzical

Pier in North Vancouver

Harbour Centre

Overhead trolley wires

Astrid beside False Creek

Cranes beside False Creek

Emily on a Skytrain platform

Oleh in a leather jacket

Emily getting electrocuted

Christmas: Mica, Milan, Sasha

Emily devouring

Sails at Canada Place

Graffiti near Seymour Street

Emily demonstrating Newtonian physics

Bank Street Canal Bridge, when frozen

Buses unloading at the Rideau Centre

'No parking' sign

Bus driver in the snow

Cat on Parliament Hill

Library of Parliament

Wet rusty bike parts

Milan llnyckyj in the Gatineau Park

Bright red and yellow flower

Graffiti head

Rusty fan

Rusty padlock

Smoker on a fire escape

Rusty bridge joint

Emily Horn amidst clothes

Branches overhanging water

Critical Mass - May 2008

Spiky blue flowers

Blue flowers

Bridge and reflections

Lamp post beside the Ottawa River

Tristan Laing on a rooftop

Floating garbage in the Rideau Canal locks

Ottawa transit corridor

Illuminated beer glass

Alexandra Bridge girders

Spider on the Rideau Canal path

Outdoor light with condensation

Streets in downtown Ottawa

Senate ceiling, Ottawa

Alena Prazak in Ottawa

Experimental Farm, Ottawa

Experimental Farm road sign, Ottawa

Railway Bridge, Ottawa

Tree colour contrast

Andrea SK

Andrea SK growling

Morty the bulldog

Morty the bulldog, up close

Bank Street Canal Bridge

Giant art locust

Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal

Emily Horn in Montreal

Frozen chocolate cherries

Goliath Beetle

Star cactus, Botanical Gardens

Tristan Laing

Graffiti in Toronto

Graffiti face in Toronto

Emily Horn in Victoria University

Emily Horn reading in shadow

Phrenology head

Intersection in Toronto

Fire engine

Downtown Montreal at night in the fog

Cathedral dome in Montreal

Megan Pini

Dylan Prazak, making a monstrous face

Fence in Vermont

Pond and trees

Backlit pine needles


Guacamole and spoon

Spiral stair shadows

Emily Horn with bread

Ottawa river sunset

Ottawa River Sunset II

Kensington Market shirts

Andrea Simms-Karp

Andrea looking innocent

Andrea in a jean jacket