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Boston's Central Artery Shut Down

3A Folding Pocket Kodak with sheet film

Ektar 100 First Roll


View south from Rowes Wharf

View north from old South Station tunnel with roof gap to new tunnel

View north from Rowes Wharf

Support girders and garage

Standpipes near Sumner & Callahan tunnels


To Logan Airport?

View from Causeway St.

View from Causeway St. with machine

St. Athanasus the Great Orthodox Church

Cyrus Dallin sculpture and fountain, Arlington Center

Whittemore-Robbins House, Arlington Center

Tombstone, Parish graveyard, Arlington Center

Ornamental Grass


MBTA Type 8 Green Line car 3825 on Huntington Ave. in front of MassArt.

In front of Mass College of Pharmacy.

Bike rack in front of MassArt.

Sculpture in front of Museum of Fine Arts


Museum of Fine Arts front entrance under renovation