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Before I really started getting into photography, there were a few things that inspired me to pick up that camera I got for my birthday a while ago. I had always been art-inclined but I didn’t have patience for my drawings. I had ideas come to my mind and I’d try to realize them with a pencil and paper. It would take me so long to finish that usually I would give up before I was done and I’d try to move on to the next project. This made me realize I’m a true fan of “instant gratification.” I wanted the idea I had in my mind to be on that paper 10 minutes ago, and it just doesn’t work that way. In photography, although it isn’t immediate, I found what I wanted. It’s faster and the concept is similar. In the end, all I wanted was to put what I saw and make it visible to others. Going into college I was offered a full scholarship into an art program. I was one of the most skilled artists in my art class, and after drawing boring still-life after still-life, the teacher pulled me out of that class and told me I could do better. I made a portfolio and I got the scholarship. I decided to give it up because I didn't want to be a starving artist and I pursued a career that, fast forward a few years later, was fruitless. Now I’ve come to believe that perhaps I should've taken the scholarship. I might have done better. I remember seeing a friend of mine brag about his new Sony that he paid so much money for. He started taking photos and I eagerly waited to see them on a computer, only to be surprised that for someone who went to "many photography classes in college" he was pretty bad at it. I thought to myself, well, it makes sense that you wouldn't inherit skill just from purchasing something expensive. I also had the thought "pft. I can do better than that." I like to travel. I’ve been Over the Road with a truck driver and have seen most of the continental US. I’ve also been to a few places the traditional way - New England, Colorado, Washington State, Nevada. I noticed that when I was out, I would try my best to capture what I saw because I wanted to share it. I have some family members who have never been outside of Florida. I also recall my father traveling a lot, but that was many moons ago and the cameras available to him had very limited capabilities. He often said "if I could've only taken a picture of it," and I didn't want to have to say that one day as well. Another reason why I became interested in photography was, well, I’m good at it. I don't think I’ll be featured in National Geographic any time soon, but I don't think I’m bad enough to discourage myself. The photo of the shack in Rhyolite that I took was only my second shot at night photography/star trails and I did pretty well. For now I plan to spend my time and money traveling, putting whatever skill I have to use. Perhaps one day my hobby will take me further than psychology has.

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