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I've been into photography as a serious hobby for over 40 years. I've shot film primarily in 35mm & 120. My first SLRs were Minolta SR-T's. Over the years, I owned and used just about every manual focus SLR that Minolta made. In the mid-90s, I decided to go autofocus and graduated up to Canon EOS. The EOS Elan IIe is my current film SLR. I bought my first digital camera, a 1 megapixel Olympus D450 a number of years back and have since upgraded to a Canon G3. Today, my primary digital camera is the Canon EOS 6D, but I also shoot with a 60D and my venerable 20D. My go-everywhere camera is a Nikon P7800. A few years ago, I got into shooting with rangefinders. I have had two Voigtlander Bessa-Rs, a Yashica Electro 35 GS, and a Leica M6 TTL. Only the Electro remains. There's also a 1954 Rolleiflex MX-EVS in good working order in the case. It gets enough exercise to keep the shutter in time. I'm gainfully employed as a critical care nurse and paramedic for a major regional medical center, but I do sell a few photos every now and again. I consider myself a serious amateur photog. I live in northwestern NJ. I primarily enjoy shooting landscapes, architecture, and nature.

Country: US


Single Photos




Horses & Riders


Bird in a tree, Mt. Rainier

Cooper Grist Mill

Grace - First Holy Communion

Lower Manhattan from Ellis Island - Spring 2001

Stormy Beach

Black & White on the Beach

Pacific Coast Highway looking south toward Big Sur

Puget Sound Paddlers

Stone Mill - Clinton, NJ

Musconetcong River Scene

Stephens State Park, NJ

Passaic River at the Great Falls, Paterson, NJ

Musconetcong River

Musconetcong River at Stephens State Park, NJ

Cooper Gristmill Tailrace

Empress of the Seas from Dockyard Ferry













Morris Canal Bridge over the Musconetcong River, Stanhope, NJ

Morris Canal Towpath Bridge, Netcong, NJ

Morris Canal Bed, Netcong, NJ

Morris Canal Towpath Bridge, Netcong,NJ





Giraffe at Bronx Zoo



Al down under

Riding the Dragon - June 2009


Springtime Sunset in the Leatherstocking Region

Towpath Bridge at Musconetcong River

Brighton Place Beach, November Sunset

Brighton Place Beach, November Sunset

Covered Bridge North of Otsego Lake

Otsego Lake on a Breezy Blue Spring Day

Springtime Sunset at Otsego Lake

OC Beach September Sunset 1

OC Beach September Sunset 2

OC Beach September Sunset 3

OC Beach September Sunset 5

OC Beach September Sunset 6

OC Beach September Sunset 7

OC Beach September Sunset 8

OC Beach September Sunset 9

OC Beach September Sunset 10

Musconetcong River at Stephens State Park

Old Canal House at Stephens State Park

Otsego Lake Boat Ramp on a Stormy Evening

April Morning on the Beach, Ocean City, NJ

April Morning on the Beach, Ocean City, NJ

Silent Sentinel at Gettysburg

Soliders' National Monument at Gettysburg

Fire in the Sky - October Sunset at Budd Lake

Something's Brewing

End of a Quiet Summer Day

Looking Glass Falls - Pisgah National Forest

Mingus Mill - Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Lower Falls - Graveyard Fields

Looking Glass Falls - Pisgah National Forest

Looking Glass Falls - Pisgah National Forest

Mingus Mill Sluiceway

Biltmore House South Facade

Lake Logan

Conservatory Bench, Biltmore Estate

Golden Light on a Cloudy Evening, Budd Lake, NJ

Another Storm Brewing at Sunset, Budd Lake, NJ

Contrails Through the Clouds, Budd Lake, NJ

No Sailing this Evening

Emillie and Roy-1

Emillie and Roy-2

Emillie and Roy-3

Emillie and Roy-4

Emillie and Roy-5

Emillie and Roy-6

Emillie and Roy-7

Atlantic Highlands Harbor BW 2

Atlantic Highlands Harbor BW

Sandy Hook and Verrazano

Twin Lights 2

Blue and Yellow Macaw St Augustine

Kittatinny Ridge from Allamuchy Overlook

Sunset from Jenny Jump

Last Rays of a January Day

Moon and Sun from Jenny Jump

Catfish Pond Gap at Sunset

DWG from Resort Point

Allamuchy HDR

DWG near Sunset

Setting Up a Shot of the DWG

January Sunset over the Kitatinny Valley

Budd Lake on a cold dawn

Hackensack River Early January Morning

Statue of Liberty at Night

Epcot Sunset 2005

Epcot Monorail 2005

Musconetcong River in January at Sunset 2

Musconetcong River in January at Sunset

January at the Boat Yard

Looking Glass Rock from BRP again

East TN from Cherohala

Lonely Beach April Morning

Biltmore House Front

Graveyard Fields Downstream

Graveyard Fields IR

Looking Glass Falls slow shutter

View from Waterrock Knob Looking toward Cherokee 3

View from Waterrock Knob Looking toward Cherokee

BRP from Waterrock Knob2

First Day of Summer Beach

Twentieth Maine

Round Tops from Seminary Ridge

McPherson Ridge

Peace Light Monument

Clups Hill View Northwest

Soldiers National Monument at Sunset

New York Monunment - Gettysburg 2

New York Monunment - Gettysburg

End of a Beach Day

Ellis Island

Blue Bird

Mount Ranier 2

Mount Ranier 1

Lower Manhattan from SI Ferry

East River from SI Ferry

Statue of Liberty from SI Ferry

OC Boardwalk Summer Evening

West Cornwall Covered Bridge

Housatonic Fall

BRP from Mount Mitchell

Sunrise Mtn View

Budd Lake Old Barn

Budd Lake Farm Scene

Budd Lake Sunset Tubing

Budd Lake Chapel

Peapack Reformed Church

Budd Lake Sunset Ski

Readington Reformed Church

Califon United Methodist 2

Califon United Methodist

Jetty in June 03

Mingus Tailrace

Mingus Mill

Arcola Tower 2

Arcola Tower 1

Budd Lake Christmas Morning 2015-2

Budd Lake Christmas Morning 2015

BRP from Waterrock Knob

Morris Canal Lock Bridge

Biltmore Conservatory Interior 2

Biltmore Conservatory Interior

Biltmore Grounds

Biltmore Back Porch

Graveyard Fields

Clingmans Dome 4

Clingmans Dome 3

Clingmans Dome 2

Clingmans Dome 1

Looking Glass Rock 3

Looking Glass Rock 2

Looking Glass Rock 1

West Fork Pigeon River Falls Downstream

West Fork Pigeon River Falls

West Fork Pigeon River

Fontana Lake from NC28-2

Fontana Lake from NC28

Early Spring View from Waterrock Knob

View from Waterrock Knob Looking toward Cherokee 2

Highest Point on BRP

April OC Beach Pancake Lens


Nantahala River

Devils Den

Hallowed Ground 2

Hallowed Ground

OC Beach 2008-06-18

St Augustine Bird 1

St Augustine Beach2

St Augustine Beach


Far Hills Church


Bermuda Sunset2

Bermuda Sunset

Sunning Gulls

Budd Lake Sunset

Another View of AC from the Beach - April

First Street Beach Looking South in April

St Charles Beach Low Tide in April

Nighttime Amusements

Best View of AC

OC Beach Sunset

Red Mill at Clinton