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Landscapes and Wildlife of the West

California Seascapes

California Coastal

Coastal California Birds

Inland Southern California

Coastal Panoramics

The Ocean



Hermosa Sunset


Old structure in Southern Utah

Light Snow on Burnt Mountainside with Fall Colors.

Manhattan Skies

Rock Outcroppings

"San Pedro Moonscape"

Montana Farm Structure

River and Color

Evening in Long Beach

Laguna Dreams

Eureka Dunes, Death Valley

Peninsula Seacave

Morning Lit Trees and Moon

Zuma Sunset

Corona Rock Outcroppings

"Ocean Mist"

"Pt. Fermin Sunset"

Rock Outcroppings 5

Maroon Bells

Reef at Sunset

"Corona Del Mar at Dusk"

Peninsula Light

Long Beach Panoramic

Vincent Thomas Bridge

High Above Del Mar

Laguna Beach Panoramic

Torrance Beach

Pt Vicente Lighthouse

Redondo at Dusk

Encinitas Marine Life Refuge

Shadows of Redondo

Redondo at Sunset

Pt Vicente Lighthouse II

Coastal Snowy Egret 02

Feeding Shorebird

Coastal Snowy Egret

Seven Least Terns

Redondo Pier Seagull

Shorebird at Dusk

Vincent Thomas Bridge

The Queen Mary and Scorpion Submarine

Storm at Hermosa Pier

Manhattan Sunset

Evening in Laguna

Presidio De San Diego

Gaurdian of Woods Cove

Ports 'O Call Boathouse

Seagulls in Flight

Beverly Hills

Ports 'O Call Village

Long Beach Lighthouse

A Day in Venice

Long Beach Harbor

Huntington Pier

Least Terns and Surf 02

Pt Mugu Seascape

Redondo Sunset

La Jolla Seascape

South Ocean Beach

Redondo Sails at Dusk

Dana Seascape

A Redondo View

Coastal Night Heron

Century Citys Twin Towers

Redondo Sails

Rock Outcroppings II

Manhattan at Sunset

Manhattan Beach

A Laguna Beach View

Victorian Deluge

Huntington Sunset

Ocean Beach at Sunset

Palos Verdes Seascape

Laguna Showers

Hermosa Sunset

Ocean Beach Reef

Surging Shores

Palos Verdes Seascape 02

Rock Outcroppings 03

Laguna Flowers

Sacred Cove

Whitepoint Seascape

Sailboat at Sunset

Huntington Panoramic

White Point Seascape Panoramic

Shadows of Redondo Panoramic

San Diego at Night

Santa Monica

Manhattan Sunset Panoramic

Point Vicente Lighthouse Night


Morning Frost

Morning Elk

Glacier Stream

Morning Frost 02

Glacier Winter

Southern Sierras

Ports 'O Call- Morning Mist

Old Pt Loma Lighthouse 02

Ocean Beach at Dusk

Manhattan Mist

Tidal Turbulence

Tidepool at Sunset

PV Sunset 03

The Rising Tide

Rogue Wave

Sea of Serenity

Turquoise Tide

Victorian Cascades

Winter Whitewater

Canal and Water Spout

Evening Afterglow

Ocean of Light

The Oceans Flow

White Squall

Peninsula Seacave II

Coastal Sanctuary

Tidepool in Bloom

The Trickling Reef

Evening in Long Beach

Evening Harbor Boats

Huntington Beach Surf

Pacific Park- Santa Monica Pier

On Manhattan Pier

Laguna Flowers Vertical

Aquarium of the Pacific

California Harbor Seal

Divers Cove

San Cclemente

Huntington Surf

Huntington Ocean Sunset

Huntington Skies

Huntington Surf B/W

Manhattan at Dusk

Munhattan Pier and Gulls

Crescent Bay Sunset

Huntington Sunset Panoramic

Waves of Huntington Pier Panoramic

Huntington Skies Panoramic

Huntington Dusk

Seal Beach Pier

Crescent Bay Sunset

Paradise Ashore

Pacific Shores

Shores of Paradise

Reef Runoff

Eternal Shores


Residual Tide

Coastal White Egret

Hermosa Palms

Manhattan Sunset

Ocean 09

Ocean 11

Ocean 07- The Wedge

Ocean 17- The Wedge

Ocean 05

Ocean 07

Ocean 14

Ocean 15

Ocean 26

Ocean 21

Ocean 90

Ocean 03- The Wedge

Seagull and Surf

Yosemite Falls

Morning Deer

Valley View B/W

Least Terns and Surf

Seagull on Rock

Sleeping Gulls

Two Gulls on Beach

Least Terns and Surf 03

Stretching Gull

Brown Pelican

Snowy Egret 06

Morning Deer- Green Grass

Bridleveil Falls

El Capitan

El Capitan Panoramic

Half Dome

Yosemite Falls

Half Dome

Ocean 02

Ocean 04

Ocean 10

Ocean 19

Colorado Rockies 02

Joshua Trees at Dusk

Maroon Bells


Hidden Waterfall

Mountain Goat

Hermosa Beach Panoramic

Laguna Treasure Island Panooramic

Manhattan Beach Panoramic

Manhattan Beach

Sunset Ablaze

Korean Ffriendship Bell

Long Beach Harbor

Long Beach Harbor

Guardian of Woods Cove 02

Coastal Showers