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When my parents gave me my first camera (an instamatic) forty years ago (age 9) they thought I would be using it to take pictures of friends and activities at summer camp. I took one picture of a friend, a tentmate, and one picture of an activity (a capsized sailboat). The rest was all landscape photography. Needless to say my parents were surprised, but also delighted and they encouraged me to pursue it. I had my own darkroom by age 16, studied photography at The Maine Photgraphic Workshops for two semesters in the Eighties. After my camera bag was stolen in 1990 with most of my "high tech." equipment in it, I fell back on my old agfa folder that my Dad gave me when I was 10. I've been exclusively using classic and antique cameras since that time. All my medium format cameras are folders, and I also have a 70 year old 5"x7" studio camera, and a 100 year old 8"x10" view camera.


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Black & White Landscapes

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Toy Camera Shots


front porch

Molly 3

party in the cafeteria 001

down by the river 001

down by the river too 001

dream house 001

hockey with Bill 001

pond hockey 001

riding in Robbies truck 001

up in my grill 001





rolei ir.jpeg

rolei ir 3.jpeg

A warm spring day in Vermont

First Encounter Beach and Cape Cod Bay on a cold blustery day

testing the new bellows on my antique 8x10


A night and day at the beach

After the first hay

The Flag Barn

up in your grill

dream house

at the big E, Springfield, MA

breakers, Reid State Park, Maine

low tide, Rockport, Maine

rain squall, Housatonic River, CT


stilt houses, Camden, Maine

Run Down Shack

Milford Beach