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Started photography in 2004, based in New Zealand. I have an interest mainly in cityscapes and landscapes. I like to use simple and inexpensive equipment and perhaps equipment that were around my earlier life; my teen years were the 90s. I shoot digital and still like to shoot slides to get everything done in camera. Currently shoot Nikon with an interest in 120 and 4x5. In a way I like to get to larger formats so I get away from the largest crowd and in regards to gear. I participate with my local camera club. I have a complete CSM workflow, calibrated monitor, custom calibration on a used printer, not much of a PP person. Some of my equipment; Nikon D70, D600 (2013), and the following used cameras F100, FM2N. I sold my used bought D2h simply because I didn't use it much as I don't shoot action and less cameras to maintain and to depreciate. Mainly shoot off a tripod at base ISO. I don't shoot much, perhaps 12 frames on film per day when I am overseas or 25 on digital.

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South Island, New Zealand






New Zealand - South Island

New Zealand - South Island

New Zealand - South Island

South Island - New Zealand